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ACLU Notified United States District Court of Massachusetts is DEFRAUDING AMERICA

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UPDATE; The last two Defense motions have revealed that any defense motions with custom tracking data are coming from the DOJ in DC and likely drafted by an AUSA Named Michael Warbel who represented the USA in the death penalty case 1:10-cr-02734-JCH-1 USA v. McCluskey et al in the New Mexico Federal Court! http://ff.im/1hbxXO http://ff.im/1hbEUaIs the US Congress ignoring complaints of corruption in the US Courts so they can later engage the corrupt public servants in these courts in carrying the governments' agenda that will further oppress the US population while bringing benefit to themselves and the Military Industrial Complex? Is the future of America going to be just general acceptance that we no longer have a legitimate justice system where the taxpayer supported Third Branch instead of ensuring justice and inalienable rights now assist the government in DEFRAUDING AMERICA? Are LAWYERS now America's accepted outlaws and our courts merely playgrounds for the corrupt to flaunt their impunity?Willful ignoring of rule driven process and multiple fraudulent orders and filings in case 1:13-cr-10200-GAO. The Special Administrative Measures (SAM) memorandum was never certified or even signed off with Holder's full signature and the Federal BOP locator has continually returned 0 results in a search for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. The criminal proceedings against Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in the the "Boston Bombing" matter are phony simulated criminal proceedings. The media continues to promote the tax day lie where the United States of America first terrorized its own population and through the collusion of ALL THREE federal branches, the Massachusetts State government and a slew of private sector criminals, including the legal and medical communities, the Defrauding of America continues.



Subject: Simulated criminal proceedings Dzhokhar Tsarnaev From: Laura J. McGarry ([email protected]) To: [email protected]; Date: Monday, April 7, 2014 10:14 AM

To: Carol Rose, Executive Director ACLU of Massachusetts, 211 Congress Street, Suite 301, Boston, MA 02110 Tel: (617) 482-3170 ext. 313 E-mail: [email protected] April, 7 2014

Dear Carol, Please file a Writ with the First Circuit demanding public release of all the Notices of Electronic Filing (NEF) associated with the criminal case against Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. These proceedings are a sham. I will refer you to my Friend Feed site where under the name Justice Seeker I have documented the supporting evidence to this allegation where the court record itself is the evidence. Examples of what you will find on that site follow. I will be making this email to you a public document! Rule driven process is being willfully ignored to defraud the public. http://www.mad.uscourts.gov/attorneys/pdf/Attorney_Guide.pdf http://www.mad.uscourts.gov/general/pdf/LC/LOCALRULEScombined. pdf http://www.mad.uscourts.gov/caseinfo/pdf/ECFadminProc.pdf http://friendfeed.com/fraud-upon-the-court

There are links to hit within links that will take to more PACER uploaded court documents and graphics. If you view with Internet Explorer you can enlarge the graphics and right click the PDF's without downloading unless you choose to do so. The USA was not even legitimately on the record until one AUSA from the DOJ filed a Notice of Appearance 16 days after the Complaint was filed. The JS45 form is not a Notice of Appearance and actually dictates assignment of the appropriate Judicial Officer which in this case would have been an US District Judge from the start who would have made specific references to a Magistrate Judge in regards to matters before the court. Instead the very same Magistrate Judge, who signed for the search warrant as the duty officer on Sunday April, 21, 2013 took the case on April 22, 2013. It appears there was never a random draw for a judicial officer when the case was officially entered into the Electronic Filing System during normal business hours on Monday April 22, 2013. The post indictment JS45 still names Bowler as the Judge. The bogus order to withdraw the Magistrate reference entered by deputy Clerk Lyness never happened and the referral remains active in the case record. The indictment had a fraudulent continuance. The Electronic Order claimed the ordering Judge to be US District Judge Tauro but the order was entered by Bowler's clerk and then sealed. This became visible to the public when the bogus order in dkt #90 opened a few sealed docket numbers. The arrest warrant even though filed 4/22/2013 has the stamp of the US District Court Criminal Case even though O'Toole was not assigned until (fraudulently assigned) until 6/27/2013. There is no legitimate assignment of Defense Counsel. The orders for, both, Clarke and Bruck are bogus. Motions claiming that the undersigned is Clarke and Bruck are coming from court computers and

so are some filings that are undersigned with Conrad, Fick and Watkins. There is no legitimate CJA assignment of the Federal Public Defenders. Only rarely do judicial orders make to the all recent orders docket of the court which is a MASTER DOCKET where all orders by all sitting judges are entered in chronological order. I have all the master dockets of the court and have been downloading them daily since 4/29/2013 when I noted Bowler's Memorandum of the Judy Clarke appointment was bogus. Of late, orders make it to the all recent orders docket but somewhere along the line they manage to stray from process that renders the order as not a true order of the court. You will note only four orders regarding this case at the GPO web site and two of those orders are fraudulent. At this point the case docket reflects 53 missing docket numbers, bogus dkt. #100, because it never made it to the written opinions docket, is not being followed where decisions allowing the sealed motion request are kept from the public even though they are not labeled as sealed orders. Multiple motions submitted as sealed have the /s/ signature and not a hand signature so when the clerk scans them into the ECF system they become filings with no legitimate electronic signature. Status conference clerk notes are making it only to the criminal case dockets and are not recorded on the ALL RECENT ORDERS docket. The friend of court filing by your organization was denied by a Docket Clerk who has no authority to write Electronic Orders. Magistrate Judge Bowler who took assignment of this case from its initiation had no authority to appoint Judy Clarke, WHO WOULD HAVE TO APPEAR PRO HAC VICE, per the US Courts Vol 7 Defender Services. No wonder dkt. 15 never made it to the Court's ALL RECENT ORDERS DOCKET and the Electronic Pro Hac Vice ORDER had no Dkt. #.

Further, the Motion supposedly by Conrad requesting pro hac vice for both Bruck and Clarke are entered into the ECF System by clerks rendering her filings invalid as the electronic signature is valid only when the undersigned matches the registered user's log-in and password. No pro hac vice fees have been paid which are mandatory and NOT ONE defense attorney has made the mandatory NOTICE OF APPEARANCE in this action. "Shall" is mandatory. Motions are coming from the court computers undersigned by Conrad and Watkins yet they say Judy Clarke in the properties and there is tracking data under the custom selection where an extensive search of Public Defender Filings and Filings from the AUSA at the DOJ DO NOT SHOW tracking data under the custom selection in PDF's they have filed into the ECF System. It appears the notice of intent to seek the death penalty also came from a court computer. I know this corrupt court and I have every ORDER rendered supposedly by Judge O'Toole since 2011, and I can prove my allegations based on the properties of the PDF's and bogus docket entries. This is a massive fraud upon the people and egregious abuse of the court system as well as the rights to which Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is entitled. The other three boys will also suffer because of this fraud. This needs to end; thank you in advance for your prompt action regarding this matter. Yours truly, Laura J. McGarry

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