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ADP Super Leaflet

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AD-P Super

AD-P Super

The new dimension in professional sowing combinations
More output – more profitability:
• through acreage outputs of more than 3 ha/hour with a working width of 3 m • through an enlarged seed hopper capacity • new metering unit for high outputs but with precision • unrestricted suitability following the plough or mulch sowing • compact design – minimal lifting power requirement • reduced preliminary work necessary thanks to a coulter pressure of up to 50 kg on the RoTeC+ coulter

Introduction Matched components: Rotary cultivator, wedge ring roller and metering Coulters, following harrows and electronics Technical data Page 2/3

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AD-P Super

4 m output – with a 3 m working width!

Seed bed preparation – consolidation – sowing
The AD-P Super pneumatic pack top combination in working widths of 3 m and 4 m is particularly suited to farm sizes of 200 to 500 hectares. The high acreage outputs are achieved thanks to the flexibility of the combination for both mulch sowing and following the plough but yet at much higher operating speeds. With the 3 m AD-P Super capacities that are usually found in a 4 m combination are achieved. The new RoTeC+ coulter with coulter pressures of up to 50 kg enables high speed sowing at up to 15 km/h even on minimally worked soils and yet with a constantly high sowing quality. Less previous operational passes, ability to work in less than suitable soil conditions and higher forward speeds mean more hectares during the season.

The filling times are reduced thanks to the large seed hopper.

Higher efficiency pays off! Less capital expenditure and less variable costs for cultivation increases profitability.


Optimally matched components: Compact with rotary cultivator and wedge ring roller
Compact design Modular assembly system
Due to its compact design with favourable centre of gravity the superbly strong AD-P Super sowing combination requires a comparatively low lifting power with the components close coupled to the tractor. Less tractor rear wheel load reduces the depth of any wheel marks.

Rotary cultivator with Quick + Safe System
The rotary cultivator’s tine quick changing system (Quick System) and the “on-grip” tines offer the following advantages: Maintaining a constant working depth and even straw incorporation, even on stony soils because the tines are safeguarded thanks to the integrated stone safety device (Safe System). The large clearance above the rotors prevents blocking even with heavily worn tines. Even undulating soils or copious amounts of straw do not result in bulldozing of soil. Round rotor heads made from special steel prevent stones from being trapped. As an alternative, the combination can also be equipped with a KE rotary harrow.

Superb wedge ring roller
The 580 mm diameter wedge ring roller provides the re-consolidation of the seedbed in strips and this results in decisive plant production advantages. In dry conditions the seedling is provided with capillary water whereas in wet conditions the roots can freely develop in the loose soil. The wedge rings are manufactured in rubber which is imperative for stony soils, as – in the long run - all other materials will deform and wear. As an alternative, a 600 mm diameter tooth packer roller is available for re-consolidating the whole working width. The weight of the seed drill is carried directly on the roller allowing unhindered floatation of the rotary cultivator over stones.


AD-P Super
Matched components

Thoroughly thought through in every detail

Strong frame
The clean, simple frame concept of the AD-P Super with its integrated roller and coulter fixing frame not only helps to save weight but also increases the robustness.

Large hopper
The capacity of the basic, 1500-litre hopper can be increased to 2000 l by adding an extension. Large amounts of leftover seed can easily be removed using the quick emptying flap.

Precise metering
The metering rollers with their new distribution system can easily be exchanged allowing the precise metering of all seeds and seed rates with excellent distribution along the row even at high operational speeds.

As well as the standard mechanic drive via a star wheel and Vario gearbox a fully electrically driven metering system is available as option. In conjunction with the AMATRON+ on-board computer calibration is then fully automated.


The coulters and following harrows make the difference!
Review: profi magazine 4/2002 “... the possibly best single disc coulter ...” RoTeC coulter
As standard the RoTeC coulter is equipped with a depth limiter and cleaning disc to allow tool-less adjustment of the sowing depth. Even in large amounts of straw and crop residue they will not block up. The elastic polyurethane disc prevents the soil from sticking to the sowing disc, helps to form the seed furrow and precisely controls the pre-set sowing depth. The high coulter pressure (35 kg) holding the disc down against the polyurethane disc results in a smooth, even coulter run and accurate seed placement. The optional shallow sowing limiter disc enables the very shallow sowing of, for instance, grass seed in to sandy soils. As option a following press roller for reconsolidation after sowing is available.

RoTeC+ coulter
The new RoTeC+ coulter comes as standard with 50 kg of coulter pressure and with the 400 mm diameter discs made from boron steel that results in very little wear. The proven principle of sowing depth control on the coulter via the adjustable combined depth limiter and cleaning disc is, of course, also a standard feature of RoTeC+.

Press rollers for the RoTeC coulter
The newly developed press roller for the AMAZONE RoTeC coulter precisely follows the seed furrow and presses the seed on to the bottom of the furrow.


Exact harrow
The new exact harrow IIIS with 15 mm tines in conjunction with the RoTeC+ coulter offers little wear and provides a good seed coverage even in the toughest of operational conditions. Review: profi magazine 7/2005 “Very good operation of the exact harrow …”

WS (Suffolk) coulter
The WS (Suffolk) coulter is superbly suited for sowing following the plough or where little straw prevails, for instance, after rape or beet. The coulter tip material (hard cast alloy) has an extraordinarily long service life. For large farms with aggressive soils a quick tine tip change is possible by slackening just one bolt.


AD-P Super
Coulters, harrows, electronics

Electronics aid precision!

Well thought out, universal usage and easy to operate.
Both AMALOG+ and AMATRON+ on-board computers control the tramline and pre-emergence marker functions with sensors monitoring tramline creation and making re-programming to another tramline rhythm very simple. The working status of bout markers and tramline rhythm, area sown and fill level are displayed. In addition, the AMATRON+ allows in-cab adjustment of the seed rate in random increments and the creation of intermittent tramlines on slopes. In this case grain is alternately sown and not sown within the tramline, so that, although the tramline is still visible, water erosion down the tramline is prevented by the sown areas. With the aid of the integrated serial interface the AMATRON+ in combination with a GPS terminal can be also used for part area site-specific sowing. The electric drive is also controlled by the AMATRON+. Additional advantage: AMATRON+ is an overlapping non-machine specific operator terminal being also useable with AMAZONE fertiliser spreaders and AMAZONE crop protection sprayers.

Practical report with the AD-P Super by Herrn Täger-Farny
“On our farm the AD-P 303 Super has replaced a 4 m combination, where, due to the larger seed hopper capacity and a higher forward speed thanks to the new sowing discs, the daily output is by no means inferior. The permanent loading on and off the transport wagon is no longer necessary and so the flexibility has also been very much increased. A big additional advantage is, that with a working width of 3 m, due to the front packer and appropriate tractor tyres the operational quality and depth guidance of the soil tillage implement is also improved. This has been obvious by the superb and even field emergence in spite of heavily varying soil conditions. With 150 HP in front of the AD-P 303 Super we were able to achieve good acreage outputs of up to 20 ha per day.”

Täger-Farny, Volkmarsdorf, 30.05.2005


AD-P Super
Technical data

Technical data
AD-P Super
AD-P 303 Super Working width Number of rows Row spacing Hopper capacity without extension Hopper capacity with extension Height up to upper hopper edge Height up to upper edge distributor head Weight WS coulter with KW 580 mm¹ Weight RoTeC coulter with KW 580 mm¹ Weight RoTeC+ coulter with KW 580 mm¹
soil tillage implement
Illustration, description and technical data are not binding!

AD-P 403 Super 4,00 m 32 12,5 cm 1500 l 2000 l 2,03 m 2,67 m 1820 kg 1920 kg 2050 kg

3,00 m 24 12,5 cm 1500 l 2000 l 2,03 m 2,67 m 1560 kg 1650 kg 1850 kg

¹ weight of base machine with roller, coulter set, blower fan, exact harrow, track marker and on- on-board computer but without

Hydraulic coulter lift
For solo operation the coulters can be hydraulically raised so the system can be quickly adapted to the prevailing conditions. In areas of poor straw incorporation preliminary work is possible just in part areas or areas on the headland or where compacted can be specifically pre-loosened.

Hydraulic harrow lift
To maintain the transport width of less than 3 m For transporting the AD-P 403 Super on longitudinal transport trailers the harrow can be folded upwards via the optionally available hydraulic harrow lift.

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