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APES environmental issues topics 0607

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AP ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE Environmental Issues Project In this project each student will be doing literature research on a contemporary environmental issue/problem. All topics should be approached from a cause and effect perspective. Human contributions, as well as impact on humans, should be clearly outlined and described. TOPICS 1. Eutrophication and Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone 2. CFCs and Stratospheric Ozone Loss 3. Economics, Practicality, and Applicability of Alternative and Renewable Energy Technologies 4. Sequestration of Atmospheric Carbon: The Technology and Science of Harvesting Anthropogenic Released CO2 5. The Economics of Recycling and Waste Handling 6. Freshwater Supply and Use: Historical and Modern Perspectives 7. Land Use, Erosion, and Sedimentation in Aquatic Ecosystems: Laws and Science in the Cross-hairs 8. Genetically Modified Crops in Agriculture: Science and Cultural Perspectives 9. Invasive Species in Aquatic Ecosystems 10. Invasive Species in Terrestrial Ecosystems 11. Relationship Between Environmental Degradation and the Rise of New Human Diseases 12. The Pros and Cons of Organic and Conventional Agriculture 13. Aquaculture: Threat or Savior for Open Ocean Fisheries 14. Impact of Modern Fish Harvesting Technologies on Natural Populations 15. Integrated Pest Management 16. Biological Control of Agricultural Pests (including Biobased Pest Management) 17. Pesticides and Modern Agriculture 18. Global Free Trade: Jobs and the Environment 19. Historical, Current, and Future Perspectives on Oil Use and Dependence Basic Questions to Get You Started: 1. What is the controversy/problem? 2. What role do humans have in creating this problem? 3. Where is this problem? Maps should be included where appropriate. 4. How long has this issue been in existence? 5. Are the emerging threats related to this topic? What is new on the horizon for this topic? 6. What are the names of species positively and negatively impacted by this issue/practice? 7. What is the economic cost? What are the economic benefits? 8. What is the environmental cost? What are the environmental benefits? 9. What laws/treaties/protocols exist to deal with the problem? 10. Is this a local, state, regional, federal, or international problem? Elaborate. 11. Where or in what context would expect to find related problems? (i.e., other dead zones, recycling of other materials, etc.) PRODUCTS 1. Source notebook that compiles copies of all resources used in the construction of the Wiki and PowerPoint. 2. Wiki entry that clearly describes the issue with text and images/graphics. This wiki should represent an authoritative summary of the current understanding of the issue. 3. 10-14 minute PowerPoint presentation that effectively communicates the issue.

Specific grading rubrics will be provided for the source notebook, Wiki entry, the PowerPoint presentation, and the delivery of the oral presentation. REFERENCES This project is a scholarly product and you will be expected to primarily use the literature of scholars (textbooks and journal articles) with current connections to current events made through newspaper and magazine articles. In all cases, you should cite resources using APA guidelines. Specific Reference Requirements: • Minimum of 1 book (should be approved by teacher) or textbook reference • Minimum 2 peer-reviewed journal articles (copies of the article must be approved within the first 2 weeks of the project) • Minimum of 2 website references (websites used to access journal references are not included) • Minimum of 3 magazines/newspaper articles

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