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 THE ULTIMA ULTIMATE TE LIGHTROOM WORKFLOW     2    1    0    2  ,    6    1      4    1   e   n   u    J   e    l   u    d   e    h   c    S   e   s   r   u   o    C

 THREE DAYS DAYS of Intense Lightroom Workflow Instruction with the Lightroom Guru, Jared Platt

Jared Platt @ creativeLIVE

THREE DAY WORKSHOP June 14 -16, 2012

Course Schedule discounts and other fancy things

   W Day 1: Thursday     O    L June 14, 2012    F    K    R    O POST-PRODUCTION    W WORKFLOW    M    O    O    R 9:00 AM    T    H Understanding Lightroom    G    I    L    E Hard Drive Management    T    A Backup Strategies    M    I Smart File Management    T    L The Image Pipeline    U The Working Catalog     E    H Importing the Job    T

Day 2: Friday  June 15, 2012

Day 3: Saturday  June 16, 2012



9:00 AM

9:00 AM

 Random Giveaway 10:45 AM Syncing Camera Time Stamps Rules for Selecting Images Image Organization Image Renaming 

Understanding Lightroom

Understanding Lightroom

Making Powerful Presets Non-Destructive Editing  Importing Catalogs and XMP More Notes on Outsourcing  The LR Develop Module Do’s and Do Not’s in LR

Creating a Portfolio Catalog  Collecting Portfolio Work  Creating a Watched Folder

Shoot dot Edit 

liveBooks & Two Bright Lights

10:45 AM Export and Tool Presets Templates for Proof Books & Prints Powerful Image Editing in LR Roundtrip to Photoshop CS6 Image Quality

Portfolio Review

10:45 AM The Economics of a Portfolio Intelligent use of Collections Using Publishing Services Portfolio Review

Key-wording Techniques Lead Out Song from Kevin

ShootQ & Pictage 12:45 PM Rules for Developing Images Using the Library Filter Advanced Sync Techniques

 Lens Pro to Go & Spider Holster  12:45 PM

 Pinhole Pro & Align Design 12:45 PM

Tethered Shooting w Kevin

Publishing - Books / Web

Photoshop & Plugins Syncing Folders in LR

Portfolio Review

 NIK Software & Adobe CS6 

Triple Scoop Music & MV Swanson

Notes on Outsourcing 

 Jared Platt Workshops 2:15 PM

2:15 PM

2:15 PM

Cleaning up the Job Exporting Metadata DNG Advantages Archiving the Job Confirming the Copy

Photoshop Techniques Using the Pen Selecting in CS6 Retouching in CS6 Burning and Dodging in CS6 Automating PS from LR

Formal Thanks You Time

-- end by 4:00 pm --

-- end by 4:00 pm --

-- end by 4:00 pm --

Offline Shooting w Kevin Burdick  -

Questions and Answers Live Slideshows w Kevin Final Thoughts & Goodbye

   W    O    L    F    K    R    O    W    M    O    O    R    T    H    G    I    L    E    T    A    M    I    T    L    U    E    H    T

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Pinhole Pro

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Spider Holster

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June 20, 2012

Shoot dot Edit

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NIK Software

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NIK Software

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Lens Pro to Go

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Shoot Q / Pictage

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 Jared Platt Workshops

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July 31, 2012 June 28, 2012 Go NOW! July 31, 2012 July 1, 2012

 All codes need to be entered EXACTLY as they are written. They are CASE SENSITIVE. If you have issues with a code, please contact the vendor directly and explain that you got this code from Jared Platt’s workshop at creativeLIVE. Fusce ac leo

Purus, in consectetuer Proin in sapien. Fusce urna magna,neque eget lacus. Maecenas felis nunc, aliquam ac, consequat vitae, feugiat at, blandit vitae, euismod vel.

   W    O    L    F    K    R    O    W    M    O    O    R    T    H    G    I    L    E    T    A    M    I    T    L    U    E    H    T

Gear Box  If I mentioned a tool, service or product, it is most likely in this list: Gear

What is it?

Tough Tech Duo

Traveling Raid One Hard Drive Case - Raid One or JBOD are the only RAIDs I Trust

Super Duper

Software backup solution for Mac


Software Backup solution for PC and Mac

i1 Display Pro

Monitor calibration by x-rite - you can also try the Color Monkey series.

G-Tech Drive

Use only the JBOD enabled version - get the thunderbolt connection (super fast)


The hard drive “toaster” or drive bay dock for docking internal drives.

Neat Scanner

Scans everything fast. Get rid of your paper and be completely searchable.

Lexar Card Readers

I use the daisy-chain, stackable CF card readers (only available used now)

Wacom Intuos 5

I use the large Intuos 5 Tablet, the bigger the monitor, the bigger the tablet should be.

Hard Drive Options

Seagate or Hitachi are my preference. Western Digitals are ok. Just backup.

Small Hard Drives

The Seagate GoFlex have the best connection by far. LaCie Rugged drives are fine.

Shuttle Pro 2

The most ergonomic keyboard replicator. Easily programable and comfortable.

RPG Mini Keys

The most powerful keyboard replicator. Can activate LR Presets with a keystroke.

Lightroom 4

All post-production starts and ends in Lightroom

Photoshop CS6

Heavy retouching is done in Photoshop only when I am charging the client.

NIK Plugins

Plug-ins like Silver Effects Pro 2 make serious effects simple in LR and in Photoshop


For quick stylistic looks without much effort I use Snapseed on my Mac

Lightroom Presets

I use my own extensive collection of Lightroom Presets to speed through LR Workflow

5D Mark III

This is Canon’s best camera yet (I don’t own the 1DX, so maybe that’s great also)

Speedlite 600EX-RT

Canon’s new Speedlite with built in radio TLL

Speedlite ST-E3-RT

Canon’s new Speedlite radio transmitter and flash controller.

Enloop AA Batteries

These are my favorite AA rechargeable batteries (they stay charged on the shelf)

Cheetah Stands

The simplest, quickest, lightest little stand on the market.

Mac Pro

The faster the better, with as much RAM as you can afford.


Canon 16-35L 2.8, 24-70L 2.8, 70-200L IS 2.8, 50L 1.2, 80 1.8

Think Tank

Think Tank makes well thought out, secure bags.

I’m just giving you my opinion here. I don’t offer tech support on the above items, nor do I make any money from you buying these products. So if you have issues with them, call the company that made the roduct, not me. I don’t even la tach su ort on TV...

   W    O    L    F    K    R    O    W    M    O    O    R    T    H    G    I    L    E    T    A    M    I    T    L    U    E    H    T

Gear Box  If I mentioned a tool, service or product, it is most likely in this list: Gear

What is it?

Delta Walker

Software for comparing file copies. Don’t delete before you test.

Blurb Book Smart

I use Book Smart by Blurb to compile my proofbook pages into a great proof book.

Blurb Books

This is where I make all of my proof books.


Pictage is my online image gallery and printing partner. They are my lab and my staff.


ShootQ is my office manager! It keeps me organized and automates the business.

Pinhole Pro

Fantastic press printed products. Great for shoot and burn models.


My web designers. Scaler sites fit any monitor and any mobile device perfectly.

Shoot dot Edit

My post production outsourcing partner. When you can’t do it all, hand it off to them.

Triple Scoop Music

All music on my sites and slideshows is legal licensed music. Can you say the same?

Lens Pro to Go

When I need an extra lens or body, they always have what I need, when I need it.

Two Bright Lights

TBL makes submitting images to magazines and vendors simple.

Align Album Design

Album design outsourcing done fast, clean and beautifully.


Marketing consultant to the serious photographer. Bookmark her blog.


Serious album designs and page layouts are best done here if you are going to do them.

KISS Wedding Books

The simplest wedding album company in the world.

SWAT Designer

KISS Wedding Books’ intelligent auto album design system. Fast and Simple.


Mac’s version of L R, great for slideshows, bad at everything else.

Fetch FTP

My ftp software of choice.

Drop Box

Synchronize important documents between computers and deliver to clients. Love it.


This is what I use to record my video podcasts. Simple and powerful.

Adobe Creative Cloud

All adobe’s Software and file sharing abilities and more for a low subscription fee.

Spider Holster

This little camera holster frees up my hands and saves my back. I love it!

I’m just giving you my opinion here. I don’t offer tech support on the above items, nor do I make any money from you buying these products. So if you have issues with them, call the company that made the product or offers the service, not me. I don’t even play tech support on TV...

   W  YOU TOO CAN TAKE NOTES!    O    L It’s easy to do!    F    K    R Print out this page and take lots of notes, or    O    W better yet, just buy the workshop and play it back    M as many times as you like!.    O    O    R    T    H    G    I    L    E    T    A    M    I    T    L    U    E    H    T

Need More? Of course you do. I continue to travel the country giving workshops. My workshop schedule can be found at www.jaredplattworkshops.com. If you have a location in mind for a workshop, please let us know. If you would like a studio consultation online or in person, I do that as well. Until we meet again in person or on the web, enjoy your new found freedom. Go out and do something important with your time.

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