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A Short History of Good Taste

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The Conspiracy of Good Taste: chapter 1

A History of Good Taste Good taste is the framework of values which the ruling class has used to keep itself on top. Rather than just an expression expression or celebration celebration of superiority superiority,, it is an active agent of  repression. It would seem logical to suggest that it is the actual requirements requirements of the oppressor oppressor role that give dominant cultures their most basic shared features, features that a dominant culture will want to camouflage. If the mechanics of oppression were clearly visible they would be all to easy to challenge. Oppression Oppression has always gone along with exploitation exploitation but we are only just coming coming to understand that it is something more. Exploitation is the process by which people are paid less for their work than the value of what they produce and have no say in what they produce. produce. The surplus value of what they produce produce is creamed off by the owning class. This is a definition definition of capitalism capitalism -- - analysed analysed rather thoroughly thoroughly by Marx and and tinkered with ineffectually by socialists everywhere. Driven by greed for crude short term profits profits it is immensely immensely destructiv destructivee and violent, violent, but covers its own tracks well and is also unpredictably productive -- showering the planet with commodities. Some of  these are very useful; some are weapons; some are wondrous wondrous gadgets; some diversionar diversionaryy games; some are drugs. This is the world of the Happy Shopper. Shopper. The owners control their system of exploitation and protect their own, and what they own, by means of 'oppression' 'oppression'.. By this I mean the institutionalised institutionalised mistreatment mistreatment of one group by another. Because Because the owning owning class are richer and more powerful powerful than us they have persuaded persuaded themselves themselves this must be because they are innately superior. superior. The rest of us are therefore inferior. Initially using naked violence, later replaced with deft control of  culture culture and media, this false consciousnes consciousnes is driven home with such force that most of  us have to a greater or lesser extent internalised internalised it. Deep down we feel we are really unworthy turds! From this point the superiority/inferiority nexus, common to all oppression, oppression, spawns a great variety of forms. Part of the mythology of superiority superiority is that it is genetic, due to good breeding. breeding. There is now a broad consensus consensus that the main differences differences between human beings are in general general newly imposed imposed on every generation. generation. Also class differences differences are not simply a matter of  imbibing different information which could then be easily corrected by offering better information. The only way class conditionings can be fixed with at least the appearance of permanence permanence is by a more violent violent and somatic process of encryption. encryption. A process which entails damage to the integrity of our organism. The only way people people can be persuaded that they are inferior inferior is through through violent violent and http://www.stefan-szczelkun.org.uk/taste/Chapter1 http://www.stefan-szcze lkun.org.uk/taste/Chapter1-History%20of%20G -History%20of%20GT.html T.html

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