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1963.01.20 - The Word of God

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The Word of God

(Translated by I.A.)

... Verginica, get up from your bed for I will give you work to do. Verginica, prepare
a notebook and a feather, waiting for the Lord to come.

I, when I was waiting, saw over my head a big crown, two times enlarged, as large as
the wheel of a wagon. It was such a beauty… with thousands of colors! The colors were wide
in the form of a ribbon and followed one after another. And in the middle of the halo, down to
the shoulders, it appeared the face of the Lord, Jesus Christ, with his hair as a brook of water,
which was flowing on His right and left shoulder, a hair like the light of a lamp, a blonde face
and blue eyes. He looked so gentle that only his look was comforting me. He looked at me so
gently but did not say anything. And like a lightning the gentle face of the Lord disappeared
and changed into another: the old face of the heavenly Father. It was only the face which
could be seen; the rest was covered. The shoulders, the beard were all only a white wool,
whiter then snow. His eyes were also blue, only the hair was white, but the face was red and
young; the eyes were lively. He looked at me and called me out:

— Verginica, what are you doing? Verginica, do you know who I am? (See selection
topic: „The apocalyptic trumpets
”, red. note

— Yes. Lord, I know you. You are the heavenly Father.

— I am. You never forget Me! Write to My children this way, as for thousands of
years the Lord has been talking to them. God made man specially, after His image, from the
very beginning. I gave him soul from my Spirit, I gave him from My speech, and all others
are given to him from what is Mine and many say that all that they have are made by them.
Write, Verginica, My pearls, and give them to My children to read them, as for thousands of
years the Lord has been speaking with the Christians as well as with the pagans, and they
have not been producing fruits worthy of repentance.

… Lying, blasphemy, murder and adultery have been multiplied. I set limits over lim-
its to their transgressions. Write Verginica, that the Lord will come for judgment for them and
He will be quick to anger for all who do not receive My words, for those who do not do My

God’s Word in Romania
You can also see on: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B0VNo1LgWPpsVEhmdFF5R1V3Uk0/edit
Redactor (editor) note


will. (See selection topic: “The Judgment
”, r.n.) Speak Verginica that I have written to them
through the prophets, to repent and they have not repented. I have threatened all man with
severe winters, with thunders and rains without measure; I have made great wars against their
lives, I have raised a people against another to horrify them; I have made many signs so that
they might see My wrath on their iniquities. I have taken the fruit of their fruit trees and of the
grains and of the field so that they know that they swerved from My truth and My will.

Tell, Verginica, to the sons of Israel who call themselves Christians, for if the Lord
came and found them in unbelief and disobedience, envy and hatred, terrified of what he
would find, he would cry with anger: “Woe to you, the wicked! Why have I fed you? I have
given you much bread, and all the goodies, have I given you. I have satiated you to the full
but you have stuffed and do not listen to Me.”

… Write, Verginica, that God does not hate man but rather sin, and commands all the
sons of Israel to keep away from sin and hate sin which makes God upset. (See selection top-
ic: „Romania – The New Jerusalem – The New Canaan
”, r.n.)

… Write, Verginica, to My sons, not to be like those from Gomorrah and Sodom, for
those who were falling within the range of the bullets and bombs, were contended to lose eve-
rything only to escape with their lives, and now they do not want to heal their wounds. For
these wicked deeds their estates and vineyards were taken away; (By the communist regime,
r.n.) for they were having and were not hearing the cries of the orphans and of the widows
and to the poor ones they were not giving.

… Write Verginica, My sighing, the one from the heart, for deep would have I gotten,
that the last day is coming; for the time has come, but My day has not come, to call the Chris-
tian into account for the income of his work. I will not call the Christian into account for
money, clothes, luxury, houses, furniture, abundant meals, but I will call him into account if
he has given food to the poor one, that is the hungry one, or if he has clothed the naked ones,
or if he has sought the sick ones or if he has comforted the afflicted ones.

… Write, Verginica, to My people, do not let you enchanted after the wicked people,
for cursed is the Christian who forsakes the Law of God and is making himself one with the

You can also see on: http://en.calameo.com/books/0010754688028c06584d1
http://issuu.com/billydean.en/docs/the_judgment.docx http://www.docstoc.com/docs/168697782/The-
You can also see on:


heathens, for hard it will be for him to escape the heathens, for heathens have their own god,
the devil, and they make written evidence for the one who gets into their hands.

… Woe to those who enter into the middle of My people with deceptive words and
stealing one of the Christians, dragging him into the world, for to him who enters the sheep-
fold and steals a sheep, I will ask him, on the judgment day, out of his hand to give Me, the
soul of that sheep. Woe to him who advise the Christians to do evil! Woe to the world because
of its madness that it does!

… Be submitted to God’s commandments and to His Law, and not to the man’s who
brought you only madness, and not to the eye, and not to the hand, nor to the leg, and not to
any of the members, but only to God submit yourself, son.

… The man of nowadays says that only the rich ones in the old times did evil things,
that they were living on the poor. But what is the nowadays man doing? He has spoiled every-
thing. The poor have been taken the house and meal. Oh, woe, woe, these and those are the
same, but the people from those times are more forgiven, for they believed in God; but these
do not believe and corrupt those who believe and those who serve Me.

… The Christians ones from the beginning were giving everything for the service of
God, but the Christians of nowadays do not give anything. The Christians from the beginning
were building houses in heaven for the poor, but the Christians of nowadays do not even
know how to do it for themselves. All the work and all the things of the Christians are piled
up on earth, where they are being spoiled all the time, and in heaven have nothing.

… Write, Verginica, to My people, that some of the children of the people walk disor-
derly, working nothing; they get tired doing useless things and advise others to trample My
commandments. I give commandments to My people, to take care of these sons of them, to
lead them to work and to honestly earn their food. Make them understand the law, for who
does not work and who does not want to work, must not even eat, for the law is showing us
that the laziness is the sin death of the Christian. Out of laziness come many sins. I command
My sons to work faithfully for they will get payment from God.

You, My people, bring to the good way the people who commit sins, for you are the
light of the world and the salt of the earth. Let the sun not set over you who are at feud with
someone. You, Christians, who commune with the pearls which come from the middle of the
heavenly throne, with My words and of My Father; this is My commandment: let not be
among you neither hatred nor bad words nor shameful jokes, for they do not correspond to the
Christian. Do not be pushing, neither covetous nor adulterers, neither drunkards nor wicked,
neither greedy nor envious, neither lazy nor blasphemers or boastful, for Christians like these
do not inherit the kingdom prepared by God.

You, My children, keep Sunday holy so that you may not fall into the curse of
God’s law, for God made this day for the rest of the body and strengthening of the soul.
If you work on Sunday, you will not be successful all your life and there will come on


you damages and heavy afflictions and all your work in all the time will be plundered,
for God is against the one who works on Sundays.

I command you Christians, do not leave the church. The light of the Lord will be
with you as long as the church is still in service. The time is coming for you to be put out of
the church. (By servants of communist dictatorship, r.n.) You, all that time and on that time,
do not lose your courage and more, encourage one another and all of you know My coming,
for the Lord is not coming on good weather but in the rain and storm. I speak in para-
bles. You, Christians, respect your priests, no matter how harsh they are on you, so that you
may not fall into the curse of the God’s law.

I command you, Christians, to be pleasant with words, so that your word always may
be pleasant and seasoned with salt in order to give great gift to those who listen. Take heed of
all the words you speak so that you may not be the people who sow the seed into the wind, for
bad words spoil the good words as well.

… I tell you, Christian women, to wear decent clothing with shyness with a sound
mind, not as the women of Gomorrah and Sodom did, not with golden braided hair, not with
flowers in their hair, not with earrings, not with beads, not with rings, not with bracelets, not
making a tinkling with their feet, not with the purses into their hands, not with fancy clothes,
but with good deeds as it is proper for the Christian and God-fearing women. The Christian
who dresses his woman in luxury shows good quality merchandise to Satan and lately will
lose her.

Christian man and women, and you too Christian children, listen to the Lord. I tell
you, parents, bring your children up into the teaching of God’s law. You Christian old wom-
en, I tell you as to some prude mothers, be decent in your appearance; do not be enslaved by
worldly words, but be teachers of the good so that you make obedient the younger ones.

… Christian sons, follow what I say by this talking. Well sons, be Christian doers.
Cast away the things of the darkness and put on the things of the light for the day has come
near and God does not let Himself to be deceived, for I speak truly, Christians, that on the
judgment day, you would reap what you sowed in your life. I better tell you, Christians, for
the time has come short; be reconciled to God to taste those what your eye saw not, what your
ear heard not, did and enter into the heart of man, for God prepared a wonderful place to those
who love Him.

If now, after you hear what I have written by the hand of My vessel, (Through which
the Lord speaks, r.n.) if you do not get better, I will send great darkness on earth and the
beasts will come out of their dens and will come over the people to feed on them. And I will
command them to jump over you too, to be caught, for you did not listen to Me when I was
with you. I will command the clouds to pour out rain on earth to wash the earth and I will
open the gates of heaven and will send fire on earth so that you may burn as wood. (See selec-
tion topic: „The apocalyptic fire
”, r.n.)

You can also see on: http://en.calameo.com/books/001075468422592af3146


… Christians, Christians, get better. Take to your heart My advice and My exhorta-
tions. Listen, sons, to Me, for I will threaten with heavy sicknesses and you will call the
death to take you to escape the sicknesses which will fall down on you, and the death will
not come, rather will flee away from you.

… Come, come, Christians, to God! So the Lord is calling you; for you are My
friends, and I am your friend. If you do My will, I will not call you My servants, for the serv-
ant does not know what his master is doing, and I will call you sons and I will make you
known all My things, for those who were from the beginning did not have your gifts.

This is how I urge you, sons, Christians. I do not know what kind of name to call you
on, for the Christians from the beginning were not like you. Those Christians from the begin-
ning were not hypocrites as the nowadays Christians are. The Christians from the beginning
had, as prophets, people and were listening to them greatly; they cherished and valued them
much and the command they gave, that is what they were doing. They did not overlook the
commandments which were given through the prophets; they were shunning not spoil the
words of the prophets. But you, Christians of today, you have the Holy Trinity Who is proph-
esying to you and many things have been wrought out with you and many miracles have been
performed with you. With what courage, do you, Christians, spoil the things, which the
prophecy of the Holy Trinity is doing? The Christians from the beginning did not commit
adultery, and they lived their lives with great cleanness. The Christians from the beginning
were not led by the Law, but to you, well sons, God has been coming down and is leading you
in all things. Why do you not listen to the advice of the prophecy of today? For there are three
Powers: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

… Let it be known to you, Christians, for the one who hides his transgressions and do
not confess them to his confessor, that one cannot be forgiven. The Christian who confesses
his iniquity to his confessor and does not do the iniquity anymore, that one is washing
his heart and is giving it light with the light of the Holy Spirit; the Holy Spirit enters it
and masters it.

...I am the Alpha and Omega. I prophesied these words. Who fulfills them will be
blessed and who tramples them under his feet will be in great dangers as the sons of Gomor-
rah. I end here.

Peace to My people, and let it be blessed! Amen




Great shame will be when you go to the mountains to fall on you to escape My wrath.
Great shame will be on you, being Christians, to go with the wicked to the graves and call out
the dead to get out of their graves so that you may take their places alive. Then the mountains
and the dead will prophecy your shamefulness, for you had the Lord as a Prophet, Who called
you out and taught you many things and had mercy on you, and you, as some bad Christians,
did not want to listen, for the ones who were at the beginning did not have your gifts, but to
you, God had come down to lead all His things.

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