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different types of writing

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Free Writing
Write anything and everything you know about the topic – just words, phrases – don’t worry about spelling or writing sentences, paragraphs or the essay.

Grouping your thoughts into similar areas.

Outlining shows you
• Where information is needed • Where information should be removed • Related ideas • Transitions or connections points should be used

Types of Essays
• Evaluative • Cause and effect • Comparison contrast • Personal definition • Argumentative

Process essay
How to do something

• How to make a cheeseburger • How to send and receive an email • Repairing a roof. Narrative composition You tell a story • My day at the museum • The storm of lightning

• Uncle Bill and the Boa Constrictor

Evaluative Essay You give an opinion
• Symbolism in Moby Dick

Role of women in Jane Eyre

• Love in Romeo and Juliet

Cause and Effect
Find out what happened • What caused the Bubonic Plague • Unrest in modern England • The effects of forest fires.

Comparison / Contrast Essays
Compare -how things are alike Contrast -how things are different

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