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CV II Minutes 2006.07

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Colonial Village II Board Meeting Wednesday, July 12, 2006 Attendees:

Linda Slagle, President Mark Bostwick, Vice President Chris Cahill, Secretary Allasane Nguer, Interim Treasurer David McPherson, Property Manager Others Present: Four residents were present. I. Meeting Call to Order: President Linda Slagle called meeting to order at 7:02 pm. II. Proof of Quorum: the Quorum was met by the presence of three Board members.

Ms. Slagle began the meeting by publicly thanking the three residents who volunteered at the last meeting to do a property walkthrough. walkthrough. These residents have submitted a report to the board, which outlined areas in need of landscaping attention throughout CV II. The Board appreciates their concern and hard work. The Board would also like to welcome Allasane Nguer as interim treasurer of the Board. Allasane told the Board that he is happy to help in any way he can. The Board would like to inform residents that Arlington County has imposed new parking restrictions on a portion of Rhodes between Key Blvd. and Wilson Blvd. III. Resident Forum

Two of the Residents that performed the property walk through were in attendance and asked the Board if the items on the list could be prioritized. prioritized. Ms. Slagle informed the residents residents that landscaping was on the agenda for later in the meeting and that the list is now a Board issue that must be dealt with through the the contractors and with consideration to budget concerns. Mr. McPherson will take this list to the landscaping companies c ompanies so that the items can be added a dded to their  proposals. Two of the Residents in attendance live in 1741 N. Troy and suffered water damage during the storm at the end of June. There was about a foot of water in the laundry room and a couple of inches in the apartments. The resident wondered what the plans are for future prevention and what the response plan is in the event of another storm. storm. A second resident from 1741 N. Troy did commend management for providing fans and a wet vacuum to help with the cleanup. Management has already had Clean Machine come in and clean the common area carpets in 1741 and 1758. The Board informed the residents that they are reluctant to bring in a company to test for mold at this point, as management manage ment needs evidence of mold/mildew before incurring those costs. Ms. Slagle informed the residents that the best and first line line of defense is to dry out and if a problem develops it will be proactively dealt with.

Mr. McPherson is getting proposals for preventative measures from a water remediation specialist who has worked for CVII before to alleviate water problems. It could take a few months for a proposal to be submitted and for action to be taken. Another resident asked Mr. McPherson to remove the traffic cones that were left on the property  by the tree crew after the storm and the two storage tubs that have been outside 1847 Wilson for a few weeks. Mr. McPherson said it will be taken care of. IV. Reading &Approval of Minutes

Minutes from June 14, 2006: Motion by Mr. Cahill to approve the minutes with one minor edit; Second by Mr. Bostwick, For: All. V. Management Report

Financial Report: Mr. McPherson reported that there was a $5,000 disbursement this month that was incorrectly billed to CVII instead of CVI. This situation has been resolved and a credit is forthcoming. For the month, net income was $13,106 and Year to date net income is negative $31,856. Spending for the month was about 5% over budget due to the tree work after the storm and special pickups. For the month of June, special pickup of bulk items came to $668 that is the result of frequent move in/out of residents in CVII. The Board would like to remind residents about the large item disposal rules. It is important that large boxes are broken down before being placed in the trash rooms. Disposal of large items require special pickups which impose a larger financial burden for the community. Clarification of rules will soon be forthcoming. Action List: Mr. McPherson reported on the telephone service problems at 1736 N. Rhodes St, and that he has spoken with Verizon and hopes to get this issue resolved soon. Verizon has told management that because these buildings have old wiring this will eventually be a big issue. In the meantime, Verizon has approached CVII with a plan to install fiber optics throughout the  property. Ms. Slagle told Mr. McPherson to tell Verizon to deal with the basics before the  property will consider allowing such a large project to take place. There have been complaints about the smell in the hallway at 1810 Key Blvd. Mr. McPherson reported that Clean Machine will be cleaning the carpet in the next few weeks. This building has a number of pets and cleaning the carpet should help the smell. He will also ask the cleaning service to clean the lenses on the lighting fixtures in the hallway to help brighten it up. Bartlett has submitted a proposal for $1,390. Board noticed that the tree at 1736 N. Rhodes is missing from the list as well as the Bradford Pear tree (both of which were on the list of items needing attention submitted by the residents). Board asked Mr. McPherson to have these items added. Motion by Mr. Cahill to accept the proposal with modifications; Second by Mr.

While the details of the policy are being worked out, Ms. Slagle would like Mr. McPherson to  buy a meter to check for moisture in the walls as a precaution. This meter would be a tool for management to assess the probability of a problem before incurring the cost of bringing in the engineer. VII. New Business Mr. McPherson presented the first draft of the G4 budget to the Board and asked that they read & review the proposal and send any comments to him so that it can be discussed in detail at the next meeting.

Mr. McPherson asked the Board about the problems with water in the crawl spaces that are created because of the vapor barriers installed during the asbestos removal. Ms. Slagle inquired about the need for a pump but Mr. McPherson thinks that a ventilation system in those spaces could be a potential solution and will add it to his action list for next month. VIII. Next Board Meeting: August 9, 2006 IX. Executive Session X. Meeting Adjourned at 9:15 Respectfully Submitted: Keri A. Towler, Recording Secretary, July 13, 2006

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