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All Guardianships in Pennsylvania Are Unconstitutional

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All Guardianships in Pennsylvania are Unconstitutional following The Pennsylvania Constitution of 1968 By Anthony J. Fejfar, B.A., J.D., Esq., Coif  ©Copyright 2010 by Anthony J. Fejfar  Currently, the Pennsylvania Statutes purport to provide for the existence of  Guardianships, including, Adult Guardianships. It is clear, however, that the the Pennsylvania Guardianship statute is is Unconstitutional, under Section 1 of the Pennsylvania Constitution. Constitution. Section 1 of the Pennsylvania Constitution provides provides as follows: All men are born equally free and independent, and have certain inherent and indefeasible rights, among those of enjoying and defending life life and liberty, of acquiring, possessing and protecting property and reputation, and of pursuing their own happiness. Given the foregoing, it is absolutely clear that ev ery person, including the allegedly mentally ill, have inherent and indefeasible rights to Liberty, Ownership of  Property, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Therefore, any purported purported financial guardianship

of a mentally ill person, is absolutely illegal, null and void. Each mentally ill person person has an inherent, individual Natural Right under Natural Law of Property and Liberty which is irrevocable, and thus cannot be taken away by anyone, not even a fascist Common Pleas judge. judge.

Moreover, any purported guardianship of a person person is also null and void.

Once again, every person, including any mentally ill person, has an inherent, individual  Natural Right under Natural Law to to Liberty and the Pursuit Pursuit of Happiness. Therefore, it

is absolutely illegal for a personal guardian to be appoint who makes personal decisions for the alleged ward. The alleged, mentally ill person cannot be divested of his or her  Constitutional Rights of Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness by some order of a fascist Common Pleas judge. Finally, all evidence relating to the alleged mental health of the  proposed ward is absolutely inadmissible. Every single psychiatric label is based upon  Nazi categories from Nazi Germany, and, are irrational and illegal. All of the major   psychiatric labels are not supported by reasonable scientific evidence, and all violate each  person’s Liberty right of Individual Religious Liberty. Finally, following the Pennsylvania Rules of Evidence, all purported psychiatric testimony must be struck as hearsay and non-relevant. Moreover, following the Pennsylvania Rule of Evidence, it is impossible to qualify a psychiatrist as an Expert Witness, since the practice psychiatry is no based upon reasonable scientific certainty.

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