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Biodiversity in Malaysia

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Biodiversity • Biodiversity – the sum total of the genetically-based variety of all organisms in the biosphere. • 3 main levels : genetic diversity, species diversity, ecosystem diversity.

Genetic Diversity • The sum total of all the different forms of genetic information carried by all organisms living on earth. • Within each species, it refers to the total different forms of genes present in that species.

Species Diversity • Number of different species in the biosphere.

Ecosystem Diversity • Variety of ecosystems in the living world.

Threats To Biodiversity In Malaysia • Endangered species are threatened. • Factors that threaten biodiversity: - excessive and illegal logging - pollution of rivers, lakes and beaches - fish bombing - mangrove exploitation

Effects Of Biodiversity Extinction

Biodiversity Conservation • In situ – establishment of parks and reserves • E.g. National Parks • Ex situ – conserving biological diversity in human controlled settings. • E.g. breeding in zoo, aquaria, botanical gardens, artificial insemination, embryo transfer

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