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Computer Virus and Antivirus

A presentation by … Vinay Panchal. &  Nishant Bodke. Roll no:1254 &1249. 1

Agenda •

Computer Virus Concept

Analyze three common computer viruses

Antivirus Technologies



Computer Virus Concept

What is Computer Virus?

Computer Virus Time Line

Types of Computer Virus

How does computer virus works?


Computer virus concept What is Computer Virus? •

Definition -- Virus: A self-replicating piece of computer code that can partially or fully attach itself to files or applications, and can cause your computer to do something you don't want it to do.

Similarities between biological virus (like " HIV " ) and computer virus: •

Need a host for residence.

 Capable of self-replicate

 Cause damage to the host.

Difference: Computer viruses are created by human. 4

Computer virus concept Computer Virus Time Line •

1949 - Theories for self-replicating programs was first developed.

 1981 - Apple Viruses 1, 2, and 3 was some of the first viruses in public.  1988 Jerusalem was detected. Activated every Friday the 13th, the virus affects both .EXE and .COM files and deletes any programs run on that day.  –

 1991 - Tequila is the first widespread polymorphic virus found.  1999 - The Melissa virus, W97M/Melissa, executed a macro in a document attached to an email. Melissa spread faster than any other previous virus.  2000 - The Love Bug, also known as the ILOVEYOU virus, sent itself out via Outlook, much like Melissa.  2001 - The Code Red I and II worms attacked computer networks in July and August. They affected over 700,000 computers and caused upwards of 2 billion in damages. 5

Analyze three common viruses Macro Virus •

What is Macro virus •

 A type of computer virus that is encoded as a macro embedded in a document.  According to some estimates, 75% of all viruses today are macro viruses.  Once a macro virus gets onto your machine, it can embed itself in all future documents you create with the application.  In many cases macro viruses cause no damage to data; but in some cases malicious macros have been written that can damage your work.  The first macro virus was discovered in the summer of 1995. Since that time, other macro viruses have appeared.


Analyze three common viruses Macro Virus •

How does it spread? When you share the file with another user , the attached macro or script goes with the file. Most macro viruses are designed to run, or attack, when you first open the file. If the file is opened into its related application, the macro virus is executed and infect other documents.  The infection process of the macro virus can be triggered by opening a Microsoft Office document or even Office Application itself, like Word, Excel. The virus can attempt to avoid detection by changing or disabling the built-in macro warnings, or by removing menu commands


Analyze three common viruses I LOVE YOU VBS/LoveLetter is a VBScript worm. It spreads through email as a chain letter. This worm sends itself to email addresses in the Microsoft Outlook address book and also spreads to Internet chatrooms. This worm overwrites files on local and remote drives, including files with the extensions .html, .c,.bat,.mp3 etc.



Be careful when use new software and files

Be alert for virus activities

Be calm when virus attacks


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