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December 2013 Student Newsletter

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Lalela Project is proud to share its 3rd edition of 'Impact,' our bi-annual newsletter written and designed entirely by Lalela Project high school students!



Dear Lalela Project Friends, I am delighted to share with you the third edition of "Impact," created entirely by our Lalela Project Student Artists. We are excited to announce our inclusion as an official World Design Capital Cape Town 2014 partner.This will see the launch of our "Maboneng Lalela Project Township Art Experience" early in the new year. We are deeply saddened by the passing of Nelson Mandela. In honor of his legacy, we hope that this latest edition provides an insightful look not just into what we do, but why we do it. Madiba once said, "We understand and promote the notion that while children need to be guided they also have an entrenched right to be whatever they want to be and that they can achieve this only if they are given the space to dream and live out their dreams."This value is echoed in our arts curriculum, which ignites imagination and teaches children how to map and manifest their dreams and goals, launching a possibility of a different future for themselves and their communities. I would like to thank all my Boards for their continued support; and the Lalela Project for their dedication and hard work which is matched only by their passion and commitment. I wish you a Happy Holiday season! Warm Regards,

Art of Me: A Tribute to Nelson Mandela
WRITTEN BY ATHENKOSI MBOXELa aND FINI TOTO (GRaDE 8) Lalela Project had an exhibition coinciding with Mandela Day 2013 at the One & Only Hotel in Cape Town titled The Art of Me, A Tribute to Mandela. The exhibition opened on Mandela day providing us with a great opportunity to honour Mandela. Lalela Project students created the artwork displayed in this exhibition. The artworks came from a curriculum we did called The Art of Me where we looked at many of his famous quotes. I was inspired and felt overwhelmed when I thought about all the things that Nelson Mandela did for all of us. We each picked a quote from Mandela and then used this quote in our portrait.

Andrea Kerzner (CEO & Founder)

Nelson Mandela and Andrea Kerzner

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” Nelson Mandela


A Day with Katie Holmes
We were thrilled and very appreciative when Katie Holmes, star of “The Giver”, made a surprise visit (on her only day off!) to a Lalela Project workshop at Hout Bay High School. Katie’s enthusiastic participation in the ‘drawing’ class she attended caused much excitement, all the more when the students sang and danced for her, whilst she filmed it all. We then went on a walk through the township of Imizama Yethu, where she met Lalela Project students Zimasa Diyani and Melikhaya Mdubeki. Katie’s wise words of wisdom and encouragement will always be treasured by them. It’s a day Lalela Project won’t forget!

“If it’s to be, it’s up to me” Katie Holmes posts an inspirational quote from a friend she met while visiting Lalela Project

Zimasa Dyani and Melikhaya Mdubeki with Katie Holmes and erzner

Katie Holmes drawing with students at Hout Bay High School

Visiting Zimasa Dyani at her home in Imizamo Yethu

Smiling for a photograph with Silikhamva High School student, Luvo Nguqu

Producer of ‘The Giver’ visits Lalela Project on World AIDS Day
On Saturday, 1 December, Nikki Silver, producer of “The Giver” (currently in production in Cape Town and starring Meryl Streep, Katie Holmes, and many more) visited Lalela Project arts education workshops at Silikamva High School and Kronendal Primary School in Hout Bay, where our students were painting a largescale mural in honor of World Aids Day. Her family, and South African author, artist and writer, Sarah Britten, joined Nikki during the outing. We look forward to this being the first of many visits to come!

Nicole Silver and family in Imizamo Y ethu with LP students


The Art Of Me Exhibition at The Lalela Project Gallery: A Tribute to Nelson Mandela
Lalela Project’s Tribute to Mandela Exhibition was on display for 67 days at One & Only Hotel Cape T own.

Art of Me A Tribute to Mandela


“I was inspired and felt overwhelmed when I thought about all the things that Nelson Mandela did for all of us.“ - Athenkosi Mboxela

lUm RicU ’ cUR e M oF ‘ARt

Celebrating Mandela Day at the V&A
Written by Tino Wilson and Onwabo Tyobeka (Grade 8) On Mandela Day, 18 July 2013, Lalela Project in conjunction with V&A Waterfront & Breadline Africa participated in an event. LP students climbed onto the Red Top Bus which took us to the V&A Waterfront. The main aim for the day was that we did our 67 minutes of good for Alpine Primary School. We painted a container that would be donated to the school to be used as a library. We attracted people from the public and called on them to help us paint the container. We all put our handprints on the container, these handprints made up the image of Nelson Mandela. By doing this everyone had a hand in creating the new beautiful library for Alpine Primary. The weather was not very happy but that did not stop us as we felt so happy while doing our 67 minutes of good for others.

Cat Rieper, Lalela Project COO celebrates Mandela Day

Completed library container


Mandela Day in partnership with One & Only Hotel Cape Town
WRITTEN BY ATHENKOSI NgULO (GRaDE 10) On Mandela Day this year the Lalela Project team arranged an event with One & Only Cape Town. The AGhigh school students were given the opportunity to visit the hotel on this day. Nothing could stop us from the excitement of being invited to attend this event. We were given 67 minutes of training in different aspects of the business, including computers, fitness and culnery arts. Being able to spend the day at One & Only Hotel learning all sorts of things was awesome. We also had the opportunity to meet and speak to Sol Kerzner, CEO and founder of Kerzner International. He shared with us how he was able to reach success. He started from humble means but through consistent hard work and dedication he was able to become a successful businessman.

Computer Training

Sol Kerzner with Lalela Pro ject Students

Culinary Arts Tra ining

Super Hero Winter Holiday Program!
WRITTEN BY ALIZIwE YOKO aND ZaNELE MELaPI (GRaDE 8) Our experience of the June/ July holiday program was really fun and enjoyable. The first week was our favourite because we made our very own hero books. We bound paper together and made covers for our books. We filled these books with different things about ourselves. We drew ourselves and also wrote strong and positive things about ourselves. We looked at who our hero was and why, then we shared this with one another. We had time to think and be grateful for these special people in our lives. In the end we learnt that every person has the power to be his or her own hero. The holiday program was so much fun. We met new people and made new friends which we got to see everyday! We are definitely looking forward to the next holiday program!
Anthony Legget holding his Hero Book

Younger students add colour to their hero books

Music Fun with Johnny and Julie Blundell from the Rhythm Workshop

“ ...under the inspired leadership of the Rythm Workshop team of Johnny & Julie Blundell & Vuyo Katsha. All these sounds combined created an amazing harmony.” - Melikhaya Mdubeki, grade 10

Portia Qhemekoane plots the safe spaces in her community


Lalela Project Leadership Program 2013

WRITTEN BY SamaNTHa MSELO (GRaDE 11) The second part of Lalela Project Leadership Year Programme see the leaders engaged in Community Outreach Projects.The Leaders implemented projects within their schools that addressed social issues which we thought needed to change. Using the Arts as a tool for social change we had to design a campaign and present it to our schools. During a workshop with Adam Thomas of Learn to Lead we had to choose the specific issues we wanted to address in our schools. The Leaders representing the Hout Bay Communities chose racism as a topic and the Leaders representing the Masiphumelele Community chose

the safety of learners within the school. With the assistance of the Lalela Project team we compiled a survey, which we handed out to all the learners at our schools to determine if the issues were a concern for other learners as well. With overwhelming evidence from the survey we presented our campaigns to our respective principals who instantly supported the efforts. 2013 saw the launch of the Community Outreach Projects for the current leaders who will continue their campaigns in 2014. It has been a great year for the leadership team of 2013. We look forward to welcoming new leaders in 2014!

Lalela Project Leadership Programme is made possible through our partnership with Learn to Lead. We would like to thank Adam Thomas for his continued support.


Our Artists’ View on Lalela Project Curriculum!

WRITTEN BY EZILE MaQHINa (GRaDE 8) One of the many exciting projects we did this year in our Lalela Project workshops was to create human figure sculptures. We learnt about sculptures and how to use new materials like wire to create them. Working with the wire was hard and frustrating at times but in the end it was wor th it when we produced sculptures that are extremely interesting to look at.

WRITTEN BY CHaDwIN NEL (GRaDE 6) I loved drawing myself as a Super Hero! It taught me how to not just think about myself but others too.

Art of Peace Posters

Art of Science: Weather
WRITTEN BY TINO WILSON (GRaDE 8) The art of weather is a curriculum where we learnt all about geography and topography maps as well as the weather. Lalela Project teaches us more than just art for example this project helped us with our school work as we were writing our exams and the things we learnt about was relevant. We then started to create artwork using this scientific information. We interpreted information about weather and about maps into an artistic expression. This project allowed us to learn about geography in a fun and exciting way!

I joined Lalela Project last year with my best friend, but when he moved away I stopped coming to Lalela Project. My teacher reminded me about Lalela Project and encouraged me to join again. I joined Lalela Project again and it opened up new opportunities for me. I entered the Peace Poster competition where I was one of the winners for Hout Bay Lions Club. My poster gave

me the chance to speak about the things that are important to me. My art is my expression of the world around me. My poster was about bullying and global warming. I believe that people should be treated equally and respect the world and keep it clean.The peace poster inspired me a lot. After completing it I knew I had a talent for art. My art teachers were a part of my inspiration, they gave me the courage to achieve my goals. I am much braver now because of Lalela Project.


Lalela Project Leaders Rock New York!
WRITTEN BY SImamKELE BENaNI (GRaDE 11) When I was chosen to represent the Lalela Project Leadership students it was a very big deal for my family because no one in my family had ever travelled overseas before. When we arrived in the ‘Big Apple’ one of the highlights of my trip was the Lalela Project fundraiser because it allowed me to meet so many interesting people from all over the world. “The trip has really changed Khaya, it’s like a spark was lit” - Juan Julius, Principle at Hout Bay High

Melikhaya and Simamkele on the plane to New York WRITTEN BY MELIKHaYa MDUBEKI (GRaDE 10) I can’t even explain the happiness I felt when I was selected to go on the trip to New York. I delivered a speech about Lalela Project to 300 guests at the fundraiser. I was a little nervous but I got support from the LP team.

Melikhaya, Simamkele and Chuck Close



g attendin imamkele r in the S d n a e ya Melikha roject Fundrais P a Lalela Hamptons
With Colin Cowie at the NBC T oday show watchiung the band, Perrry

Visiting Columbia University made me want to go study there. Since returning I have put action to my words and have worked hard at achieving at school. I won a bronze medal at the Eskom Science Expo and was chosen to represent the Western Province in a Science Fair in Pretoria.

Melikhaya and Simamkele’s backstage Lion King visit

Simamkele Benani and Melikhaya Mdubeki’s first time flying was made possible by SAA’s generous sponsorship of their tickets. We would also like to thank the following companies for their sponsorship of the Lalela Project Hamptons Fundraiser: Colin Cowie Celebrations, One&Only Hotel, Singita Game Reserves, Delaire Graff Estate, Dom Perignon, Madiba Restaurant, Tequila Avion, Mulderbosch, Starr African Rum, and Double Cross Vodka.

Colin Moss Puts Racism On Stage

Visit by the Lion King’s Ron Kunene

WRITTEN BY APHENDULE SIXISHE (GRaDE 11) Lalela Project leaders worked with Learn To Lead on a campaign called “Racism Under My Feet” that aims to rid schools of racism. We were priveledged enough to have South African actor and producer, Colin Moss, help put our play together. We then presented it to the entire school. It was extremely well recieved by the school learners.

WRITTEN BY ELLIE MBUNDa (GRaDE 8) Ron Kunene, original Lion King (Broadway) cast member, came to visit the Lalela Project students at Silikamva High School in November this year. Having the opportunity to meet Ron Kunene was extremely exciting.We were able to learn so much about him as well as our history. The most important thing I learnt from him was that I must not give up hope.


World Aids Day Fun in the Sun!

Lalela Project students paint a mural at Kronendal Primary for World Aids Day

David Rattray Foundation

Recently the David Rattrray Foundation hosted a year end ceremony for the students attending Lalela Project in Oscarsberg Primary School in Rorke’s Drift, KwaZulu Natal. Throughout the year Lalela project had captured the school’s imagination thus many children, parents and staff were in attendance to celebrate the students’ achievements. The event was filled with artwork, singing and dancing that was enjoyed by all. “The advantages of Lalela Some thoughts are too numerous to mention: from parents and Staff increased self-awareness, self-confidence, attention to school work, attendance at school, general happiness, improved writing skills and their artistic expression is amazing! “

“Our huge growth from 500 to over 1000 students is due in part to our amazing partners and collaborations. We are extremely thankful for the support during 2013 and we are looking forward to an even better 2014. “ - Cat Rieper, COO, Lalela Project

Amy Biehl Foundation


Its been a year since Lalela Project launched a pilot art workshop as part of the ABF after care programmes in Mannenberg and Nyanga.This has been an exciting partnership and we look forward to its continued growth.

Life After Lalela Project
WRITTEN BY SIYOLISI BaNI I first joined Lalela Project with the intentions of becoming one of the greatest artists but as I grew in the project I realized that I was part of a family. This family equipped me with the life skills to grow as person. One of the impor tant things I learnt at Lalela Project is to pass on skills and mentorship that I have gained while at Lalela Project to inspire young people with some vision of creating a better society. I have also learnt that passion can take you fur ther than money ever will. You must always follow your passion no matter what the cost, victory belongs to those who persevere the longest. Next year I plan on studying graphic design and going after my dreams but I will always come back to my home at Lalela Project.

Siyolisi Bani (Assistant Art Facilitator at Lalela Project) assisting students in a workshop

WRITTEN BY NONcEDO MgOmENI In 2011 I joined Lalela Project, little did I know that this decision would impact my life so tremendously. In 2012 I graduated from Lalela Project. In 2013 Lalela Project offered me an amazing opportunity to start working for them. Not only was this a chance for me to gain some valuable work experience but to also help current Lalela Project students with the

challenges they face and giving them the same confidence that I received through Lalela Project. It feels so good to be a part of Lalela Project’s team. Working at Lalela Project I found a voice to speak in front of people. I found a love for teaching children. Lalela Project is my home. It is the place where I learnt to express my feelings through art. Nkosinathi Maqoko and Ncedo Jako graduated from Lalela Project in 2012. Even though they are no longer Lalela Project students they still regularly visit Lalela Project offices, programs and events. This year saw both Ncedo and Nkosinathi complete their first year of Radiology at Cape Town University of Technology. Ncedo hard at work in the labs

Lalela P ro Because ject and One& O Skoti, O of my shepards nly Hotel made liver Nuro w m ck, Cat ith loving, kindt e the person I a a R m you for p ieper, Andrea K nd caring heart today. s - Loyis aving my erz erry T way- Sfi ner, T orok, tha o so T yuka nk

Zimasa Diyani, Sfiso T yuka and Yolanda Baloyi employed at One & Only Hotel Cape T own


Hout Bay High School
Athenkosi Ngulo (Grade 11) Melikhaya Mdubeki (Grade 10) Samantha Miselo (Grade 11) Yonela Mblashwa (Grade 12) Simamkele Benani (Grade 11) Aphendule Sixishe (Grade 11)

Ocean View High
Zanele Melapi (Grade 8) Aliziwe Yoko (Grade 8)

Silikamva High School
Tino Wilson (Grade 8) Ezile Maqhina (Grade 8) Onwabo Tyobeka (Grade 8) Athenkosi Mboxela (Grade 8) Ellie Mbunda (Grade 8)

The Lalela Project Team wishes you a happy holiday and a wonderful 2014!

Lalela Project would like to thank Castle Framing, City Sightseeing (“Hop on, Hop off Red Bus”), the Broadway Association (NY), Empowers Africa, Iziko SANG., the National Arts Council (NAT), and Singita for their support. South Africa tel 021 790 1108 email [email protected] address Studio 4A, Mainstream Mall & Village, Main Rd & Princess Dr Hout Bay, Western Cape, 7806 New York email [email protected] address 5 Hanover Square, Suite 2013, New York, NY 10004

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