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A-Z Cheats A
Age of Empires Just bring up the chat window by pressing Enter, type the code, and press Enter again to activate. These codes also work in Age of Empires: Rise of Rome. diediedie All units die; you win resign You resign reveal map Reveals entire game map pepperoni pizza Gives 1000 food coinage Gives 1000 gold woodstock Gives 1000 wood quarry Gives 1000 stone no fog Removes fog-of-war hari kari Commit suicide; you lose medusa Villagers become medusas (When medusas die they become black riders; when black riders die, they become heavy catapults.) gaia Lets you control the animals, but you have to give up control of your human units; good when used with king arthur and grantlinkspence in Rise of Rome flying dutchman Changes juggernauts into flying dutchmen that can soar over the land steroids Gives instant building ability (which wears off over time) home run You win killX eliminates player in starting position X bigdaddy Gives you a black Chevy Camaro with rocket launcher big momma Gives you a white Chevy Camaro with rocket launcher Age of Empires: Rise of Rome As with the other Age of Empires cheats, bring up the chat window by pressing Enter, type the code, and press Enter again to activate. king arthur Changes birds into dragons (999 hit points) grantlinkspence Turns animals into Animal Kings pow Gives you a new unit called BabyPrez, a baby on a tricycle with a blunderbuss (500 HP, 50 strength, 10 armor, 15 range) convert this! Gives you Saint Francis, a superpriest unit (25 HP, 200 strength, 0 armor, 10 range) stormbilly Gives you Zug 209, a mech (100 HP, 20 strength, 10 armor, 15 range) photon man Gives a space-age marine jackbenimble Uses villagers as ammo for catapults Age of Empires II: Age of Kings Bring up the chat window by pressing Enter, type the code, and press Enter again to activate. Code Result ROCK ON 1000 Stone LUMBERJACK 1000 Wood ROBIN HOOD 1000 Gold CHEESE STEAK JIMMY'S 1000 Food MARCO Reveal Map


Removes Fog Of War Fast Build Gives a Cobra car Control Animals Kill Opponent # Gives a Saboteur Destroy All Enemies You Win

Ever wonder about the black outline around a resource in the base display? It's a signal that you haven't discovered the requisite technology to maximize that resource. The technologies are: Gene Splicing to maximize Nutrients; Economic Engineering to maximize Minerals; and Environmental Economics to maximize Energy If you aren't getting the full benefit of sea improvements, just raise the sea level in that square. Though it's easy to miss, you can build aircraft carriers in Alpha Centauri. Flight decks aren't a module but an ability, like deep radar. Once you have the required tech, put a transport module on a ship and click on Abilities. You can even make submersible aircraft carriers if you like. You can't build a borehole next to one that already exists. But you can build all the boreholes you want next to each other if you start them at the same time. If you select a unit and it hasn't moved this turn, you can hit Ctrl-U to upgrade. This is the only way to upgrade any designs with Unity in the name. Go to the design screen and find a unit you want to upgrade. Click on it to put that unit in the main window. Click on Upgrade. You'll be presented with a choice of units to upgrade to. Choose one and click OK. This will upgrade every unit of one type to another whether they've moved or not. You have to have a design the program considers superior before this will work. When recruiting mind worms it pays to be outside your borders. Any units that are found/captured beyond the colored border of your faction are independent and don't need support from any city. If you're tired of fighting indigenous life-forms, activate the Scenario Editor (under Scenario on the menu window). Go to Scenario Rules and click on the top box to turn off the planet. Save the game as a scenario. Deactivate the Scenario Editor. Then start a new scenario, making sure to load the scenario you just created. Once you have a selection of base facilities it can be tedious to take over or start a new base. To minimize tedium, find (or make) a production queue that you like (including the item currently being produced) and right-click on the queue area. Choose Save, then pick a slot and give it a name. Next time you take or build a base, right-click on the production queue and load the file you created. Close the production screen and close the base screen. Admire your work. There are more choices on the base governor's list then are readily apparent. If you click on the down-arrows on either side of the governor button, you get a list that lets you tailor the governor settings to your liking. Armored Fist 2 For each cheat, just follow the directions after the mission has started. OVERVIEW (shows big map of battlefield): To enable press and hold Ctrl-F12, repeat to disable. RELOAD (loads maximum amount of ammunition): To enable press and hold Alt-Shift-R.

REPAIR (lets you repair all damage): To enable press and hold Alt-Shift-D. INDESTRUCTIBLE (makes your tank indestructible, each tank must be enabled separately): To enable press and hold Alt-Shift-I. All Weapons, Unlimited Fuel and Health: During the game, push Backspace and type "KYLE". Army Men 2 [tip_armymen] Enter message mode by pressing \ and then type !when all else fails... (including the ...) to enable cheat mode. Finally, enter one of the codes below to activate a cheat. Code Item Gained !acme discs land mines !aluminum foil flak jacket !beautiful nikita infinite sniper rifle !fourth of july M-80 !god of gamblers random item, sometimes infinite !geronimo! 12 free air strikes !gnomish inventions explosives !i have a rock infinite handgranads !no rocket launcher infinite rocket launcher !paper dolls paratroopers !roach spray infinite aerosol spray !ruby ray infinite magnifying glass !village people infinite flamethrower !smorfs blue uniform !metal sheeting grey uniform !shrink wrap tan uniform !pooper scooper mine sweeper !santini invincible !i give up restart level !veni vidi vinci skip level !night of the walking dead enemies turn into zombies !ninja arts sarge has stealth ability and is faster !phoenix! flame man !surprise party a lot of enemies appear from nowhere !armageddon calls for massive air strike !doctor doctor full health !spidey senses tingling - see all enemies on the map

Baldur's Gate Open the Baldur.ini file in your Baldur's Gate directory and add the line Cheats=1 under the "Game Options" entry. Then save the file and run the game. Once you are in the game, hit Ctrl-Tab to bring up the console in which you type the cheats. Ctrl-Tab will also close this console. Type the cheats exactly as they appear below and hit Enter to activate.

Cheats:TheGreatGonzo() Summons 10 psycho chickens who defend you Cheats:FirstAid() Gives you 5 healing potions, 5 neutralize poison potions, and 1 stone-to-flesh scroll Cheats:Midas() Gives you 500 gold Cheats:CowKill()Creates a CowKill spell if cows are nearby Cheats:DrizztAttacks() Creates a hostile Drizzt Cheats:DrizztDefends() Creates a friendly Drizzt Cheats:CriticalItems() Gives you all important items Cheats:Hans() Moves your party to a free adjacent area Cheats:ExploreArea() Marks entire area explored Battlezone Hold down the Shift and Ctrl keys and type in one of the following: bzbody Unlimited shields bzfree Unlimited pilots and resources bzradar Full map bztnt Unlimited ammo Battlezone II For all codes, hold CTRL-~ to bring down the console, then type: Code Result game.cheat bzbody Unlimited Shields game.cheat bzfree Unlimited Pilots and Resources game.cheat bzradar Full Map game.cheat bztnt Unlimited Ammo game.cheat bzview Comsat Link without having to Power or Build One Blood 2: The Chosen To enter these cheats, just type them in the chat window (press T, then type the cheat, then hit Enter). mpgod God mode mpkfa Gives you a variety of weapons mpbeansofcoolness Gives another variety of weapons mpammo Gives you full ammo mpclip No clip mode mphealthy Gives you full health mpwhereami Shows your coordinates mphideme Hides your coordinates mpbeefcake Makes your weapons more powerful mpkillemall Kills all the bad guys on the level mpspeedup Increases your speed mpstronger Increases your strength mpcaleb Changes your character model to Caleb mpophelia Changes your character model to Ophelia

mpishmael Changes your character model to Ishmael mpgabby Changes your character model to Gabriella mpberetta Gives you the Beretta; type twice for John WooÐstyle mpsubmachinegun Gives you the submachine gun; type twice for two mpflaregun Gives you the flare gun; type twice for two mpshotgun Gives you the sawed-off shotgun; type twice for two mpsniperrifle Gives you the sniper rifle mphowitzer Gives you the howitzer mpnapalmcannonGives you the napalm cannon mpsingularity Gives you the singularity generator mpminigun Gives you the minigun mpassaultrifle Gives you the assault rifle mpbugbuster Gives you the Bugbuster mplaserrifle Gives you the Cobalco laser rifle mpteslacannon Gives you the Tesla cannon mpvoodoo Gives you the voodoo doll mptheorb Gives you the orb mpgoshopping Gives all items mpnicenurse Adds 25 to your health mpreallynicenurse Adds 300 to your health mpward Gives ward that adds 25 to your armor mpnewcroward Gives newcroward that adds 100 to your armor mpcarbonfiber Gives willpower power-up mptakeoffshoes Makes you invisible mpherkermur Gives triple damage Braveheart In 3D mode press the DEL key for sending AI messages, then type the codes below: Code Result bannockburn Kill All Enemies dresden All Buildings on Fire steve reeves All Troops Hard as Nails bucks fizz All Troops Retreated bastille day All Walls Breached haemorrhage Blood Disabled killcam Cameraman Dead


Caesar III Right-click on a water well, type Alt-K, followed by: Alt-V Instant victory Alt-C More cash (if you have less than 5000Dn) When you can go into the Senate the following procedure can get you some serious cash: Click the Emperor icon in the Senate. Give yourself a wage of 500 denarii. When you accumulate about 3000, go back to the Senate and press the Give to City button. Click the All button in the dialog. Then press the Give button. Press the Give to City button again. Do not press the All button again or you will have problems! Give the same amount as before. Press the Give button again, and your account will go into the negative. Now you have unlimited credit! Repeat as necessary. Carmageddon 2 TILTY Pinball mode WATERSPORT Drive underwater LEMMINGIZE Stupid pedestrians STIFFSPASMS Mutant corpses WOTATWATAMI Slippery tires SMARTBASTARD Skip race MRMAINWARING Pedestrians freak out BIGDANGLE Mutant tail thing WETWET Credit bonus TINGTING Free repairs STOPSNATCH Toggles the timer on and off MOONINGMINNIE Decreases the force of gravity CLINTONCO Hot rod FASTBAST Turbo peds STICKYTYRES Wall climber GOODHEAD Pedestrians get weird heads EVENINGOCCIFER D.U.I. TIMMYTITTY Gives you a time bonus ZAZAZ Pedestrian annihilator POWPOW Opponent repulsificator FRYFRY Gives pedestrian flamethrower Carnivores II Debug Mode Type in "debugup" during play to get debug mode. You will see coordinates appear in the top right hand corner and Dinos will ignore you unless you shoot them. Keys to use while in debug mode: Code Result CTRL Run Faster SHIFT+S Slow Motion CTRL+N Long Jumps SHIFT+T Show Frame Rate TAB Full Map These keys do not require the "debugup" code: Code Result SHIFT+L Fly SHIFT+F V. Fog On/Off SHIFT+M 3D Objects On/Off

Civilization: Call to Power The following cheats are accessible from the interface: A. On the Command Line bar, there is a button called Cheat. B. To access the button, hit the tilde (~) key, then the space bar. Click the Cheat button. C. Cheats can be used with fog-of-war on, but they are more easily used with fog toggled off. D. The main map and game are disabled while cheat mode is on. To resume playing, close the Cheat tools. E. Cheats will destablize network multiplayer games. * To activate the City cheat, click on the City button. Select a city. To change the name of the selected city, click on the text box with the city name displayed. Edit the text so that the name reads as you would like it. Hit the Enter key when you are finished editing. * To change the population of the selected city, click on the text box with the population displayed. Edit the text so that the number is the population size you would like. Hit Enter when you are finished editing. Advances Cheat Click on the Advances button. Select the player to whom you would like to give advances; player 2 is the Human player; players 1, 3, and so forth are AI players. * From the "All Advancements" list, highlight the advance or advances you would like to give to the selected player, then click the < [less than] button. * To take advances away from a player, highlight the advance or advances from the list of "Current Advancements," then just click on the > [more than] button. (Note that the arrows aren't aligned correctly, so click the upper-left corner on the > key, and the upper-right corner on the < key.) Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty These codes are for the English version only: Type GONZO1982 during the game. Then you can activate the following cheats: Shift-V Invisible to enemy Shift-X Teletransport (use the mouse to place your commando) Ctrl-I Invincibility Ctrl-Shift-N Finish the mission

Drakan Press "\" to enable Talk mode. Then type in "iamgod" or "sanctuary" to enable God Mode. Type "smeghead" for full health, for when you're down and there're too many Wartoks sniffing around for you. Dungeon Keeper 2 During gameplay, just type CTRL+ALT+C at any time. If you did this right, you will hear the sound of a door opening. Then just type in the following codes (don't worry about the effects of pressing the hotkeys, like "m" for map, because once the code is typed in, the effect will just kick in).

Code Result show me the money Gives Money now the rain has gone Show Map feel the power Upgrade All Monster's Skill to 10 this is my church Get All Rooms fit the best Get All Rooms and Traps i believe its magic Get All Magic do not fear the reaper Win Level Deer Hunter II Weather Cheats—type these in during play: Code Effect dh2blizzard cycles through weather more quickly dh2lightning lightning dhr2rain rainy weather dh2snow snowy weather dh2thunder thunder dh2weatherstop stops rain or snow Weapon/Carnage Cheats—type these in during play: Code Effect dh2baddream slow bullets dh2bandolier never reload dh2bulletcam camera follows bullets dh2deadeye bullet's-eye view (camera follows fired bullets) dh2friday13 more blood when a deer is shot dh2magicbullet bullet travels straight with camera dh2showsights show weapon's sight status dh2swig reduces weapon wobble Descent 3 Code Result IveGotIt All Weapons, Energy, Shield BurgerGod God Mode TreeSquid Full Map MoreClang Level Jump DeadOfNight Destroy All Bots Testicus Cloak FrameLength FPS Display ByeByeMonkey Chase View


F-22 Lightning 3 The F-22 design team betrays its interest in a certain pair of fictional FBI agents with the following cheat codes. To use these codes, hit Ctrl-Enter, then type in the appropriate phrase, and hit Enter again. Code Effect black oil refuels aircraft fight the future replenishes current ammo ghostpit turns plane invisible i want to believe you won't crash the truth is out there gives unlimited ammo this isnt happening repairs damage trust no one turns aircraft invincible Fighter Squadron: Screamin' Demons Over Europe Go into the sdemons.ini file and make the following change: ShockRadio=1 This enables the few cheats that are available. Once this cheat is enabled, enter the sim and open up a chat line (with ~) and then type the following: FS_LookAtTheSillyMonkey Blows up everyone's plane but yours FS_HaveACow Drops a cow out of everyone's plane FS_Decompose Causes everyone else's planes to break apart (Note that the above cheats will not work in single or multiplayer games unless you have already entered the ShockRadio=1 cheat.) Other .ini file changes: EnableCalibrate=1 Will turn on the calibrate button in the Options screen. DisplayCoords=1 Will display your current FS coordinates in the overlay map (in the upper-right-hand corner of the screen). This will aid you in object placement when building missions or new terrain. PutSlewBehindVehicle=1 Will cause you to be placed behind the vehicle you just left by hitting S. TextureCacheLimit=x Where x is a number (in bytes) for the maximum size of the on-disk texture cache (.tex file). If cache grows greater than this number, it will be cleared. The default is 500MB. TextureCacheSize=x Where x is a number (in bytes) for the maximum size of the inmemory texture cache. The default value is 10MB. Setting this cache to a higher number may improve game performance on machines that have memory to spare. NetMaxPlayers=x Where x is the maximum number of players allowed in a network game (only the server machine needs to have this set). This number may not be greater than 28 and has only been thoroughly tested with 8 players. Forsaken Type the following codes at any menu. To turn them off, just type them again. BUBBLES Turns on cheat mode IAMZEUS God mode FULLMONTY Level select LUMBERJACK Missile toggle JIMBEAM Laser beam toggle Freespace To activate the code type WWW.VOLITION-INC.COM, then hold the tilde '~' key and type the following: Code Result

C Shift-C K Shift-K Alt-K I Shift-I target. O Shift-W W ship. G Shift-G Alt-G Freespace 2

Send message to enemies. Toggle availability of countermeasures for all ships. Kill target. Destroy targeted subsystem. 10% damage to yourself. Invulnerability. Toggle invulnerability for Toggle Descent-style physics. Infinite Weapons for ALL ships, including yours. Infinite weapons for just YOUR Mark all primary goals complete. Mark all secondary goals Complete. Mark all bonus goals complete.

Within a mission, just type www.freespace2.com, and you should see a "Cheats activated" message. Then, hold down ~ in combination with: Key combo Effect Shift-C Toggle availability of countermeasures for all ships. K Kill target. Shift-K Destroy targeted subsystem. I Invulnerability. Shift-I Toggle invulnerability for target. Shift-W Infinite Weapons for ALL ships, including yours. W Infinite weapons for just YOUR ship. G Mark all primary goals complete. Shift-G Mark all secondary goals complete. Alt-G Mark all bonus goals complete.

G-Police Enter these cheats at the main menu. STATTOE In-game info WOOWOO Havoc sirens SUPACAM Switches to enemy cam, when you shoot them down


Benny Hill cars All secret missions (in Training Menu) Gives you infinite shields Gives you infinite weapons (Note: You won't be able to progress past the current mission when these last two codes are enabled.)

Here are the passwords for every level. DOLMAN SONAGAV ACEDUF JOJOGUN WENSKI SAEGGY MAZMAN DAZMAN DELUCS ANDOOOO KIMBCHS ANDYMAC YERMAN OLLIEB THEYOLK TONYMASH ANDYCROW BIONIC TSLATER IAINTHOD JONRITZ CLAIREC STEVEBOT ANGUSF EUANLAC EDFIRE STUBOMB THONBOY JIMMAC PUGGER ROSSCO CAKEBOY NIKNAK SAGLORD Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9 Level 10 Level 11 Level 12 Level 13 Level 14 Level 15 Level 16 Level 17 Level 18 Level 19 Level 20 Level 21 Level 22 Level 23 Level 24 Level 25 Level 26 Level 27 Level 28 Level 29 Level 30 Level 31 Level 32 Level 33 Level 34 Level 35

Half-Life To gain access to the cheats in Half-Life, the first thing you have to do is activate the console. First, create a shortcut to the game, if you haven't already. Right-click on it and select properties. In the shortcut properties you can modify the shortcut's target. It should look like C:\sierra\half life\hl.exe depending on where you installed it, of

course. Just add -console to the end. So the example would then look like: C:\sierra\half life\hl.exe -console (The space after the .exe is important). Now when you start a game from this shortcut, you can press the tilde (~) key to access the console. For some of the cheats to work, it is first necessary to type /sv_cheats 1 to activate cheat mode. To turn off the first three cheats listed, simply retype them. To deactivate all other cheats, you must quit and restart the game. /god /noclip /notarge t /give X God mode Fly, no clipping Makes you invisible to enemies (where X is from the following list) Gives the corresponding item (For example /give weapon_crossbow gives you the crossbow. Don't forget the space and the underscore.)

item_healthkit item_longjump item_suit weapon_357 weapon_9mmAR weapon_crossbow weapon_crowbar weapon_egon weapon_gauss weapon_handgrenade weapon_hornetgun weapon_rpg weapon_satchel weapon_shotgun weapon_snark weapon_tripmine ammo_357 ammo_9mmAR ammo_ARgrenades ammo_buckshot ammo_crossbow ammo_egonclip ammo_gaussclip ammo_rpgclip To change the gravity: /sv_gravity 150 800 is the default, if you set it to around 150 it's like walking on the moon. To change camera mode or motion: /thirdperson /firstperson /+cammousemove /-cammousemove /chase_active 1 /chase_active 0 Realistic gunnery: To make combat with the marines more interesting, you can make the mp5 more Switches you to third-person mode Switches you back to normal Mouse moves the camera in third-person mode Turns camera control back to normal Activates chase mode in third person Deactivates chase mode

powerful. You can set the numbers for whatever you want, but we tested the following, and it is pretty realistic and balanced. The first three are for you, the player; the second three are for the marines: /sk_plr_9mmAR_bullet1 : 20 /sk_plr_9mmAR_bullet2 : 20 /sk_plr_9mmAR_bullet3 : 20 /sk_ 9mmAR_bullet1 : 30 /sk_ 9mmAR_bullet2 : 30 /sk_ 9mmAR_bullet3 : 30 You can modify all the weapons in a similar fashion. Heavy Gear If being a Black Talon is still too much for you, then you might need to start outright cheating. First, bring up the console by pressing the "~" (tilda) key, then type either one of these codes to achieve the desired effect. Code Effect set camtigod mode set mission Auto-complete mission Heretic 2 To activate cheats, first access the console by pressing the tilde (~) key then type in the codes as written. playbetter Toggles god mode twoweeks Toggles power-ups meatwagon Kill all mosters (except for the boss) victor Kill all monsters (including boss) angermonsters All monsters get angry crazymonsters All monsters go crazy kiwi No-clip mode showcoords Shows coordinates weapprev Go to previous weapon weapnext Go to next weapon suckitdown chicken Turns you into a chicken suckitdown all Gives you all (useful) items suckitdown health Gives you maximum health suckitdown mana Gives you maximum offensive and defensive mana suckitdown armor Gives you silver armor; type again to get gold armor suckitdown powerup Gives you a Tome of Power power-up spawn item_weapon_hellstaff Gives you the Hellstaff weapon To spawn the desired item just type in spawn X where X is from the following list: item_weapon_firewall item_weapon_maceballs item_weapon_magicmissile item_weapon_phoenixbow item_weapon_redrain_bow item_weapon_sphereofannihilation item_defense_meteorbarrier item_defense_polymorph item_defense_powerup

item_defense_ringofrepulsion item_defense_shield item_defense_teleport item_health_full item_health_half item_mana_combo_half item_mana_combo_quarter item_mana_defensive_full item_mana_defensive_half item_mana_offensive_full item_mana_offensive_half item_puzzle_canyonkey item_puzzle_cloudkey item_puzzle_cog item_puzzle_crystal item_puzzle_dungeonkey item_puzzle_highpriestesskey item_puzzle_highpriestesssymbol item_puzzle_hive2amulet item_puzzle_hive2gem item_puzzle_hive2spear item_puzzle_minecartwheel item_puzzle_ore item_puzzle_plazacontainer item_puzzle_potion item_puzzle_refinedore item_puzzle_shield item_puzzle_slumcontainer item_puzzle_tavernkey item_puzzle_tome item_puzzle_townkey Heroes of might & magic III During play, press Tab and then enter any of the following: Code Effect nwcantioch all siege weapons nwcavertingoureyes all structures nwccastleanthrax maximum luck nwccoconuts unlimited movement nwcgeneraldirection entire map is revealed nwcmuchrejoycing maximum morale nwcshrubbery +100 all resources and +10,000 gold Heroes of Might & Magic III: Armageddon's Blade While playing, press Tab then type in the following codes: Code Effect Nwcquigon Level Up Nwcpadme Hero Gains Archangels Nwcdarthmaul Hero Gains Black Knights Nwccoruscant Hero Gains All Buildings Nwcr2d2 Hero Gains All Battle Machines Nwcwatto Hero Gains Money and Resources Nwcpodracer Hero Gains Massive Movement Nwcprophecy Show Obelisk Map

Nwcrevealourselves Nwcmidichlorians Hidden & Dangerous

Show Terrain Map Hero Gains 999 Mana and All Spells

Codes: First, enter "iwillcheat" at any opening screen or menu. Enter the following codes during gameplay. Code Result Cantdie God Mode Goodhealth Open All Doors Openalldoor All Items Available Allloot All Items Available Killthemall Kills All Enemies Showtheend Show End Movie Gamedone Complete Current Mission Gamefail Fail Current Mission Resurrect Bring Team Members Back to life Funnyhead Big Head Mode Enemyf View Enemy Debugdrawwire Wire Mode Playercoords Your Current Position Laracroft

Incoming Just hit the following function keys to get these cheats: F2 Makes hitting targets easier F3 Makes player invulnerable F4 Gives infinite lives F5 Gives infinite weapons F6 Gives a smart bomb F7 Quit F8 Quick save F9 Reloads quick save F10 Shows the frame rate (hit again to turn off) F11 Restart the level Independence War Type in darkgoat during flight to activate cheats. Left Shift-k Allows you to dock with any vessel Left Shift-0 (zero) Kill targeted ship Left Shift-s Force next scripted event Left Shift-; Freeze target Left Shift-i Makes you invulnerable Left Shift-j Jump to lagrange point Left Shift-8 Jump to target Left Shift-9 Match the velocity of a targeted ship Left Shift-a Gives you superspeed Left Shift-backspace View the most recent movie Left Shift-w Win the mission

Kingpin Codes: Start the game with the command line "+developer 1" (i.e., "c:\Kingpin\kingpin.exe +developer 1"). Then use the "~" (tilda) key to bring down the console during the game and type the following codes: Code Result IMMORTAL God Mode NOCLIP No Clipping Mode Use the following commands with the GIVE variable: (i.e., GIVE ALL, GIVE CASH, etc.) Code Result ALL CASH ### Gives you all items (except cash). Gives you ### dollars.

King's Quest: Mask of Eternity Press Shift-Ctrl-7 to get access to the console. You can conveniently ignore the password prompt. After typing in the desired codes, hit Shift-Ctrl-7 again to return to the game. NoConCollide Turns off clipping mode conCollide Turns clipping mode back on setFirstPerson First-person mode setThirdPerson Third-person mode god/ungod Toggles god mode on and off (some things still can kill you but not many) teleport Lets you click on the world map and be transported to the desired spot Give X Dagger SmallAx BroadSword Mace LakeSword SkelKingSword BattleAx WarHammer Pike LongSword FlameSword TempleSword SmCrossbow AzrielHammer SmCpndCBow (where X is from the following list):

ShortBow LongBow CrossBow CpndCrossbow FlameBow IceCrossbow WeeperEyes DemonRocks SkelBow SlmSlime WitchBolt Lava Fists Icycle LeatherGloves LeatherArmor LeatherBoots ChainMailShirt ChainMailGloves ChainMailSuit PlateMail BronzePlate FullArmor Helmet TempleArmor GodArmor Mushroom SacredWater Crystal ElixerOfLife Clarity Invisible Invulnerable Strength RingOfDeadHero Ashes Candle SilverCoins MagicMap RopeAndHook RingOfLight KeyToDeathMaze Mold BrokenShield RustedBrokenShield HearingHorn AntiPoisonFlower GreenMushroomPiece Rock IronLock OakRoot LodeStone CrystalPyramid BlackDiamond AmberGlow BasiliskTongue

FireGem PipeCap1 PipeCap2 DragonKey RockKey BlueAdamant JailKey DecipheringAmulet Paddle Feather GoodSkull BadSkull RoundKey SquareKey Ladle hmhand Mask1 Mask2 Mask3 Mask4 Mask5 Piece1 Piece2 Piece3 Piece4 Scroll LadyBell RustedLock KeepKey StoneOrder MetalShaft TruthKey LightKey OrderKey MarbleTablet0 MaskMedalian Grail Mask3B Piece5 UniHorn SpellPage Mask1A Piece1A DarkPyramid ShardFuse MarbleTablet1 MarbleTablet2 MarbleTablet3 GriffRoomKey GriffCageKey ClockShaft HookDown HookUp SpinningMask Orcbow Spear

IceShard IceLever LucretoFire NoRanged NoArmor BirthdaySuit Logo1 Logo2

Madden 2000 Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function: RESULT 20 yard first downs More injuries Less penalties No fumbles No interceptions Perfect passes Super jump Big versus small players Camera follows football Dodge City stadium EA Sports stadium Tiburon stadium Xmas Rush stadium All-Madden team All '60s team All '70s team Centurian team Clowns team Industrials team Marshalls fantasy team Sugarbuzz team CHEAT CODE FIRSTIS20 PAINFUL REFISBLIND MAGANASAVE NOPICKS QBINTHECLUB AIRMADDEN QUARKANDSTAR BTHEBALL WILDWEST ITSINTHEGAME WEPUTITHERE XMASGIFT TEAMMADDEN MOJO SIDEBURNS PHALANX KILLERJOKE INTHEFUTURE COWBOYS SNAPTACLEPNT

Microsoft Combat Flight Sim Flying Pig Open a game at coordinates N51*10.86' W1* 50.42'. Fly around and look for the cloud. Directly under the cloud at about 2,000 feet is a large pink pig, hovering in midair. Secret Mission Look in the mission directory for a file called team.mi_. Rename it to Team.mis. Once you've done this, an interesting new mission called "Combat Flight Sim Team Outing" will appear in the single missions list.

Midtown Madness Enter the following in as your player name to unlock the respective code: Code Result Showme Cops Police displayed on the map. Big Bus Party All city bus traffic. Tiny CarAll compact car traffic. Jet Planes All airplane traffic. vacompact Select the VW Bug in cruise mode to drive a VW Rabbit. vavan Select the Ford F350 in cruise mode to drive a van. valimo Select the Ford Mustang GT in cruise mode to drive a limo. vataxi Select the Cadillac in cruise mode to drive a yellow cab. vaboeing_small Select the City Bus in cruise mode to drive a mini-jet. Myth II: Soulblighter If you hold down the Shift key while selecting "New Game" at the main menu, you will gain access to all the nonsecret missions. Hidden Griffin Bungie had been working on a griffin unit, but bagged the idea. There is one lonely griffin left however, and he lives in a tree on Level 19 (Relic). Just find the shard in the northeast, and just at the edge of the map there is a big tree on the hill. Rotate your camera so that it points south and Zoom in until your camera is in the tree trunk, and you'll see the griffin. (Too bad you can't control him.) Long-Awaited Drinking Party To access this hilarious secret level, start a game on the third level. The mission calls for you to escort a peasant into a friendly village. Before you reach the town, send some troops north, along the path (on the west side of the farm). When you get to the river, you will see some tiny islands. On one of the islands sit three frogs. Kill the frogs and then proceed with the mission as planned. When you proceed to the next mission, you will be treated to some shots of the Bungie team in the intro, and then get to take some poachers with blunderbusses out for a hunting trip. Limbs, Heads, and Smoking Crater This level is truly spectacular, especially if fireworks are what you are looking for. The level teems with Whights and huge piles of satchel charges. To get to it, you have to finish The Murder of Crows level. At the end of that level, The Deceiver walks down a path to the exit. Normally you would follow him, but this time, turn around and go north, clear across the level, to the alternate exit. Then you will proceed to the secret level.

Need For Speed: High Stakes Type these codes anywhere in the Main Menu: Arcade Mode: TR 00-15 Drive As Traffic Cars GOFAST Upgrade Engine MONKEY Upgrade Automatic Transmission MOON Low Gravity MADLAND Super Human Opponents Career Mode:


Free Purchase No Upgrades First Upgrade 2nd Upgrade 3rd Upgrade Cash Increase

Hot Pursuit Mode: DCOP ECOP FCOP Other Codes: ACAR BCAR CCAR CARS TRACKS ALLTIERS OUTMYWAY RESETYA Bonus Car Bonus Car Bonus Car All Cars All Tracks Open All Tiers Horn Causes Other Racers to Crash Horn Causes Other Racers to Reset Bonus Hot Pursuit Car Bonus Hot Pursuit Car Bonus Hot Pursuit Car

Outcast Just type HOKKUSPOKKUS and then pull down the console by pressing F12. Type these codes in for the desired effect. Code Result ARSENAL All Weapons AMMO_FLOW Infinite Ammo DYNAMIT Dynamite KILL_SOLDIERS Kill All Enemies in Level IAMINVISIBLE Invisibility FLY Fly Mode on/off TRACKER Radar BENNY No Clipping POW # Energy = # POINTS Show Points QUIT Quit the Game NEIGE Warp to Ranzaar TEMPLES Warp to Shamazaar VILLE Warp to Okriana MONTAGNE Warp to Motazaar MARCHES Warp to Okasankaar FOREST Warp to Okar


Pharoah While looking at your city, press CTRL-ALT-C to bring up the cheat menu. Then just type in the codes below and hit RETURN. Code Result Treasure Chest add 1000 deben mockattack1 land attack by enemy army mockattack2 water attack by enemy army The following codes force a god event. The god must be present on the map for the cheat to work. Osiris: Bounty next inundation will be better than expected Mummys Curse decreases next flood Ra: Pharaohs Glory exports next year will be raised by 50% Bird of Prey trade partners trade less for a year Ptah: Supreme Craftsman Noble Djed Seth: Typhonian Relief Seth Strikes Bast: Cat Nip Kitty Litter Populous: The Beginning Press Tab and F11 at the same time, then type byrne and press Enter at the window that appears to enable cheat mode. Now, type one of the following codes at anytime during the game: Tab-F3 Spells Tab-F4 Buildings Tab-F5 Mana protects soldiers sent to distant lands destroys your best company and their fort fills houses and bazaars with food and goods sends a plague storage yard with room to spare filled up shipwrights, weavers, jewelers are fully staffed


Quake II To activate these cheats, press the tilde (~) key and enter the following codes in the console window:

god God mode notarget No target mode noclip No clipping give all All items, weapons, 999 ammo give jacket armor Jacket armor give shotgun Shotgun give super shotgun Super shotgun give machinegun Machine gun give grenade launcher Grenade launcher give rocket launcher Rocket launcher give shells Shells give bullets Bullets give cells Cells give grenades Grenades give rockets Rockets give slugs Slugs give quad damage Quad damage give invulnerability Invulnerability give silencer Silencer give rebreather Rebreather give health 100 health give weapons All weapons give ammo All ammo give armor Body armor Level Skip Cheat Go to the console by pressing the tilde (~) key, then type map x (where x is the level nameÑfor instance, map boss2) For a list of level names, go to Multiplay/Host Game from the main menu. Quake III Arena All of these codes require bringing down the console (by default, hit the ~ key) Code Effect /iamacheater Unlocks all single-player tournament levels at skill one (I Can Win!) /iamamonkey Unlocks all single-player tournament levels and adds 100 of every award to your record To activate the following cheats, put the server in developer mode. Load up a map by pulling down t he console and typing in "/devmap mapname" Code /god /give all Effect God Mode Gives you everything

You can also use the following codes with the /give command: Allammo Armor battle suit bfg10k flight gauntlet grappling hook grenade launcher haste health

invisibility lightning gun machinegun medkit personal teleporter plasma gun quad damage railgun regeneration rocket launcher shotgun

Railroad Tycoon 2 To activate cheats, first press Tab to bring up your cursor and then type in one of the following: BigfootGold Win with gold victory BigfootSilver Win with silver victory BigfootBronze Win with bronze victory BoBo Lose scenario King of the hill Gives your character $100,000 Powerball Gives company $100 million Slush fund Gives company $1 million Let me in Gives access to all denied territories Speed Racer Doubles maximum train speeds AMD103 Converts all engines to AMD-103s at expense of profits Show me the trains Gives all engines Viagra Increases city sizes Rainbow Six To activate cheats, press ' in the game and then type in one of the following: TEAMGOD AVATARGOD STUMPY CLODHOPPER MEGANOGGIN BIGNOGGIN 5FINGERDISCOUNT NOBRAINER DEBUGKEYS TURNPUNCHKICK 1-900 EXPLORE Team god mode Player god mode Stumpy mode on Enlarges player's feet and hands Mega head mode Big head mode Gives full ammo Turns AI off Debug keys enabled Changes players from 3D to 2D Heavy breathing Toggles the victory conditions on/off

Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear [tip_roguespear.bmp] Press [Enter] to bring up the communication window and type the codes below:

Code Teamgod Avatargod Nobrainer 5fingerdiscount bignoggin meganoggin Theshadowknows Teamshadow Explore Recoil

Result Team God Mode God Mode for current agent Brain Usage Refill Inventory Big Head Mode Mega Head Mode Invisible Mode for current agent Team Invisible Mode No Victory Conditions

During playing hit CTRL+X to enter cheat inputmode: Cavalry Invincible Hemmit All weapons enabled Medic Shields full strength Redguard To activate the cheats you first must hit F12 to access the console and then type the following: Item add,X (where X is from the following list) 2 Gold 3 Stoneskin potion 4 Health potion 5 Ring of invisibility 6 Vola's ring 7 Sabre 8 Rusty key 9 Gold key 10 Silver key 11 Amulet 12 Soul gem 13 Soul sword 14 Crowbar 15 Peg rune 16 Peg rune 2 17 Peg rune 3 19 Orc's blood 20 Orc's blood + 21 Spider's milk 22 Spider's milk + 23 Ectoplasm 24 Ectoplasm + 25 Hist sap 26 Hist sap + 27 Dwarven lore book 28 Dwarven gear 29 Glass vial 30 Glass vial filled with elixer 31 Iron weight 32 Bucket 33 Bucket full of water 34 Gauntlet rune 35 Elven artifact book 37 Redguard heroes book

38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74

Hammerfell book on Flora Map from Makio Leather pouch of gold Crendel's stolen map Silver boat Shovel Aloe Torch Monocle eyepiece Flag Silver locket League insignia parchment Joto's jail map Flask of Lillandril Hundings talisman Izsara's journal Feather Kithral's journal. The dead monk Folks firmament book Izara's locked journal Star stone Key to warehouse Key to Izara's house Spell Glass bottle empty Glass bottle with water Glass bottle mixed with water and aloe Strength potion Bandage Bandage with blood Sabre Sabre Sabre Sabre Bone key

Requiem: Avenging Angel Press [enter] for console, then enter one of the following: Code Effect csmilton Enable Cheats csyhwh God-mode csstigmata All Guns, Ammo, Health,Essence, Angelic Powers and Items csrosary All Angelic Powers cshealth Full Health csshroud Full Armor csessence: Full Essence csitems All Items csguns All Guns csammo Ammunition cshost No Gravity (Flight Mode) cswire Wireframe Level Map cshalt Stops Time csvanish Kills All Enemies

ReVolt Enter one of the following names at the name screen to activate the corresponding cheat function. If desired, return to the name screen and enter the name of your choice. TRACKER CARNIVAL DRINKME JOKER CHANGELING URCO SADIST TVTIME MAKEITGOOD Roller Coaster Tycoon Type in one of the following names during the game for a little fun (and some inside jokes from the game's designer): Name Chris Sawyer Melanie Warn Simon Foster Effect guest photographer enters the game happiness increases for all guests guest artist enters the game All tracks All cars Small cars Identical cars in multi-player mode Change car in mid-race UFO vehicle Press [Right Shift] for weapon select Press [F5] or [F6] for alternate views Press [F6] for no clipping, press [F6] twice for flight mode

Seven Kingdoms II To enable cheat mode simply type !!##%%&&. This has to be done for every new mission. A message should come up "Cheat codes enabled". Code Result CTRL+M Reveal Map CTRL+T Know All Technology CTRL+U Toggle Mortal/Immortal King Mode CTRL+A Toggle Debug Messages CTRL+D Toggle AI Info CTRL+\ +1000 Food CTRL+C +1000 Treasure CTRL+Z Fast Build Mode CTRL+; +10 Population in Selected Town CTRL++ Seat of Power Full CTRL+J Unknown Effect ALT+CTRL+E -10 Reputation ALT+CTRL+R +10 Reputation ALT+CTRL+K -20 Damage to Selected Building ALT+CTRL+J +20 Damage to Selected Building ALT+CTRL+X -1000 Treasure ALT+CTRL+C -1000 Food Shogo

To access the cheats, press T (or whatever you have the message button mapped to), type the code, and then hit Enter mptears Gives you unlimited ammo mpgod God mode mpkfa Full ammo, armor, and health mphealth Full health mpammo Full ammo mparmor Full armor mpclip Toggles clipping mode on/off mppos Toggles coordinates on/off mpcamera Toggles camera mode on/off mplightscape Turns lightscape edit mode on/off SimCity 3000 To activate any of the cheats, first press the Ctrl-Shift-Alt-C keys all at the same time. Then type in one of the following cheats in the window. I am weak Makes buildings, utilities, zoning, transportation, planting trees, and creating surface water free call cousin Vinnie Go to the Meet window to the Local Fundraising Event. Once there, Vinnie will offer you some cash Zyxwvu Use the call cousin Vinnie cheat and refuse his offer. Then use the zyxwvu cheat and the beautiful SimCity Castle will appear in your Rewards menu. The castle boosts land value, aura, and does some other good stuff garbage in, garbage out Makes all garbage buildings available power to the masses Makes all power buildings available water in the desert Makes all water buildings available Salt on Changes the sea to salt water Salt off C hanges the sea to fresh water Terrain one up Raises the terrain Terrain one down Lowers the terrain Terrain ten up Raises the terrain Terrain ten down Lowers the terrain pay tribute to your king All rewards become available I love red tape All ordinances become available let's make a deal Neighbor and business deals offered nerdz rool Gives you high-tech industry SiN First press the tilde (~) key, as in other Quake-engine games, then enter the code: /health 999 Health 999 /wuss All weapons /superfuzz God mode /nocollision No clip mode /wallflower No target To get items, type /spawn x where x is any of the following: magnum Gives the magnum shotgun Gives the shotgun assaultrifle Gives the assault rifle rocketlauncher Gives the rocket launcher sniperrifle Gives the sniper rifle heligun Gives the big gun from the chopper reactiveshields Gives the reactive shield

rockets coin health cookies lensflare ChainGun BlueCard OrangeCard YellowCard GreenCard KeyRing MoneyBag Dollar Evidence PulsePart1 PulsePart2 PulsePart3 Chemsuit Blueprints U4 sample Silencer South Park

Gives rockets Gives a coin Gives a health pack Gives a pack of cookies Makes a light-effect Chaingun (the one you get with the 5-key) Blue identcard Orange identcard Yellow identcard Green identcard Small key Bag from bank robbery Gives a coin Papers with evidence First part of pulse cannon Second part of pulse cannon Third part of pulse cannon Chemical protection suit Blueprints from construction site Sample from chemplant Silencer for standard gun

Press [esc] during game play and select Options. Click in the lower left corner and enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Code Effect EGOTRIP Big enemy heads BEEFCAKE Invincibility SWEET All weapons with unlimited ammo Spec Ops: Ranger Team Bravo * Move the savedata.txt file out of the specops directory, and you'll gain access to all missions. * Hit Alt-Shift-V, go to your items list and select the Viewfinder, and your ranger will be invincible. StarCraft: Brood Wars These cheats are identical to the codes for the original StarCraft. First hit the Enter key and type in the cheat, then press Enter again to activate it. The codes that affect gameplay conditions can be toggled by typing them a second time. there is no cow level game over man power overwhelming show me the money whats mine is mine breathe deep something for nothing black sheep wall operation cwal Win current mission Lose current mission All friendly units and structures are invincible (can affect scripted scenes) Adds 10,000 minerals and 10,000 gas Adds 10,000 minerals Adds 10,000 gas All upgrades can be researched instantly and free of charge Turns off fog-of-war Increases unit and structure build times

dramatically staying alive medieval man modify the phase variance food for thought war aint what it used to be Noglues radio free zerg Ophelia

Instant research Turns off victory conditions so the current mission will never end All technology and special abilities can be researched instantly and free of harge Opens up the entire technology tree Turns off supply requirementsthe gathering Infinite energy for all friendly and enemy units Disables fog-of-war Prevents enemy units from using energy-based special abilities Plays a hidden Zerg tune; available only when using the Zerg race Enables level skipping. For original StarCraft campaign mission, type

terranY, zergY, or protossY where Y is the number of the mission. For Brood War campaign missions, type xprotossY, xterranY, or xzergY, where Y is the number of the mission. Star Wars Episode I: Racer Extra money: At the screen where POD parts are purchased, press [Shift] + [F4] + 4 for an extra $1000. Note: This may only be done five times before each race. Race as Sebulba : Successfully complete the Galactic Circuit to unlock Sebulba at the racer selection screen. Taunt opponent : Select tournament mode, highlight "Start Race" and press [Space] at the menu. Then an intermission that features your character and opponent taunting each other will appear. Note: This will not work if your character is the track favorite. Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace During the game, press Backspace, then enter any of the following cheat codes: Code Effect brenando gain tech bonus donttttt instant death drop a beat turns display wavy fps toggles framerate counter iamobi you play as Obi-Wan Kenobi iampanaka you play as Captain Panaka iamqueen you play as Queen Amidala iamquigon you play as Qui-Gon Jinn i really stink sets game on easy level kill me now just what it sounds like rex toggles red outline on menu boxes where is gurshick runs credits Star Wars: Rogue Squadron To enter the cheats, click on Settings from the console, then select General. There you will see a blank space labeled "Enter Passcode Here." Click on it, and press ShiftDel to disable the cheat. CREDITS Star Wars-style credits LEIAWRKOUT Activates force feedback for PC joysticks


Modifies force feedback control for PC joysticks Allows you to play as an AT-ST Gives you unlimited lives Gives you all power-ups in the game

In the game hit Shift-; together, and then type "summon_obj [item]", where items can be: medical kit psi amp wrench pistol shotgun assault rifle laser pistol EMP Rifle Electro Shock Gren Launcher Stasis Field Generator Fusion Cannon Crystal Shard Viral Prolif Worm Launcher These other codes also work: psi_full Fully restores psi points ubermensch Pumps up all of your stats and skills The Sims While playing, press [CTRL] + [SHIFT] + [ALT] + C, then type the following codes: Code Result klapaucius $1000 Simoleons set_hour # Change time of day to # (1-24) set_speed # Game speed to # (-1000 to +1000) ! Repeat last cheat ; Separate multiple cheat commands

Thief: The Dark Project The following cheats work only with v1.33. * Press Control-Alt-Shift-End to skip the current mission. * Add the line cash_bonus to your dark.cfg. If set to an integer, its value is added to your loot total. * Add the line starting_mission X in your dark.cfg, where X is the desired mission number. When you select New Game, you will start at that mission. Total Annihilation: Kingdoms

After starting a skirmish game or multiplayer mode, press [Enter] to bring up the message box. Press + then enter a code below and press [Enter] to activate it. Enter a code again to deactivate it. Code Result Atm Fill Mana Doubleshot Weapons do Double Damage halfshot Weapons do Half Damage Infrared Fog of War On/Off Nowisee Full Map Zipper Faster Unit Building Trespasser If you're feeling the hurt, here's some help: To change levels, hold Ctrl-Shift-Q-W, then release the W key. If you're stuck with this game, here is how to activate some cheats that might ease the pain. Press Ctrl-F11. A cursor will appear in the lower left of the screen; then type in any of these codes. After typing the code, press Enter and hit Ctrl-F11 again to activate. TNEXT Transports you through important locations on the level LOC Gives coordinates on the world map BONES Highlights objects you can interact with GORE 2 More gore INVUL Invincibility WOO Infinite ammo BIONICWOMAN You can jump higher, but you run slower WIN Shows ending FMV DINOS Freezes dinos Tomb Raider III * To skip a level in the game: Draw the pistols; walk one step backward; walk one step forward; crouch and stand; spin around three times; then jump forward. * To get all weapons: Draw the pistols; walk one step backward; walk one step forward; crouch and stand; spin around three times; then jump backward. * To find a secret room: Go to the pool in Lara's mansion. Behind the diving board, there is a switch. Flip the switch to open a door in the main room of the mansion. Behind there is another switch. Pull that switch, turn around and run to the open door that's across the hall. Once in there, you'll find Lara's treasure room. Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation Here're the cheat codes to make life for you/Lara easier. Level Skip Face exactly North (open the inventory screen and check the compass needle; if it's transparent you're facing North. If it isn't, try again). Select the "Load" option in the inventory, press and hold the "H E L P" keys, then release them. Leave the inventory and you'll automatically skip your current level. All Weapons Again, face exactly North. Now select a small medipak, and press and hold the "W E A P O N S" keys, and then release. Once you leave the inventory, you'll have all the weapons. All Unlimited

Once again, make sure to face North. This time, select the large medipak, and then press and hold the "G U N S" keys. Now when you leave the inventory screen, you'll have unlimited amounts of everything. Turok 2: Seeds of Evil Select "Enter Cheats" in the Options menu. An onscreen keypad appears on which you must type the names of the cheats you want available to you during the game. To turn a cheat on (or off), you must then go to Cheat Select Menu and select the particular cheat you want. OBLIVIONISOUTTHERE Lets you activate any of the cheats (it's the Ÿber cheat, since it's equivalent to typing in the names of all cheats) TROMPEM Big hands and feet mode BIGBADNOODLE Big head mode HELLOSTICKY Stick mode LILLIPUTIAN Tiny mode PICASSO Pen-and-ink mode HENRYSBILERP Gouraud mode YOQUIEROJUAN Shows Juan's face on every diamond MRNOPRULEZ Do nothing INEEDAUPS Blackout mode WIZARDOFOZ Psychedelic textures JANESSPECIALWORLD Same as Juan's but for Jane

Ultima Ascension Warning from the designers: Using these cheats can cause certain parts of the game to "break". For example, using the fly cheat can cause the player to possibly fly over crucial trigger areas and flag-setting areas, causing triggers to be broken and some parts of the story to not progress. The invulnerability cheat will also have a similar effect on the game. You may find yourself loading a savegame from much earlier because a crucial trigger or flag was not set off at the appropriate place in the game. In whichever directory you installed Ultima Ascension in, there should be a file called "default.kmp". Opened it with notepad or another text editor, and find the following line: [Cheat Commands] Simply add the following lines underneath it: alt+shift+i = toggle_avatar_invulnerable alt+shift+l = toggle_avatar_fly During game play, pressing the corresponding keys (alt+shift+i & alt+shift+l) will activate the cheats. You may also bind the following codes just as you did the ones above: pass_one_hour unpass_one_hour sunrise_sunset pass_one_minute unpass_one_minute toggle_sun toggle_wind toggle_storms toggle_avatar_fast

Unreal Hit the tilde (~) key, which brings up a console, then type any of the following cheats: Allammo Full ammo Fly Fly mode on Ghost Fly mode plus no clipping God God mode Walk Normal mode invisible1 Makes you invisible invisible0 Toggles invisibility off killall Kills all enemies on level Playersonly Freezes all enemies Suicide You die Summon X Gives the desired weapon or item where X is the name of the item Enter the following names to play the corresponding level: vortex2 nyleve dig dug passage chizra ceremony dark harobed terralift terraniux noork ruins trench isvkran4 isvkran32 isvdeck1ISVspirevillage thesunspire skycaves skytown skybase veloraend bluff dasapass dasacellars naliboat nalic nalilord dcrater extremebeg extremelab extremecore extremegen extremedgen extremedark Vortex Rikers NyLeve's Falls Rrajigar Mine Depths of Rrajigar Sacred Passage ChizraÑNali Water God Temple The Ceremonial Chambers Dark Arena Harobed Village Terraniux Underground Terraniux Noork's Elbow Temple of Vandora The Trench ISV-Kran Deck 4 ISV-Kran Decks 3 and 2 Kran Deck 1 Spire Village The Sunspire Gateway to Na Pali Na Pali Haven Outpost Velora Pass Bluff Eversmoking Dasa Mountain Pass Cellars at Dasa Pass Serpent Canyon Nali Castle Demonlord's Lair Demoncrater Mothership Basement Mothership Lab Mothership Core Skaarj Generator Illumination The Darkening

extremeend queenend

The Source Antechamber The Source

Unreal Tournament These cheats work only in the Single-Player Tournament or in Practice Sessions. Press ~ to bring down the console, then type: Code Result Iamtheone Activate Cheat Mode God God Mode Loaded All Weapons Allammo All Ammo Ghost Walk Through Walls Fly Fly Mode Walk Walk Mode playersonly Freezes Time, Type Again to UnFreeze summon [item] Summon Item (see list below) Items list: WarHeadLauncher Enforcer DoubleEnforcer Minigun2 PulseGun ShockRifle SniperRifle UT_BioRifle UT_Eightball UT_FlackCannon Chainsaw

VIPER RACING Press Shift-F12 to activate a blimp camera that flies around using Descent-style controls.


Warzone 2100 Press 'T', type the code and hit [ENTER]. Code Result time toggle Stops and starts the mission timer get off my land Kills all enemy units on the map

show me the power whale fin hallo mein schatz work harder double up kill selected john kettley biffer baker sparkle green

Gives 1000 extra power Gives 1000 extra power Skip to next mission Completes all currently active research topics All of your units are twice as tough Kills the presently selected units Toggle weather: snow, rain,clear Units almost indestructible Stronger units

X-COM Interceptor Press Ctrl-W when you hear a double beep tone, cheat mode is active. Battlecheat To enable cheats Canttouchthis Invincibility Fillerup Unlimited flight range

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