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SATHIYA PRABU No: 16/4, 4thmain link road, 2ndcross, New extension, Madiwala, Bangalore - 560 068. Email: [email protected] Mobile: 098865 49009.

Objective Looking for a position to utilize my skills and abilities in the field of Information Technology.

Education Anna University, Chennai. 2003-2006

Bachelor Of Information Technology Institution

: Velalar College of Engineering & Technology, Erode.


: 67.30

State Board of Technical Education and Training, Chennai. Diploma In Computer Technology 1999-2002


: Aarthi Polytechnic, Tiruchengode.


: 81.25

Professional skills Languages : C Core Java Applet, Swings, Servlets, JSP, Struts, JSF. Java Web server : Apache-tomcat 5.5 Development Tool : Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Web Design Tools : Macromedia Dream weaver 6.0, Adobe Photoshop 7.0. Database Systems : Oracle 8i for Windows. Operating System : Basics of red hat Linux 8.0, Microsoft windows XP.

Personal interests Web Designing and Programming in java.

Certificate Advanced java programming (J2ee) in Infogenesis solutions Pvt. Ltd, Erode. 2006.


Project profile


1.Pivate key validation of Domain name system This project is developed to securely transfer messages and files between two domains in a network with the help of digital signature algorithms and asymmetric keys. This private key validation of DNS is currently being used by the Internet users for securing messages and attached files. The user screens were developed using Java Swing. The modules are 1.user authentication. 2. Message digest algorithm: files and messages are encrypted in the form of byte using MD-5. 3. Cryptography PRNG: create public and private keys. 4. Generating and verifying signature using DSA for security. 5. Data Integrity. Developed Using : Language

- Java (Java Development kit 1.4 )


- Microsoft Windows XP.

2. Web Designing for computer shops. The main concept of this project is online purchasing of computer hardware components and software products. Provide some information about current technology used components and products. The modules are 1. Technology used 2. Product details with registration form 3. Calculating bill for selected products 4.Feed back. Developed Using: Design tools

- Macromedia Dream weaver 6.0, Adobe Photoshop 7.0.


- MS Access 7.0. Platform - Microsoft Windows 2000.

3.Hotel management system The objective of this project is to calculate bills for customers and also to maintain their records in a database. It consists of following modules customer entry, room allocating, room vacating, and billing. Developed Using: Package

- MS Visual Basic 6.0.


- MS Access 7.0. Platform - Microsoft Windows XP.

Personal profile Name Date of Birth Permanent Address

Sathiya prabu, E June 12th, 1983. New no: 65, Periyavalasu, Erode.

Nationality Language Marital status

Tamil Nadu -638 004. Indian Tamil, English Single

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