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PROFESSIONAL OBJECTIVE: To obtain a position - with preferential orientation to a continuing career in the field of BUSINESS ANALYSIS - where my expertise, skil ls and professional experience would be considered as assets contributing to the endeavors and goals of the company.

SUMMARY OF PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS 1 Accomplished and multifaceted SENIOR LEVEL BUSINESS ANALYST, having more than 10 years of prolific service in 7 companies of different circumstances and diver ging needs, and - in the process - acquiring expertise in the following fields: DIVISION MANAGEMENT CLIENT CORRESPONDENCES TAX REPORTS & STATEMENTS STAFF DEVELOPMENT & TRAINING STANDARDS COMPLIANCE PORTFOLIOS & REPORTS FEDERAL & STATE TAXATION RISK ASSESSMENT ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANCE 1 Especially adept in implementing and observing all protocols, processes, pract ices and procedures relative to effective discharge of a BUSINESS ANALYST'S duti es and functions. 2 More than proficient in observing operational processes resulting to the achie vement of company's goals. 3 Possesses strong communication skills to my professional disposal; able to wor k under limited supervision and thus produce quality results even under pressure . 4 Observes sound work ethic marked by strict adherence to effective TIME MANAGEM ENT, as well as rigorous observance of ACCURACY OF DELIVERABLES, INDUSTRY and HA RD WORK.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Mellon Bank of New York, Everett, MA July 2008 - Present SENIOR ANALYST 1 Currently exercises considerable latitude in judgment on matters pertinent to: 2 Providing adequate supervision to staff relative to evaluation, processing, v aluation and issues-resolution of clienteles' financial statements. 3 Establishing daily correspondences with clients in respect to all activities a nd requests. 4 Understanding operations of functional groups that support CARS and BNY Mellon

Performance and Analytical Solution, as well as training staff for and in view of the same purpose thereof. 5 Generating cash-balances, reports, and full-investment analyses to minimize ri sks. 6 Ensuring compliance with both Mellon internal policies and external finance st andards. 7 Additionally tasked to coordinate efforts of various ICARS on matters relative to project completion, client relationships, as well as new investments. 8 Provided support to clients in view of reducing risks associated with their li ne of business. 9 Provided assistance to clients on all accounting needs; trained junior staff f or and in view of the same.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE, CONTINUED JP Morgan Chase Worldwide Securities Service, Boston, MA August 20 07 - July 2008 SENIOR TAX ASSOCIATE 1 Primarily responsible for timely preparation of all tax-related statements, e. g., tax adjustment analyses, applicable tax to investments/expenses reports, sec urities transactions, among others. 2 Provided assistance in documentation of existing and new tax policies and proc edures. 3 Coordinated with other departments all pertinent information to ensure smooth company transactions, if not streamline daily operations. Investors Bank and Trust Company, Boston, MA August 2005 - August 2007 SENIOR TAX ANALYST 1 Chiefly responsible for timely preparation of financial documents, which inclu de but not limited to fiscal year-end tax adjustments, excise distribution calcu lations, as well as Federal and State tax filings. 2 Acted as subject-matter specialist in providing assistance to preparation of y ear-end shareholder funds with complex technicalities. 3 Additionally tasked to train staff on procedures used in handling and preparin g all tax-related documents. State Street Corporation, North Quincy, MA November 2002 - August 2005 PORTFOLIO ADMINISTRATOR 4 Calculated income tax and Net Asset Value, booked and evaluated trades, reconc iled daily transactions, prepared proofs of income, and verified capital stock t rade data through Bloomberg. 5 Provided daily management of accounting and pricing of multiple funds, as well as transaction processes. 6 Performed duties of Customer Representative and assisted Account Manager as an d when needed. OTHER NOTABLE PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Kowal Associates, Boston, MA CUSTOMER SERVICE ANALYST University of Massachusetts, Lowell, MA ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT Saztec International, Billerica, MA DOCUMENTATION QUALITY ASSURANCE 2002 1998 - 2002 1999 - 2001

EDUCATION 1 Bachelor of Science in Business Administration University of Massachusetts, Lowell, MA TECHNICAL SKILLS 1 Proficient in the use of MS Office, i.e., Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Access, as well as HTML and Bloomberg. NOTA BENE 1 References to be made available upon request.

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