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Learn how to put up and start your Internet Cafe Negosyo/Business in the Philippines this 2015! We made it simpler,
faster and cheaper so that you can start your business right away! Opening an Internet Cafe Negosyo is as easy as
choosing a value meal in your favorite restaurant: Choose a package and we'll deliver it to your place AND set it up
for FREE! What's more, you can even purchase our I-Cafe package using your Credit Card!
For our international clients like OFWs who sacrifice just to make sure that the family back home has a better future,
we have tailored an Internet Café package just for you! Now, even you are far away you can access your Internet
Café server through the Internet as if you were sitting in front of the PC in the Philippines. You can even help your
family or "bantay" to do some lay-out stuffs, print documents or make an audit and more!

Meat is a highly nutritious food and a good source of protein that if left untreated will spoil rapidly within a few
days. However, many preservation techniques have been developed to extend its shelf life by several days, weeks or
months. Some of these processing methods also alter the flavour and texture of meat, which can increase
its value when these products are sold.
Starting a meat processing business can be a lucrative idea to start. However, one must know the precautions and
safety rules in food processing to make sure that products are safe to eat. It is also important to have a suitable room
just for processing meat products. The room and equipments to be used should be hygienically designed and easily
cleaned to prevent contamination of products by insects, birds, rodents and micro-organisms.
Good hygiene and sanitation is essential in all types of meat processing. Bacteria can rapidly spoil meat if
processing is not done quickly and properly and it is essential that hygienic food handling is carried out with
these products.

It’s easy to start with this kind of business, here’s the procedures how:
1. Look for a supplier or seller of water refilling equipments and ask for the price list of different equipments that
you can choose, if possible, ask for the feasibility study too to know how much the cost or total investment needed
to put-up this type of business.
2. After studying the quotations and the total cost which you think is enough for your budget or capital, then you can
start negotiating with the supplier. Ask for discounts and know the after-sales support you can get from them like
maintenance and warranty. Don’t go for cheap equipments as this will not be worth in the long run. Always compare
and check carefully what you can see on the photos they give against the actual equipment.
3. After choosing the right equipment to purchase, look for a good place to put your refilling station. Some local
municipals require a minimum of 25 sqm. total area for this type of business, but oftentimes 20 sqm is enough. If
you don’t want to rent a place, you can use your own house. Sales will not be a problem even you’re inside a
4. If you already found the location for you refilling station, you can now contact your preferredequipment supplier
for your final negotiations. Ask for a typical layout of a water station from them that you can copy for your own
water station. Some suppliers will check and evaluate the place for the best design and layout.
5. Oftentimes, the supplier will ask for a down payment before starting to prepare your equipments. The lead time
for complete assembly is 2 to 3 weeks. Ask for a receipt or letter when paying for a down payment.
6. After closing the deal with the supplier, you can now start the construction of your water station that will take 3 to
4 weeks to finish. Start also making the deep well if this will be your preferred water source. Let the supplier check
your water station during the construction to so that the lay-out will be strictly followed. It is very important that the
carpenter follows the lay-out carefully especially on the washing area, pipings and drainage layout. While the
construction is on-going, you can apply for a business permit to save time.
7. Go to the nearest DTI in your area and bring your residence certificate and barangay clearance. It’s advisable to
list 5 to 10 names you choose to name your business to avoid delay when your preferred name was already taken.
8. After getting the registered business name from DTI, go to your local municipal office and apply for a Mayor’s
business permit. The process takes 2 to 3 weeks depending on the area. Some municipal office will require you to

submit (a) water analysis of potability (physical, chemical and bacteriological test) from your raw or source of
water. (b) Engineering drawings (building and electrical plan) signed by a sanitary engineer at other common legal
requirement when applying for a building permit.
9. After getting the business permit and operation permit from municipal office, go to BIR and fill-up form 0506 and
pay at the counter. After processing at BIR, you’re now ready to make and print your receipts from the printing
press. Some printing press will require you to show the approved form 0506 issued by BIR before printing your
10. It’s now time to buy other supplies you will need like water containers, seals, heat gun, sanitizer soap, etc. You
can also start doing your store’s signage and sticker labels for your products.
11. Once the construction of your water station is finished and the water source is ready, you can now schedule the
installation of the equipments (it’s better to do it at night not too many people are roaming around). Complete
installation takes 1 to 2 days only.
12. Allow the machine and equipments from 1 to 3 days to dry-run before selling the product, or get a sample for a
water analysis. Go to the nearest DOH office and ask the procedures on how to test the water. Tip: it’s better to get a
water sample after a month of operation to make sure that the result of water analysis is good.
13. Wait for the result of water testing. If it passed, then good luck and welcome to the club! If it failed the test, call
immediately the one who installed your equipments and let them check and analyze why.

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