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Coalition Platform

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Pipelines, Oil Trains, LNG, offshore oil and gas exploration and drilling, and fracking are casting a
dark shadow of damage on every corner of New Jersey. This onslaught of dirty, dangerous,
unneeded fossil fuel projects threatens our drinking water, open space, ocean, property values,
communities, and neighborhoods; exacerbates environmental injustice, existing societal inequalities,
and the climate crisis; and blocks our transition to a green economy that creates more jobs at less
 South Jersey and NJ Natural Gas Pipelines in the Pinelands ... Penn East and Pilgrim Oil
pipelines across the Delaware River and the Highlands ... the oil bomb trains running from
Bergen County to the Philadelphia metropolitan area ... the Port Ambrose LNG terminal and
drilling off the Jersey Shore … LNG proposals and Gas Hub plans on the Delaware …. all
have to be stopped now!
 Dirty fossil fuels – fracked gas, oil, coal – all have to be phased out over the next 3 decades and
replaced with efficiency and clean renewable technologies.
Today we are launching a statewide coalition carrying forth a new winning strategy to protect our
communities and secure a bright future that will make New Jersey a national and worldwide leader in
clean energy strategies and technology and green economy job creation. We will advance a platform
of policies and decisions with meaningful benchmarks to:
• Accelerate New Jersey’s transition to a safe, clean energy future, increase economic security and
resiliency, and reduce inequity and carbon pollution through –
 A 30% increase in efficiency by 2030
 Going 100% carbon free for electricity production by 2030
 Achieving a NJ fueled by 100% clean, safe, and renewable energy sources (e.g., wind, solar,
water, geothermal) for transport, heating/cooling, and industry by 2050
 Eliminating subsidies for fossil and nuclear fuels
 Making New Jersey a hotbed for manufacturing and R&D for green technologies that coupled
with the increases in renewable and efficiency construction, installation and maintenance jobs
will assist the workforce as labor demands shift in an evolving economy
• Stop new pipeline projects from cutting through New Jersey communities and environments to
service more fracked gas and oil
• Ban fracking (A2151) and the dumping of frack waste (S1041) in New Jersey
• Prohibit Bakken Shale crude oil and Alberta Tar Sand products from barreling through New Jersey
on explosive oil trains
• Prevent the construction and expansion of oil and gas industries and facilities in New Jersey
communities, off our shore line, and on our waterways
• Prohibit offshore drilling and exploration for fossil fuels in New Jersey and Mid-Atlantic waters
• Reduce existing equity and environmental justices issues by ensuring vulnerable communities
especially benefit from reductions in fossil fuel related air pollution emission reductions and have fair
access to all aspects of the development and utilization of green technologies

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