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Common Telephone Etiquettes

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Common telephone etiquettes

Hre r some simple tips 2 follow while answering answering ur phonecals or ur own own professional calls or handling calls 4r othrs:y

Avoid using slang






alwaz speak clearly so tha the othr person can understand wat u r sayng.




Wen teansfering cals,m ke

use of phrases such as may I help u, u r welcum,and than k u,etc.

d reaciver down gently.n vr slam d phone. pi kng up dphne it is gud practice to identify ur company and urslf. sure dat u r weel versed wd d procedure for call transfer.it is good

practice to use the name of d person u rtransfering d call 2. y






adopt a pleasant tone of  voice and b attenti ve.

placing a call on hold,inform d caller of d same. interrupt d caller while spea king.


4 makng a call:-





Be courteous to everyone


Identify urslf ,stating ur first and last name clearly.b clear abt d purpose of ur call. Mke

wd whom u speak.

refernce 2 nay previous contact,conversation,meeting,etc,to remind d person y u r calng. y

Positiveity &

call it is imp 2 projesct projesct a +ve professionalism: professionalism: whether u r reci ving or mkng phone call

attitude at all tymes.especially wen usng d telpone,the old sayng datu n vr get a second chance to make a first impression applies hre. y

Wen leaving messges slow,

slow down wen u state ur phone no. dont m ke ur listener h ve

replay d mesge three times in order to writ down ur no., vry annoying and she/he maygivee up nd therefore not return ur call. 2.

Mkng effective telephone calls in short du ration:


Before callng:

1) Choose the right tym to call:- consider both ,cost,urgency and con vience.en callng overseas one mst

consider tym diffence. 2) Chck d no:- a gr8 deal of money is wasted each yr on dialing wrong nos. 3)

Plan ur call:-mke

a list of points nd questions 2 b raised during ur call


Br preapared:-gather

together any files,papers or othr information vch may b needed needed during ur

call. 5)


interruptions:interruptions:-call at a tym wen u r unlli kly 2 b distracted.

B)during a call: y

Be courteous nd

establish a rapport:make tym for suitable pleasantries likehow r u today

prince,did u njoy ur holiday? y


a smile in ur voice:- rembr ur caller cant c u do us e intonation to good effect ant try to

sound confident decisi ve,helpful,intersed. y

CHck ur notes:-looh bck at ur notes to esure u h ve cov erd evrythng and quote figures and

othr data correctly. y

Other feedback:mke

sure d caller understands d msg correctly,especially whr deadlines abd

actions r involvd. y

Close ina +ve,courteous manner:-double chck any essential details finsh ny thanking d callr

for his patience ,time and trouble. b)

After the call: y

Make notes:let

it bcome a habit to mke notes of all d call nd place dem in appropriate

file,wen callng professionally. y

Take action:-if

u need to send a lettr of confirmation or inform some1 in ur org anisation

abt ant details o acal,do so immediately so dat u do not forget imp points.

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