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Computer Networks

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Computer Networks ` 279/-

The Comp Compute uter r Netw Networks orks book  book is an ideal book to learn the fundamentals of networking. This book is unique, as it discusses the essential aspects of computer networking, which includes networking applications, networking hardware, networking software, differ dif ferent ent typ types es of net networ workin king g top topolo ologie gies, s, and dif differ ferent ent la laye yers rs of the OSI ref refere erence nce mod model el alo along ng wit with h the their ir rol roles es in net netwo worki rking. ng. It als also o expla ex plains ins howcrypt howcryptogr ograph aphy y pro provid vides es sec securi urity ty for dat data a tr trans ansmis missio sion n ov over er a net networ work k or the Int Intern ernet. et. In add additi ition, on, lot lotss of ex examp amples les in an easy-to-u easy -to-unders nderstandlanguagealong tandlanguagealong withexerc withexercisesat isesat theend of eachchapter are pro providedin videdin the book book..

Key Features of the Book: Networking appli Networking applicatio cations, ns, netw networking orking hard hardwar ware, e, netw network ork inte interface rface card (NIC (NIC), ), cable cables, s, hub, bridg bridges, es, rout routers, ers, repe repeaters aters,, netw network  ork  topologie topo logies, s, netw network ork soft softwar ware, e, and OpenSyste OpenSystems ms Inte Interconn rconnectio ection n (OSI (OSI)) refe referencemodel. rencemodel.

Guided transmission media, twisted pair copper cable, coaxial cable, unguided transmission media, wired and wireless transmis tran smission,mobiletelephon sion,mobiletelephone e sys system,and tem,and hubsand swit switches. ches.

Types of networks at the data link layer layer,, services of the data link layer layer,, functions of the data link layer layer,, and the point-to-point  protocol (PPP).

Rules foll Rules followedin owedin a compu computer ter netw network, ork, Ethe Ethernet, rnet, media acces accesss contr control ol (MAC (MAC), ), fast Ethe Ethernet, rnet, Giga Gigabit bit Ethe Ethernet, rnet, wire wireless less LAN MAC MAC,, and pract practicalselectionof icalselectionof wire wirelesscards. lesscards.

The ipconf ipconfig ig comma command, nd, IP addr addresse essess on the Inte Internet,and rnet,and whyprovidi whyproviding ng thephysicaladdres thephysicaladdresss is not suffi sufficienton cienton the Inte Internet. rnet.

Internet Protocol (IP) addressing, IP address classes, classless IP addressing, subnetting, supernetting, IP protocol, and ICMP protocol.

The transport layer, layer, user datagram protocol (UDP), multiplexing, demultiplexing, ports in UDP UDP,, transmission control protocol (TCP),TCPconnection,differencebetweenTCPandUDPprotocols,andcongestioncontrol.

Socket calls, TCP client server programming, compiling and executing the server and client programs, UDP client server programm prog ramming,IP ing,IP lay layer er prog programm ramming,and ing,and pingimplement pingimplementation ation..

Domain Domai n namesystem namesystem,, remo remote te loginusing teln telnet, et, filetransfe filetransferr and accessusing FTP FTP,, and elect electronicmail. ronicmail.

Cryptography Cryptogra phy,, ancien ancientt crypt cryptogra ography phy,, class classical ical ciphe ciphers, rs, encryp encryption,stream tion,stream ciphe cipherr, data encryp encryption tion stand standard ard (des) (des),, steg steganogr anograph aphy y, cryptanalysis,, linear cryptanalysis cryptanalysis cryptanalysis,, differential cryptanalysis, cryptanalysis of Caesar cipher, cipher, frequency analysis, modern cryptanal crypta nalysis ysis,, hashi hashing, ng, impac impactt of compu computerson terson crypt cryptogra ography phy,, appli applicatio cations ns of crypt cryptogr ography aphy,, and netw network ork lay layer er secur security ity..

ISBN: 978-93-5119-208-4 | Price: `  27  279/ 9/ | Pages: 178 | Authors: Tularam M. Bansod, KLSI

This Book Covers:  Computer Networking

 The Network

 The Physical Layer 

 The Tr Transp ansport ort Layer 

 The Data

  Network

 Link

Link Layer

Sharing Technologies


Programming Programming

 The Applicatio Application n

Addressing Mechanism in Internet 

Cryptography 


and Network Security

Table of Contents: Computer Com puter Networ Networking: king:   Networ Networking king Appli Applicati cations ons

Por orts ts in UD UDP P | Tran ansm smis issi sion on Co Cont ntrrol Pr Prot otoc ocol ol (T (TCP CP)) |

|Netw |Ne twork orking ing Har Hardw dwar are e | Net Netwo work rk Topo opolog logies ies | Net Netwo work rk

Unders Und erstan tandin ding g the TC TCP P Con Connec nectio tion n | Di Diff ffer erenc ence e bet betwe ween en

Software | OSI Reference Model |  The Physical Layer:

TCP and UDP Protocols | Congestion Control | Network 

Guided Transmission Media | Unguided Transmission


Programming:   Socke Sockett Ca Calls lls | TC TCP P Cl Clie ient nt Se Serv rver er

Medi Me dia a | Wi Wire red d an and d Wi Wire rele less ss Tra rans nsmi miss ssio ion n | Th The e Mo Mobi bile le

Prog Pr ogra ramm mmin ing g | Co Comp mpil ilin ing g an and d Ex Exec ecut utio ion n of Se Serv rver er

Telep elephone hone Sys System tem | Pra Practic ctical al LAN Car Card d Ove Overvie rview w | Hub

Program Pro gram | Comp Compilin iling g and Exe Executi cution on of Clie Client nt Pro Progra gram m|

and Switches | The Data Link Layer: Typ ypes es of Ne Netw twor orks ks

UDP UD P Cl Clie ient nt Se Serv rver er Pr Prog ogrram ammi ming ng | IP La Lay yerPro erProgr gram ammi ming ng

at Dat ata a Li Link Layer | Ser Servi vice cess of of Da Data Lin ink k La Layer |

Applic plicatio ation n Laye Layer: r: Domain | Pi PingImp ngImpllem eme ent ntat atiion | The Ap

Func Fu ncti tion onss of Da Data ta Li Link nk La Laye yerr | Po Poin intt to Po Poin intt Pr Prot otoc ocol ol

Name Na me Syst System em | Rem emot ote e Lo Logi gin n Us Usin ing g TE TELN LNET ET | Fi File le

(PPP) |  Link Sharing Technologies: Rul ules es Fol ollo low wed by

Tran ansf sfer er and and Acc Acces esss using using FTP FTP | El Elec ectr tron onic ic-M -Mai aill |

Computer Network | Ethernet | Media Access Protocols

Cryptogra Crypt ography phy and Network Security:  Understanding

(MAC) | Fast Ethernet | Giga Bit Ethernet | Wireless LAN

Cryptography Cryptogr aphy | Basic Basic Terms Terms | Ancient Ancient Cryptograph Cryptography y |

MAC MA C | Pr Pract actica icall Sel Selec ectio tion n of Wi Wire reles lesss Car Cards ds |  Addressing

Classi Cla ssical cal Ci Ciphe phers rs | Encr Encrypt yption ion | Proce Processe ssess in in the the

Mechanism Mechani sm in Interne Internet  t : The ipc ipconf onfig ig Com Comma mand nd | Wh Why y

Encryp Enc ryptio tion n | Str Stream eam Cip Ciphe herr | Da Data ta Enc Encryp ryptio tion n Sta Standa ndard rd

phy ph ysi sica call ad addr dres esss is no nott su suff ffic icie ient nt on th the e In Intter erne net? t? | IP

(DES) | Steg Steganogr anography aphy | Cryp Cryptanal tanalysis ysis | Line Linear ar

Networ ork k Lay Layer: er: IP Addr Ad dres esse sess on Int Inter erne nett |   The Netw

Cryp Cr ypta tana naly lysi siss | Di Diff ffer eren enti tial al Cr Cryp ypta tana nallys ysis is | Cr Cryp ypta tana naly lysi siss

Add ddrres essi sing ng | IP Ad Addr dres esss Cl Clas asse sess | Cl Clas assl sles esss IP Add ddrres essi sing ng

of Ca Caes esar ar Ci Ciph pher er | Fr Freq eque uenc ncy y An Anal alys ysis is | Mo Mode dern rn

| Su Subn bnet etti ting ng | Su Supe pern rnet etti ting| ng| IPPro IPProto toco coll | IC ICM MP Pr Prot otoc ocol| ol|

Cryp Cr ypta tana nallys ysis is | Has Hashi hing ng | Imp Impac actt of of Com Compu putter erss on on

Signif nifica icance nce of Transp Transport ort Laye Layerr | Transpor Tra nsportt Layer: Sig

Crypto Cry ptogr graph aphy y | App Applic licat ation ionss of Cry Crypt ptogr ograph aphy y | Net Netwo work  rk 

E xp xp lo lo ri ri ng ng t he he U se se r D at at ag ag ra ra m P ro ro to to co co l( l( UD UD P) P) |

Layer Se Security

UnderstandingMultiplexi Understanding Multiplexing, ng, Demultiple Demultiplexing, xing, and

 Aboutthe  About the Authors Authors:: Tular Tu laram am M. Ban Bansod sod is  is having experience of twenty years in teaching and training. He worked as a lecturer in Computer Technology Department of Saboo Siddik Polytechnic, and Victoria Jubilee Technical Institute (VJTI), in Mumbai. He has delivered lectures on various topics, such as Microprocessor, and Network Security and TCP/IP. He also worked as an Assis As sistan tantt Pr Prof ofess essor or in MC MCA A dep depart artmen mentt of Veer eerma mata ta Jij Jijab abai ai Tech echnol nologi ogical cal Ins Insti titut tute e (VJ (VJTI) TI).. He has gi give ven n new dim dimens ension ionss to startupLinwireTechnologies(www.linw startup LinwireTechnologies(www.linwiretek iretek.com) .com) and currentl currently y working workingas as a Technical Direct Director or in Linwir Linwire e Technologies. The proficient teams at  Ko Kogen gentt Lea Learni rning ng Sol Soluti utions ons Inc Inc.. and Drea Dreamte mtech ch Pres Presss  have seized the market of engineering textbooks, bringing excellent content in engineering and technical education to the fore. These teams are committed to provi pr ovidin ding g ex excel cellen lence ce in the qua qualit lity y of con conte tent nt by jud judici icious ously ly ana analy lyzin zing g the nee needs ds of the their ir re reade aders rs and ens ensuri uring ng ded dedica icatio tion n of  theirauthorsandeditorsincateringtotheseneeds.

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