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characteristics of quality in education

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Sultan Qaboos University
College of Education
Instructional & Learning Technologies Department

Done by: Ibrahim Hamed Albadi (89245)
Mohammed Salim Alhinaai (88722)
Khalid Hilal Al Shabibi (88733)
Submit to: Dr. Abdelrahman Mohamed
Subject: Tech4211
Identify at least 5 important characteristics of quality in
education according to your view and explain why you
consider these to be important.
A. Reason
We believe that all the characteristics of quality is important
because that they compatible together with each other to achieve
the maximum desired quality in education process.

B. Characteristics.

1. Performance.
I believe the Performance is important because it is concerned with
the primary operating characteristics of product. For example, for a
Data Show projector, the performance comprises of sound and
picture quality. In higher education performance is the abilities
expected of a graduate.
2. Serviceability.
In our opinion serviceability is important because it is concerned
with handling of complaints from students, staff and industry.
Some also emphasize the continuous updating of their alumni as
evidenced by professionals through their magazines, newsletters
and continuing education to provide after training service.
3. Communication
It is necessary to keep the student informed in a language that they
could understand and also listen to them. So we mean here how
well lecturers and students communicate in the classroom?
4. Reliability.
It is very important in higher education because it can be
considered as to what extent the knowledge gained is correct, and
up-to-date. In addition, the degree to which education is correct,
accurate and up to date. Also, the degree of consistency in
educational process.

5. Conformance.
It is one of the most important characteristics because it is the
extent of meeting the established educational standards and its own
promises to the client. So we mean here the degree to which an
institutional program or course meets established standards, plans
and promises.
6. Correctness
Correctness it becomes very important day after day because it is
extent to which a program, curriculum or courses complies with
the specified requirements of business markets.
7. Flexibility
Flexibility is very essential because it refers to the degree to which
knowledge or skills learned is applicable to other educational
8. Understanding customers.
In higher education understanding students and their needs is very
important and that help to control student and to know what they
want to learn and what the activities are appropriate for them.
9. Durability.
We conceder durability is important because it refer to the depth of
learning which help student to learn about the things very deep not
just basic information about the subject, things, topics.
10. Usability
Usability in our believe it is important because it means the ease of
learning and the degree of communicativeness in the classroom.

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