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Things you'll need: New o-ring Small hose clamp High temperature gasket sealant Torx bits 10mm socket Small ratchet Sheet or towel Remove the cabin filter/housing - twist locks and torx screws. Remove the oil filler cap - clips off. Remove engine cover - pulls off.

Wedge the sheet/towel down the back of the block to catch any oil and the bolts that you'll drop repeatedly!!! Remove clamp and hose. Remove the 3 10mm bolts securing the pump to the block.

Remove the pump and make a note of the position of the square locking plate as it has to be in this position to fit back into the receiver on the camshaft!! Turning the locking plate will squirt oil out!!

Remove the 5 torx screws.

Open it up.

Take it all apart, clean it all up .

Once it's all clean and dry, run a small ring of sealant into the rebate where the large gasket goes, insert the gasket and wipe away any excess sealant, then run a small ring of sealant around the outside of the gasket, make sure there is no sealant around the inside

nearest the spinnig chamber!!

Put the cog and rod back in. Refit the cover plate. Fit the new o-ring. Put the pump back on the engine.

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