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Blower Manual

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GENERAL INSTALLATION AND OPERATIONAL FEATURES FOR CENTRIFUGAL AIR BLOWER As soon as the blower is received, please check all the items as described in the packing slip. As shortage or damage should be reported immediately to the transporter and claimed with the insurance company under advice to us. The blower should be unloaded upmost care as slight mishandling can cause serious problem later on. The blower should be placed so that it is completely accessible from all side and sufficient space should be left around for easy dismantling / piping and maintenance. The blower should be protect against moisture, heavy dusty atmosphere and flooding. FOUNDATION: The base plate supplied with the blower should be carefully leveled on the foundation. The foundation plate-form should not less than 100 mm in depth. If the blower is mounted on steel work, adequate support must be provided. Locate the foundation bolts according to the print furnished with the equipment. After the base plate is in place, put the blower down to it and check alignment / line up drive and driven pulley (if the blower is supplied with V-belt drive arrangement). Before starting the blower, please sure that base plate has not been pulled out of true causing to bend of base plate. When the unit is properly set on the foundation, it should be perfectly leveled. PLACEMENT OF BLOWER: Blower should be placed in such a way that the suction of blower should be on free side. Suction of blower should be freely open to atmosphere and should not be restricted by walls and other equipments etc.

PIPING: The size of outlet pipe of blower to the system should not be less than the supplied blower size. There should be any bend or reduction in the line at outlet of the blower atleast up to 5 meters length. Please note that mounting of a muffler of any other types of silencer cum filter will prevent the notice level. Filter design should be such that it should not restrict the flow of air from suction. i.e. there should be sufficient area available to minimize the pressure losses. The blower which is to be used as Booster service must be fitted with a suitable filter screen on the suction line. Usually 3/16” mesh wire screen is placed across the suction flange. The screen should be kept in the suction flange until the operator is certain that all particles such as welding shot, filler or chips may have been deposited in the system when connections where made has been removed. If the above procedure is not follows, the rotor of blower may be seriously damaged. No unnecessary fitting or turns should be used in suction and discharge piping. The outlet piping of the blower to the system should be such that minimize short bend and elbows. All the gasket and joint must be tight to prevent leakages. Adequate support provided to piping to avoid unnecessary stresses on the blower outlets flange. GLAND PACKING: (If the blower is supplied with gland packing arrangement) The stuffing box gland packing has been provided on the blower to ensure the leakage from the shaft and when its use in such application. This box should be packed with champion make grease coated graphite packing or similar nature.

The stuffing box should never be pulled up to too tight since a tight stuffing box runs hot, and use unnecessary power. It may cause of dangerous hazards. This gland packing should be examed periodically and to be replaced whenever it is so required. ROTATION: The direction of rotation of every blower is clockwise / anticlockwise towards the outlet of blower profile. The arrow on the machine indicates the correct direction of rotation. Check this carefully before final commissioning of the blower and if it is reverse, interchange the 2 phase of supply of the motor. BEARINGS: (If supplied with a Pedestal drive arrangement) Blowers are fitted with ball bearing mounting in dust-proof housing and required no attention except lubrication. The bearing housing cover is to be opened out. Old grease to be cleaned and new grease is to be filled in and then bearing cover is to be refitted. STARTING: Connect the blower outlet to the system Connect the electric connection to electric motor, Loose connection in the wiring should be avoided. Three phase four wire, 440 volts, 50Hz, AC electrical supply given to the electric motor. Start the blower and check carefully the rotation of the blower. If it is correct, let it runs to continue. CAUTION: DO NOT RUN THE BLOWER WITHOUT LOAD OR SYSTEM. IT MAY CAUSE OF OVERLOADING OF BLOWER MOTOR.

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