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December 2013 Bethlehem Newsletter

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Hebrew for “House of Bread”

,C,M&,1 23!4
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Preparing for Advent “Either we live the liturgical year with its varying seasons of joy and sorrow, work and rest, or we follow the pattern of the world.” Helen McLoughlin, Advent and Christmas in a Catholic Home. Advent is the beginning of a new liturgical year. The First Sunday of Advent, ecember !, our gos"el readings change to #ear A and the $os"el of Matthew. This is a season of "re"aration and longing for the birth of %esus. There are many traditional "ractices that hel" us connect to our Catholic traditions and hel" our children and families live closer to Christ. “Children love to anticipate,” writes McLoughlin. “When there are empty mangers to fill with straw for small sacrifices, when the Mary candle is a daily reminder on the dinner ta le, when !dvent hymns are sung in the candlelight of a graceful !dvent wreath, children are not an"ious to cele rate Christmas efore time. #hat would offend their sense of honor. $lder children who make %ativity sets, cut $ld #estament sym ols to decorate the &esse #ree, or prepare costumes for a Christmas play will find !dvent all too short a time to prepare for the coming of Christ the 'ing.” Advent has a lot of Lenten themes too. &ecause we a "re"aring for a great feast, we "re"are ourselves with acts of "enance, "rayer and alms giving ' ecember in the busiest month for charitable giving( to "re"are our hearts for the coming of %esus. #ou will notice the change in season in our Sunday liturgy) • • • *e sing Advent Hymns. +o Christmas carols until Christmas ,ve. *e do not decorate the church for Christmas until Christmas ,ve. *e begin mass with the -enitential .rder, /ust as in Lent.
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NEXT BETHLEHEM DEADLINE Tuesday, Decem er !", #$!%
It is the bounden duty and service of the people of this parish, being part of the one, holy, Catholic, and apostolic Church, to worship God as he has revealed himself in Jesus Christ, to become saints, and to make disciples of all people.

to mar( the ays until Christmas. +erhar 6ang pro uce the first printe & 'ent calen ar, which containe small pictures that coul be glue to a piece of car boar each ay. The Jesse Tree: tells us about Christ7s ancestry through symbols an relates 2cripture to sal'ation history, progressing from creation to the birth of Christ. The tree can be ma e on a poster boar with the symbols glue on, or on an actual tree. The )nternet has resources to help you with those symbols. St. Nicholas Day: on December 6th. )t is a highlight of the & 'ent season. Each puts out a shoe the night before 2t. 8icholas Day in the hope that the (in bishop9999with his miter, staff an bag of gifts999will pay a 'isit. The current 02anta Claus1 is mo ele after 2t. 8icholas. -ea about 2t. 8icholas in your fa'orite saints boo(.

Continue from page 4 The Church primarily celebrates Chistmas from Christmas Day to Epiphany January 6, but there is also a long tra ition of celebrating Christmas for !" ays until the #resentation of Jesus in the Temple $ebruary %. The colors of & 'ent are purple or ar( blue, symbols of royalty that anticipate the coming birth of Jesus. )t also reflects a spirit of penitence an the nee to prepare our hearts. *ere are some & 'ent tra itions that will help all of us prepare the way. Advent wreath: has +erman origins. )t is a wreath ma e of e'ergreens that is boun to a circle of wire. )t symboli,es the many years from & am to Christ in which the worl awaite its -e eemer. it also represents the years that we ha'e awaite his secon an final coming. The wreath hol four e/ually space can les, the three purple one lit on the 0penitential1 2un ays an a pin( one for +au ete, the 3oyful thir 2un ay of & 'ent. Advent Calendar: starte in +ermany in the 45""s. $amilies rew a chal( line or lit a can le e'ery night % The Christ candle: any large white can le. Decorate it with symbols, holly, se/uins. 6it on Christmas E'e to show that the light of the worl has arri'e . The Mary candle: ecorate a Christ can le with a blue 'eil on December 5th, the 2olemnity of the )mmaculate Conception. :n this great feast, others place a can le with a blue ribbon before a statue or picture of the ;lesse <irgin, whose 0yes1 to +o enable our 6or 7s arri'ing on Christmas. The can le is lit uring meal times to ser'e as a elightful remin er of =ary7s eager e>pectation of the 0light of the worl .1 St. Lucy cakes: 'irgin an martyr, her feast is December 4?th. This mar(s the opening of the Christmas season in 2we en @my ancestral homeA. )n our family in 2we en, the el est aughter brings the ca(e with coffee to her parents, in the early morning, with a wreath of burning can les on her hea . The Nativity Scene: $igures of =ary an Joseph can be a 3uste in places in the family home to tra'el closer to the crBche. :l er chil ren can ma(e

life9si,e 8ati'ity mo els, car'e them, cut them out from car boar or set up prema e figures. Christmas bakin : there are many recipe boo(s with ba(ing i eas, some connecting to your own family7s country of origin. The !reat "#s. :n the e'ening of December 4C the final phase of preparation for Christmas begins with the first of the great 0: &ntiphons of & 'ent1 These prayers are se'en 3ewels of liturgical season, one for each ay until Christmas E'e. They seem to sum up all our & 'ent longing for the 2a'ior. ) 'alue these tra itions, because the pace of me ia mar(eting of Christmas an the fren,y of shopping can pull us away from the real 3ourney of anticipation. Jesus has come an sa'e us from our sins. *owe'er, for me, each & 'ent is a renewal of my longing for eeper connection with Jesus. =ay we wal( together faithful this & 'ent roa towar the )ncarnate light that is Jesus. $aithfully, $ather ;ra Darelius )nterim #astor

:ur iocesan rector search a 'isor, Canon 2atorius, atten e worship ser'ices with us on 2un ay 8o'ember 4Cth an answere parishioner7s /uestions about the search process in the parish hall for about !F minutes after the 4":4F ser'ice. 2he was hesitant to offer an estimate of when we may be able to call a new -ector stating that we must prayerfully allow the *oly 2pirit to lea us to the ecision. *owe'er she i e>plain that the iocese prefers to inform us of the 695 can i ates for -ector all at one time. 2ince we are utili,ing the 0short list approach1, the uty to call the new -ector ultimately falls upon the <estry but the <estry will be augmente with 6 parishioners to assist with the ecision. 2he also confirme that she has recei'e our #arish #ortfolio an it is awaiting final appro'al by ;ishop ;runo. &fter appro'al, the portfolio will be eli'ere to the can i ates for -ector an they will be presente to the <estry @an the 6 parishionersA to begin the iscernment process. &fter the meeting with parishioners, Canon 2atorius intro uce the propose new )nterim #riest to the 2enior Har en. The new )nterim will most li(ely ser'e ;lesse 2acrament on a part time basis @as $ather ;ra hasA. )n the coming wee(s the new )nterim an the 2enior Har en will e'elop )nterim7s terms of employment an he will then be intro uce to the <estry who will be as(e to confirm his appointment. )f all goes well, )t is hope that the new )nterim will 'isit us one 2un ay in December as a guest preacher an assume his uties as )nterim #riest as of January %"4!. The )nterim #riest will minister to us until we call the new -ector that +o has alrea y chosen.

Coming ,vents
Advent Lessons and Carols$ 2un ay December 5 at 6pm Children#s Christmas %a eant$ 2un ay, December 4F at 4":4Fam mass &a'tism o( Asher Thomas Jae er$ 2un ay, December %% at 4":4Fam mass Christmas )ve: Chil ren7s Christ =ass at !pm. 2olemn *igh =ass of Christmas )ve at Gpm Christmas Day mass at 4"am *amily Music Ni ht, 2atur ay, December %5, time T;& *ather &rad#s Last Sunday: December %Gth


6ast month we reporte that a new an impro'e ;lesse 2acrament Church 0;eta1 website was being release . This new website, locate at www.;less2ac.org has been well recei'e . He are now please to report that a new an impro'e Chil ren7s 6earning Center 0;eta1 website has been release . The new Chil ren7s 6earning Center website is locate at www.#lacentia#reschool.com. The websites being retire can still be accesse here: www.bsacramentchurch.org @for ;2CA an here: www.blesse sacramentC6C.com @for the C6CA. )n the spirit of & 'ent we hope to release the official 'ersions of the new websites in December. &t that time the ol er I-6s will be pointe to the new sites.

the gifts L probably uring the wee( of December 46th. Call the shelter for times to come an help. He loo( forwar to the celebrations an gatherings that ma(e up our Christmas 2eason. He hope that you can be part of the group that sprea s the 3oy an ma(es this time of year e>tra9special for our resi ents. Mou will fin that it ma(es your season that much brighter as well. ;lessings, &llen 2ypher , *)2 *ouse ;oar

A Letter From The Averys
Dear $rien s in Christ, He were o'erwhelme by the outpouring of lo'e an encouragement you ga'e us in our final ays with you an especially at the sen off parties at church. Hhat a 3oy an blessing we ha'e recei'e from you. He are grateful that in your comments we foun a rich e>pression of the Christian message. They ma e clear that the rich preaching an sacraments an ministry at ;lesse 2acrament an Epiphany ha'e born goo fruit in the li'es of the people. He are gla to ha'e been a part of that. )t is gratifying when a priest lea'es a parish to (now that the Christian way is ali'e in the parish. Hhat o we ma(e of thisK The 4F to 4C years of sharing in the life at ;lesse 2acrament an lately at Church of the Epiphany ha'e been the best part of our li'es. =inistry with you has been ama,ingly rich. He ha'e e>perience the grace of +o in a way that sometimes in'ol'e e'en miraclesJ )t is a har an tearful thing for us to be uproote from the family of +o in your mi st an transplante to the istant lan of Te>as. He are away, but the goo things +o has brought about among us cannot be ta(en away. :ur lo'e together in *im can ne'er be bro(en. &lrea y we are !

Holiday Time
*ere we are in the *oli ay 2eason alrea yJ Hasn7t it 3ust last month that ) was watching the -ose #ara eK =aybe there are special tra itions that your family obser'es. Do any of those tra itions in'ol'e reaching out to others an helping those less fortunateK Christmas is 'ery special at *)2 *ouse. 8ot only are there ecorations, two Christmas trees @one for each li'ing areaA, an many onations of Christmas treats, but a special 'isit by 2anta is always a highlight for the chil ren. Each chil recei'es at least one gift. )f you woul li(e to help ma(e Christmas a little brighter for one of the chil ren, you can call the shelter @C4!9GG?9FCC!A to get the age an se> of the chil ren who will nee presents. &ny toys onate must be new an unwrappe an can be brought to the office at least a wee( before Christmas. This also pro'i es another opportunity to help out as we will nee 'olunteers to help wrap

fin ing that the habits an insights you helpe us e'elop in our life with you are ma(ing it easier for us to fin our way in our new ministry at 2t. John7s Church in Corsicana. He are praying that +o will raise up new people in your parish who will ta(e our places. 6oo( aroun you an within. there are a number of 'ery pastoral, prayerful an lo'ing people in the congregation. E'eryone has something they can offer an +o is rea y to bless others through us. ;lesse 2acrament will be recei'ing a new -ector with, hopefully, a wife. They will nee your lo'e, (in ness an patience. Mou can be supporti'e as they begin their ministry among you, as all grow together in Christ. Than( you for the lo'e you ha'e gi'en us, an may +o continue to bless you richly. :ur a ress is 54? -oyal 6ane, Corsicana, TN. CF44". :ur new phone number is @G"?A6"%9F"F!. $r. -ichar O =ar3orie &'ery #.2. from =arge: He lo'e our new church an our new house. He7re about %/? unpac(e an still ha'e empty shel'es an rawers. He7'e seen more rain in our first two wee(s here than we7 see in a year in California. #i>ie nee s to ma(e frien s with our bac(yar s/uirrel. He miss you.

*+. &+AD ,A+)L-.S$ -NT)+-M %+-)ST J)** !+))N$ S)N-"+ /A+D)N &+-AN N-C,$ J.N-"+ /A+D)N MA+C0 +ATCL-**$ "**-C) MANA!)+ MA+-"N 1 T2)" 2)T2)+-N!T"N$ )D-T"+ Send articles to [email protected]



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