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Barbara Miller-Williams, Erie County Legislator (2007)

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Barbara Miller-Williams, Erie County Legislator (2007)



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FO Sox 857, Bu ffdo, NY 1420 5 Website: w ar.sto ewa tl nocratwny_com

Name: Address: Da ' Phone: (l,) Fax Number: h/
Office Sought: Patty AIEUiattou:
Before you continue, please enders d that: • Stonewall Democrats of WNY may publicize your responses m press releases and voters' guides, on our web site, and wi a other channels of communication. Stonewall Democrats of WNY will also identify candidates who fail to respond to this gue stioinnaire. • Stonewall Democrats will hold you publicly accountable for actions inconsistent with your responses during your campaign airdif elected dieing your term in office.


Eve ' Plroue: F-mail: # 3i-1 /'6 ,q
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Ole (' lr.v 1e ,J —.We o
^` 7

V P.,v`t . J3r..
l i i Q,., +-N L fr k A L l Ti -

Please submit your typewritten responses to the ft timing questions on a separate sheet

1) Why an you seeking this office? 2) Why are you seeking of the Stonewall Democrats of ^? theendo s 3) What tares issues do you consider a be most important to people sew by the office you sue? For each issue: a) Provide an example of specific action(s) you have previously taken—either as a pubis official or as a private citizen-to bring about positive change relative to this issue; and intend you seek. to propose if elected to the office b) Specify what additional action(s) in regard to this iss ue you important to the gay, lesbian, bisexual and txansgender 4) What three civil rights issues do you perceive to be the most ((LET) ownewnity ? For cach issue: a) Provide an example of specific action(s) you have previously taken--either as a public oficial or as a private citizen-to bring about positive change relative to this issue; and b) Specify what additional action(s) in regard to this issue you intend to propose if elected to the office you seek. 5) Stonewall Democrats of WHY strongly believes that candidates have a responsibility to provide voters with lruthJi4 fair and clean campaigns for public office and to conduct themselves in a manner conducive to a civil, issue-oriented debate with their fellow candidates Will you sigh a written pledge to conduct your campaign accordingly? 6) It' endorsed by the Stonewall Democrats of WNY, will you list The endorsement on all applicable campaign literature (i.e., all literature listing any other endorsements)? `) If endorsed by the Stonewall Demo crats of WHY, will you attend a GLBT amity forums to introduce endorsed candidates?
the office you seek has no direct autho rity in non-county legislative matters, if elected you will have the ability to indirectly influence the region's local, state and federal elected officials. Please indicate your support or opposition for Alit'





A.b584/S.3753 - GENDA (Duane/Gotttlied): prohibits discrimination based on gender identity or expression; defines "gender identity or p exression." as having or being paved as havi ng a .fir identity, WE image, appearance, behavior or expression whether or not that gender identity , self image, appearance, behavior or expression is different from that traditionally associated with the sex assigned to that person at butts; further includes offenses regarding gender identity or expression within the list of offenses Sub e ct to treatment as hatecrimes.


A 1613 - SAFETY Act (Sc orough): Authorizes the office of children to c tablish policies and procedures affording all and fairy children in OCPS facili ties an environment free of harassment and discrimination based on actual or perceived raw, national oragru, ethnic group, religion, disability, gal orientation, gender or s ex; requires

T Marriage Equalit y Bill (DuianefOIounell): h e domestic relations law is emended by adding a new section to read as follows; A marriage that is 4 otherwise valid shall be valid regardless of whether the parties to the marriage are of the sane or different seq. S 1835/- Equal access to Family Court s for domestic pertuers (Uuane):Provides that orders of protection may be entered against any naenuber of'the same fhntity or household; expands the defi nition of ",miler ofthe same family or l bold", for purposes of issuance of orders of protection and tempora ry orders of protection and the concurrent j,Aisdiction of family courts and criminal courts, to former spouse whetbet or not living together and unrelated persons who continually or at regular intervals reside in the same household or have done so in the past, and persons who are or have been in a dating or intimate felationship whether or not they have ever lived together. e A.3496 .1SIi - Qj r c Enacts the *Dignity For All Students Act'; authori zes the commissioner of education to establish policies and procedures affording all students in public noels an environment free of harassment and discranaoatba based on actual or per ceived racy, national ongm, manic group, religion„ disc ity, sexual orientation, gender or sex; requires reporting harassment and distiu ination to such commission; makes exempti p} S 2800/A 4918 - N' y„ Y,^_ . St .flefensc of Marriage ACt (DOMA) *I" (Maltese/Seminera.o): Makes a marriage ab solutely void if contracted by two persons of the same sex. ASS - Work rs.C mpensation benofzts for domesticp ntluers (John): provisions concerning disability Includes domestic pa rtners in certain, benetits and dells the term domestic (Click): Provides that A 2196 - movement T. V for a ur
bereavement leave be granted to individuals involved in same-sex relationships on the same basis as those granted to employees who are A3869/S280 - Domestic Parinership (Click): To provide legal status for domestic partnerships and to extend provisions of laws that currently apply to xiuses or next-of-kin to domestic



Please indicate whether you would sponsor, co-sponsor, vote for and/or vote amt the following proposed county legislation: COUNTY I.1^GISLA ION
CO►xx DA..-.G lc'.f $c t-Di ,altar Act:





Prohibit discrimination lased on gender identity or expression; defame "gender identity or expression" as having or being perceived as having a gender identity,

self image, ate, behavior or e xpression That is different from that traditionally associated with the sex assigned to that parson at birth County Domestic PartnersM • To provide legal status for domestic partnerships and to wand provisions of laws tat currently apply to spouses or h next-of kin to domestic
1ewdll Democnirv 0W]' - Erie County Legislatu re 2007 Q esilosna;re purge 2

] fit Leave for domcspc DafU1a: VM_ B . Provide that beiewement leave be granted to individuals involved in saxne^sex relationships on the same basis as those grant ed to employees who are

married_ attest that this questionnaire represents my opinion of the issues on this questionn aire :

Date: Please complete the attaeked issues surveys, sign below and return questionnaire, surveys and your resume to: Y Stonewall Democrats WNY PO Box 857 Buffalo, NY 14205-0857 Or n to: (716)462-5052

Strinewall D moen4* W71Y— Erie Co nxy L.egt I

2007 Questimnnaim page 3

. arbara Miller-Williams Erie County Legislator. 3"' District

1. Why are you seeking this office? I am the incumbent candidate, appointed March 1, 2047, and have served as the Ellicott District Council Member for seven (7) years. I have always served with integrity and a strong commitment to addressing Legislative concerns directed towards improving quality of life issues across ethnic and cultural lines in an effective manner. I would like the opportunity to continue to serve and represent the Erie County constituency in a progressive and visionary manner as an Erie County Legislator. 2. Why are you seeking the endorsement of the Stonewall Democrats of WNY? Throughout the years Y have enjoyed the endorsement of the Stonewall Democrats of Western New York. Your endorsement has always provided the avenue for me to ,develop proactive relationships focusing on issues of interest to an audience of progressive voters and concemed constituents of the ray, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Community. 3. What three issues do you consider to be most important to the people served by the Office you seek? A. Economic Development focusing on Employment Opportunities-I have spearheaded the efforts to bring an inner city supermarket to the Ellicott District, supported. Graphic Controls, Shea's Theater, West Chippewa Street Redevelopment, HOMEZONE Project and the HOPE VI Project; all of which have equated to numerous employment and business opportunities for area residents. As a newly appointed Legislator, I have successfully secured funding for Erie Community Colleges (3 Campuses), supported the Arts and Cultural community, and support increased collaboration between municipalities at all levels of government. H. Access to Quality Health Care-1 am an advocated for insuring that ECMC remains a public hospital where all citizens may receive professional quality health care ort without regard of socio-economic status or ability to pa y - Supp Legislation reflective of the Patient's Bill of Rights, Family Health Plus and HCRA, I also continue to support funding to increase the presence of Nurses in all Public Schools via the Health Enhancement ProgramC, Crime Reduction and Safer Communities I continue to work within the Buffalo Police Department. to include members of the Mobile Response Team, and the Erie County Sheriff's Department's Personnel to eradicate criminal activity from our neighborhoods. In addition, I



will continue to focus on constituent issues focusing on loitering, noise nuisance problems, illegal drug activities, etc, to reduce criminal activities throughout Erie County. In addition, I will sponsor Legislation regarding the need to sustain positive working relationships with area law enforcement agencies to include the Erie County Sheriff Department, New 1''ork State Police, F-131. and Buffalo P-D. 4. What three civil rights issues do you perceive to be the most Important to the .Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Community served by the office you seek? i.acaE ]y aw Enfftcament Act LEA Fi.a. I34 forme iv ki owl as the fate . Crimes Prcu n ion Act- I will conrinue to diaio ue with fie esetrtriti e on er (D-M a rags dm the expansion of th Federal Crimina) Civil Rights Statute regard la hate crimes due to ender disabilit y sexual orientation as I recd o nixe the lice to rotes[ Or and serve not only the gngrt public but those. detained to ncc custOd of the Erie .Count Sheriff as we11- As an advocalr a stilts Raci Proii iii . 1 fiHVCI on led community al s so t rrns and filed Le Cat ion with the ilia 3 t t0 !'^7tuut w civil ri * hts oral] c e n 4 tcg,ii ing that re ionalf • we nraE; tcic^ ua[el^^ ackn cl od and adiJi a ]lase

criminal acts_a.rr pAi sl s itte members ta# ailr scu =m

..I , Votirl I

cam 7 Jjjie it power Q t111! l sip f BT Community.i will continue to ro nlote inclusion and aeknowled a the importance. of fill a nstitu is in rhe'v ting p roceSs. I will col tioue to suppot and promoc tbg mission QI the Stonewall Democrats Eendii cradilabijiry to the is u es Ohl the organization pronMotes

hf' •- ( VG Cl) r r71%iEi r the



C. Ecoromic Development with PairlE ]tai Em la ment Opportunities-In our enocacy the si nificnrice of the, right to coexist without c Brit ncin discrimination is unparaHele&kecogizing that t e Civil Rights 4c has never • ded . rotern f r3;,j, v an the E a5is of heir se t xual orientation. 1 continue
tQ enc yrtl'e citizens to active] ' runlicipaic in the o l itiUal proces and demand 1411 andegual cm li3 inem o } of n ties within rn eat, As the fom er cj it p/ic4^hairperson with the Common ^Quncil and as a Member of the E.C. on Legislature Pet onne Commit ee. I will continue t advocate for a uaii ' with

totected from discrimination based on sexualI orientation and/ot ender identity . As the lrie C oun t Legislator of the 3" District 1 will maintain a hiah do ree Ot ter rit and res ect for al cm loyee fi of the Department,


sign a written pledge to conduct m y Cam ai r l7 Slcuor i l n l f.

b. If endorse b y the Stoncwall Democrats Of WN I will list the en(loiwmefit on all apulicable gampaisn literature'


lea z11L ,lLIc\ i1I I)crll^^t;
L:t 13l Ifl L4 I I II1 1 1 E1'.!1 III E; ll tlt. c_L I1tt^jl .y L

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I tikillatt^.:i^J_a( l_k3.

i^E€iSlli ;l^i'`^.

Iran n,L ,,. cLlt u li3E


[€t tl:

)IIti1EU1113^iSfC, , •. I „ Il^(7,

S i m.' ^i :i^I I)c7CXLr l h }t^\ aid _I_t1

c! r \c.t._ysj lil'

th L


C S?tlE1C^'

Ms. Barbara Miller-Williams was appointed to the Erie County Legislature on March 1, 2007 to serve as the Representative of the 3"i Legislative District within the City of Buffalo. In January 1995 she was appointed to serve as the EElicdtt District Council Member with the Buffalo Common Council and was elected for the position in November 1995. Prior to her appointment, Mrs. Williams was a Homeland Security Coordinator and Community Police Coordinator with the local tow enforcement agency. During her tenure with the Buffalo ,police Department„ Ms. Williams enlis t in the United States Army Reserve and currently serves as a Master Sergeant with the 98' Division Headquarters in the Manpower Force Development Section and as a Course Manager/Senior instructor with
th the 9S '1S 0 Battalion and the 104 Division.

Ms. Williams has earned an Associates Degree in Secretarial Science, Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice/Business Administration and a Masters Degree in Student Personnel Administration. She continues to pursue higher education and strives to earn a P.H.D. in Criminology. As a life-long resident of the City of Buffalo she is the proud parent of two daughters and a granddaughter. She ran a spirited campaign as the first female Candidate for Erie County Sheriff in 2001
y and returned to local law enforcement in January 2002- She is currentl assigiied to the

', raining Academy as a School Resource Officer with the B.P D. and remains active within the education field with the Buffalo Public Schools. An advocate for progressive

community improvement agendas and crime prevention initiatives, Ms. Williams continues to support area Block Clubs and Community Based Organizations in various capacities.

)'age H Barbara Miller_Williams Some of her many aw Award, Wome
n ards ity

for commun

activism include the Black Achievers iri ludr st''

for Effective Change Golden Flame Award, Afro-American Police

Leadership Award, Langsto YMCA Outst ndh
t l;

Hughes Institute Commemorative Award, William r Emslie

Support Award, F. Cecil Brown Democratic Club Award, Kappa

Alpha Psi Fraternity, Tnt, Buffa

Alumni Chapter Community Service AWar ti , Pratt

Willcrt Community Center Certificate of Appreciation, 93.7 WBLK Professio
Los Taiuo

of the

Mouth Award, + rrowucd Queen Award, and the Af ro-American Police Trail Blazer Award Am 2001 Un AFFILIATIONS Leadership Bu#alO '95 Class Chairperson , Leadership Buffalo Graduate Pragram'99, Erie County Democratic Committee Member, GrassROots, Inc., 50 Woinea With A Vision, Alpa Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Gamma Phi omega Chapter, Uispanie & Friends Civic Association, N.A.A.G.P., Harriett Tubman 300's, Inc., Board of Block Clubs of Buffalo & Board n Coalition, Buffalo Urban League, United Way Erie County, NS Crime Preventio Governance Project, YWCA Leadership Development Committee, CAO of Buffalo & Erie County Board o€ Directors, Afro-American Police Association, Judges and police

Anna Cotton Award, Tru


Bethel Invisible Soldier Award, Pan

Conference of Western New York, and the Internationa FAVOR

Police Association.



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