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Computer Networks

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Computer Network
“A computer network is a group of computer systems and other
computing hardware devices that are linked together through
communication channels to facilitate communication and resourcesharing among a wide range of users.”
For Example
A business might use a computer network connected via cables or
the Internet in order to gain access to a common server or
to share programs, files and other information.

Computer Network
Some Examples:
Computer networks can be used in an offices. Different people in the office can access common
all user computer are connected through a network,
they can share their files and exchange mail.
They can also send faxes and print documents
from any computer in the network.

Internet is also an example of a computer network
which millions of computers are connected through phone lines.
using this network can share information,
with one another.

files and talk

Computer Network

Types Of Computer Networks
Computer networks are categorized according to the way they are
used and the distance they cover. Difference types of computer
networks are:

LAN- Local Area Network
WAN- Wide Area Network
MAN- Metropolitan Area Network
PAN-Personal Area Network

Types Of Computer Networks
LAN(Local Area Network)
A local area network is a network that connects computer and device in a limited
geographical area such as home, school computer laboratory, office building. LANs
are capable of transmitting data at very fast rate.
In a computer lab, there are 40 computer connected through LAN. The students can
share software, files and data in the lab.

Types Of Computer Networks
WAN (Wide Area Network)
A wide area network is a network that covers a large Wide Area Network
geographical area such country or the world
The network connecting the ATMs of a bank located in different cities.
The network connecting NADRA offices in different cities of Pakistan.

Types Of Computer Networks
MAN ( Metropolitan Area Network)
A metropolitan area network (MAN) is a high speed network that connects local
area networks in a (MAN) metropolitan area such as city or town and
handles bulk of communication activity across the region.
A MAN typically includes one or more LAN but covers a smaller geographic
area than a WAN
The network connecting different branches of a company in same city.
The network connecting different campuses of a college in a city
Cable TV networks in a city

Types Of Computer Networks
PAN (Personal Area Network)
It is a network that connects personal devices using wired and wireless
A personal area network (PAN) is a computer network used for data
transmission amongst devices such as computers, telephones, tablets
and personal digital assistants.

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