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2013 UNF Counselor Newsletter - December

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School counselor edition

Rolling Admissions
Should students apply now or wait?
As many of you know, the UNF Office of Admissions made the decision to review applications on a rolling basis this year. We have already made over 3,000 decisions for the Summer and Fall terms! After speaking with some school counselors and their students, we have discovered that there is some confusion in regards to whether a student who may not be happy with their current GPA and/or test scores should apply now or wait. The answer to that question is, “APPLY NOW!” If a student is not admissible at the time they apply, chances are their decision will be deferred. The earlier we can begin working with the students; the better chances they have to become admissible. If a student is denied, we will still review their decision if they submit credentials that would make them admissible. Therefore, there is no reason a student should wait to apply. If you have questions, you can always contact your admissions recruiter for more information.

travel debrief

Our recruiters are finally home from their travels (and are happy to be sleeping in their own beds). This year we saw record numbers of students at our high school visits and college fair tables! As an office, we travelled a total of 81 days, in cities all over the state, out-of-state and even internationally! And for the first time ever, we had to print more of our Viewbooks because we gave out over 20,000! Now everyone is back in the office reviewing applications and answering all of those emails and voicemails from when they were on the road. They are also starting to plan Spring travel. If you are interested in having your recruiter visit your school to speak with Juniors and Seniors, or to set up an “application day” in one of your computer labs, email or call to get on their calendar!
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Ultimately, our goal is to admit as many of these students as possible. The sooner we get new scores and/or grades, the faster we can review their decision. We automatically review all deferred students on a weekly basis. However, if a student has updated information, they are encouraged to contact our office to ensure we received their new credentials. It is also important to note that a deferred student will only hear from us if their decision has changed. You can also refer to our blog, unfadmissions.wordpress.com, for more details regarding our defer process.

School counselor edition

How to help your deferred students
Admission to UNF has become more and more competitive over the past five years. Consequently, we often choose to defer students who we think may become admissible in the future (rather than denying their application). In other words, we consider the possibility of accepting the student at a later time. There are three main reasons a student may be deferred: Test Scores, GPA or Combination (of both). If a student has been deferred, we will need updated scores and/or grades in order to reevaluate their application. You should encourage your students to reach out to their admissions counselor at UNF to strategize what they need to do to become admissible. Our counselors are happy to speak with you and the student simultaneously via speakerphone or conference call if you would like.

from the director
With the fall semester winding down, I wanted to take this opportunity to once again thank you for all of the hard work and dedication you put into helping your students find a college or university that is the “right fit.” This has been a very busy application season for our office with the introduction of rolling admissions. With that said, my staff and I are always available to answer any questions you or your students may have. I hope you enjoy your upcoming Winter Break. Have a happy and safe New Year!

As many of you know, we began awarding our automatic Presidential scholarships in early October! So many outstanding students have already applied to UNF that we will soon have to start placing students on a waitlist for these prestigious scholarships. For this reason, it is very important that you encourage your students to apply to UNF as soon as possible. In addition to our automatic Presidential scholarships, we also offer competitive merit-based scholarships and scholarship upgrades that require an application. The deadline to submit an application for these scholarships is December 15, 2013. In order to submit a scholarship application, a student must already have an admissions application on file.

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If you aren’t already following us on social media, we strongly encourage you to do so. In addition to posting information about upcoming events and deadlines, we also offer students the ability to get an instant application status check on Twitter and have a blog that gives tips and advice on topics ranging from attending college fairs to preparing for the SAT/ACT and everything in between!
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