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ADP Payroll Processing

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Calculation of gross salaries and deductible amounts is a tedious task which involves risk. Some of the organizations use the traditional manual method of payroll processing and some go for the advanced payroll processing software. An organization opts for any of the following payroll processing methods available:: Manual System Manual payroll system is the traditional payroll system which involves pen and ink, adding machine, spreadsheet, etc instead of computers, software and other computerized aids. The process was very popular when there were no computerized means for payroll processing. Now-a-days it is only few small scale organizations in the remote areas that use the manual payroll. Sometimes the construction industry and manufacturing industry also use the manual payroll systems for the contractual labour, as theses contracts are on daily/weekly basis. There is full control in the hands of owner. But the process is tedious, time consuming and risky as it is more prone to errors.

Figure: Various Payroll Processes Accountant Accountant is a professional having a degree/diploma course in finance/accountancy. He/she is responsible for all payroll accounting. He/she has the sound knowledge of accounting principles and globally The process adds costs to the organization. It involves paying someone who is responsible for calculating the financial control regarding salary goes in the hand Payroll In today’s computerized environment, payroll by the payroll process. It helps in calculating lesser time. Automated calculations It needs professionals to

the activities related to accepted standards. salaries of others. The of accountant.

Software system has also developed itself into automated software that performs every action needed the payable amounts and deductions very easily. It also helps in generating the pay slips in result in no errors. Data is validated automatically by the software. make use of the software for its efficient working.

Payroll Outsourcing Payroll outsourcing involves a third party (an outsourcing company) in the calculations of salaries and deductions. The outsourcing organization is responsible for all the activities of the payroll accounting. It saves time and cost for the organization. If there is more number of employees (say more than 900-1000) in the organization, payroll outsourcing would be very much beneficial. The data is provided to the consultants/outsourcing firms. The various payroll functions undertaken by the outsourcing organi zations are as follows:

Analysis of Payroll records, payroll taxes

Medical claim processing

Employee Insurance & Provident fund processing

Quality Audit procedures & planning

A Fortune 500 Company

• Ranked #297 on the Fortune 500 list • Nearly $9 billion in revenues, across over 50 countries • Clients include over 80% of Fortune 500, and over 90% of Fortune 100 • One of the few US companies to be rated 'Triple A' by both S&P and Moody's • Ranked #2 in Fortune's 'Worlds Most Admired Companies' (Financial Data Services Category) • Infoworld 100 Award for companies that have developed innovative IT projects • Ranked in Infoweek 500 list for most prestigious business technology • Ranked # 12 in the 'Training Top 125' list, USA • Named in the 'Companies that Care' Honor Roll, USA • Ranked in the Leaders Category of Global Outsourcing 100 (IAOP-2007, 2008, 2009)
ADP India, is the fully owned subsidiary of ADP INC., and is engaged in providing IT and ITES service to ADP business divisions worldwide. Established in 1999, with offices in Hyderabad and Pune, ADP India provides the opportunity of working on multiple processes, domains and technologies to over 6000 associates. In the space of IT, the India operation provides complete range of software development and technical support services. On the BPO space, the India operation provides Solution center services that involve back office operations covering both voice and non-voice processes. The operations can be classified into two areas: Software Development We work with onsite business unit teams to build and support various products of ADP. Our work spans the entire software value-chain, from strategic Business Process Re-engineering and Enterprise Application Integration to Operational Product support and Maintenance. The products use and deploy technologies that include: • • • • • Web technologies Client Server Technologies Mainframe Technologies Communication Technologies Enterprise Technologies

Working closely with ADP business divisions around the world, we use a global services delivery model that combines on-site and remote expertise to accelerate the development of mission critical solutions. Solution Center Services: We focus on ownership, administration and management of business processes based on measurable performance metrics, effectively leveraging our in-depth business domain understanding and strong computing infrastructure. Our services cover diverse domains such as payroll processing, benefits administration, tax & financial services and pre-employment services. ADP India has also received the ISO 27001 certification. The service delivery can be broadly classified as: - Non-voice Processes : Transaction Processing, Analytics, Data Conversion, Implementation Support etc. -Voice Processes: Participant customer calls and client technical support, Tier 1 & 2 services ADP INC: Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADP), with nearly $10 billion in revenues and over 585,000 clients, is one of the world's largest providers of business outsourcing solutions. Leveraging nearly 60 years of experience, ADP offers the widest range of HR, payroll,

tax and benefits administration solutions from a single source. ADP's easy-to-use solutions for employers provide superior value to organizations of all types and sizes. ADP is also a leading provider of integrated computing solutions to auto, truck, motorcycle, marine and recreational vehicle dealers throughout the world. ADP has been ranked No. 2 on FORTUNE World's Most Admired Companies in the Financial Data Services industry category and has a strong leadership position in every core business segment it operates in. ADP is the only IT services company and one of only a handful of U.S industrial companies to be triple A-rated by Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s. Job Description:

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BA / B Sc / B Com / BHM / BCS / BCA / BBA / M Com / MA Graduates Freshers (2010-2011 batch only) Preferably 1 - 4 Years of total work experience in Payroll (UK / US / Singapore /Canada / Australia / Netherlands / India) domain only Excellent communication skill Extremely service oriented with willingness to learn new things Good knowledge of MS Office Open for Night Shifts

ADP Payroll Services
ADP provides flexible payroll services that improve payroll management for employers of small,medium, or large businesses. ADP payroll solutions streamline your payroll process, improve productivity and simplify administration. We manage the time-consuming tasks of online payroll processing and employee payroll tax filing so you can focus on running your business. ADP's payroll solutions ensure that your online payroll needs are met on time, every time. Payroll Processing Choices to Fit Your Unique Business ADP offers a comprehensive set of online payroll-related services. You can choose to purchase payroll services a-la-carte according to your needs or you can take advantage of the synergies of working with a single-source provider for all of your human resource management, online payroll services and employee benefits needs. Small business owners now have the flexibility of managing payroll on the go with ADP Mobile Payroll Application. Multiple Payroll Input Options At ADP we know that no one solution is right for everyone. This is why we provide you with a range of payroll input options. Whether you prefer to call in your payroll to our specialists, enter the data online with an internet-based solution or use a standalone personal computer, you can be confident that your data is safe and secure. A Variety of Payroll Payment Options ADP offers a variety of employee payroll payment solutions. When you use ADP for payroll processing, you can receive professionally printed checks, or choose one of our employee payment solutions. The employee payment solutions provide cost-savings, security and the comfort of knowing your employees have a payroll payment choice that is best suited to them. These online payroll payment services can be purchased a-la-cart, or bundled together to fit your unique business needs. With the easy integration of our payroll solutions, you can maximize your time and money savings. Payroll Processing & Preparation
Understanding customers' payroll needs and delivering what they require is quite simply our forte. Providing value addition continuously is what we do better. MINFO provides cost effective & efficient solutions on processing of payroll. The whole process is designed to eliminate all regulatory & compliance hassles that an organization faces. MINFO's focus is to provide exclusive service & innovative solutions in both off-site & online (Webenabled) payroll processing. The payroll is run on customize software, which is capable of processing huge amounts of data in real time, thus ensuring faster turnaround time and efficiency. MINFO provides an end-to-end payroll processing solution starting from the generation of pay slips to the filing of IT returns.

8 Reasons to Outsource Payroll Projects
1. Minimize Risk Doing payroll on your own is tiresome and hazardous. You'll quickly discover that there are many confusing things to track, including forms to locate, tax tables to update, reports to submit, and payments to make. You'll enter a jungle of unknown deadlines, unforgiving rules, and agencies that won't help you. And when you make a mistake, you'll probably get a tax penalty. Leverage your time Do what you do best with your scarce time and energy and outsource the rest; your business will benefit. Small business advisers agree: struggling with payroll taxes is a distraction that takes your energy away from more useful activities. Create and grow your business. Pass the payroll headaches on to someone else. High Value Outsourced payroll is a bargain. Why spend hours doing payroll by yourself when you can get help doing it in five minutes at a very



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low price? With the time you save and the accuracy you gain, MINFO is a bargain for any small business. As a general rule, payroll services are a good investment compared to doing payroll by yourself. Avoid Penalties Nearly half of all small businesses paid IRS penalties last year. The average penalty was more than $500. That money could have gone towards outsourcing payroll, and is more than the annual cost of MINFO's service. Direct Deposit Your employees will love direct deposit. It's a low cost way to provide an extra employee benefit that is very much appreciated. No more trips to the bank! A half-hour saved every payday! At MINFO, direct deposit is free. Eliminate Software Hassles You skip the hassle of software updates. Leave the updates to the payroll services. MINFO is always up to date with the latest tax rates from around the nation. Tap the Experts You add payroll experts to your team. Any payroll service will be aware of the most important rules and problem areas. MINFO's payroll experts know more about payroll than most accountants. Reliability You'll never again worry about losing the employee that does payroll. With with an easy system like MINFO, anybody can do payroll.

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