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Soldiers Ques Questi tion on: : 1 What What all all doc docum umen ents ts are are requ requir ired ed at the the time time of regi regist stra rati tion on? ? Answer: Following documents are are required at the time of registration:a. Original Certificates/Marks Sheet (3xphotocopies duly attested) b. Original Local/Domicile Certificate (3xphotocopies duly attested) c. CNIC of Self & Father (3xphotocopies duly attested) d. 4xPassport Size Photographs duly attested. Quest uestio ion: n: 2 What hat wil will l be be tra train inin ing g per peri iod for a rec recru ruit its? s? Answer: Answer: Training Training period period for a recruit recruit is as as under:under:a. For Clerk/Cooks - 3 Months basic training & 3x Months trade training. b. For other trades - 6 Months basic training & 6x Months trade training. Ques Questi tion on: : 3 What What are are cri crite teri ria a for for enro enrolm lmen ent t as Nurs Nursin ing g Ass Asst t in Army Army? ? Answer: Answer: For selection selection of Nursing Nursing Asst, Asst, criteria criteria are as under under :a. Matric Science B grade or FSc C grade. b. Matric Science C grade with Diploma in Nursing. Ques Questi tion on: : 4 What What pay pay I will will get get aft after er enro enrolm lmen ent t in in the the army army? ? Answer: Approximately three thousand thousand five hundred per month during training. Ques Questi tion on: : 5 What What are are cri crite teri ria a for for enro enrolm lmen ent t as as Cle Clerk rk in the the Arm Army? y? Answer: Answer: Following Following criteria criteria are required required for selection selection as Clerk:Clerk:a. FA/FSc C grade (without star marks in English) or BA/BSc. b. FA/FSc D grade for candidates of Balochistan for all arms/services and Northe rn Areas for Northern Light Infantry Regiment only. Ques Questi tion on: : 6 What What all all fac facil ilit itie ies s are are prov provid ided ed to to a sol soldi dier er in the the Arm Army? y? Answer: Answer: Following Following faciliti facilities es are provided provided::a. Free living accommodation. b. Family accommodation. c. Free ration. d. Free medical treatment for individual, his family and parents. e. Bright chances of going abroad on UN mission/foreign assignments. f. Free Air/rail facilities for move on duty. g. 50% concession in air and rail fare for the soldier and his family. Ques Questi tion on: : 7 How How muc much h lea leave ve will will be auth auth to me in a yr yr aft after er pass passin ing g out out as a soldier? Answer: Answer: Following Following types types of leave can be availed availed during during the year year :a. Casual leave - 10 days after every 3 Months b. Emergency - At any time. c. Privilege leave - 2 months. Ques Questi tion on: : 8 What What is the the min minim imum um heig height ht requ requir ired ed for for enr enrol olme ment nt in the the Arm Army? y? Answer: Height standard standard for enrolment enrolment in the Army is 5?-6? (167.5 cm)? except tr ades, whose height is 5?-3? (160 cm). Ques Questi tion on: : 9 What What is recr recrui uit t sch sched edul ule e and and afte after r reg regis istr trat atio ion n how how much much time time wi ll it take till commencement of training? Answer: There are two selection schedules in a year and and it normally takes 4-5 mo nths from the time of registration till commencement of training, i.e April and October each year. Ques Questi tion on: : 10 10 How How I will will be info info whet whethe her r I am sele select ctio ion n or or not not? ? Answer: Candidates who are finally selection are intimated in writing and subseq uently they are informed through telephone. Ques Questi tion on: : 11 11 What What is a ran rank k in in whi which ch indi indivi vidu dual al will will be indu induct cted ed? ? Answer: Answer: Individual Individual will will be inducted inducted in the rank of a Soldier. Soldier. Ques Questi tion on: : 12 What What is is a max max ran rank k an indi indivi vidu dual al can can rea reach ch and and max max svc svc bra brack cket et? ? Answer: Upto the rank of Hon Hon Capt, (maximum service service upto 34 34 years) and individua ls can apply for commission as officer provided he fulfills the selection criter ia. Ques Questi tion on: : 13 Will Will I be eli eligi gibl ble e to subs subseq eque uent ntly ly app apply ly for for com commi miss ssio ion? n? Answ Answer er: : Yes. Yes. Ques Questi tion on: : 14 14 What What is the the age age limi limit t for for a rec recru ruit it? ? Answer: Min 17 yrs and max 23 Yrs for Matric or 24 Yrs for graduate and 25 yrs i f individual is holding a valid driving license.

Question: 15 If the age of individual is less than 18 Yrs, what documents sho uld be provided instead of computerized Identity card? Answer: He should be in possession of form B from NADRA. Question: 16 Can an individual apply when Matric result is awaited? Answer: Yes, he can apply with hope cert. Question: 17 What all tests are conducted for recruit? Answer: Medical test, physical test, Intelligence test and written test are cond ucted. Question: 18 Where the selected candidates will get training? Answer: At different training Centers as per their trade. Question: 19 What is the syllabus for written test? Answer: Entry test will be conducted from the following syllabus:a. More objective than descriptive in nature. b. General knowledge questions on Pakistan. c. Easy translation both English to Urdu and vice versa. d. Comparatively easy questions of mathematics. Question: 20 Can I get registered from any of the Recruit Centres in Pakistan ? Answer: Registration is done on the basis of Districts. Individuals are required to report to their respective Recruitment Centre for the purpose of enrolment.

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