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DHM - GHI Sample Exam Questions

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EXAMINATION CTH Diploma in Hotel Management Subject: Series: Time Allowed: Instructions:
You are allowed TEN MINUTES to read through this examination paper before the commencement of the examination. Please read the questions carefully, paying particular attention to the marks allocated to each question or part of a question, and taking account of any special instructions or requirements laid down in any of the questions. This Examination Paper contains TWO SECTIONS. Answer ALL questions in Section A Answer any THREE questions in Section B

The Global Hospitality Industry (DHM 192) Paper B January 2009 2.5 hours

On completion of your examination:
Make sure that your name, CTH membership number, and centre number are clearly marked at the top of each answer sheet and on any other material you hand in.

Marks Allocation
Section A = Section B = 40% of the module grade 60% of the module grade

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DHM 192: The Global Hospitality Industry Paper B – January 2009

SECTION A Answer all questions in this section. This section carries a total of 40 marks. A1. A2. A3. A4. A5. A6. A7. A8. A9. A10. A11. A12. A13. A14. A15. Give two features of fast food outlets that make them different to other catering outlets. (2 marks)

In most countries of the world the government applies controls to the sale of alcohol. Explain two reasons why they do this. (2 marks) Briefly explain the function of exhibition caterers. Why would an airport hotel have a 200% or more daily occupancy level? Give two situations when food production and food service are separate. Name two economic external influences that can have an effect on the hospitality and catering industry. Give a description of corporate hospitality. What is a franchise? What is the difference between a public house (a pub) and a restaurant? What types of customers would stay in hostels? How are catering serving times different in a school and a large office building? Give examples to illustrate your answer. Why are business travellers important for larger hotels in main cities and commercial areas? Name three different types of hotel. Provide a brief description for one type. What is supply chain management? What is e-procurement? (2 marks) (2 marks) (2 marks) (2 marks) (2 marks) (2 marks) (2 marks) (2 marks) (4 marks) (4 marks) (4 marks) (4 marks) (4 marks)

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DHM 192: The Global Hospitality Industry Paper B – January 2009

SECTION B Answer any 3 questions in this section. Each question carries a total of 20 marks. B1. a) What are resort hotels? b) List the types of customers who would stay at a resort hotel. (4 marks) (4 marks)

c) List the services and facilities offered by resort hotels to their customers. (12 marks)

B2. Describe four different operational styles of food service. Give examples as well as advantages and disadvantages for each style. (20 marks)

B3. Describe the positive and negative contributions to the international hospitality industry made by the emergence of multinational hotel groups. (20 marks)

B4. How does government stability and economic growth or decline affect the hospitality industry? Give recent and current examples to illustrate your answer. (20 marks)

B5. a) Define the term hospitality and give examples. b) Explain the differences between the catering requirements in a motorway service station, an airport and on a cruise ship. (5 marks) (15 marks)

©Copyright CTH, 2009


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