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Criminal Law Review Session

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Criminal Law review session: Possible exam questions What is criminal law? Group of criminal related law that is for punishment of criminal Why do we punish the criminal? 1 !ehab ehabil ilit itat atio ion n " #b$ectives of Criminal law? %ources of Criminal Law: 1 %haria %haria &hodod &hodod qesas qesas'' " Constitu Constitution tion a: resump resumption tion of analys analysis is ( Le)i Le)isl slat ativ ive e act: act: * Penal enal code code +i,erent codes: Counter narcotic law- anti money launderin) law- .uvenile law: / Le)islative de)ree- how they create create responsibil responsibilities ities for for state 0 nternati nternational onal treaty2 treaty2 how how it becomes becomes obli)a obli)atory tory 3# questions from history of Criminal law "nd Chapter: We started tal4in) about 5C!678 9iolation of the criminal law or committin) an act or action 7lement of crime: &Continuous &Continuous and momenta momenta crime ' 6ental element of crime 6aterial element of crime &the act and the result' Classication Classication of Crimes:  ;hou)ht Plan Providin) means <ttempt Completion 7xplicit mplicit +irect or indirect&+irect it is intential and indirect it is mista4en' Group criminality: association and alliances " types <lliance <ssociation

Chapter ( Criminal responsibility: source of criminal criminal responsibility responsibility : %haria and and state criminal law Limitations on criminal responsibility nstruction of laws and authority

<ccordin) to law you are bound to obey your superior as lon) as it is within law but not out of the law %elf defense Le)itimate defense 3ecessity Who pays the compensation: 7xcusatory facto nsane: also the types  ;imes of the insanity: 6inor : any body bellow the a)e of 1= ;hree cate)ory: >@ and @ to 1" and 1" to 1=: Certain de)ree of responsibility: Aellow a)e of 1" no punishment but security measures ntoxication: someone drun4 and do a crime +oers: forced someone to do somethin) !esponsibility of le)al person: 3o physical or bodily punishment )iven to the le)al person 6onitory punishment: Challen)es to <dministration not Covered: Bormative of exam: 1 %hort answer: " (> points for midterm exam:

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