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Ian Dela Cruz



Case Study 2 – CS 5

Pick the five best companies for your career. Describe how each company uses information systems to help achieve a competitive advantage.

1. Wal-Mart – for low cost leadership – uses information systems to achieve the lowest operational cost. To become low cost producers, help suppliers and customers reduce cost and increase cost to its competitors. 2. Apple – for innovation – uses information system to enable new products and services, or greatly change the customer convenience in using your existing products and services. 3. Dell – for product differentiation – uses information system to customize, personalize products to fit specifications of individual customers. Develop ways to differentiate its products from its competitors. 4. Moen Inc. – for focus on market niche – uses information system to enable specific market focus, and serve narrow target market better than competitors. Analyses customer buying habits, preferences, and advertising pitches to smaller and smaller target companies and markets. 5. Amazon – for strengthening customer and supplier intimacy – amazon keeps track of user preferences for purchases, and recommends title purchased by others. It keeps strong linkages to customers and suppliers increase switching costs and loyalty.

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