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Bank Account Opening Form

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It consists oI various details which are to be Iilled by the applicant Ior the purpose oI
opening the account. The proposal Iorm must be duly Iilled in all respects. Necessary details
regarding name, address, occupation and other details must be Iilled in wherever required. Two
or three specimen signatures are required on the specimen signature card. II the account is
opened in joint names, then the Iorm must be signed jointly. Now a day the banks ask the
applicant to submit copies oI his latest photograph Ior the purpose oI his identiIication.

References for Opening your Bank Account
The bank normally required reIerences or introduction oI the prospective account holder by any
oI the existing account holders Ior that type oI account. The introducer introduces by signing his
specimen signature in the column meant Ior the purpose. The reIerence or introduction is
required to saIeguard the interest oI the bank.

Submit Bank Account Opening Form and Documents
The duly Iilled in proposal Iorm must be submitted to the bank along with necessary documents.
For e.g. in case oI a joint stock company, the application Iorm must accompany with the Board's
resolution to open the account. Also certiIied copies oI articles and memorandum oI association
must be produced.

Officer will verify your Bank Account Opening Form
The bank oIIicer veriIies the proposal Iorm. He checks whether the Iorm is complete in all
respects or not. The accompanying documents are veriIied. II the oIIicer is satisIied, then he
clears the proposal Iorm.

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