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Best Video Format Treck for Youtube Video

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Tips of Getting Best YouTube YouTube Supported Video Format for YouTube YouTube Uploading I just uploaded a couple of small videos to YouTube YouTube and the qualit !as not as good as I  !as hoping" The videos !ere !ere rendered as !mv ## $#% &b" I tried one of the same videos rendered as !mv ## ' mbps and it loo&ed even !orse" (n suggestions for the best video format for YouTube) YouTube) * Video+elp"com Forum +ave ou ever received an ,invalid file format error message !hen ou-re uploading,) .ot sure !hich is the best format to save or upload our YouTube video) /ant /ant to &no!  !hat video formats are best supported supported b YouTube YouTube so that ou can upload videos to YouTube !ithout an problem) Find our ans!ers here about the best video format for YouTube uploading" YouTube Supported Video Format If ou !ant to upload the videos ou shot to YouTube0 YouTube0 the first thing ou need to &no! is  !hat video formats YouTube YouTube support" 1ven though YouTube YouTube accepts a variet of video formats0 there are still some video formats being booted out" Belo! are the best video formats supported b YouTube" 2

345 345 6a mult multim imed edia ia con conta tain iner er for forma matt sta stand ndar ard d spe speci cifi fied ed as as a par partt of of 341 341G* G*57 57


F8V 6F 6Flash Vi Video0 a &ind of of vi video fo format 7


(VI 6(u 6(udi dio o Vi Video deo Int Inte erlea rleave ved0 d0a a &i &ind of video ideo form ormat7 at7


39V 6the :uic&Time multimedia file format7

2 ;G4 ;G4 6a mult multim imedi edia a con conta tain iner er form format at defi defined ned b the the Thir Third d Gen Gener erat atio ion n 4art 4artne ners rshi hip p 4roject for ;G U3TS multimedia services"7 2 3<V 3<V 6an 6an free free con conta tain iner er for forma matt that that hol holds ds an an unli unlimi mite ted d numb number er of of vide video0 o0 aud audio io00 picture0 or subtitle trac&s in one file7 2

341G 341G 6the 6the 3ovi 3oving ng 4ict 4ictur ure e 1=p 1=per erts ts Grou Group0 p0 a &in &ind d of of vid video eo form format at77


/3V 6/indo!s 3edia Video7


S/F 6Shoc&!ave Flash7

.ote> #" It?s It?s stat stated ed b b You YouTu Tube be tha thatt 345 345 is the the best best form format at to to use" use" It It prov provid ides es bet bette terr qualit than F8V and is not as heav as (VI" (VI" /3V [email protected] format seems to lose its qualit qual it  !hile ;G4 and S/F resolutions are are too small" %" If our our vid video eos s aren aren?t ?t in in the the comp compat atib ible le vid video eo for forma mats ts) ) @on? @on?tt !orr !orr"" You You can can convert video to YouTube YouTube recogniAed video formats !ith the help of professional video converter soft!are"

3a&e Video Format Best Suitable for Uploading to YouTube (ctuall0 to &no! the YouTube supported video format for YouTube uploading is just the beginning" If ou !ant to get the best uploading results on YouTube0 ou?d better to &no! the best settings for uploading to YouTube" +ere-s a summar of the audio and video specifications ou !ill need if ou !ant to learn the best video format for YouTube uploading" 2

Best video format for YouTube> +"%50 341G*% or 341G*5


(spect Catio> .ative aspect ratio !ithout letterbo=ing 6e=amples> 5>;0 #>D7


Cesolution> 5E=;E 6#>D7 or 5'E=;E 65>;7 recommended


(udio format> 34; or (( preferred


Frames per second> ;E


3a=imum length> #E minutes 6!e recommend %*; minutes7


3a=imum file siAe> # GB

To &no! more details about the best YouTube video file format0 please follo! the table directl belo! this summar" #" Best YouTube Video Format Cesolution Cecommended> #%'E = %E 6#>D [email protected] and 5E = 5'E 65>; [email protected] There is no required minimum resolution H in general the higher resolution the better and [email protected] resolution is preferred" For older content0 lo!er resolution is unavoidable" It?s discouraged to add horiAontal blac& bars before uploading a video to YouTube" If ou do it0 blac& bars !ill be all around our video and it !ill loo& rather horrible" Bitrate (s bitrate highl rests upon codec0 there is no recommendation or minimum value" You are suggested to optimiAe video for resolution0 aspect ratio and frame rate rather than bitrate" Frame rate If it?s possible0 ou?d better &eep an or iginal frame rate" Usuall videos have the best qualit if the frame rate is bet!een %$*;E fps" Some modern cameras give even %EEE fps0 but YouTube doesn?t support such a qualit et" 4articularl0 pulldo!n and other frame rate resampling techniques are strongl discouraged" odec

+"%50 341G*% or 341G*5 preferred" These codecs are used in most modern videos0 so ou?ll hardl need to change this parameter"

%" Best YouTube (udio Format odec 34; or (( preferred Sampling rate 55"#&+A sampling rate and the higher bitrate possible0 but no less than #D% &bps hannels % 6stereo7

Tips> #" ompressing videos each time !ill generall result in degrading video qualit" That the truth about videos The best approach is to compress files the least amount possible" B &no!ing the abovementioned video formats and settings for YouTube  !ebsite0 ou?ll surel get the best YouTube uploading result" %" For those !ho?d li&e to do!nload videos from YouTube for offline plabac& rather than uploading video to YouTube0 3acJ YouTube @o!nloader can be a solid solution0 !hich helps ou can do!nload movies0 music videos0 and [email protected] videos from YouTube !ith a fe! clic&s !ithout an error and !atch YouTube videos stored on 3ac computers antime"

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