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18-12-12 Was the Connecticut Shooter Adam Lanza Also on Hardcore Psychotropic Drugs?

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Was the Connecticut Shooter Adam Lanza Also On Hardcore Psychotropic Drugs?

In mass shootings, the usage of pharmaceutical drugs, particularl particularly y psychot psychot ropic drugs drugs,, is is one of o f t he fir f irst st t hings hings that should be examine examined d when att empt empt ing t o piece piece to gether t he inci incident. dent. Adam Lanza, the t he Connect Connect icut icut shoot shoo t er, was most likel likely y dosing up up on out landis landish h levels levels of pharmac pharmaceut eutic ical al drugs drugs just just like like shoo t ers befo re him. him. James Holmes was hoo hoo ked on on a  a cockt ail of Big Pharm Pharma a drugs drugs t hat have been been found f ound t o be deadlier  deadlier  t han cocaine and and heroin combined combined (even (even at ‘safe’ ‘saf e’ levels). levels). But But t he t rend cont cont inues inues much much f arther. Columbine shooters Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, as well as 15-year-old Kip Kinkel, were all on psychot psychot ropic dr ugs. ugs. Even Ted T ed Kaczinski t he “Unabomber”, Michael Michael McDermot McDermot t , John Jo hn Hinckley, Hinckley, Jr., Jr., Byran Uyesugi, Mark David Chapman and Charles Carl Roberts IV, the Amish school killer,were all on some form of SSRI psychotropic pharmaceutical drugs. Even the t he mainstream media has been on record questio record questionin ning g whet her or not t hese indi indivi vidual duals s were mot ivat ivat ed t o kill kill by by t he pharmac pharmaceutical eutical creatio creations, ns, particul particularl arly y in t he case of Proz Proz ac-using ac-using Jeff  Weise (who (who exhibit exhibit ed simil similar ar charact charact eristics t o Jared Lee Loughner). Loughner). But t hat was years ago. scient ific proof t hat ant ant idepre ssant ssant drugs drugs are causing causing violence, violence, suici suicidal dal Now, we have scientific behavior, and more. more. As Dr. Dr. Pet Pet er Bregg Breggin in stat ed in the Huf Huf f ingt ingt on Post in regar regards ds t o how ant idepressant idepressant drugs are actually f ueling ueling suicide suicide and violence among t he heavily heavily drugged armed armed forces: Ant idepressant idepressant s are a hoax –in “Ant  – in t his case, a hoax t hat is killi killing ng members members of our armed services.”

Suicide, Violence Link Hidden by Big Pharma In 2005, it was found that link between Prozac and suicidal behavior was kept a secret . The BBC even report report ed in as early early as the year 2000 t hat Proz Proz ac ‘led to t o sui suicid cide’ e’.. Of t ent imes imes killers killers will will end t heir heir own lives lives af af t er shoo shoo t ings, ings, or att empt t o f orce the t he cops to kill kill t hem. T his his is is essentiall essentially y a form of suicide suicide wit wit h a mixt mixt ure ure of murderous murderous te ndencies ndencies. If Proz Proz ac can drive drive someone t o suici suicide, de, could itit also also drive drive someone t o end someone else’s else’s life? Paxi Paxil, l, an an anti-depr ant i-depressan essantt drug, drug, was f ound t o be lilinked nked to t o vi violent olent behav behavior  ior  in  in 2006. The link incited multiple lawsuits, and brings up questions as to whether or not similar drugs have the same eff ef f ects. Anti-depr Ant i-depressa essant nts s have have horribl horrible e side side eff ects, but about abo ut t he even even more hardcore drugs,

such as the drugs that many many of t he ot her kill killers ers were were t aking? aking? These psychot psychot ropics may may have been been t he final straw st raw in in pushin pushing g Lanza and ot hers over the edge, t he final push t hat t hey needed needed t o go t hrough hrough with t he horrend horrendous ous act.

Was Lanza on the Drug Fanapt? Some news news out let let s have have begun begun report report ing t hat t he Connect Connect icut icut shoot shoo t er Adam Adam Lanza Lanza was taking a drug known known as Fanapt. Fanapt. Not Not hing hing has been been conf irmed irmed just just yet , but let ’s t ake a loo loo k at t his pharmaceutical drug nevertheless. nevert heless. By t aking aking a loo loo k at t he Fanapt Fanapt manufact urer package insert , itit becomes very apparent apparent t hat t his is a dangerous and brand new drug wit w ith h relatively lit littt le test t esting. ing. Being Being approved back in 2009, Fanapt Fanapt went t hrough a ’6-week’ t est in around around o nly nly 706 people. Only half half of which which actual act ually ly recei received ved the drug, drug, with t he ot her half half t aking aking a placebo. placebo.  Af t erwards, t he drug went t hrough a 4-week t rial. rial. At t hat point only 1/3, or 201, indivi individuals duals actuall act ually y t ested t he drug. drug. In summar summary, y, Fanapt Fanapt was w as there t hereff ore only o nly t ested o n 554 people befo re being being approved approved by the FDA FDA and of f ered t o t he United United Stat es populat population ion of around 300 mill million ion cit cit izens. Sounds safe, doesn’t it? With a page dedicated to side effects including death, seizures, and other serious issues, Fanapt also addresses the t he issue o f suicide. suicide. As we already, know t his class class of drugs causes violence and suici suicide, de, which which means means that if Lanza was actually on t his litt litt le-st le-st udied udied drug, drug, itit would make make a lot of  sense. Whether or not no t Lanza was on t hese drugs drugs is is yet t o be det ermine ermined d for f or sure despite despite a number number of  outlets reporting that he was indeed on Fanapt or a similar drug (and considering he was being ‘t reated’ f or his ment mental al ill illness ness also also means that he was undoubt edly edly t aking aking somethin somet hing). g). What is known, however, is that t he cont inual inual thread between virt virt ually ually ever every y major major shoo t ing of  this caliber involves Big Pharma’s suicide and violence linked drugs.  About  Abo ut Ant hony Gucciardi: Gucciardi:

Goo gle Plus Google Plus Prof Prof ilile e Anthony is an accomplished investigative journalist whose articles have appeared on t o p news sites and have been read by mill millions ions wo rldwide. rldwide. Ant hony's art icles icles have been featured on top health & political websites read by millions worldwide such as Reuters, Yahoo News, MSN MSNBC BC,, and Bloo Bloomberg. mberg. Ant hony ho ny is also also a f o unding member member of Natural Att itude itude,, a leading leading developer of super high high qualit qualit y spagyric spagyric formulat f ormulations. ions.

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