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Nthin’ ut NIT: KU 59-UNI 49

 We n’t rek r spring sprin g rek

The Kansas women notched their first postseason win in seven years Thursday night. Kansas beat Northern Iowa in Allen Fieldhouse to advance to PAGE 1B the first round of the WNIT.

For full coverage of men’s and women’s postseason basketball during spring break, pleasevisit Kansan.com. Coverage will include live, in-game updates and interactive blogs.

The sTudenT vOice since 1904

friday, March 17, 2006

 VOL. 116 issue 117 t

www.kAns An.c Om

Sunday’S StorM 

Utiizing  the strm

Taking the toll University ofcials release building-by-building assessment


Mtt H st power to its rerigera tors and and had had damage damage to to ume ume hoods. hoods.

Campus debris used to make mulch, seats B y  nicole K elley  elley  [email protected] Kansan staff writer

Since Sunday’s storm, city and University workers have been busy throughout campus and the surrounding Lawrence area cleaning up the tree limbs and debris that covered many streets and private lawns. The storm caused between $6 and $7 million o damage to the University. O that damage, $5.1 million was to buildings alone with another $200,000 going to the clean-up process. With the amount o debris that was caused by the storm, the question o what should be done with it has been an issue on the minds o many clean-up crews.  Jim Long, vice president o 

Rche Seymur/KaNSa Seymur/KaNSaN N

The r n dyche H sustine $500,000 worth o damage in Sunday’s storm.

Total damage: $5,167,000


Notable damaged buildings $400,000 $150,000 Computing Services: $225,000 Fraser Hall: $350,000 Green Hall: $225,000 Murphy Hall: $200,000 Robinson Center: $500,000 Snow Hall: $180,000 G.S.P Roo: $200,000 Art and Design building:

Bailey Hall:

KU ofcials project the total will rise to $6 or $7 million. The University o Kansas released its initial assessment o how much damage was done to the University campus on Thursday Thursday,, University ocials blamed deerred maintenance bills and old roos or the extent o the damage. As o last year, the University had $133 million worth o deerred maintenance projects. So ar, the University has con-


structed awnings to protect people entering buildings and it has collected debris that posts an immediate danger. All buildings except Danorth Chapel and parts o Robinson Center are open and operational. Contracts or 17 projects have been let and work has begun on repairs. Damage to computer systems has yet to be determined.

The athetics deprtment sustine $215,000 wrth  mge, which incues  the backstop and and bleachers o Arrocha Ballpark.

Megn True/KaNSaN

Inrmtin rm University Retins. Grphic n stry y Jnthn Keing/KaNSaN

R ties n insutin h fwn   the roo roo o Murph Murphyy Hall Hall bec becaus ause e o o tor tor-nado-like winds during Sunday’s storm.

Facilities Planning & Management, said that more than 100 trees on campus were completely destroyed and several others suered damage. He said the University had been using a wood chipper to make mulch with most o the tree debris. “We’ve got lot’s o mulch, i  you’d like some,” Long said. Aaron Olsen, Overland Park sophomore and director o the Campus Garden Project, ound another way to bring out a positive in the storm by using the debris in a way that will benet others. Olsen contacted the landscaping department o KU Facility Operations and worked out a deal to reuse a ew o the tree stumps removed rom campus. see storM on page 4a

St. Patrick’S day 

Throw one for back St.

B y  a nne nne w eltmer  eltmer [email protected] n  


t’s St. Patrick’s Day — there’s a parade, live music, and, o course, lots o drinking. Although Saint Patrick is the patron saint o Ireland, his east day has become an American holiday celebrated with green parades, green clothes and green beer. “It’s kind o a getting out ater the winter thing,” said Roger Browning, Chairman o the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade Committee. The committee organized the ve kilometer Shamrock Shufe last week. It also organizes the approximately 100 units in the parade to t

help raise money or local children’s charities. The committee also is holding a benet concert at the Bottleneck eaturing Kansas musician Kelley Hunt Friday night. The parade starts at 1 p.m. Bars and restaurants around town are also having specials or St. Patty’s Day: Rick’s Pce: Rick Younger, owner, promises to dye his dog green, but don’t worry, he’s using green Jell-O instead o dye to protect the dog’s skin. Tnner’s: Corned bee and cabbage or $6.95 and Irish ries or $4.95. Guinness drats or $4


Kansan staff writer


and $2.50 Jager shots. Henry T’s: $3 Irish ale pints. The Grn: The bar opens at noon or the parade and will play the Kansas-Bradley game on a 30-oot big screen TV. Then Big Metal Rooster and the Cosmopolitics will play the rest o the night. 75th Street brewery: Irish Ale T-shirts that say “Get bombed at the brewery” or $10. The brewery will be serving corned bee and cabbage, shepherd’s pie, and Irish Car Bombs. Pht Iustrtin y Rche Seymur see green on page 8a

Dancing up a storm Ballroom dancing surges in popularity tway  B y  DeJuan a tway  [email protected]


Kansan staff writer


devn Crtwright, Shwnee sphmre, nces with Julia Lawson, Shawnee resident, at Camelot II Wednesda Wednesdayy night. The KU Ballroom Dance Club holds lessons every Wednesday at Camelot II. Cartwright and Lawson said they had attended the dance almost every week since the beginning o the semester.

 Jorg e Ort iz k nows the sexy, seductive, orbidden twists o  the Tango, the smooth, intricate pivots that accompany the Foxtrot, and the inectious, hip-shaking moves o  the Salsa. All these moves help Ortiz, Lima, Peru, graduate student and president o the KU Ballroom Dance Club, heat up the dance foor, and it never hurts to have to dance close to a beautiul woman. The club has seen a signicant rise in membership during the last year. Some o the members


Chance o rain


— Christina Flowers  KUJH-TV 

saturd ay


Jorge Ortiz President o KU Ballroom Dance Club

have given credit to the large success o ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” television show. The club is open to the entire

Lawrence community and has residents, students, and aculty o dierent experience levels in the club. “TV shows and movies have made the club more approachable because they’re used to this stereotype o ballroom dancing,” Ortiz said. “Now people see action heroes and celebrities doing it or un. It’s kind o  changed the attitude.” Christie Curtis, dance instructor or the club, agreed that movies and TV shows have made ballroom dancing more inviting. She has been involved with ballroom dancing since the 1970s. see

ballRooM on page 4a


 weather  weathe r Today

V shws n mvies hve me the cu mre pprche ecuse they’re use t  this steretype  rm ncing. Nw pepe see ctin heres n ceerities ing it r un. It’s kin  chnge the ttitue.”

sun day


chance of rain or sn ow



cha nce of rain

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