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 Siempre Antifascista 2010 ::: remembering means fighting :::

Assaults, murders, and pogroms   – expressions the boom of a seemingly defeated right wing attitude. Antiziganism, antisemitism, racism and homophobia are supported by society, legitimized by the state and performed in unison. Europe wide, Nationalist and right wing populist ideologies are currently pushing society further and further to the right, resulting in a threat to the physical existence of all those who because of their social, geographical, sexual, or political backgrounds refuse to (or  cannot) follow suit. Right wing radi-

cal movements across Europe and worldwide are increasingly networking, on the basis of the prophesied „race and culture war.“ Cross border cooperations under the banner  of Ethnopluralism, for a „Europe of  Fatherlands“ (NPD), is resulting in a strengthening of Nazi structures in the form of „Kameradschaften“ and Parties. Attempts across the far right parliamentary landscape to form their own „faction“ in the European parliament testify towards the very real danger of increased networking and cooperation between right wing

radical parties, from the Front National (France), to the Fiamma Tricolore (Italy), or the Partidul Romanie Mare (Romania).

By Any Beat Necessary Right wing music networks, ranging from „Blood and Honour,“ to the legal replacement structure „Honour and Pride,“ involving the globally active „Hammerskin Nation“ in the background, organize right wing concerts whose primary objective is to mobilize sympathizers for the „white resistance.“ Concerts, for example in the border regions of Germany/Poland/ Czech Republic or between France

and Belgium, provide event and experience space and by that a breeding ground for militant Nazism. This facilitates the spread of Nazi political concepts, such as the now global phenomenon of „autonome nationalists“ shows. In the Czech Republic, local Nazi cadres are working on effectively inltrating alternative youth cultures with racist and nationalist propaganda. On offer are right wing radical „alternatives“ to all kinds of  lifestyles and subcultures regardless of whether reggae/ska, electro, HipHop, or the classic right wing RAC (Rock Against Communism). Events such as the „Fest der Völker“

(Thurigen), the yearly „Remembrance“ demonstration in Dresden, or the „Day of Honour“ in Budapest all point towards a growing, highly mobile and increasingly militant Nazi scene. The participation of German Nazis in the anti Roma pogroms in the Czech city of Litvinov in November of 2008 can be seen as practical expression of „National solidarity.“ Europe wide, Nazis have expressed solidarity with the murderer of 16 year old Carlos Palomino, who was stabbed to death on 11.11.2007 in Madrid by a soldier and sympathizer of a far right organization in the name of a „white Europe.“ That this violence against political or „ethnic“ enemies is incre-

asingly taking on a deadly form has been evidenced in the past few years. The systematic use of violence against antifascist, migrant, or religious groups viewed as enemies reaches, in the global context, a new record high every year. In Russia alone, at least 71 people were murdered by Neonazis in the year 2009. In numerous Eastern European countries the radical right is no longer a marginal group on the political spectrum, but rather a force which has laid deep roots in the consciousness and political processes of the mainstream of society. The „Hungarian Guard“ is a nationally active „ci-

tizens defense“ corps belonging to the National Socialist Jobbik party, which claims to combat alleged „gypsy criminality.“ In the Ukraine and Russia armed militias train to take over state power. Nazis carry out attacks against migrants from the Caucus region, and in cities such as Warsaw, Budapest, or Moscow gay pride parades are attacked by a mob comprised of Nazis, citizens, and state apparatus. The permanent crisis of capitalism fosters, as is usual in times of social decline, collective identity crisis. The (far) right, concentrating increasingly on social questions, nds fertile ground for  their simplied solutions and scape

goating in increasingly impoverished sectors of society. As long as this situation of constant crisis persists, so will the horror which comes with it. A strong antifascist movement has the responsibility as well as the duty to engage with and combat the roots of  these problems.

Action - Reaction! We, the radical and antifascist left, refuse to watch idly as these developments occur. The exchange of  information, networking, and cooperation on local, regional, and cross border level are our alternatives. An

the barriers of both languages and borders. It is for this reason that we are organizing an international antifascist conference i n Berlin from November 12th to 14th under the motto of  „Siempre Antifascista – Remembering Means Fighting!“ Together with comrades from across Europe we will aim to discuss the different problems and perspectives in reference to the struggle against the far right. The following weekend will be dedicated to subculture. We are looking forward to celebrate and enforce antifascist action during the „Siempra Antifascista 2010“ festival. The Sa-

turday of the festival is also the date of the yearly Silvio Meier demonstration. In the afternoon the demonstration, in the evening the international antifa festival! Come to Berlin, and get connected to help create a strong and combative antifascist movement…everywhere! On November 11th there will be an international day of remembrance. Remember the victims of right wing violence – nobody is forgotten! Memory means Struggle!  Smash Nazi structures – Worldwide!  Siempre Antifascista!

International Action Day „Siempre Antifascista“ 2010 – 11th of November  Remembering means Struggle – In memory of all victims of right wing violence, against your local Nazi structures! Siempre Antifascista needs you all! It presents a decentralized conceptso organize actions against right wing structures and in memory of  their victims. Last year there were actions in numerous cities and countries, from Madrid to the Ukraine.

Attack right wing structures - of your  village, city, region, and anywhere else! Be creative - stickers, posters, yers, murals, stencils, banners, demonstrations, the choices are almost unlimited. Nobody is forgotten, and no fascist  is forgiven! Remember and struggle, and go the distance by any means necessary.

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