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Automotive PR

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Automotive PRDriving the Message HomeMedia OpportunitiesReach millions more readers, listeners and viewers.The best and brightest PR teams in America are extending the reach of their communications programs beyond the top 500 daily newspapers to 1,000 more daily newspapers and 8,500 weekly newspapers throughout the U.S. Car owners and drivers across America who turn to their local hometown newspapers, primarily in wealthy suburbs, are reading important messages in NAPS articles about safet



Automotive PR
Driving the Message Home

Media Opportunities
Reach millions more readers, listeners and viewers.
The best and brightest PR teams in America are extending the reach of their communications programs beyond the top 500 daily newspapers to 1,000 more daily newspapers and 8,500 weekly newspapers throughout the U.S. Car owners and drivers across America who turn to their local hometown newspapers, primarily in wealthy suburbs, are reading important messages in NAPS articles about safety, economy, maintenance and repair of their automobiles. Savvy marketers are getting the word out to people where they live and drive by covering these additional newspapers and by distributing radio feature releases to 6,500 radio stations and video feature releases to 1,000 TV stations through NAPS. Examples of some of the most highly read articles that NAPS has placed for some of the most successful PR people in America are here in this booklet. Each of the NAPS articles gets about 100 to 400 placements and some got several times that much pickup. The NAPS radio feature releases get 300 to 400 placements each and the NAPS video feature releases get 100 to 150 placements each as evidenced by the usage cards that come in, signed by broadcasters. Each release includes an impressive usage report showing which editors or broadcasters used the material, how many millions of Americans were reached, colorful graphs showing demographic information, and equivalent ad space cost, which is far greater than the cost of using NAPS to get the same coverage.

Results Report
NAPS uses a variety of clipping bureaus and has an inhouse staff that subscribes to the newspapers that others don’t — so we can show the maximum number of clips possible and produce the most impressive reports.

General Motors
Industry giant General Motors used NAPS, through their PR firm, more cost effectively than they could have done the job in-house. NAPS spreads the cost of printing, mailing and postage over dozens of jobs in each weekly mailing.

Hass/MS&L for GM got the attention of hundreds of editors and millions of readers with this article about safety. The promise of a low-cost, effective way to reduce crashes is a strong lead. Impressive statistics from reliable sources are used to support the article and give it credibility. A quote from GM’s executive director of structure and safety integration helps to establish GM as the experts and leaders in the field. Readers are directed to the helpful information on their Web site.

Hass/MS&L for GM Goodwrench reminded readers about the changing of the seasons being the right time to bring a car in for car care and maintenance. The promise of a vehicle that will last longer, hold its value longer and keep drivers and passengers safe is a powerful motivator. The helpful advice on auto parts and fluids gives editors one more reason to print the story.

Cubbitt Jacobs & Prosek creates an awareness of BMW’s Performance Center Driving School with this article on safety tips for teens, targeting teen drivers and parents. The story is compelling because teens having the highest accident rate of anyone on the road is mentioned in the lead. The message is made more important using a quote from a reliable 3rd party industry expert at the Insurance Information Institute.

Paine PR for Suzuki got editors and readers heated up about winterizing cars with this helpful and informative article about safe cold-weather driving.

Campbell & Co for Ford Motor Company’s Customer Service Division offers facts and guidelines from their experts that help people simplify and speed up the collision repair process.

Helpful advice like this can be used as filler in auto sections of newspapers and helps attract a greater readership to those sections that are supported primarily by local advertising.

Chemicals, Oil and Gas
Weber Shandwick for ExxonMobil got staggering results, over 1,300 placements, on this article that helps people stay safe, save money and protect the environment. Expert advice from their automotive technical advisor is offered at no cost. A toll-free number for related questions is given for concerned readers and editors.

Keiler for Prestone Products offers tips from their R&D and Technical Services director for cooling system maintenance.

Car Insurance
Hartford Financial Services gave vital statistics to demonstrate the high incidence of fatal crashes involving 16-year-old drivers attributed to inexperience. This article provided parents with suggested steps for improving the odds of teens driving safely and offered a free brochure with more tips.

GEICO suggested ground rules for parents of teenage drivers to help reduce accidents among this high-risk group. They offer a free safety brochure and tips on the Web.

MetLife Auto & Home posed questions that consumers should consider to get the best value and protect their investment when comparison shopping for insurance.

Fuel Efficiency
Yahoo! Publicized the results of a survey by a credible 3rd party showing that Americans plan to change their driving habits as a result of rising costs of fuel. They offer tips that could result in fewer trips to the pump and more money in consumers’ wallets.

Car Loans

NAFCU targeted potential car owners looking for financing with a quiz that helps save consumers money in the long run. Readers are directed to a Web site that shows how credit unions offer a safe, convenient place to save and borrow at reasonable rates.

MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) created an awareness of a drunk driving prevention initiative and a new federal legislative plan to significantly reduce alcohol-related traffic fatalities. Readers are encouraged to contact their elected representatives about the proposed legislation.

The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers attracted a lot of attention with this story about job opportunities in the largest manufacturing industry in America, the automobile industry, which is noted as being responsible for one out of every 10 jobs in the U. S.

Rogers & Associates for American Honda reported on its environmentally friendly hydrogen-powered fuel cell technology, which was developed in response to President Bush’s announcement of a $1.2 billion FreedomCAR and Fuel Initiative to reverse America’s growing dependence on foreign oil.

Car Parts
Autoliv Inc creates an awareness of optional safety features that can save lives, including Side Curtain Airbags, Anti-Whiplash Seat systems and Pretensioning Seatbelts. The pictures speak a thousand words about protection and help editors attract readers.

Automotive Aftermarket Industry gives tips from the Car Care Council on maintaining car parts and being prepared for emergencies.

Auto Accessories
Winner International gives figures from the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports to show an annual increase in motor vehicle thefts. They give readers advice on how to protect their cars, including using a brightly colored steering wheel lock such as The Club, which prevents the steering wheel from being turned and may qualify consumers for an insurance discount.

Kapnek Communications for block-it.com did this holiday gift item story in September, well in advance of editors’ holiday deadlines for maximum potential usage. This article helps readers to protect their investments in their cars by maintaining the appearance with a high-tech cover.

Hass/MS&L for OnStar Personal Calling shows the auto industry trends, which indicate that analysts expect that the integration of voice-activated, hands-free cellular services will become increasingly important and that 50 to 80% of cellular phone use occurs in automobiles. Advantages of the voice-activated, hands-free phone that is fully integrated into an automobile are cited, including not being misplaced or forgotten or having the battery wear down.

Jiffy Lube offered winter driving tips on car maintenance and safety that are helpful to do-ityourselfers or for people who take their cars in for a routine checkup at a service center.

Blick & Staff for AutoZone recommends a 10-point spring checkup to revitalize cars.

Worden Gross for NAPA AutoCare Network gave preventative measures for drivers to avoid breakdowns.

National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) creates symbol recognition for their automotive technicians with nationally recognized credentials. They offer advice for improving the quality of automotive service and repair.

Public Strategies for BFS and MasterCare USA included a car care checklist and tips for taking precautions against hazardous wet or snowy fall driving conditions.

Edelman for Pep Boys offered advice on preventing automotive problems associated with winter. This leading full-service automotive aftermarket retail and service chain urges Americans to learn about the importance of being prepared for winter driving and promises it can be done with minimal investment and time.

African-American & Hispanic Media
PacifiCare offered safety tips to millions of Hispanic newspaper readers across America.

Automotive Retailing Today targeted African Americans in this article about job opportunities as service technicians, indicating that there is a nationwide shortage of qualified individuals to fill these positions.

PR21 for KIA Motors extended the reach of their message to millions of additional readers, through this release to Hispanic newspapers, to inform them that, with the trend among baby boomers’ preferences in mind, they have designed a good car with a sporty look that is at a reasonable price.

Advertising Council for the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) covered African-American newspapers in addition to regular newspapers to encourage parents to use booster seats.

TV & Radio
TracFone Wireless reached millions of additional American consumers with this important message about driving safety and hands-free headsets.

Progressive Insurance reached millions of additional listeners through radio stations across the U. S. with this radio feature release offering advice on a simple way to get the car fixed, put in an insurance claim and find another car to drive in the meantime. Radio news releases are heard primarily by drivers, which is exactly the market that was targeted for this message.

Union of Concerned Scientists directed listeners to a Web site where they could enter a contest to win some great clean car prizes as part of a campaign related to gas-guzzling SUV’s.

Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association (ATRA) did two 30-second spots for the same price as a 60-second spot to get double the results on two important messages about car care.

Turn Your Feature into Increased Recognition
NAPS provides an easy, cost-effective method of getting your series of stories out to nearly every newspaper in the country. We cover America’s newspapers: 1,500 dailies and 8,500 weeklies are on our media list. We also cover 6,500 radio stations and 1,000 TV stations. NAPS has a longstanding relationship with editors and broadcasters. Most of them are hungry for good feature releases in cameraready or computer-ready copy form. Your distribution is not to “a media list” from a directory but to NAPS contacts who use these releases and who take the time to send usage cards. You extend the reach of your communications programs to millions of additional readers, listeners and viewers when your information is placed in 100 to 400 newspapers, 100 to 150 TV stations and 300 to 400 radio stations. You go on the Internet free with each story you have NAPS send to newspapers—not just “somewhere” on the Net but on the NAPS Web site, trusted by the world’s editors. Distributing your releases to all 10,000 newspapers across the U.S. includes our supplying the writing, art, production, mailing, postage, clippings, 100 repro proofs, tracking and a computerized usage report showing the circulation and major market area of each clip as well as audience data for broadcast. You save time and money because NAPS is like an overnight package delivery service: You get fast, efficient delivery at low cost. Let us offer you a free proposal: Our writers and artists are happy to offer copy, art and layout suggestions based on your background material, press releases, VNR, brochures, Web pages, annual reports, position papers or whatever else you have on hand. There is no cost or obligation for this. Guarantee: You’ll love the results of each release or you get another one free.


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