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Cv Template Financial Analyst

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Your Name [email protected] 0400 000 000 99 Example Street, Example Town, Example City, 2000 Need help writing your resume? See CareerOne s ad!i"e arti"les and !ideos here PERSONAL STATEMENT # seasoned $inan"ial analyst with an esta%lished tra"& re"ord o$ "onsulting in 'u%li" and pri!ate se"tor(s) with *+, $inan"ial experien"e KEY SKILLS Technical Skills o Outloo& o -ord o Ex"el o 'ower'oint o #""ess Membershi s o Chartered .inan"ial #nalyst (C.#) EMPLOYMENT Senior !inancial Anal"s# /onster '0C 1 Sydney //233 4 //233 #"hie!ements o 5oint 'ro6e"t /anager $or %ringing 789:m property estates port$olio %a"& ;in2 house , resulting in un"o!ering 7:00& o$ gain, as well as a"hie!ing greater operational,$inan"ial "ontrol o 'art o$ <id Team $or =reater -estern and East Coast .ran"hise propositions o #nalysis o$ re!enue opportunities within the di!ision o #nalysis o$ +oute 'ro$ita%ility ena%ling greater targeting o$ resour"es !inancial Accoun#an# ONE =roup 1 #delaide //233 4 //233 #"hie!ements o Esta%lished %alan"e sheet and "ash $low $ore"asting models, ensuring greater $inan"ial "ontrol o >denti$ied %alan"e sheet ris&s with 6oint !enture partner, representing .inan"e ?ire"tor in negotiations with Commer"ial ?ire"tor o$ partner, a"hie!ing 72:0& gain o Esta%lished a "apital in!estment appraisal monitoring pro"ess

>nter"ompany #""ountant @3A =roup 1 /el%ourne //233 4 //233 #"hie!ements o Su""ess$ully represented .? in negotiations with "ustomer, gaining 782:& o Su""ess$ully migrated new $ran"hise into existing stru"ture to maximise pro"ess e$$i"ien"ies o 'reparing Buarterly .ore"asts and assisting in setting <udgets9 Sales C /ar&eting Anal"s# #DS #nalyst 0td 1 Sydney //233 4 //233 #"hie!ements o 'er$orm pre e!aluation, and identi$y su""ess "riteria to assess !ia%ility o$ proposed menu "hanges o >nitiated, "al"ulated and reported upon a Buarterly produ"ti!ity analysis o +e!iew produ"t margins to identi$y opportunities to maximise pro$it growth9

E$%&ATION o o o Example Dni!ersity 'A ()ONS* Accoun#in+ , !inance -i#h Ta.a#ion (2EF) Example College *SC in"luding Ma#h/s (<), 'usiness S#udies (C), En+lish (<) Example S"hool SC in"luding Ma#h/s (#), 'usiness S#udies (#), I&T (#)

PERSONAL INTERESTS Shopping 1 Tra!eling 1 +eading 1 =ol$ 1 Ta%le Tennis RE!EREN&ES +e$eren"es are a!aila%le on reBuest9

Gey s&ills and Competen"ies .inan"ial H Gnowledge o$ >T and $inan"e pa"&ages su"h as *yperion9 H 'ossessing strong numeri" and analyti"al s&ills9 H #d!an"es Ex"el s&ills9 H Experien"e o$ 'ro6e"t #""ounting9 H =ood >T s&ills in"luding /i"roso$t O$$i"e 2 -ord, 'ower'oint9 H <alan"e sheet "ontrol9 H +esour"e planning9 H +e"on"iliation and the preparation o$ "onsolidated management a""ounts9 H #%ility to manipulate, analyse and interpret %oth $inan"ial and %usiness data9 H # "apa%le organiser eBuipped with strong Ex"el s&ills9 H 'arti"ipation in team2wide preparation o$ statutory a""ounts9 'ersonal H Ex"ellent people s&ills, leaderships s&ills and "ustomer $o"us9 H =ood "ommuni"ation s&ills9 H # proa"ti!e approa"h to pro%lem sol!ing9 H #%le to wor& "losely with "ustomers, o$ten in 6oint "lient,"onsulting teams9 H .lexi%le C adapta%le, a%le to wor& well indi!idually and within a team9 H The a%ility to per$orm under pressure and deli!er to "hallenging times"ales9 H #%ility to handle "on$idential in$ormation9 H Can intera"t with all le!els o$ sta$$ in"luding senior management9 H #ttention to detail9 H Can %uild and maintain strong relationships9 H 'roa"ti!e, ta&ing the initiati!e to explore issues and to generate new ideas and approa"hes9 H #%le to wor& under pressure and deli!er results to deadlines9 H *a!ing a "reati!e, analyti"al, pra"ti"al and thorough approa"h to resol!ing issues9 #!aila%le on reBuest9 ?ay6o% 0td, The <ig 'eg, F20 Iyse Street <irmingham <FJ KN. TE 00 44 F2F K8J 002K /E 0JL0 0KF 0F2F EE in$oMday6o%9"om

Personal information
First name(s) / Surname(s) Address(es)

Pr Ekdahl
Box 1181, Kungsbron 1 Stockholm 111 91 Sweden

Telephone(s) E-mail(s)

Home: +55-555 65 00 [email protected]


+55-555 00 93



Work experience
Dates Occupation or position held Main activities and responsibilities
April 2003 - present Financial Advisor

Responsible for understanding client's distribution strategy and the various issues to be considered, as well as providing input and advice to achieve the desired strategy. Secondary responsibility involves the undertaking and coordinating the registration process of investment funds in various categories in conjunction with our network, the client, and other administrative parties.

Name and address of employer Type of business or sector

Morgan Stanley of Stockholm Olof Palmes gata 29 Stockholm 111 22, Sweden

Financial Planning

Dates Occupation or position held Main activities and responsibilities

January 1997 - April 2003 New Financial Advisor

Devised and executed business development strategies to attract and acquire new clients. Analyzed client's financial needs and goals. Advised clients regarding the advantages and disadvantages of different investment strategies. Created, implemented, and continually reviewed a plan that included strategies designed to help clients pursue their long-term goals. Acted as the steward of the client assets in order to achieve client satisfaction.

Name and address of employer Type of business or sector

WILO Norge Financial Services Stra 12, Stockholm 0901, Sweden

Financial Planning

Education and training
September 1995 - June 1997

Title of qualification awarded Principal subjects / occupational skills covered Name and type of organisation providing education and training

Master's Degree in Finance and Statistics

Principle studies included: Business, Finance, Economics, and Accounting. Interned for 15 months with WILO Norge Financial as a Financial Advisor Trainee. Master's thesis done on The Future of Financial Planning.

University of Stockholm - Business College

Dates Title of qualification awarded Principal subjects / occupational skills covered Name and type of organisation providing education and training

September 1991 - June 1995 Bachelor's Degree in Finance and Marketing

Principle studies included: Accounting, Economics, Finance, and Statistics. Secondary studies included Business Communications, Bus. Law, and Business Management.

University of Stockholm-Linkpings Universitet

Personal skills and competences
Mother tongue(s) Other language(s) Self-assessment European level


Listening Proficient User Intermediate B2 User B2 Reading Proficient User Intermediate User B2

Spoken interactionSpoken production Proficient User Intermediate User B2 Proficient User Intermediate User B2


English Russian






Proficient User Intermediate User

Social skills and competences

Excellent communication and language skills in English and Russian as well as native tongue. Good writing skills. Excellent interpersonal skills and high level of integrity.

Organisational skills and competences

Over ten years of experience assisting with and ensuring that ongoing regulatory and tax reporting obligations of marketed investment funds are satisfied. Additional experience includes supporting managers by interfacing directly with clients and providing proactive assistance. Advanced skill level regarding identifying opportunities to provide clients with advice regarding fund distribution and related regulatory issues.

Computer skills and competences

Advanced proficiency with Microsoft Office Works Suite 2007 (Access, Excel, Outlook Express, Power Point, Word, and WordPad. Typing speed of 70 wpm at a 94% accuracy rating.

Artistic skills and competences

Attending Modern Dance classes.

Other skills and competences

Acquired all necessary insurance licenses and securities registrations. I possess NASD Series 7, 63 and 65 securities licenses, as well as certifications for CFP, ChFC, CLU, and CFA. I am also in the process of acquiring further licensing as a Group 1 Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor (CRPC) within the required time frame. Honesty and integrity are core values for me. I possess a high level marketing and business development aptitude as well as a strong entrepreneurial spirit combined with a work ethic of the highest standards. I strive to achieve a level of excellence where my interpersonal skills and integrity are concerned. Not only do I have a high competitive drive, but I am very achievement oriented. My high degree of self-confidence and empathy for the client helps me to achieve my goals.

Driving licence(s)

Groups B, BE, D1, and D1E

Additional information

References available upon reque

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