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GSSH-01 headset with noise protection ('sound trap') with dynamic compensation o f external noise to the level of 115dB (noise reduction device) is designed to p rotect your hearing, the operator from the effects of acoustic shock (gunshots, explosions, etc.).Headset GSSH-01 has two acoustic covers with built-in micropho nes or soft spring adjustable headband.Main technical characteristicsIntegrity m anagement in:- Temperature of from -30 ° C to +55 ° C;- Relative humidity up to 98% at +35 ° C;- Frost and dew.- The level of acoustic noise up to 115 dB.Restriction or blocking noise signal exceeding 115 dBOperating frequency range from 200 Hz t o 4000 Hz-The power supply voltage of the element AAA 1,0:1,5 B.-Maximum current consumption of less than 5 mA.-Continuous operation of the power supply AAA at least 72 hours-Mean time between failures is at least 7000 hours.Massa sets no m ore than 0,330 kg.In practice, due to built-in microphone amplifies quiet sounds , cutting off loud (such as a shot)

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