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MANAGEMENT DECISION PROBLEM (MDP) Is there enough demand to launch a home-services based solution model?


Components of Research Problem/ Information Required

Research Methodology (Research Designs to used, Techniques to be used for Data Collection, analysis)


To determine consumer profile (demographic, psychographic) of potential target segment

Which SEC categories do the target consumers belong to?

Secondary Research, Depth Interview, ANOVA

H1: Target consumers in higher SEC categories are more likely to try the new model

Among each SEC category, what are the major segments based on factors such as types of dwellings (own homes/ apartment complex), transferability of jobs, etc.?

Depth Interviews, Surveys, Cluster Analysis

H2: People living in apartment complexes have readier access to such services than those living in standalone homes

To assess the relative Which of the importance of different service domains service domains and (electricians, their attributes

plumbers, carpenters, etc) are more commonly used?

H3: People who get transferred frequently are more likely to try such services in new locations Depth Interviews, Surveys, Discriminant Analysis

H4: Depending on the relative importance of different 'service domains' to the TG consumer, offering shall comprise of one/more domains in its core service


What are the attributes (hard/core, soft/non-core) that consumers look for in these services?

Depth Interviews, Surveys, Factor Analysis

What is the relative order of importance of these ‘service attributes’?

Surveys, Factor Analysis

H5: The more important attributes can be grouped to form core services while the less important ones can form the set of extended services

To gauge consumer perception and satisfaction level of current alternatives to accessing such services

How do the existing services measure up in comparison to the ideal set of attributes that the consumer desires in such services?

Depth Interviews, Surveys, ANOVA

H6: Consumer dissatisfaction with existing services can induce the trial of the new model

To determine the purchase intention for the new service model

What are the barriers to the use of the new service model and how strong are they?

Depth Interviews, Surveys, ANOVA

H7: Presence of large number of barriers would be a deterrent to the new business

What are the potential triggers that could induce a trial of the new service model?

Depth Interviews, Surveys, ANOVA

What is the strength of the need to switch to the new service

Surveys, ANOVA


H8: Presence of a few strong barriers could be a deterrent to new business H9: Presence of a large number of triggers could induce a trial H10: Presence of a few strong triggers could induce a trial H11: Strong needs for a switch may provide a scope to Page 2


model? To assess the effective promotion methods for the new service model to reach the target audience

How do the consumers get to know of the different avenues of the existing services?

charge premium Depth interviews, Surveys

What are preferred methods of consumers of coming to know of such services?

DEPTH INTERVIEW Sample Size: This needs to be between 15 to 20. Once the depth interview has been done, laddering technique can be used to come up attributes and questions that can be used in the questionnaire design (survey).

SURVEY Sample Size: should typically be in the range 1000-2500. However this is a budget based decision and has to be decided consequently. But in any case for a good survey result, this number should not go below 500.


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