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Business Opportunity India

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By: Entry India, LLC www.entryindia.com

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Entry India, LLC





 Agenda • • • • •

India and its people Opportnity identi!ication and ma"ing money #eal world e$amples %actors !or sccess &howcasing o! real'world pro(ects in Entreprener )oo"let

*ote: • +opics not coered: -& side o! the )siness E$porting, %inancing, Cstoms, etc./ Entry India, LLC



+arget Adience • Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs)  and Start-ups with prodcts and serices to sell in India • Entrepreneurs to create or innoate nie soltions !or the Indian mar"et • Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) who want to esta)lish a reene'generating )siness !or their !amilies in India Entry India, LLC



3hat comes to the mind when we hear the word 4I*5IA67 • • • • • • • • • • • •

Otsorcing 8oplation I don6t "now where India is on the world map 9ahatma andhi Corrption Bollywood &lmdog 9illionaire ;ong poplation with so many 4wants6 Eerything seems to sell in India #is" ta"ing entreprenerial spirit  Are people really ma"ing money there and how I can7 3here do I start<777 Entry India, LLC


India &tatistics • >th largest contry in the world • 8oplation: 1.1=? )illion @ly 21 est./ • 3orld6s th largest economy 58: 1.20? trillion or 0.=> trillion 888/ • Capital is *ew 5elhi and %inancial Center is 9m)ai • Largest English spea"ing nation in the world • Oer 2 langages are spo"en • 5ensity: 0D persons per sare "m as compared to 01 persons per sare "m in -&A Entry India, LLC



4India #ising6 Indicators !P ro"t#:

?.DF in 2 and e$pected D.=F in 21'11

US-India Trade$

• •

E$port to India 2D/: 02. )illion, a D=F p !rom 2> Import !rom India 2D/: 0.D )illion, a ?=F p !rom 2> Population di%ide: • =2F less than 2= years o! age • 9iddle Class: 0 million • One'third hoseholds got a raise o! oer 2F in last 12 months • Only 2F o! Indians hae li!e or health insrance Urani'ation: • Crrently 2F o! poplation is liing in cities and this will increase to = million )y 20 Per apita Inome

grew )y 1.=F to D= 2'1/ !rom D2 2D G / *or+in, Population: • 1D million new (o) see"ers will enter wor"ing age )y 22  • Cities will accont !or >F o! the new (o)s created olle,e raduated *or+ore$ Crrently 1 million • = niersities and 2=, colleges • #eirement: Additional D niersities and 0=,', colleges )y 22 Sto+ Mar+et: • B&E inde$ 0 in 20 21, in 2D D in 2 1D crrent • Less than 1F actiely participate in stoc" mar"et Ad%ertisin,: 10 million hoseholds hae +H 8riate satellite channels: = !rom 1 2/ *ews  crrent a!!airs 211 Moile P#ones: crrent ?=2.2 million s)scri)ers, 1>million added in @ly monthly growth o! 2.??F/

Entry India, LLC



 A)ot Indians People do Business with People • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Compete: wor" hard and win 9a"e more money, )y )randed clothes, )ig cars, )ig hoses *ews: mst "now what is happening necessarily complete or accrate/ o to school, get a degree and a high paying (o) &ae and own a home *egotiate a price and get disconts &ecretie a)ot what they "now #elationship )ilding &enior to )e called &ir or se 9r. as pre!i$ to their last name +al"ing, %ood, Cric"et, 8olitics %amily and sacri!icing !or their "ids %amily rn )sinesses &how'o!! regional/ Beliee in astrology &ensitie to religion: won6t do )siness or accept a chec" dring certain time o! the year   Adertisement +ag line: 4Brand that Americans Loe6

Entry India, LLC



3hat Indians thin" A)ot  AmericaJAmericans..7 • 3orld leader  • 3ants to control • Clean, polltion !ree • Innoators and leaders •  A)ndance • &perior Edcation • E$cellent law'en!orcement •  Angelina @olie • +oo mch process oriented • 5ying consmerism • Cheap real estate •  America on &ale • 3ho is )ying in America7

Entry India, LLC



Bdding Areas o! Opportnities +he !ollowing is a small sample'set o! areas with opportnities to ma"e money • %ood  Beerages  G roo!'top !arming, !ood processing technologies, !ood pac"aging technologies, water treatment plants !or drin"ing water<

Kome )ased  G Kome dcor prodcts, "itchenware, )ed and )ath, etc.

Kealthcare  G setp hospitals, medical clinics, drg deelopment indstry  G 9edical deicesJeipments, scanning and testing la)s, etc.  G 5eelopment o! disease speci!ic her)al prodcts !ollowing %5A gidelines

Edcation  G degree colleges medicalJnrsing/, ocational instittes  G 8rograms to train teachers, atomotie mechanics, medical technicians, etc.  G Corses in pcoming !ields o! genetics, nanotechnologies, etc.

In!rastrctre  G waste management, solar and wind technologies, temperatre controlled warehoses, air and noise polltion control technologies  G +owing trc"s, atomated par"ing lot technologies

Entry India, LLC


Identi!ying an Opportnity:  An E$ample • 3hat is the &cene  G 1D million entering wor"ing age in 1 years  G Kge 5emandJ&pply mismatch in edcation, s"ills

• 3hat can )e done  G &etp colleges, training centers  G Create programs, design new corses in pcoming !ields

• &cala)ility or )siness e$pansion model  G %ranchising Entry India, LLC



&ome E$amples with next steps •

;o hae a prodct or serice that yo want to sell in India. %or e$ample !ace cream, hand sanitiMer, edcation serice, conslting serice, atomated par"ing lot technology, etc.  G 5o yor research, 9a"e a )siness case, %ind a 5istri)tor, Become a %ranchisor etc

;o want to )y cost e!!ectie prodcts !rom India to sell in -&. %or e$ample handicra!ts, handlooms, rgs, (ewelry, her)al medicines, etc.  G 5o yor research, %ind a &pplier or a &orcing Agent

;o want to sae on yor costs in -& )y sing India6s wor"!orce in India. %or e$ample so!tware deelopment, research, legal and !inancial opinions, etc.  G Kire an otsorcing consltant, !ind and select an otsorcing company

;o want to start a pro(ect in India li"e setting p a man!actring plant, power plant, deelop a prodct !or Indian or -& mar"et, etc. ' Contact -& dept o! commerce, %ind a partner company in India<<.

Entry India, LLC



E$ample 1 #ecommended steps E$ample 1: I want to sell Kand &anitiMer el in India the !ollowing depends on the siMe o! yor pro(ect and yor e$pectations !rom India/ •

Call -& Commercial &erice O!!ice -&C&/ in India and gie them yor reirements  G I need to hae a !easi)ility report that presents the mar"et siMe !or the prodct, competition, pricing models, mar"et deelopment, distri)tion networ" and spply'chain recommendations, logistics and shipping arrangements, e$pansion strategies and reene repatriation.

-&C& will recommend conslting companies that can create a !easi)ility report

;o wold select one o! the conslting companies )ased on cost, location, preios clients. Etc.

Based on the recommendations o! the report, yo wold proceed !rther or end the pro(ect

I! proceed !rther: Call -& Commercial &erice O!!ice to !ind and select a distri)tor   G 8ay the !ees 0= minimm/ to -&C&

Based on recommendations )y -&C&, isit India and do one'on'one meetings with the prospectie distri)tors in presence o! an o!!icial !rom -&C& o!!ice

&elect the distri)tor o! yor choice and !inaliMe terms and conditions with the distri)tor -&C& plays no role in this part/  G Call Entry India, get a Lawyer recommendation and sign a legally )inding agreement

&tart yor pro(ect and ma"e 9O*E;

Entry India, LLC



&ccess %actors • +ime and 8atience • #ight E$pectations • 3ell de!ined agreements • Clear &trategy •  An Indian on yor side

Entry India, LLC



3hen 5ealing with an Indian 8artner  • Chec" !or  G  G  G  G  G

• • • •

#elia)ility: +estimonials with Client eri!ication Ethical 8ractices Commitment to wor"Jdoing )siness Cooperation with partner  %air and responsieness to employees

&how that yo hae mltiple options open ;o are in the game !or long time 3illingness to come to India Bild relationship Entry India, LLC



8ay &pecial Attention to • &cams, crime and corrption D2 nd in Corrption Inde$/ • I8 in!ringement • #esoltion o! disptes, cort settlements

Entry India, LLC



#esorces •

India Business and Tra%el uide  )y Entry India

Camille E. &ailer, Es., 5irector o! International +rade, *@E5A &idney &imon, &pecial Agent in Charge ' O!!ice o! E$port En!orcement #egina ordin, Bsiness 5eelopment O!!icer G E$port ' Import Ban" A)dl Nader &hai"h, 8h.5., &enior International Economist, -& Commercial &erice

• • •

5ownload more presentations on 5oing Bsiness in India, %inancing in -&, -& side o! E$port control and more !rom entryindia.com

Entry India, LLC



+KA* ;O-

Entry India, LLC



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