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Apple Inc 2010 Transformations

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APPLE Inc. 2010 Transformations Syndicate Pre Class Assignment Apple & Steve Jobs 1976 - 1985 1.What was Steve Jobs and Wosniak ‘s Vision and Intention when he founded the Apple Apple Computer company ? Did they succee d ? Which company did Jobs see as Apple’ Apple’ss keenest competitor ? 2.What was the winning Business Model at that time ? 3.What was Steve Jobs innovative response at that time ? Apple & Steve Jobs Second Act . 1997 ...... 4.What was Steve Jobs turnaround when he was made the interim head of Apple Computer Co , who was in the brink of bankrupcy ? What was Jobs’ Mac Strategy and how did it differ differ from the traditional industry evolvement that time ? 5.What was Steve Jobs‘ Jobs‘ Vision ? What and how did Steve Jobs launch launch his first major Innovation after that ? And how did it impacted the Industry ?

Benny S. Gunawan

APPLE Inc. 2010 Transformations Syndicate Pre Class Assignment

6.Explain what did Steve Jobs mean by Think Different, and what did he emphasize to realize his Vision ? What are the impact of this to the Apple customers ? 7.When Steve Jobs launched his IPhone Innovations . what was his Business Model ? And who did Apple see as its main competition ? 8. What has made Apple’s Innovation and Industry Transformation successful ? Will it be sustainable without Steve Jobs ?

Benny S. Gunawan

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