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AP Physics Class Rules

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Mr. Borchelt’s AP Physics B Course Rules Textbooks/Materials Physics Principles with Applications 6th edition by Douglas C. Giancoli, Pearson/Prentice Hall ISBN # 0-13-184661-2 Access code for Masteringphysics.com website must be purchased by students. Homework  Students will be given a packet consisting of a study guide sheet and AP physics test questions at the beginning of each unit (usually multiple chapters).  Homework problems from the textbook will be assigned every night for review in class. Homework problems will also be assigned from the MasteringPhysics.com website. These will be completed and submitted online.  The completed packet must be submitted in class on the day of the unit test.  Homework presentation: students will be required to put their solutions to homework problems on the board for review. Students will be called up on a rotating basis. If you cannot produce a solution 5 points will be deducted from your total for each occurrence.  Homework should be done in a notebook or binder such that completed solutions can be readily accessed for presentation and review. MasteringPhysics.com problems will in general not be reviewed during class.  Mr. Borchelt strongly recommends keeping the unit packets in a 3-ring binder for use during AP physics exam review at the end of the course.  All homework assignments are due in class or be submitted online by the date assigned.  Assignments turned in later in the day it is due (after class has ended) will receive a 20% penalty. If it is turned in 1 day late it will receive a 50% penalty. Homework will not be accepted more than 1 day late. MasteringPhysics.com problems are not accepted by the website past the due date. Tests  There will be one homework quiz during each unit. This will not be announced in advance. There will be one comprehensive exam at the end of each unit consisting of AP physics free response and multiple choice questions. Students may use only their calculator and AP Physics Equations/Table of Information sheets during quizzes and exams. Students are allowed to store pertinent programs on calculators. The equations/information sheet must have no additional writing on it. Each student will be given a copy of the sheets at the beginning of the year and may download additional copies from Mr. Borchelt’s faculty webpage at www.stjohnshigh.org  Calculators may not be shared during quizzes/tests. Mr. Borchelt does not loan calculators unless your calculator malfunctions. Grading policies  The study guide/problems packet will be graded for completion only, not correctness. Problems should show full process for solutions and provide explanations where required.  Textbook problems assigned for homework will not receive a grade. Students are responsible for having completed solutions in class every day for presentation and review. Masteringphysics.com homework is graded for correctness and is part of the student’s total grade.  You are to do your own work. You may discuss problems and their solutions with your classmates in order to help you gain understanding. However, if two homework problems, or groups of problems, are deemed to be exact duplicates or extremely similar in presentation and content, both 1

will receive a zero grade. Collaboration does not allow you to copy work. This policy also includes material that may have been copied from an Internet website.  Unit tests will be scaled to an 86% median grade. Extra Help  Mr. Borchelt will be available during homeroom in Ryken 600 starting at 8:00 AM and after school every day in 601 for extra help. Mr B usually leaves by 2:45 PM if no students are present. No appointments are necessary. Mr. B’s webpage  Adobe pdf files of the lecture presentations and most homework worksheets in each unit are available for your usage on Mr. B’s St. John’s faculty webpage. Classroom Conduct  If you are late to class (Mr. B determines lateness) you must bring a late entry note from the teacher you were just with or from the location where you were (Dean of Students office, Guidance, Campus Ministry, etc). If you do not have a note you will be asked to go get one or receive 1 detention. You must be in class on time, not just your books. Leaving your books in class, going to the bathroom or locker and arriving late is not permitted.  You will not be permitted to leave class for any reason (bathroom, water, locker) once class is in session. If you arrive early you should be the judge, not Mr. B, as to whether you can leave and return to class in time without being late. If you need to leave the classroom to get any courserelated materials you may do so and receive 1 detention. Absence Procedures  It is YOUR responsibility to check with Mr. B on the day you return from an absence to turn in homework, talk with him about a make-up test or lab experiment, get missed assignments etc. You may do that before class starts, immediately after it is over or after school on the day your return from your absence.  Tests, homework or labs missed as a result of absences that are not made up within a few days of the absence will automatically be given a zero grade. Mr. B will not remind you or chase you to complete them. Grades  A total point system will be used to determine your grade. The percentage of the total points possible that you earn is converted into a letter grade at marking periods as shown in the table below. There are no subjective measures of your performance (class participation, etc) only objective measures of your performance.
% Grade= (Total points earned during marking period)  (Total points possible during marking period) x 100%

The St. John’s computer grading system drops the decimal in the hundredths place. 79.47% is 79.4 not 79.5. This grading software program is responsible for awarding your interim and quarterly grades as follows: Grade Percentage Conversion Chart A+ 96.5 to 100% B+ 86.5 to 89.4% C+ 76.5 to 79.4% D+ 67.5 to 69.4% A 92.5 to 96.4% B 82.5 to 86.4% C 72.5 to 76.4% D 64.5 to 67.4% A 89.5 to 92.4% B 79.5 to 82.4% C 69.5 to 72.4% F 0 to 64.4%


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