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Accounts: systematic record of financial transactions(esp business). 3 Types A/c: Golden Rules of these 3 A/c's -----------------------------------------1. Real A/c - Dr. what comes in Cr. what goes out Ex : Plant & Machinery, Land & Building, Cash, Bank etc... i. e tangible Transaction : 2. Personal A/c - Dr. the Receiver Cr. the Giver Ex: Name of a person, Bank A/c etc.. 3. Nominal A/c - Dr. all Expenses & Losses Cr. all Incomes & Gains Ex: Rent, Wages, Salary, etc.... -------------------------------------Sequence of A/c's creation 1.Transactions - to prove Vouchers, Receipts... et..... 2.Journal Entries. 3.Ledger A/c - Cash A/c, Salary A/c.. etc.... 4. Trial Balance 5. Trading A/c, P&L A/c , Balance Sheet as on ....... -------------------------------------1. Financial A/c 2. Management A/c 3. Cost A/c. ================================================ BRS - Bank Reconciliation Statement to reconcile the - Cash Balance as per Cash Book(personal/business) & Bank Bal ance as per Pass Book(Bank).

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