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A study on mobile phones

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A Report


Study of Mobile Phone Usage Among the Teenagers And Youth In Mumbai


Mar et Analysis ! Consumer Resear"h Organisation

April # May $%%&

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Ba" ground S"ope Methodology /imitations 2etailed Resear"h 3indings Anne5ure Anne5ure A6 7hat is S,C8 Anne5ure B6 9uestionnaire

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Ba" ground In 3ebruary Information the ITU* $%%&: a paper titled So"iety* The study It =as =as based primarily ;Mobile Phones and Youth6 A loo on a sur?ey: to a primary the resear"h relationships at the U*S* student study: =hi"h =as

mar et< =as presented in the ITU>MIC 7or shop on Shaping The 3uture for The Mobile underta en as a part of the "ase studies programme managed by Ms* /ara Sri?asta?a of designed e5plore bet=een gender: age: beha?ioral trends and mobile phone usage patterns of teenagers and young people: in the age group '$#[email protected] years* Besides depi"ting the U*S* mar et: this paper also pro?ides some international perspe"ti?es from Aapan: China: Australia: United Bingdom and Italy*

This paper: by MACRO: is an attempt to repli"ate the study in the Indian "onte5t in order to arri?e at the "urrent trends: espe"ially in metros li e Mumbai =here mobile telephony seems to ha?e made an immense impa"t*

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S"ope ( To study the attitude of teenagers and youth: age group '.#-% years: to=ards "ellular phones* ( any* ( ,5amine the =ay young people relate to the fun"tionality of mobile phones as =ell as assess obser?able phenomena* ,numerate the usage patterns and arri?e at pe"uliarities: gender#=ise or age#=ise: if


2etail pur"hase*













( Identify the different asso"iations =ith "ellular phones* ( In?estigate their a=areness =ith regards to the re"ent laun"hes of mobile handsets in the mar et* ( Understand impli"ations* their per"eptions for issues li e medi"al side effe"ts and pri?a"y

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Methodology The entire primary resear"h study =as done in Mumbai and a 9uantitati?e proto"ol =as used* In order to pro?ide a "urrent snapshot of the youth mar et: this proto"ol in?ol?ed data "olle"tion through a detailed opinion# Cuestionnaire administered a"ross suburbs: be it Central: 7estern or Darbour: =ith a reCuisite sample allo"ation to garner "urrent "omparati?e opinions on issues ranging from "hoi"e of handset: brand asso"iations: triggers and apprehensions in relation to use of "ellular phones* The te"hniCue used for data "olle"tion =as One#On#One Inter?ie=s* Indi?idual responses

thus obtained =ere then "ompiled: pro"essed and analysed to arri?e at the opinions on ?arious issues* The Instrument for data "olle"tion: in the form of a ;Stru"tured 9uestionnaire<: =as designed to eli"it information on demographi" and psy"hographi" aspe"ts of the respondents* The demographi" aspe"ts in"luded age: gender: edu"ation: o""upation and in"ome* The psy"hographi" ?ariables in"luded attitude to=ards usage of "ellular phones: so"ial issues and loyalty beha?ior* The Cuestionnaire had a mi5 of openended and "losed#ended Cuestions in it* The open#ended Cuestions: =hi"h ga?e an added ;Cualitati?e feel< to the instrument: pro?ided the logi" or rationale for the beha?ioral patterns and thus helped generate insights* The sample of sur?ey respondents "omprised of teenagers and youths in the age groups '.#-% years a"ross all S,C households* In all 'E. respondents: "hosen on a random "on?enien"e#sampling basis: =ere inter?ie=ed* Out of these: '% inter?ie=s =ere dropped from the analysis on "ounts of in"omplete data entry at the respondent end* Therefore: the analysis presented is for the remaining '0. inter?ie=s i*e* nF'0.* Today: along =ith the produ"t: mar eters ha?e been using media to target spe"ifi" age or se5 groups Ge*g* "artoons for "hildren: sport programs for men: et"*H* So the importan"e of identifying target groups in terms of age or se5 is self#e?ident* 3or analysis purposes: the three most important ?ariables "onsidered are age: gender and so"io#e"onomi" le?el I* In addition to the primary resear"h: se"ondary data =as "ollated from arti"les published in dailies: magaJines and industry reports through ?isits to libraries and also from the =orld=ide =eb*


Refer Anne5ure ;A<

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/imitations ( The study see s to pro?ide a heli"opter ?ie= of the field reality and hen"e inferen"es dra=n do not pro?ide "on"lusi?e e?iden"e to any so"ial "hara"teristi"s in parti"ular albeit they aid us in spotting an underlying trend*

( The findings are based entirely upon the resear"h "ondu"ted in Mumbai and hen"e
may not be appli"able dire"tly to other metropolitan areas on "ounts of so"io#"ultural di?ersity and "onte5tual fa"tors*


7ith a larger sample siJe spread a"ross other metropolitan "ities in India one might arri?e at results =ith higher "onfiden"e le?els and also at trends for urban India in parti"ular*








underta en







per"eptions that they eep "hanging =ith time* ( 2ue to "onstraints of time: "ertain topi"s ha?e not been tou"hed upon at all during the "ourse of the study =hile some of them li e the a"tual pur"hase pattern ha?e been e5plored in a ;limited< manner* An in#depth analysis may be further ta en up in ea"h of the sub#topi"s "o?ered*

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2,TAI/,2 R,S,ARCD 3I+2I+KS

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The "ell phone bang Today: a "ell phone isnLt Must a ri"h manLs fashion a""essory in India* ItLs transforming the =ay millions of people do business in a "ountry =here e?en landlines =ere a lu5ury barely a de"ade ago* A"ross the "ountry people =ith lo= in"omes are no= adopting "ellular phones as tools for enhan"ing their business* A""ording to O5ford ,nglish 2i"tionary one of the earliest uses of =ord ;mobile< =as in asso"iation =ith the /atin phrase ;mobile ?ulgus<: i*e* e5"itable "ro=d* Today<s mobile phones li?e up to these origins* Cell phone te"hnology introdu"es ne= senses of speed and "onne"ti?ity to so"ial life* If the fi5ed line telephone has brought "ommuni"ation lin s into the =or pla"e and homes: the ;mobile< puts them straight into the hands of unpre"edented numbers and ?arieties of indi?iduals*

Klobal /ands"ape All round the =orld "ell phone sales ha?e e5"eeded the e5pe"tations* In fa"t for mature mar ets: in"luding the United States: 7estern ,urope and Aapan: repla"ement sales =as the strongest dri?er of gro=th in $%%-* Colour s"reens and "amera phones =ere high on "onsumersL shopping lists: but there =as also a high le?el of demand for ine5pensi?e ?oi"e# "entri" handsets* In emerging mar ets li e China: India: Russia and BraJil: the sale =as due to a?ailability of lo=#pri"ed handsets and aggressi?e strategies by ser?i"e pro?iders to =in subs"ribers*' On the basis of early positi?e indi"ators during the first Cuarter of $%%& in the global mobile handset mar et: Kartner: the resear"h firm: fore"ast mobile phone sales to .0% million for year $%%&*$ In $%%=orld=ide mobile phone sales totaled to .$% million units: an in"rease of $%*.N o?er the pre?ious year* -

MACRO ( ) Copyright $%%& ( MACRO This do"ument is proprietary ! "onfidential*

Table GIH6 Cellular standings In $%%-: +o ia a""ounted for more than one#third of handset shipments =orld=ide* Company +o ia Motorola Samsung Siemens Sony ,ri"sson
Sour"e6 Kartner

Units GmillionsH '4%*E E.*$ .&*. &-*4 $0*E

Mar et share GNH -&*E '&*. '%*. 4*& .*'

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The Indian s"enario India too has Moined in the band=agon* Mobile phone ser?i"es =ere introdu"ed in India about '% years ago* Then: barely one in '% homes in "ities had a landline and publi" phones =ere fe=* 3rom those late '@4%s: India has "ome a long =ay today* It has emerged as the se"ond#largest mar et after China for mobile#phone handsets* +early '*0- million people signed up for mobile phone ser?i"es in 3ebruary $%%&: ta ing the total number of "ustomers in the =orldLs fastest gro=ing mar et to -'*& million*&

The subs"riber base gre= by many folds after the ser?i"e pro?iders made the in"oming "alls free* As per the resear"h firm Kartner: the domesti" "ellular mar et is proMe"ted to rea"h a subs"riber base of E% million by the year $%%E as "ompanies "ut tariffs and more ne= players enter the mar et*.

Players The Indian tele"om se"tor =as thro=n open to the pri?ate se"tor in the mid#nineties* This industry: along =ith IT: =as labelled as one of India<s sunrise industries* Sensing the opportunity: a number of pri?ate players li e Bharti ,nterprises: Dut"hinson: BP/ Mobile: the Tatas and: most re"ently: Relian"e Info"omm ha?e ?entured into this se"tor*

Indian tele"om "ompanies basi"ally offer t=o types of ser?i"es6 ( Cellular ser?i"es* The maMor players in this segment are Bharti: Dut"hinson and BP/ Mobile O "ompanies that use the global satellite management GKSMH standard* 7ith this standard: telephone "alls "an be made to and re"ei?ed from any pla"e* ( Basi" ser?i"es* The maMor players are BS+/: the Tatas and Relian"e: using the "ode di?ision multiple a""ess GC2MAH standard: =hi"h offers limited mobility* Calls "an be made to and re"ei?ed from "ertain fi5ed areas*0 Today there are as many as '' ser?i"e pro?iders a"ross the "ountry* These days the surge of ne= entrants li e Sagem: BeMain: Bird: Pante"h and Ben9 into the handset manufa"turing segment has offered mobile pur"hasers not only a "hoi"e of =hi"h operator to sele"t from and =hi"h te"hnology but also =hat handsets they =ant*

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Mar et Chara"teristi"s '4 million "ell phones =ere sold in India in $%%-* The Cellular penetration: =hi"h stood at $*E per "ent at the end of $%%-: is e5pe"ted to in"rease to about .*$ per "ent by $%%& end* E As per Reuters agen"y: in Mar"h $%%&: the ratio of mobile o=nership in India is less than three in e?ery ,urope*4 '%% people "ompared =ith more than $% in China and more than 0% in

Sour"e6 COAI

MACRO ( ) Copyright $%%& ( MACRO This do"ument is proprietary ! "onfidential*

These figures are an indi"ator of the gro=ing nature of the mar et and also a pointer to the fa"t that there lies a big opportunity for all the tele"om players: large or small*

3o"us on Youth Mar et Companies ha?e pra"ti"ally "reated a youth mar et by laun"hing in items li e "ool ring tones: games: s"reensa?ers and e#mail alerts* As a result: more and more people in the under -%#age group are using =ireless appli"ations for organiJing their li?es better* On the other hand: older people ha?enLt spent mu"h time or money on mobile "ontent* The primary reason behind this "ould be that most of the "ontent on the been youth and entertainment#oriented* Then there the handset are small and reading the tiny s"reens "an be a strain on the eyes* 3igure G'H belo= refle"ts the population a"ross different age groups and the predi"tion o?er "oming years* +early .&N of the population is belo= the age group of $& yrs and therefore it is the mar et =ith the most attra"ti?e demographi" profiles*
3IKUR, G'H6 ProMe"ted Age 2istribution Of Population %#& yrs* .#'& yrs* '.#'@ yrs* $%#$& yrs* $.#-& yrs* -.#&& yrs* &.#.& yrs* ..#[email protected] yrs*

;=ireless =eb< has

are other reasons li e # the buttons on

$.% $%% '.% '%% .% % Year $%%' Year $%%0

0% ! abo?e yrs*

Sour"e6 Statisti"al Outline Of India $%%$#$%%-

The gro=th predi"ted in population of age groups of '.#'@ yrs*: $%#$& yrs and $.#-& yrs o?er the "oming years is as sho=n in figure G$H*
FIGURE (2): Age Distribution
250 200 150 100 50 0 2001 2006 Year 2010 109 90.2 122.4 108.5 120.8 117.4 156.6 170.6 190.8 15-19 20-24 25-34

Sour"e6 Statisti"al Outline Of India $%%$#$%%-


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Sunil Sinha: a "onsultant =ith the +ational Coun"il for Applied ,"onomi" Resear"h Cuoted that # PYoung Indians are going to "reate a huge mar et for goods and ser?i"es* They =ant "lothes: sentiment mobiles sa??y*Q As per Rama BiMapur ar: a Mumbai#based mar eting "onsultant: out of the teenage population about $$ million belong to the urban middle "lass and are in a position to influen"e the e"onomy dramati"ally as they gro= older* Management "onsultants BSA Te"hnopa estimated youth<s annual spending po=er to the e5tent of USR'%*. billion: =hi"h is gro=ing: annually =ith the rate of '$N*'% 7ith these large numbers: an in"lination to emergent te"hnologies and a high propensity to pur"hase among the maMority: the youth segment definitely forms a siJeable proportion of the future mar et* The Boom in Metros Total t=el?e the "ellular months: of subs"riptions the number ;%$ in of to the four metros "ellular la hs by of Mumbai: 2elhi: in"reased Mar"h Bangalore from ;%-* and Bol ata la hs in gre= at a healthy "lip of E$*4N during the period of April ;%$ to Mar"h ;%-* 2uring these total &&*& subs"riptions the end of $.*04 2elhi beginning April and Mumbai shoes:

musi": he said




games: is

212 the latest


"ars of

and the

entertainment*Q =hen

Sandip 2as: the head of Orange phones in Bombay: reiterated the same that#PThe $.s are younger in a generation "onsumer under maMority in India and they are mobile phone

phones* The

"ontinued to a""ount for a lion<s share of these subs"riptions =ith a "olle"ti?e mar et share of E4*EN by the end of April ;%-* 2elhi "ontinued to be the leader in terms of mar et share "ornering &%*EN of the mar et: although Mumbai =as not far behind =ith a -4*%N "ontribution*'' As per Cellular Operators Asso"iation of India GCOAIH: =ith ne= additions of @*@ la hs in April $%%&: the all India mobile subs"riber base gre= to -*& "rores* The Mumbai mar et registered a gro=th of 0E*..N in Mar"h $%%& o?er the pre?ious year* Table GIIH Mobile subs"riber base in Mumbai Mar"h $%%& $4:-%:'&' Mar"h $%%'0:[email protected]:%-0

MACRO ( ) Copyright $%%& ( MACRO This do"ument is proprietary ! "onfidential*

In order to understand the present state of affairs a primary resear"h study =as "ondu"ted in Mumbai* The attempt =as to study per"eptions of the teenagers and youth: age group '.#-% years: to=ards using a "ellular phone: their "ommon triggers for pur"hase: the a"tual usage patterns and related "on"erns: if any* as a model India* Den"e this resear"h study "an be seen Gli e MumbaiH in

G=ith "ertain inbuilt limitationsH for all other metro to=ns

MACRO ( ) Copyright $%%& ( MACRO This do"ument is proprietary ! "onfidential*

Primary Resear"h 3indings Out of the total '0. respondents .4N =ere male and balan"e &$N =ere female* -&N of the respondents possessed their o=n "ell phones for more than $ years =hile 0&N of the respondents had pur"hased it in the year $%%-# $%%&* Age#=ise split#up and distribution is as sho=n belo=6 #

Table GIII*H Sample split up Age Kroups GyrsH '.#'@ $%#$& $.#[email protected] TOTA/ 3ig* G-*H6 Age#2istribution

N -.*'. &%*%% $&*4.

+o* Of respondents .4 00 &' '0.

n F '0.



10 Std. Dev = 3.87 Mean = 21.3 0 16.0 18.0 20.0 22.0 24.0 26.0 28.0 30.0 32.0 N = 165.00

The bi#modal distribution of age refle"ts that there is a slight s e= to=ards the '.#'@ year old age bra" et*

MACRO ( ) Copyright $%%& ( MACRO This do"ument is proprietary ! "onfidential*

MOBI/, PDO+, O7+,RSDIP O?erall: out of the total '0. respondents inter?ie=ed: the ratio of mobile o=ners to nonmobile o=ners =as found to be E6-* And out of the ''0 mobile phone o=ners: ..N =ere male =hile &.N =ere females* A =ithin# group gender analysis re?ealed that the proportion of "ell phone o=ners among female respondents GE.NH =as marginally higher than in the "ase of males G00NH* 3urther: "ellular phone o=nership =as found to be independent of the =or ing status and age of the respondent* This is e?ident from the fa"t that there is no signifi"ant differen"e in the no* of respondents o=ning a "ell phone a"ross the three age groupsS --N: [email protected] and $4N in '.#'@: $%#$& and $.#[email protected] years respe"ti?ely* But S,CT of the household =as indeed a determinant fa"tor at the time of o=nership of a "ellular phone* Refer figure G&H* 7ithin ea"h S,C le?el: the penetration =as highest in S,C ;A< G4&NH =hile a"ross S,C ;B< and ;C< it =as almost eCual: .EN and [email protected] respe"ti?ely* 3igure G&H6 Mobile o=nership a"ross S,Cs Mobile O=nership a"ross S,C 14" n F ''0

28" S,C A S,C B S,C C


In maMority of the instan"es GE$NH: +o ia<s handsets =ere found to be the first "hoi"e =ith its --'% and --'. being the freCuently used models* Its other models li e $'%%: ''%%: 00'% and 4$.% ha?e been reported as the se"ond preferen"e* This finding: in its o=n limited manner: is "ertainly an indi"ator of +o ia<s suprema"y in the handset mar et o?er other players li e /K: Samsung: Motorola: Panasoni": Siemens and Relian"e* Chi#sCuare analysis sho=s that the "hoi"e of handset G+o ia and other than +o iaH depends on age and gender parameter of the respondent*


S,C defined on the basis of C7,<s o""upation and edu"ational Cualifi"ation and o=nership of ?ehi"le*

MACRO ( ) Copyright $%%& ( MACRO This do"ument is proprietary ! "onfidential*

And among the ser?i"e pro?iders: Orange reportedly had an upper hand G..NH o?er other players: namely Airtel G'0NH: Relian"e G'.NH: BP/ GENH: Trump G&NH: 2olphin G$NH and Tata G'NH* The most freCuent "ombinations of ;handset used and ser?i"e pro?ider "hosen< seen =ere +o ia#Orange and +o ia#Airtel*

MOBI/, PDO+, USAK, Out of the total ''0 mobile o=ners a substantial number had adeCuate e5posure to the te"hnology prior to their a"tual pur"hase as "an be seen in the figure G.H belo=6 #
3igure .6 ,5posure To Mobile Te"hnology
E%N 0%N .%N N of Mobile#&%N holders -%N $%N '%N %N 0'N

n F ''0


'&N EN

Years of ,5posure

U ' year

'#- years

&#0 years

V 0 years

The "hoi"e of pre#paid or post#paid is essentially lin ed to their a"tual "onsumption: =hether it is high or lo=* In all .0N =ere pre#paid users =hile &&N =ere into billing* 3urther analysis re?ealed that usage ?aries a"ross age groups* Teenagers: in the age group '.#'@ years: used pre#paid ser?i"es =hile maMority of the respondents in the $.#[email protected] year age group =ere into post#paid ser?i"es* Refer fig* G0H belo=* 3ig* G0H Age#based Usage
N of Respondents

76.32 52.17 47.83 37.5 23.68 62.5

60 40 20 0

n F ''0




A#e #$%&'(
Pre-paid Post-Paid

MACRO ( ) Copyright $%%& ( MACRO This do"ument is proprietary ! "onfidential*

Another interesting finding =as that: females had an in"lination to=ards pre#paid than post#paid ser?i"es* GRefer fig*E belo=H A""ording to a fe= respondents: the prepaid "on"ept helps them budget their telephoni" e5penses* 3ig* GEH Kender#based Usage
70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0

N of Respondents

n F ''0


*e+a)e Kender



Usage Among The Pre#Paid Users 04N of the prepaid users used their tal #time in toto* A gender#=ise analysis yields that total usage of tal #time is higher in females GE'NH than in male G0-NH* A similar trend has been obser?ed in "ase of =or ing and non#=or ing respondents* Digher number of respondents from the =or ing "lass reported that they used the entire tal time offered* Also 4'N of the pre#paid users refilled their SIM "ards on a monthly basis and the refill slip =as of Rs* -$&>#* Usage Among The Post#Paid Users 3or maMority of the respondents billing amount per month =as reported as Rs* E%%#'%%%>#* GRefer Table GI1H belo=*H +early one#third of the post#paid users reported a billing of more than '%%% Rs*>#* These respondents GE%NH primarily belonged to the S,C ;A< households* Table I16 The Split#up of Post#paid users on basis of billing amount per month Billing Per Month VRs* .%% Bet=een Rs* .%%#E%%># Bet=een Rs* E%%#'%%%># Bet=een Rs* '%%%#'.%%># Bet=een Rs* '.%%#$%%%># V Rs* $%%% Total +o* Of Respondents $ '$ $% '% $ . N Of the Respondents -*@$ N $-*.- N [email protected]*$$ N '@*0' N -*@$ N @*4% N

MACRO ( ) Copyright $%%& ( MACRO This do"ument is proprietary ! "onfidential*

Both these findings: related to "hoi"e of pre#paid or post#paid and a"tual usage: are in line =ith those published by Tele"om Regulatory Authority of India more GTRAIH* As per TRAI: the minutes of usage GMOUH in the pre#paid segment has gro=n at $$N in year $%%-: =hi"h is than that re"orded in post#paid "ellular ser?i"es#'.N* On an all#India basis: the a?erage MOU per pre#paid subs"riber is less than one#third of the MOU of a post#paid subs"riber*'$ Se"ondary resear"h indi"ates that the pre#paid a?erage re?enue per user GARPUH had risen by 4N during Auly# 2e"ember ;%- Cuarters =hile the ARPU for the post#paid had been almost un"hanged* The ARPU<s =ere lo=er for "ellular ser?i"es by 'N at Rs* .'0 per month during the Cuarter ending September ;%-: as "ompared to the pre?ious Cuarter GApril#Aune $%%-H*'- /atest figures =ere not a?ailable* PURCDAS, R,/AT,2 In [email protected] of the instan"es it =as the end user<s need that resulted into pur"hase of the mobile phone* Balan"e $'N respondents mentioned other reasons li e ;a?ailability of an e5tra handset at home< and ;somebody gifted it< for ha?ing a mobile phone* 7hile this result indi"ates that the e5tent to =hi"h e5ternal fa"tors a"t as dri?ers for pur"hase is small: it may or may not be appli"able for the population at large* Table 16 Moti?ation to pur"hase the "ell phone* Moti?ations to pur"hase a "ell phone ,?erybody around you had one =ith them You =anted to buy it Somebody Gfriend>parentsH as ed you to get one for yourself Passed on to me Kifted to me ,5tra set a?ailable Business purpose Con?enien"e 7or reCuired it $*0-N $*0-N '-*'0N %N %N %N $*0-N %N 0*$.N $*'EN $*'EN $*'EN $*'EN %N -*'-N %N 0*$.N %N 0*$.N %N $4*'-N 04*&$N '-*'0N E-*'@N 0*.$N %N .0*$.N '.#'@ Yrs* Age of the Respondent $%#$& Yrs* $.#[email protected] Yrs*

MACRO ( ) Copyright $%%& ( MACRO This do"ument is proprietary ! "onfidential*

















influen"ing fa"tor for the "ell phone pur"hase* The finding that

04N respondents in the

'.#'@ year age group and E-N respondents in the $%#$& year age group "ited ;,?erybody around them had mobile =ith them< as the maMor reason behind their "ell phone pur"hase holds testimony to the same* In the $.#[email protected] years age "ategory: be it a salaried or businessman: a mobile phone is a ;=or pre#reCuisite<* Apart from the need for "ommuni"ation: ;"on?enien"e of "alling< and ;better a""essibility< offered by a mobile phone: =ere reported as the main reasons for pur"hase* In the '.#'@ year age group the need for "ommuni"ating =ith friends "ame foremost =hile in the older age group of $.#[email protected] years it =as their need to remain a""essible* /i e=ise se"urity "on"erns seem to be the determinant fa"tor in "ase of girls =ho e5pressed their need to be a""essible or "onne"ted mu"h more profoundly than the boys* 3or the boys: it =as more to do =ith "ommuni"ation =ith friends that triggered the pur"hase* On the other hand ;+o reCuirement< =as stated as the most "ommon reason for not o=ning a mobile: be it the =or ing "lass or the non#=or ing "lass* Some other reasons stated are as sho=n in fig* G4H belo=6 #
3igure G4H6 Reasons for +OT ha?ing a mobile

+ot Allo=ed +ot ReCuired

n F &@

70 60 50

69 !9

"6 !! # "6

N of respondents 30


20 10 0



2on<t =ant "onta"tability 7ant to buy on his o=n

As per resear"h "ondu"ted by Kartner: by year $%%& end: =ith introdu"tion of full mobility C2MA "ellular ser?i"es and "ompetiti?e response from KSM "amp: Indian "ellular mar et is estimated to register a @0 per"ent gro=th to rea"h .0 million "onne"tions and o?erta e fi5ed phone lines in third Cuarter of year per"ent in mobile phone subs"ribers $%%&*'& Year the fi5ed $%%-: =itnessed a gro=th of line phone subs"ribers gre= '0% in =hile

number by - per"ent* ,?ery month: there is an addition of near about '*. million mobile subs"ribers*'. This trend also refle"ted in our study =here =e found that in 0N of the "ases: the household preferred to ha?e a mobile phone ?is#W#?is a landline*

MACRO ( ) Copyright $%%& ( MACRO This do"ument is proprietary ! "onfidential*

In .0N instan"es: espe"ially for the '.#'@ and $%#$& year age groups: it =as the parents: be it either the father or mother: =ho had pur"hased the mobile phone for the indi?idual* On the other hand: -$N of the respondents: =ho primarily "onstituted young businessmen or in#ser?i"e teenagers: maMority from the $.#[email protected] year age group: had pur"hased a mobile phone on their o=n* &@N of the "ell phone o=ners did not ha?e e?en a single a""essory =ith them: =hile the balan"e .'N had at least one a""essory li e the plasti" "o?er or the "hord or the =aist pou"h* &%N o=ned a hands#free it and the most "ommonly pur"hased a""essory =as ;plasti" "o?er<* In response to the =hether their "ell phone =as al=ays O+: underlying males* As seen in figure [email protected]: the "all identifier fun"tion to s"reen the in"oming "alls =as a?ailed by a sele"t fe= G'4NH respondents only*
3igure [email protected]

E$N respondents indi"ated is higher in females than

that more often than not their phones =ere indeed on: =hi"h in turn also refle"ts on their need to be "onstantly "onne"ted* This tenden"y

n F ''0



Attend all "alls Use Call Identifi"ation fun"tion to s"reen "alls

These '4N respondents: =ho are sele"ti?e in ans=ering their "alls: "omprise mainly of females in the age groups $%#$& and $.#[email protected] years* Males: on the other hand: =ere ;not "hoosy< about ans=ering phone "alls* CA//I+K PATT,R+ 0%N of the respondents reported the primary usage of mobile to eep in tou"h =ith friends and to "all up their residen"e =hene?er they are out* The proportion of business "alls is

MACRO ( ) Copyright $%%& ( MACRO This do"ument is proprietary ! "onfidential*

relati?ely lo=: $&N* Kender#=ise analysis sho=s that the tenden"y to "all home is more in females than in males: =hile the habit of "alling friends is more "ommon in males: essentially teenagers: age group '.#'@ years* One#third of the total phone "alls are dire"ted to their family* 3emales ha?e this tenden"y more than males* As per the study: the ratio of "alls dire"ted to family in females and males: is one in e?ery $ to - "alls ?ersus one in e?ery . to '% respe"ti?ely* 7hether the indi?idual is =or ing or not =as also a maMor determinant for the same* The =or pla"e: in this "ase#"ollege "ampus or their "lasses: =as noted as the most "ommon pla"e =here the mobile phone usage =as the highest* home* MOBI/, 3U+CTIO+A/ITY SMS =hi"h mu"h* GShort message ser?i"esH =ere first introdu"ed bet=een ;te5t a"ti?ities ne=s or boys less as peripheral features on mobile e#mail most =ere for it all more phones in the early '@@%s* It has established a ne= has been In our or des"ribed study as being lo"al other tones: updatesQ some=here "alls< hand getting more =here and ind of "onta"t: opening a "hannel: ma ing a smsing< li e the a updates ha?e =ere and "all: sending an reported as the "alls +early 0'N reported of the same* A signifi"antly large number of indi?iduals: .'N: use their mobile phone =hen they are in transit* -%N reported usage e?en =hen they =ere at

and ma ing no "onta"t at all* It is a uniCue =ay of saying something =ithout saying too ;Ma ing On This the ring trend ne=s "ommon seen less a"ti?ities* freCuently* e5"ept sending ma ing a"ross to tenden"y same pi"ture ST2 gender use messages:

do=nloading fun"tions

for=arding Pgetting


freCuently than girls*

Interestingly: e?en playing games =as seen as a

;regular< a"ti?ity among

&%N* This

per"entage may seem small gi?en the fa"t that the study =as "ondu"ted among the teenagers and younger people* Se?eral industry reports indi"ate that mobile gaming is the ;ne5t big thing< after SMS and ring tones* Though most gamers at present are "ontent ha?ing a go at the pre#installed games a?ailable on their handsets: industry analysts predi"t that it is only a matter of time before they start do=nloading games* An in"oming "all usually pro?o es a sense of e5pe"tation: urgen"y that is =hy usually one feels "ompelled to ans=er a ringing phone* Ringing mobile demands a response* Publi"

MACRO ( ) Copyright $%%& ( MACRO This do"ument is proprietary ! "onfidential*

uses of mobile spread this tension to all those =ithin the earshot: =hile lea?ing them po=erless to inter?ene* 7hen respondents =ere as ed =hether they =ere bothered by ;loud tal < by some mobile#holder around them: nearly 0%N reported ;no irritation<* Do=e?er further analysis re?ealed that: female respondents =ere prone to get more irritated than males* This in turn =as the prin"ipal "ause behind the female tenden"y to set their mobile on ;silent mode< more often than their male "ounterparts* DABITS In response to no?el physi"al and psy"hologi"al demands made by mobile: people ha?e introdu"ed ne= stan"es: gestures and bodily mo?ements to their e?eryday beha?iour* The tenden"y to stroll =hile tal ing o?er the mobile phone is one su"h pra"ti"e found most "ommonly* As per our primary study 0EN respondents had this habit* It =as more so in males than females and that too in the younger age groups* The ;+o mobile =hile dri?ing< do"trine =as reportedly follo=ed by E0N of those =ho o=ned a ?ehi"le as sho=n in the graph belo=* 3ig* G'%H Dabit of using a mobile =hile 2ri?ing
4% E% 0% .% &% -% $% '% % E.*@

% of Respondents

n F 4-





Rarely Al=ays

+e?er Sometimes Often

Resear"h indi"ates that the only harmful effe"ts that "an be positi?ely pinned do=n: so far: on mobile phones are beha?ioral ones rather than biologi"al one* 3or a "ar dri?er: the ris of a "ollision =hile using a "ell phone is four times higher than =hile not using it* This ma es it as dangerous as dri?ing =hile being drun * /i e other "ountries: in India there is a ban on mobile use =hile dri?ing* The ban also in"ludes the use of hands# free it* '' Out of the ''0 mobile o=ners: only $4N respondents "onsidered the info stored in their handsets as ;not pri?ate<* Out of the balan"e E$N: &EN "onsidered it as ;some=hat pri?ate<

MACRO ( ) Copyright $%%& ( MACRO This do"ument is proprietary ! "onfidential*


$.N termed the information stored in their handsets as

;?ery pri?ate<* This

per"eption of pri?a"y is pre#dominantly among the teenagers Gespe"ially in the '.#'@ year and $%#$& year age groupsH and among the females* A22ICTIO+ .4N reported that they "ouldn<t manage =ithout a mobile e?en for a day* The need to be "onstantly a""essible and "onne"ted =ith friends or "olleagues =as "ited as the main reason for the same =hile some of the respondents said that they =ere also independent of the indi?idual<s total years of e5posure Gto the mobile phoneH* 9uotes6 # ( ( ( PI am used to ha?ing one*Q PYou get important messagesXso "an<t afford not ha?ing it*Q PGIH Aust li e "arrying it*Q ;simply used to

ha?ing their mobile e?eryday<* The e5tent of addi"tion is eCual a"ross age or gender and is

A7AR,+,SS ABOUT /AT,ST DA+2S,T MO2,/S There =as high a=areness about ;ne= model laun"hes< by ?arious "ompanies li e +o ia: Motorola: Samsung and /K* This phenomenon "an be e5plained more pertinently on the basis of the age and gender rather than on mobile o=nership status* Kender analysis re?ealed that the a=areness le?el =as mu"h higher in boys than in the "ase of girls* In other =ords they seem to eep a tra" of the mar et trends mu"h more than =hat the girls do* Age#=ise trends indi"ate that younger people: teenagers in the age group '.#'@ years: =ere more a=are of the ;mar et e?ents< than their senior "ounterparts* P,RC,PTIO+S MaMority of the respondents per"ei?e "ell phone as the te"hnology that offers "on?enien"e and ma es their life easier* This per"eption holds true uni?ersally i*e* it remains same among status* There seems to ha?e been a transformation of the "ell phone from ;a status symbol< to a ;ne"essity<* This is e?ident from the fa"t that nearly 4.N respondents agreed: either totally all respondents irrespe"ti?e of their =or ing status: gender or mobile o=nership

MACRO ( ) Copyright $%%& ( MACRO This do"ument is proprietary ! "onfidential*

or partially to the statement# ;Mobile phone has be"ome a ne"essity today<* A possible out"ome of this "onsumer per"eption is de?elopment of a desire to buy a mobile phone among those =ho don<t ha?e one* G0'N of the respondents =ho didn<t ha?e a mobile said that they =ere planning to buy mobile in the near future out of =hi"h 0%N =ere planning to buy it =ithin the ne5t 0 months* MaMority of this prospe"ti?e buyer group "omprised of the $%#$& year age group*H There =as a mi5ed response to the statement#;The model you buy tells ho= fashionable you are<* 7hile nearly -EN felt that their "ell phones are ;a style statement< almost an eCual number of respondents &-N de"lined to a""ept this sentiment* Chatting for longer periods o?er the "ell phone =as per"ei?ed to be ;o < by maMority of the respondents: be it from any age group* 3emales e"ho this sentiment mu"h more than the males: =ho feel that the "on?ersation should be short* Only some of the respondents disagreed =ith this opinion*

MaMority of the respondents G0-NH said that they did not per"ei?e any medi"al haJards of using a "ellular phone* This "ould primarily be attributed to a dearth of pro?en information at their end* Do=e?er remaining -EN admitted their belief that using a mobile phone is harmful to their health* Among these: referen"e to ;harmful radiations< and ;brain "an"er< featured prominently* Some of them also felt that it "ould lead to damage to the heart: heada"he and loss of hearing* These apprehensions thus form a maMor barrier at the time of pur"hase* As seen in figure G''H belo=: the notion that ;there are medi"al side effe"ts of using a mobile< is pre#dominant among those =ho do not ha?e a mobile than among the mobile o=ners* The differen"e bet=een these t=o is statisti"ally signifi"ant* 3igure G''H6 Per"eption of Medi"al side effe"ts GMS,H
Among Mobile O=ners 6#% Among Respondents =ho do +OT ha?e a Mobile $9%

Per&ei'e ()E Do *ot per&ei'e ()E Per&ei'e ()E

Do *ot Per&ei'e ()E

MACRO ( ) Copyright $%%& ( MACRO This do"ument is proprietary ! "onfidential*


A++,YUR, # A6 7hat is S,C8 The notion of So"io#,"onomi" Class is useful for a large number of produ"ts and ser?i"es* Yet the fa"t still remains that not all produ"ts and ser?i"es are dri?en by so"io#e"onomi" "onsiderations* In these "ases: the mar eting resear"her must loo for other "hara"teristi"s that define the users e*g* age or se5*

The fa"t of the matter is that different "ountries ha?e different definitions of so"ioe"onomi" le?el: as is only proper: =hi"h refle"t their o=n histori"al traMe"tories and "ir"umstan"es* 3or our pan#regional study: =e "ame up =ith an appropriate definition in order to ha?e "omparable results* But before "oming to our definition of S,C let us understand =hat S,C stands for* The S,C "ategories are broad "onsumer "ategories dra=n on the basis of the edu"ational ba" ground strongly mar eters to of "onsumers the in"ome the and their o""upations* of "onsumers Mar et These and "ategories are use the usually S,C "orrelate used by groupings =ith "lassifi"ation "onsumer "on?entionally




e5tensi?ely for establishing the target mar et segments for their goods and ser?i"es* 3or e*g* for many lu5ury "onsumer goods: the target audien"e is li ely to be only from the upper so"io#e"onomi" strata* Identifying the so"io#e"onomi" le?el is important be"ause of the signifi"ant differen"es in spending po=er among different so"io#e"onomi" le?els* So"ioe"onomi" le?els are rational "onseCuen"es of the need to be more effi"ient and effe"ti?e in mar eting appli"ations* /oo ing a"ross the =orld: =e find that many so"io#e"onomi" le?el systems are based upon the "onsideration Gsu"h as of e"onomi" profession system "omputers: "hara"teristi"s and =here ?a"uum edu"ationH* a short "leanerH of produ"ts In and many of then and "ases: are ser?i"es the and as system =ell is as a are '% so"ial pre"ise ta en points standing numeri"al Ge*g*




ser?i"es Ge*g*




for one automobile:

'. points for

$ or more automobilesS

$ points for ?a"uum "leaner:

et"H* ,?entually: people are pla"ed into groups based upon their point totals* In the United States: mar et resear"hers use household in"ome as de fa"to definition of so"io#e"onomi" "lass* This is feasible be"ause most people ha?e a good sense of =hat their annual household in"ome is: as e?eryone is supposed to file an ;in"ome ta5 return< ea"h year that =ill state the offi"ial household in"ome for the past year*

MACRO ( ) Copyright $%%& ( MACRO This do"ument is proprietary ! "onfidential*

,lse=here in the =orld: it is by no means easy to get a handle on in"ome e?en if the sur?ey respondents are dutiful "ooperators* There "ould be many reasons for it: =hi"h =e =ill not get into here* To state a fe= there is a lot of "omple5ity as to =hat "onstitutes personal in"ome* subsidies: to are et"H* "ash GApart pensions: from =ages: there are tips: et"*H "ase bonuses: 7e =hen it "apital to a flo=s: "ommissions: not to be "omes sto" s: using sto" personal options: in"ome interests: gifts: alimony: should

"hara"teriJe ta5es: and


So is the

"onstituents in"ome: household

of household barter in"ome: non# boo #

in"ome too* GApart from the sum of the personal in"omes of the household members: there di?idends: in"ome barter interests: is depre"iation: due "ash gains: ?ariety absen"e rental of of Dousehold problemati" unsteady reasons6# hyper#inflation: finan"ial


eeping: differen"es in "osts of goods and ser?i"es: as =ell as a general relu"tan"e to re?eal household =ealth* In any "ase: if the purpose is to "apture "onsumerist beha?ior: it is more logi"al to base the definition on a"tual "onsumption beha?ior rather than on some hypotheti"al dri?er su"h as in"ome* This "lassifi"ation is more stable than one based on in"ome alone and being refle"ti?e of lifestyle it is more rele?ant to the e5amination of "onsumption beha?iour* Mar et resear"h industry in India has de?eloped a So"io#,"onomi" Classifi"ation system for households and indi?iduals: =hi"h "lubs all the people =ho are li ely to beha?e similarly* This So"io#,"onomi" Classifi"ation system identifies people and households of follo=ing types # '* S,C Gso"io#e"onomi" "lassH # A' and A$ "olle"ti?ely no=n as S,C#A $* S,C Gso"io#e"onomi" "lassH # B' and B$ "olle"ti?ely no=n as S,C#B -* S,C Gso"io#e"onomi" "lassH # C &* S,C Gso"io#e"onomi" "lassH # 2 .* S,C Gso"io#e"onomi" "lassH # ,' and ,$ "olle"ti?ely no=n as S,C#, The so"io#e"onomi" "lasses ha?e been de?eloped on the basis of the t=o parameters# ;highest edu"ation of the main G"hiefH =age earner of the family and his>her ;profession<*

The follo=ing grid gi?es information on the S,C#"lasses6 #
C7, ,du"ation Illiterate S"hool up to &th S"hool .th# @th SSC> DSC SSC > DSC but Kraduate not Kraduate >Post Kraduate general Kraduate>Post Kraduate Professional

MACRO ( ) Copyright $%%& ( MACRO This do"ument is proprietary ! "onfidential*


C7, O""upation Uns illed # S illed 7or er # Petty Traders Shop O=ners # #

' ' ,$ $ ,$ - ,$ & 2 >

$ ,$ ,' 2 2

,' 2 2 C

& 2 C C B$

. 2 C C B'

0 2 B$ B$ A$

E 2 B$ B$ A$

Businessmen Industrialist =ith +o* Of ,mployees +one '#@ '% Z # # #

. 2 0 C E B' 2 4 @ 2 A 2 C B B' # C

C B$ B' 2 2 2 C

B$ B$ A$ 2 2 C C

B' B' A$ B$ C C B$

A$ A$ A' B' B$ B$ B'

A$ A' A' A$ B' B' A$

A' A' A' A' B' A$ A$

Self #,mployed >Professionals # Cleri"al >Salesman# Super?isory /e?el # Offi"ers>,5e"uti?es Aunior #

Offi"ers>,5e"uti?es Middle>Senior







Consumers them*















"ounterparts in the S,C

;B< and

;C< "ategories on ?irtually e?ery parameter put forth to

3or purposes of our study: the S,C of the respondent is defined on the basis of the "hief =age earner<s GC7,<sH ;o""upation<: ;edu"ational Cualifi"ation< and ;?ehi"le o=nership<* The latter =as "onsidered as a determinant parameter* Other parameters li e ;proportion of total number of =or ing members =*r*t* total number of members in the family< and ;area of residen"e< Glo"alityH =ere used to arri?e at S,C ;B< and S,C ;C< spe"ifi"ally* 2etail split#up is as gi?en in the table belo=6 # Parameters S,C A C7,<s ,du"ation Kraduate>Post# Kraduate>Under# Kraduate C7,<s O""upation Self# ,mployed> Ser?i"e> Business Categorised As S,C B Kraduate>2ouble Kraduate>Post# Kraduate>Undergraduate Self# ,mployed> Ser?i"e>Business S,C C Undergraduate > >Belo= SSC> Illiterate Ser?i"e> Business

MACRO ( ) Copyright $%%& ( MACRO This do"ument is proprietary ! "onfidential*

1ehi"le O=nership O=ns &#7heeler: Or Both G&#=heeler ! $#=heelerH Area of Residen"e

O=ns a T=o =heeler Or has +o ?ehi"le* Central >Darbour >7estern suburbs

+o 1ehi"le* Central > Darbour suburbs

[email protected] MACRO
MACRO ( ) Copyright $%%& ( MACRO This do"ument is proprietary ! "onfidential*

A++,YUR, # B6 9uestionnaire
Kood [[[[[[[[[[[[* I<m from MACRO: a mar et resear"h and "onsulting unit: based in Mumbai: =ith a pan#Indian net=or * 7e are "urrently "ondu"ting a study on mobile usage patterns among the youth* I =ould li e to assure you that there are no right or =rong ans=ers and =e are only interested in YOUR OPI+IO+* 7ould it be "on?enient for you to spea to us for a fe= minutes right no=8 Than you*

+ame of Respondent6 #[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ Se56 [[[[[ Age6 # [[[[[[[[[[[ ,du"ational 9ualifi"ation6 # At present6 # A Student > In Ser?i"e > In Business Address6 [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ Suburb6 [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ 2ad<s O""upation6 # [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ +umber of members in the household6 [[[[ 1ehi"le6 # Y,S +O Se"tion I '* 2o YOU o=n a mobile Gi*e* a "ell phoneH8 o o $* Yes +o If +O: dire"tly KOTO Se"tion I1 i*e* 9n* +o* $Company +OBIA SO+Y ,ri"sson Relian"e Motorola Panasoni" Samsung /K Siemens GAny other then spe"ifyH [[[[[[[[ -* The ser?i"e pro?ider is # o o o o Airtel BP/ Orange Relian"e Model Pur"hased in GyearH G$#=heeler > &#=heelerH Tel* +o*6 [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ 2ad<s ,du"ation6 # [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ +o* of 7ORBI+K members6 [[[[[[

If Y,S: CO+TI+U, Currently you o=n a #

MACRO ( ) Copyright $%%& ( MACRO This do"ument is proprietary ! "onfidential*

o o &* You are into # o o

Trump Any other [[[[[[[[[

Pre#paid Post#paid > Billing If you are a POST#PAI2 US,R \ o OR o o o o o 7hat is your a?erage billing per month Gin Rs*H8 /ess than Rs* .%%># Bet=een Rs* .%%># to Rs* E%%># Bet=een Rs* E%%># to Rs* '%%%># Bet=een Rs* '%%%># to Rs* '.%%># Bet=een Rs* '.%%># to Rs* $%%%># More than Rs* $%%%># GBindly state the appro5imate amount [[[[[[[H

If you are a PR,#PAI2 US,R \ 2o you fill the "ard # o Monthly o ,?ery t=o months o ,?ery - months o Yearly o Any other [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ \ \ Refill Amount6 Rs* [[[[[[[[ 2o you typi"ally use up all your ;tal time<8 o Yes o +o Se"tion II .* 7ho bought the mobile for you8 o o o o o o o E* 3ather ,lder Brother > Sister Self Company Any other Gplease spe"ifyH [[[[[[[[[[

0* You too a mobile be"ause # ,?erybody around you already had one =ith them o You Any other =anted to buy it Somebody Gfriend>parentsH as ed you to get one for yourself o Gplease spe"ifyH [[[[[[[[[[ 7hat is the most important reason for pur"hasing the mobile8 o Ki?es you the ;Con?enien"e< of "alling anytime

MACRO ( ) Copyright $%%& ( MACRO This do"ument is proprietary ! "onfidential*

o o o o

It ma es you ;easily a""essible< Gto other peopleH i*e* It is a better medium to get messages It is easy to "ommuni"ate =ith friends +o /andline: so preferred a mobile Any other Gplease spe"ifyH [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[

MACRO ( ) Copyright $%%& ( MACRO This do"ument is proprietary ! "onfidential*


7hat ;a""essories< ha?e you bought =ith your mobile8 o o o o Only A Plasti" Co?er Only A 7aist Pou"h Only A Chord>String T=o of these items GPlease spe"ify =hi"h t=o items do you o=n# aH [[[[[[[[[[[[ items mentioned abo?e o o +one so far Any other [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ o o Yes +o bH [[[[[[[[[[[ H o All the -

@* 2o you ha?e a hands#free it8

Se"tion III
'%* At =hat AK, did you start using a mobile phone8 [[[[[[[[[ Years ''* Is your mobile Gor "ellH phone al=ays O+ Gi*e* at night alsoH8 o o o o o o Yes +o

'$* 7hen the "ell phone rings you ans=er # ;All< the "alls ;Only sele"ti?e "alls< Calling your friends Calling home =hene?er you are out o

'-* Kenerally: you use the mobile phone for #

Business>Offi"e#related =or '&* Do= mu"h of your usage is dire"ted to=ards Pfamily "allsQ only8 o o o o o o o o o One in e?ery $ "alls G.%NH One in e?ery - "alls GOne#third or --NH One in e?ery . "alls G$%NH One in e?ery '% "alls G'%NH At home In Publi" transport G"ar: ta5i: bus: ri" sha=: rail=ayH At a pla"e of =orship In Stores =hile shopping On the Bus#stand

'.* The most "ommon pla"es =here you use your mobile are #

MACRO ( ) Copyright $%%& ( MACRO This do"ument is proprietary ! "onfidential*


At =or Goffi"e > "ollege CAMPUSH

MACRO ( ) Copyright $%%& ( MACRO This do"ument is proprietary ! "onfidential*

'0* 7hile tal ing o?er the phone do you # o o o o o Stand at one pla"e and "omplete the "on?ersation Roam around 1ery pri?ate Some=hat pri?ate +ot pri?ate

'E* Do= ;pri?ate< do you "onsider the information stored in your mobile phone8

'4* Do= freCuently do you use your mobile phone for # 3un"tion aH Sending te5t messages bH "H Sending pi"ture messages 2o=nloading or for=arding ;ring tones< dH Playing Kames eH Ketting +e=s Updates GSports or otherH fH ST2 "alling Al=ays Often Sometimes Seldom>Rarely +e?er

gH /o"al "alls '@* 7hile you are tal ing o?er the mobile: does it bother you =hen others around you tal on their "ell phones too8 o o o o o o o +o: ne?er Seldom>Rarely Sometimes Often Yes: Al=ays +o: ne?er Seldom>Rarely

$%* Do= often do you pla"e your phone on PSI/,+TQ OR P1IBRAT,Q mode8

MACRO ( ) Copyright $%%& ( MACRO This do"ument is proprietary ! "onfidential*

o o o

Sometimes Often Yes: Al=ays

$'* 2o you use your mobile =hile dri?ing8 o o o o o o +O: +e?er Seldom>Rarely Sometimes Often Y,S: Al=ays I 2O+<T DA1, A 1,DIC/,

$$* Can you do =ithout a mobile for a day8 o o Yes +o

If +O: =hy not8 [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ Se"tion I1 $-* Are you a=are of the latest models Gor handsetsH a?ailable in the mobile mar et8 o o '* $* -* &* $&* A""ording to you: the best part of ha?ing a mobile is # o o o o It is ;stylish< It ma es your life easier i*e* it is ;"on?enient< You feel ;safer< Any other [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ Yes +o no= #

If Y,S: Bindly name atleast - models that you

$.* I =ill read out some statements for you* Bindly tell us TO 7DAT ,YT,+T you Agree or 2isagree to ea"h one of these statements* GTi" mar in the appropriate "olumnH

MACRO ( ) Copyright $%%& ( MACRO This do"ument is proprietary ! "onfidential*

Statements aH The mobile has be"ome a ;ne"essity< today* Statements Contd** bH The ;model< you buy tells ho= fashionable you are* "H /engthy "on?ersations on a mobile are ;o <* dH Phone numbers > Messages stored in mobile are ;pri?ate<* eH Using a mobile phone =hile dri?ing is ;o <* $0* 2o you thin o o Yes +o

Totally Agree

Some=hat Agree

+either Agree nor 2isagree

Some=hat 2isagree

Totally 2isagree

Totally Agree

Some=hat Agree

+either Agree nor 2isagree

Some=hat 2isagree

Totally 2isagree

there are any medi"al side effe"ts of using a mobile8

If Y,S: =hat "an be the possible side effe"ts8 [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ ,+2 GI3 R,SPO+2,+T DAS A MOBI/,H Instru"tion6 ASB TD, 3O//O7I+K O+/Y I3 D, > SD, IS +OT A MOBI/, US,R # $E* If you don<t ha?e a mobile phone: indly tell us =hy not8 o o o o o o o If Y,S # It is not allo=ed You don<t reCuire it It is "ostly You don<t =ant "onta"tability i*e* you do not =ant to be rea"hed all the time* Any other [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ Yes +o

$4* Are you planning to buy a mobile phone in near future8

MACRO ( ) Copyright $%%& ( MACRO This do"ument is proprietary ! "onfidential*

i*H 7hen8 o o o o ii*H 7hi"h 7ithin the ne5t month GAlready in pro"essH Sometime in the ne5t -#0 months May be =hen I start =or ing > earning May be =hen I start going to senior "ollege model are you planning to buy8

MACRO ( ) Copyright $%%& ( MACRO This do"ument is proprietary ! "onfidential*

Bibliography P'4 million "ell phones sold in India in $%%-Q: 3ebruary %@: $%%&: http6>>===*domain#


b*"om>industry>tele"om*htm PKartner6 Dandsets to pull in strong sales*Q By 2inesh Sharma: Mar"h '%:$%%&: =eb lin 6


http6>>ne=s*"om*"om>$'%%#'%[email protected]#.'E$'-E*html

PIndia adds '*0- million ne= "ell phone users in 3ebruaryQ: Mar"h 4 $%%&: =eb site6 tele"omasia*net
&: 4

PCell users in India =ill Mump to E% million by $%%E6 KartnerQ: ,"onomi" Times arti"le: May '&: $%%.


PSunrise or Sunset8Q 3ebruary %@: $%%-: Uday ChatterMee:


PCellular mar et may register @0N gro=th by $%%&#end6 Kartner P: TIM,S +,7S +,T7ORB Tuesday: 3ebruary 'E: $%%&
E: '& @: '%

PIndian youth at the =heel in dri?e for "ultural "hangeQ By Amrit 2hillion: The

Obser?er: +e= 2elhi: Tuesday: April $%: $%%&:Page @ The "ell phone party is Must startedQ The ,"onomi" Times online: May %$: $%%-:


=eb lin 6 http6>>e"onomi"times*indiatimes*"om>arti"lesho=>msid# &.%@4-0E:prtpage# '*"ms

'$: '-

PPre#paid tal s more: beefs up "ell "os ittyQ: ,"onomi" Times: 2e"ember $: $%%-

PIndiaLs mobile phone mar et surgesQ 7ednesday: %E#Apr#$%%&: Story from United Press International

[email protected] MACRO
MACRO ( ) Copyright $%%& ( MACRO This do"ument is proprietary ! "onfidential*

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