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CASE STUDY: McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada Limited

The Customer
Tom & Mike Cappelli are the owners of 10 McDonald’s Restaurants in Montreal, employing more than 450 full-time, part-time and seasonal workers. McDonald's Restaurants of Canada Limited and its Canadian Owner/Operators manage more than 1,360 restaurants and employ more than 77,000 Canadians from coast-to-coast.

The Challenge
How do you efficiently and cost-effectively pay hundreds of employees across multiple locations, while still finding the time to grow and manage your business? “When your business is small but growing, you have so many hats on you often can’t afford to spend a significant amount of time on your company’s administrative services,” said McDonald’s Restaurant owner Tom Cappelli. “We got to the point where the decision to enlist ADP for payroll services was an easy one to make.”

The Solution: PaySpecialist®
Through the recommendation of an ADP representative, Tom selected ADP’s automated system PaySpecialist, a Windows-based client server application that offers on-site control with the benefits of outsourcing. “ADP’s PaySpecialist gives us access to the latest technology, combined with solid technical support and client service. I can focus on running my business with zero payroll-related worries or concerns, especially when we run into situations involving complex tax issues and changes in legislation.” A long-term ADP client, Tom Cappelli was pleased to learn of ADP’s new preferred pricing agreement for McDonald’s restaurant owners. “As a result of ADP’s preferred pricing, I have re-invested the cost savings in ADP’s HR management services – which integrates HR and payroll tasks such as data entry and reporting – saving our office administrator more than 30 hours a month.” “ADP’s integrated HR and payroll services permit us to maintain a centralized approach to payroll, yet allows the information to be available to our restaurant managers in a decentralized system.” “ADP is the leader in payroll best practices and we benefit from their knowledge and expertise. If you take the time to ask the questions, ADP has the internal experts who can help you with any type of situation - the amount of time and effort you save by utilizing ADP as a resource quickly becomes obvious.”

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