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Business Management Extra Credit Opportunity

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Business Management Extra Credit Opportunities
Watch an episode of Undercover Boss or The Apprentice either live or on the internet. In a one page double spaced typed brief, describe the company / manager featured in the episode, give specific examples of management strategies/philosophies/principles that are being observed, and relate them to what we studied/are studying in class. Document properly using correct MLA format. You may submit two extra credit briefs per six weeks. Each will be due no later than the first day of class the fifth week of the six week grading period and be worth a maximum of 25 extra credit points each. They may be printed and turned in to the basket or emailed to me. Either method will be accepted for the same number of points. You may also go to the movie and bring me your ticket stub for the movie Unstoppable. Then write a 1 page double-spaced summary of how the movie relates to the concept of strategic/turbulent planning that we have studied. This choice is worth 50 points. It too must be turned in no later than the first day of class the fifth week of this current six weeks.

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