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Discovery Auction

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featuring Ephemera, Collectibles & Books
Sale 2478 October 14 & 15, 2009 Marlborough

Auctioneers and Appraisers of Antiques and Fine Art


Discovery Auction
featuring Studio Paintings & Country Americana
November 18 & 19, 2009
Sale #2485

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Discovery Auction
featuring Ephemera, Collectibles & Books


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AUCTION 2478 Session I, Lots 1-500: Wednesday, October 14, 2009 at 2 p.m. Session II, Lots 501-1200: Thursday, October 15, 2009 at 10 a.m. 274 Cedar Hill Street Marlborough, Massachusetts

Tuesday, October 13, 2009 Wednesday, October 14, 2009 Thursday, October 15, 2009 12 to 5 p.m. 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. 8 to 9:30 a.m.

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Session I - Lots 1-500
1. 1942 Brooklyn Dodger Team Autographed Baseball, including Joe Medwick, Whittier Wyatt, Fred Fitzsimmons, Pee Wee Reese, John Rizzo, Augie Galan, Curt Davis, John Allen, Leo Durocher, Arky Vaughan, Billy Herman, Dolph Camilli, Mickey Owen, Pete Reiser, Hugh Casey, possibly Larry French, Lew Riggs, Newt Kimball, Les Webber, “Buck”..., Dixie Walker, Chuck Dressen, Max Macon, Bill Sullivan, and possibly Frenchy Bordagaray, in black ink, later inscription “DEM BUMS,” ball stamped “National League, Ford C. Frick Pres.” $200-300

9. Ruskin, John (1819-1900), Works, assembled group of thirty uniformly bound titles and two others, London: George Allen, Sunnyside, Orpington, 1890-1903, various edition, each in three-quarter green morocco, 8vo, (spines heavily faded and dry, hinges starting to many and a couple of covers loose, interiors mostly clean). $200-300

16. Brodkey, Harold (1930-1996), two bound typed manuscripts with holograph annotations and corrections; first Departure from Eden, consisting of 169 double-spaced pages, with cloth cover having the faded inscription “Already Ripening Barberries are Red II”; second The Comedy of Two Lovers, consisting of fifty-six double-spaced pages, black cloth binding, (first with some staining to early leaves and ragged to edges; second with minor wear). Note: These appear to be unpublished. $300-500

10. 1964/1965 Season Boston Celtics Autograph Book, Red Auerbach, Bill Russell, Tom Sanders, John Thompson, Mel Counts, KC Jones, Tom Heinsohn, John Havlicek, and Larry Siegfried, each on a separate page in blue ink. Provenance: Gathered as a teenager, by the consignor, outside the locker room at the Boston Garden. $300-500

2. Four Late 19th Century Art Books/Folios, Louis Viardot, Masterpieces of French Art, 1885, Gebbie & Co., Philadelphia, vol. I and II, gilt-embossed leather; The Art of the World, 1893, Appleton, sections 3 and 9. $100-125

17. (Encyclopedia Britannica), The Encyclopaedia Britannica, A Dictionary of Arts Sciences, Literature and General Information, Cambridge, England: University Press, 1910-1911, eleventh edition, twentynine volumes including index, gilt lettered soft black calf, with colored plates, 4to, (overall very good, minor scattered defects, some wear to edges). $75-100

3. Pair of German Swords and Three Near Eastern Knives, the swords marked “Jos. Vierheilig, Munchen,” with brass and leather scabbards, lg. 28 in., knives with brass, bone and horn, and wood handles. $150-250

11. Ten German Matted Bookplates Depicting Mostly Ornithological Subjects, 18th century, 4to size, in black and white. $300-500

4. Six Framed Mycological Prints, German, 19th century, with coloring. $50-75

12. Walpole, Horace, (1717-1797), The Yale Edition of Horace Walpole’s Correspondence, New Haven and London, 1937-83, forty-one volumes. $350-500

18. Six WWI Lithograph Posters, W.T. Benda, Give or We Perish; Steinlen, Save Serbia our Ally; two Sidney H. Reisenberg, When We Go Through This We Need all the Help and Comfort You Can Give; Townsend, War Rages in France; F. Luis Mora, Food for France, on linen, (mounted on wood sticks). $300-500

5. Vintage Chromolithographed Decorated Tin and Cast Iron Christmas Tree Stand, depicting Santa’s sleigh in flight, ht. 7 1/4, dia. 14 1/2 in. $100-200

13. Rampart Rifle, percussion, pitted, faintly engraved Charleville, .85 caliber, accompanied by a photo of a similar gun, barrel lg. 47 in. $1,200-1,800

19. Six Miscellaneous Framed Maps, 19th century, including maps of Palestine, West Africa, North America, and Africa (2). $500-700

6. Lotte Jacobi Black and White Photograph of Eleanor Roosevelt, c. 1960, signed lower right corner. $300-400

20. Whimsical French Travel Journal with Hand-painted Illustrations and Letter from Charles Prud’hon, c. 1938, decorated with interesting watercolors. $75-150

7. Large German Map of Australia and the Polynesian Islands, Holzel, early 20th century, with one wooden roller. $100-200

14. Collection of Mostly 1970s-90 Buttons and Ribbons, Two Spanish Bull Fighting Posters, and a Spanish Menu Poster, buttons include political. $200-275

8. Decorative Leather-bound Title The Works of Robert Burns, Philadelphia, 1834, 8vo. $50-75

15. Three European 17th/18th Century Maps, depicting France, Spain and Greece/Turkey, folio, hand-colored, unframed. $400-600

21. Sandburg, Carl (1878-1967) and MacLeish, Archibald, Presentation Copy, Home Front Memo, New York: Harcourt Brace and Company, 1943, first edition, original cloth, inscription to flyleaf “Dear Archie, this is strictly as between brothers in SMOO = and may your daemon keep going = Carl,” 8vo, (spine sunned); together with Shephard, Esther, Walt Whitman’s Prose, New York: Harcourt Brace and Company, 1938, first edition, original cloth, with some marginalia from MacLeish, 8vo, (spine sunned). $200-300


22. Moroccan Brass-mounted Etched Steel Flintlock Rifle with Wooden Stock, lg. 61 1/4 in. $300-500

31. Two 18th/19th Century Percussion Pistols, wooden grips, one a double-barrel. $200-250

40. Stratton Brothers No. 1 Brass-mounted Mahogany Level, Greenfield, Massachusetts, lg. 28 in. $150-250

23. Lot of Early 20th Century Christmas, Birthday, and Thanksgiving Postcards. $100-150

32. Two WWI Lithograph Posters, James Montgomery Flagg, Help Him to Help Us; and Save the Products of the Land, on linen, (mounted on wood sticks). $125-175

41. British Leather Ammo Belt. $125-150

24. Seven Boston and New England Related Book Titles, Whiting, Boston Day; Crawford, St. Botolph’s Town; Ryan, Old Boston Museum Days; Beebe, Boston and the Boston Legend; Stark, Antique Views of Boston; Shackleton, The Book of Boston; and Robinson, Old New England Houses. $200-300

33. Frederick Freeman, History of Cape Cod, 1860, vol. I and II, gilt blue leather-bound. $300-500

42. 19th Century New Testament with “Fernware” Stenciled Wooden Binding, with gilt edges. $100-150

25. Three Bound Early 20th Century New York Auction Catalogues of Japanese Print Collections, the 1918 Frederic May collection, 1920 Ficke collection, and 1921 collection of a French connoisseur. $50-75

34. Two 19th Century Souvenir D’une Promenade a Versailles Folios, containing fourteen and eight engravings. $150-200

43. Twenty-three Titles of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Works, various printers, mostly late 19th/early 20th century, cloth bound. $200-300

26. Approximately Twenty-seven Books, including literature, history, reference, and two map portfolios. $75-100

35. Group of 19th/20th Century U.S. Cotton Farming Related Photographs and Ephemera, twenty-two cotton farming related photographs, mostly of black cotton pickers, portraits, workers, 1931 Universal Cotton Standards Conference group portrait, etc., including ten stamped “Tupper Studios, Greenwood, Miss.,” two copies of 1878 Cotton Cipher Code, Shepperson, and a 1940 cotton grade code guide. $300-500

44. Fifteen 1960s-70s Comic Books. $50-75

45. Collection of Early to Mid-20th Century European and Foreign Postcards, including Cuba, Africa, Mexico, etc., and an album. $100-150

27. Framed Wang Chromolithograph Theater Lobby Card, framed, sight size 16 x 10 7/8 in. $200-300

36. Adin Ballou, History of the Town of Milford, 1882, Franklin Press. $100-150

46. Framed Bird’s-eye View of Boston, c. 1870, “A Plan of Boston,” with inset vignette of the harbor, double page. $200-300

28. Collection of Fifty-two Late 19th/Early 20th Century Painted Glass Christmas Ornaments. $250-350

29. Group of 20th Century Wood and Tin Dollhouse Furniture and Accessories. $100-150

37. Four Baseball and Sports Related Books, Gordon Campbell, Ninth Famous American Athletes; J.G. Taylor Spink, Judge Landis and 25 Years of Baseball; John P. Carmichael, My Greatest Day in Baseball; and Harold Kaese, The Boston Braves. $75-100

47. Group of Reference Materials Relating to Asian Works of Art, including jade, Japanese prints, Chinese and Japanese ceramics, etc., approx. eighteen titles. $100-150

30. Nine Assorted 19th and 20th Century Book Titles, Comic History of Rome, England; Worcester’s Discourses and Letters; Record of Crime; Davies’ Legendre; two vols. Emerson’s Essays; and Gone with the Wind, 1939. $50-75

38. Group of 19th and 20th Century Documents and Ephemera Related to the Heywood and Edgell Families of Gardner, Massachusetts, including a framed 1870 Commonwealth of Massachusetts Civil War service certificate, in a hide-clad document box. $100-150

48. 1891-1896 Forty-four Star American Flag, machine-stitched pieced linen with handstitched appliqué stars, (scattered small holes), 67 x 133 in. $150-250

39. Collection of 20th Century Sheet Music, approximately 100 pieces. $50-75

49. Six WWI Lithograph Posters, James Montgomery Flagg, Boys and Girls! You can Help Your Uncle Sam Win the War; Albert Paus, Save Your Child From Autocracy and Poverty, They Give Their Lives; Associated News Service, Save and Invest in the Safest Simplest Security; and June 28 is National War Savings Day, on linen, (mounted on wood sticks). $200-300


50. Archive of Professor Frederick Waite, Western Reserve College, Ohio, 19th and 20th century, approximately 120 items. $100-150 51. Presentation Sword Given to Captain John U. Kreidler and a Framed Oil on Canvas Portrait Depicting the Captain with Sword, the engraved inscription on a brass mount of the leather scabbard “Presented to Capt. John U. Kreidler of Dayton, O., By His Friends & Loyal Fellow Citizens,” with a small framed photographic portrait of the Captain at the original sitting. $500-700 52. New York Yankees Autographed Baseball, including Reggie Jackson, Mickey Mantle, Willie Randolph, Clyde King, Lou Pinella, Joe Pepitone, Rick Cerone, Ron Davis, Yogi Berra, Ron Guidry, Tommy John, Bucky Dent, Dave Winfield, Bobby Mercer, Greg Nettles, and Rudy May, in ink and felt pen. $200-300 53. Collection of Twenty-two Titles Mostly Related to Fly Fishing and Field Sports, 19th and 20th century, including Forester’s Field Sports, many with dust jackets; together with a framed group of trout flies. $200-250 54. Framed J.T. Bowen Hand-colored Lithograph Soft-haired Squirrel, after J.J. Audubon, sight size 27 1/2 x 21 in. $100-150 55. Thirty Civil War Related Book Titles, 19th and early 20th century, Tarbell, Life of Lincoln, vol. I-IV; Beveridge, Abraham Lincoln, 1809-1858, vol. I and II; Hertz, The Hidden Lincoln; Ludwig, Lincoln; Personal Memoirs of U.S. Grant, publisher Charles L. Webster & Co., two each vol. I and II; Woodward, Meet General Grant; American Civil War Book and Grant Album, published by William H. Allen; Lee, Recollections and Letters of General Lee; Personal Memoirs of P.H. Sheridan, publisher Charles L. Webster & Co., vol. I and II; Stanley and hall, Eastern Maine and the Rebellion; Jefferson Davis, The Rise and Fall of the Confederate Government, vol. II; Wandell and Minnigerode, Aaron Burr, vol. I and II; Catton, A Stillness at Appomattox; Report of the Joint Committee on the Conduct of the War, Government Printing Office, vol. II and III; Long, The New American Navy, vol. I and II; Grand Army Blue Book, 1891, publisher J.B. Lippincott Co.; Rossiter Johnson, Campfire and Battlefield; and The Soldier in our Civil War, publisher Stanley Bradley Publishing, vol. I and II. $400-600

56. Harvard University Graduating Class of 1856 Autographed Portrait Photograph Triptych, 124 albumen copies of the original Charles Whipple daguerreotype portrait photographs, with the university president, and images of Holden Chapel, Massachusetts Building, the Library, and Harvard Square, for the 1881 twenty-fifth class reunion, including Charles F. Adams, George C. Barrett, Charles B. Brown, Jonathan Chapman, Edward F. Daland, Edward S. Dunster, Charles Le Doux Elgee, George W. Healey, Edward T. Fisher, William E. Fuller, James B. Greenough, Roland M. Hall, B. Morgan Harrod, John W. Hudson, Carleton Hunt, Albert G. Lawrence, Joseph W. Merriam, Charles Noys, Stephen George Perkins, Charles E. Vaughan, Richard H. Weld, Daniel W. Wilder, George Blagden, accompanied by class reports from 1860, 1865, 1880s, and 1906, frame ht. 31 1/8, center panel wd. 49, each side panel wd. 24 1/2 in. $1,000-1,500

61. Four 19th Century Architectural and Design Publications with Assorted Design Pamphlets, Pages, Scraps, and Inserts, Useful Designs and Details, publisher Porter, Taylor & Co., Chicago; Architectural Foliage, by Joseph Barlow Robinson, published by J. O’Kane; Art for All, August, 1889; and Detaillier fer Holzindustrie, Max Graef, 1888. $100-200

62. Group of U.S. Military Civil War Era Items, a wool-clad tin canteen stenciled “George W. Dyk..., Co. I 18th Regt. N.H.V,” a bayonet impressed “US,” in a leather scabbard with belt and brass “US” buckle with lead back impressed “15,” two leather cap boxes, two leather cartridge boxes one impressed “US” and one impressed “Watertown Arsenal 1862,” and two powder horns. $600-800

57. Ceremonial Ivory-handled Gilt-metal Sword with Enameled Gilt-metal Scabbard, M.C. Lilley & Co., Columbus, Ohio, the blade etched “Kreidler, Jan’y 1, 1876.” $300-500

63. Hope Valley, Rhode Island, Paint Decorated Wooden Marching Drum, dia. 32 1/4 in $300-500

58. Collection of Late 19th/Early 20th Century Illustrated Sheet Music. $400-600

64. Collection of 19th and Early 20th Century Tintype and Carte de Visite Portrait Photographs, including sixty-four tintype and nineteen cartes de visite. $100-150

59. Stereoviewer with 111 Assorted Stereocards and Two TRU-VUE Viewers with Seventy-five Film Rolls, cards include a set of twenty-five colored WWI, an interior and two street views Springfield, Mass., three views of “Armsmear” the residence of Mrs. Samuel Colt, Hartford, Conn., the views of New York, New Hampshire, Yosemite, Worcester Soldiers’ Monument and Court Hill, The Mall at Central Park, 1866, Salem, Mass., Niagara Falls, the West, mining towns, Horsford Natural History, the interior of a trunk with stereocards and photographs visible, a Native American portrait, the Nile, statuary, floral still life, portrait, and whimsical. $60-80

65. Collection of Mid-20th Century Consumer Advertising Ephemera, including original art, photographs, color negatives, mockups, and magazine proofs, mostly perfume, cosmetics, and soap, etc. $1,000-1,500

66. Mark Twain, A Tramp Abroad, 1st Edition, 2nd Issue 1880, American Publishing Co., Hartford. $100-150

60. Framed Group of 1860 Abraham Lincoln First Presidential Campaign Related Items, a printed Massachusetts “Republican Ticket, Lincoln & Hamlin, Ward Six...” a printed silk campaign ribbon, tintype portrait of Hannibal Hamlin, reprint photographic portrait of Abraham Lincoln, and a gilt-metal Abraham Lincoln campaign token. $400-600

67. Two 19th Century American Bird Related Book Titles, Elliott Coues, Key to North American Birds, 1872; Wilson/Bonaparte, American Ornithology, Porter & Coates, Philadelphia, vol. I. $100-150


68. Collection of Mostly 19th Century U.S. Military Brass Buttons, including thirty-nine Mass Volunteer Militia, manufactured by D. Evans & Co., Waterbury Button Co., and Scovill Mfg. Co., etc., nine G.A.R., eight eagle and anchor, various eagle and shield, an infantry, a cavalry, a US/WIS 105, a Louisiana, three New Bedford Yacht Club, approx. eighty-nine total. $200-300

75. Collection of Black Character Figures and Figural Items, ceramic, plastic, and metal, including kitchen towel hooks, salt and pepper shakers, note boards, etc., approximately twenty-seven pieces. $200-400

84. Two 18th and Early 19th Century Law Related Book Titles, Godwin, Enquiry Concerning Political Justice, 1796, leatherbound; Sir William Blackstone, Commentaries on the Laws of England, 1836, vol. I. $100-150

76. Twelve Assorted Metal Figural Sewing and Postal Stamp Articles. $100-125

69. Machine-stitched and Printed Forty-eight Star American Flag, 1912-51, stamped “Wear Ever,” 46 x 69 in. $75-100

70. Lot of Assorted Ephemera and Collectibles, including postcards, advertising, paper dolls, puzzles, magazines, buttons, etc. $50-75

77. Ten Black Character Sewing and Memorabilia Articles, including six emery heads, a painted celluloid smoker tape measure, a cloth doll, pipe cleaner figure, and a boxed set of spool thread. $75-100

85. Two English Percussion Shotguns and a Rifle, Crosley and Jar-King marked doublebarrels, wooden stocks, along with a powder horn. $200-300

71. Ten WWI Lithograph Red Cross Posters, Harrison Fisher, Have You Answered the Red Cross Christmas Roll Call?, Join; Think What You can Afford to Give-Then Doubt It; Jessie Willcox Smith, Have You a Red Cross Service Flag; Answer the Red Cross Christmas Roll Call; If You Knew a Days Pay Would Save a Life; While Someone Gives a Life-What are You Giving; The Greatest Mother in the World; We Belong, and A Little Starving Child Brought Back to Life, on linen, (mounted on wood sticks). $250-350

78. John L. Stoddard’s Lectures, 1898, Balch Bros. Co., ten vols., numbered 228/500, cloth-bound. $100-150

86. Two Early 20th Century Cotton Auto Coats with Stone Buttons and a Twopiece Cotton Worker’s Outfit, one of the coats labeled “Riley Auto Coat, Philadelphia,” the workwear comprised of a jacket and overalls. $100-150

79. Three Small Late Victorian Portrait Photograph Albums, containing tintype and carte de visite images. $75-100

72. James W. Riley, The Flying Islands of the Night, illustrated by Franklin Booth, 1913, Bobbs-Merrill Co. $100-150

80. U.S. Military Civil War Officer’s Sword, cast brass handle impressed “DFM,” blade impressed “U.S. DFM 1862,” and Emerson & Silver, Trenton, N.J.,” with metal scabbard, blade lg. 31 7/8 in. $200-250

87. Group of Vintage Sports Clothing, Equipment, and Twelve Felt Souvenir Pennants, including a James Brine Co. leather baseball glove, four baseballs, canvas football shorts, wool bathing suit, wool track shirt, ivory pants, belt, suspenders, Massachusetts and Midwestern pennants, two books Roy Wall, The Contemplative Angler and Walton, Cotton, The Complete Angler, etc. $250-300

88. Two Small Sets of Decorative Gilt Leather Bindings, Sterne’s Works, vol. 1-6; Oeuvres de Moliere, vol. 1-6. $150-200

73. John G. Whittier, Child Life, and a Decorative Gilt Blue Leather-bound Book, the former published by Houghton, Mifflin and Co.; the latter The Life of Benvenuto Cellini, 1926. $50-60

81. Framed Group of Abraham Lincoln Related Items, a clipped signature in ink, a portrait photograph, a “G.A.R., Representative, Salt Lake City, Utah” enameled mixed metals and gold ribbon medal, with a print of the text of the Gettysburg Address. $400-600

74. G.A.R. Presentation Sword, cast gilt-brass guard and pommel, wire-wrapped shagreen grip, etched blade labeled “G.W. Simmons & C., Boston, Mass.,” with metal scabbard. $300-500

82. Crowley’s Needles Wooden Two-Drawer Retail Counter Cabinet, a Boye Needles Retail Counter Display, and Two Display Trays with an Array of Sewing Collectibles, the retail displays with various packaged needles. $100-200

89. Nineteen Sewing Accoutrements, including celluloid, plastic, and silver figural tape measures, a silver acorn thimble case, a Christmas needle case, ten wooden mosaic items, a Mauchlin Bunker Hill container, ivory pincushions, painted wood clamps and pincushions, ivory spool clamps, etc. $75-85

83. Thirteen Carved Ivory Mostly Figural Pincushions. $75-85

90. Group of Assorted Sewing Accoutrements, including ten sweetgrass items, four turned wood figurals, three ivory and bone items, three printing blocks, a Shaker needle case, five metal and two wooden sewing clamps and birds, figural pincushions, etc. $75-85


91. Seven Mid-20th Century U.S. Military Pins and Jewelry Items with Three Fraternal and Typing Pins. $100-150

92. Luke V. Lockwood, Colonial Furniture in America, 1921, vol. I and II, Charles Scribner Sons. $50-75

99. “The Easy” Sign Marker Set, R.H. Smith Mfg. Co. Springfield, Massachusetts, c. 1894, in original wooden case, labeled “Bertrand Brassard,” including two tin boxed ink pads, a roller, ruler, and alphabetical, numerical, design, etc. rubber-mounted wood stamps. $75-100

107. Approximately Forty-one 19th and Early 20th Century Assorted Small Book Titles. $75-125

93. Priapeia, 1781, (lacking cover). $100-125

100. E.J. Detmold, The Book of Baby Birds, Hodder & Stoughton. $75-125

108. Eighteen Framed Assorted 19th Century Abraham Lincoln Portrait Prints, mostly steel engravings, three large format in walnut frames, F.B. Carpenter, The First Reading of the Emancipation Proclamation before the Cabinet; William E. Marshal, Abraham Lincoln; and William Pate, Abraham Lincoln. $400-600

94. Twelve Pieces of P.T. Barnum’s Personal Gilt Decorated Porcelain Tableware, eight pieces with “PTB” monogram including three with hand-painted crest, along with a Staffordshire transfer motto decorated child’s cup “A Present for my Niece.” Provenance: Descended through the family. Note: A retrospective on P.T. Barnum is scheduled for 2010. $300-500

101. Edward H. Forbush, Birds of Massachusetts and Jules Michelet, The Birds, respectively, 1925, vol. 1-3; and 1874, T. Nelson and Sons. $100-125

109. Chromolithographed Pressed Metal Murad Cigarettes “Everywhere-Why?” Advertising Sign, 38 3/4 x 28 1/4 in. $150-200

95. Searchlight and Bullhorn from a Navy Destroyer, reportedly used during WWII, the searchlight on rotating and gimbaled stand with 15 in. lens and sealed crystal with five thumbscrews, together with a brass bullhorn, ht. 20 in. $200-300

102. Twenty-two WWI Food Related Lithograph Posters, two food conservation; two Harvey Dunn, Victory is a Question of Stamina; two Save, Blood or Bread; A. Hendee, This is What God Gives Us; Why Loyal Americans are Keeping the Pledge; Cardinal Mercer; Food; Sir Don’t Waste While Your Wife Saves; Make Every Egg Count; Food and the War! American Wheat to Win!; J.F. Sheridan, Food is Ammunition; Hunger; Eat More Potatoes; L.N. Britton, Eat More... Do not be Fooled by the Lies of the Enemy; Save a Loaf a Week; and Drink more Milk, on linen, (mounted on wood sticks). $400-650

110. Four Late Victorian and Cartoon Collectible and Decorative Items, a late Victorian embroidered pieced printed silk cigar ribbon scarf with fringe, a pieced and embroidered velvet “crazy” wall hanging, a pieced Native American pattern tobacco felts twin-size bedspread, and a printed Paul Webb “Mountain Boys” cartoon hankie, the cigar scarf 23 x 23, the hanging 37 x 14 in. $200-250

111. Box Lot of Assorted of Sewing Accoutrements, Accessories, Whimsies, and Related Items. $75-85

96. Carved and Painted Wood Articulated Dachshund Toy and a German Blonde WWII Military Painted Cardboard Articulated Puppet. $400-600

103. Eight Assorted Wooden Sewing Boxes and Travel Boxes with Contents. $100-200

112. Harold Gray, The Pop-up Little Orphan Annie and Jumbo, The Circus Elephant, 1935. $100-125

97. Approximately Fifty-two Sewing Accoutrements, including twenty-five celluloid and metal figural tape measures, six metal figural pincushions, three wooden pincushions, a Shaker pin cushion, three ivory lace needles, four wax and emery, six paper retail thread and accessory boxes, etc. $75-85

104. Group of Sewing Accessories and Collectibles, including seven Mauchlin and tartanware items, as well as silver, painted wood, ivory and cloth, some paper boxes, etc. $75-85

113. P. Egan, Boxiana, 1821, vol. III. $30-50

98. Group of Sewing Accoutrements, including ten Mauchlin and turned wood items, six assorted silver articles, two sweetgrass, ivory, painted wood and glass, pincushions and tape measures, etc. $75-85

105. Two Vintage Coca-Cola Painted Pressed Metal Advertising Signs, “Drink CocaCola” and a bottle-form thermometer, the former labeled “Made in U.S.A., RSC 2 48,” ht. 18, lg. 53 1/2 and lg. 29 1/2 in. $200-300

114. Framed 19th Century Printed Republican Presidential/Massachusetts State Tickets, 1860, 1864, and 1868, in a common frame. $600-800

106. W.T. Hornaday, The Man Who Became a Savage, signed, 1896, Peter Paul Book Co. $40-60

115. Framed Photograph View from State House, 1857, Showing Marshes and Mill Dam now Back Bay, Boston, Massachusetts, with label on reverse “Richard Nichols Pictures and Framing, Bromfield St., Boston,” image 14 x 16 1/2 in. $600-800


116. Time Inc. September 24, 1936, No. 2 “Rehearsal” Copy for Life Magazine. $75-125

122. (18th Century Gardening), Garton, James, The Practical Gardener, and Gentleman’s Directory, for Every Month of the Year, London, 1769, gilt-tooled tree calf, 8vo. $50-75

117. Jekyll, Gertrude (1843-1932), Garden Design, seven titles, gilt lettered and pictorial cloth, including Home and Garden, London: 1900, Wood and Garden, London, 1899, Colour in the Flower Garden, London, 1908; together with two modern texts on garden/landscape design by G.A. Jellicoe, and two modern works about Gertrude Jekyll, (11 volumes total). $200-250

123. Six Titles Related to Asian Gardens and Flower Design. $150-200

129. Six Civil War Portrait Photographs, a framed carte de visite of Major Frederick C. Low, 1st Maine Co. B. 18th Regt. Infantry and Heavy Artillery; a framed tintype of Private Willard J. White, Co. C. Coast Guard Regt. of Infantry, with handwritten dedication; a tintype of Sylvester Warren Russell, enlisted Auburn, Maine, age 15; a tintype of a seated soldier with beard; a tintype of a boy in uniform hat with cape; and a tintype depicting five soldiers in full dress uniform with percussion rifles. $500-700

118. Thirteen WWI Bonds Related Lithograph Posters, Liberty Bonds are Fighting Bonds; Your Savings Pledge; Buy Early; The Hun-his Mark, Blot it Out; Howard Chandler Christy, Clear the Way; two Buy Today Buy Liberty Bonds; Are You 100% American; Before Sunset; Henry Raleigh, Hun or Home; Seal You Lips, Steel your Hearts...; V Invest; Laurence Harris, Good Bye, Dad, I’m off to Fight for Old Glory, on linen, (mounted on wood sticks). $300-500

124. Assortment of Late 19th and 20th Century Ephemera, including theater and travel related, postcards, valentines, pamphlets, a journal, photographs, ticket stubs, etc. $50-75

130. Group of Civil War Era, G.A.R., and Related Fraternal Buckles, Insignia, Medals, Ribbons, and Pins, and Six Pieces of Confederate Currency, including eighteen G.A.R., six fraternal, etc. $300-500

119. Sixty-six Movie Lobby Cards, U.S., including four Old Rex, six Quiet American, Fools, Four Girls in Town, 40 Pounds of Trouble, Cartouche, Siren of Bagdad, The Good Guys and the Bad Guys, two The Visit, Fast and Sexy, Syncopation, three The Proper Time, What did you do in the War, Daddy?, two The Secret of My Success, ten The Wild River, Say One for Me, eight Lost Lagoon, six Passion, three Home from the Hill, two Where’s Poppa?, Forbidden, Five Steps to Danger, I was an American Spy, and six Swingin’ Alone/Double Trouble, 11 x 14 in. $400-600

125. Thirty-three Mostly Late 1980s/Early 1990s Comic Books, including Daredevil, Captain America, Zorro, Action, Punisher, Wolverine, X-Men, The Demon, Transformers, Detective, Avengers, Spiderman, Batman, a 1950 Topix Man of Peace and a Topix Joan of Arc, and a c. 1958 Federal Reserve Bank The Story of Checks. $50-75

131. The Genuine Life and Trial of the Rev. Dr. William Dodd for Forgery, London: T. Trueman, c. 1777, with engraved frontis portrait, later three-quarter morocco, small 8vo. $100-200

126. (Botany), Zohary, Michael, Flora Palaestina, Jerusalem: The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, 1966, in two volumes, cloth, 4to. $200-300

132. (Pictorial Cloth, Gardening), three titles, Thomas, The Garden at Home, London, 1912; Earle, Old-Time Gardens, New York, 1901; and Highways & Hedges, London, 1911, all 8vo. $125-175

120. Circa 1925 New York Yankees Babe Ruth Baseball Practice Snapshot Photograph, with possibly Wally Schang nearby and other Yankees players in the background, on Velox photograph paper, 5 1/8 x 3 1/8 in. $200-300

127. Framed March 6, 1865, Abraham Lincoln Signed U.S. Presidential Military Commission, bearing the signatures of President Abraham Lincoln and Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton, to First Lieutenant in the Veteran Reserve Corps., William F. Martins, effective January 13, 1865, accompanied by a J.C. Buttre engraved portrait of Abraham Lincoln. $2,000-3,000

133. Two Framed and Mounted Civil War Service Related Certificates and a Commission, Soldiers Memorial, Co. K 1st Regt. Maine Heavy Artillery, a July 4, 1868 State of Maine testimonial to Charles Frye for Civil War service, and a March 13, 1865 U.S. Presidential commission to W.L. Kidder, Lieutenant Colonel. $200-250

121. Late 19th/Early 20th Century Tait Family of Santa Cruz, California, and Vicinity Portrait Photograph and Photograph Archive. $50-75

128. Archive of Family Ephemera and Collectibles, late 19th/early 20th century, including photographs, a scrapbook, WWII letters, a short story, etc. $75-125

134. Pathex Electric Motor Film Projector, c. 1922, 9.5mm, with two Pathex movies Harold Lloyd, Give and Take and Our Gang, Big Business, part one and two, projector in original box, with splicer, two Mazda bulbs, and supplies. $100-150

135. Late Victorian Painted Wooden European Castle and Village Models, by Adam Fischer, lg. 11 1/2 and 15 3/4 in. $200-400


136. Three WWI Lithograph Posters, Laura Brey, Enlist; James Montgomery Flagg, I am Telling You; and Burton Rice, See Him Through, on linen, (mounted on wood sticks). $200-250

137. (Botany), Krutch, Joseph Wood, Herbal, New York: G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 1965, half cloth, with dust jacket, folio. $40-60

143. Autographed Major League Baseball Stars Hotel Stationery, c. 1960, including Smoky Burgess, Frank Malzone, Jim Lemon, Elston Howard, Johnny Romano, Marv Bleeding, Frank Bolling, Bob Cerv, Joel Pignatano, Roger Maris, Jim Piersall, Frank Robinson, Vada Pinson, Ed Bailey, Dick Farrell, Bill Mazeroski, Gil Hodges, ElRoy Face, and Ted Lepcio, in blue ink on “Hotel Onondaga, Jefferson at Warren, Syracuse, N.Y., Telephone HArrison 2-1221” stationary. $1,000-1,500

150. Nine WWI YMCA Lithograph Posters, War-Zone Home for Our Boys “Overthere,” Young Men Who Can’t Go Help Those Who Do Go!, Stockton Mulford, Big Men Wanted, The Last Evidence that Anyone Cares, Gil Spear, Workers Lend Your Strength to the Red Triangle, Arthur W. Brown, For your Boy, The Red Triangle, Pershing portrait, and United We Serve, on linen, (mounted on wood sticks). $400-600

138. Album of European Travel Postcards, Photographs, and Ephemera, c. 1935, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, including photographic postcards. $150-250

144. 1932 “Boston Evening American Hole-InOne Retail Stores Annual” Silver Plated and Plastic Golf Trophy, Franklin Field, Boston, Wallace Trophy Co., ht. 17 1/4 in. $300-500

151. Five Ambrotype and Tintype Portrait Photographs and a Small Framed Portrait Photograph of a Man in Uniform, in cases. $75-100

139. Approximately Fifty-six 1920s-30s Woodworking, Tool, Supply, and Outboard Motor Related Periodicals, Catalogs, and Pamphlets, including Home Craft, DuPont, Boice-Crane, Schroeter’s, South Bend, Browning, Johnson, Evinrude, Heston & Anderson, Delta, Jorgensen, Wallace, etc. $300-500

145. Group of Late 19th/Early 20th Century Photographs and a Mid-20th Century Photograph Album, including two Glen Mountain House Hotel, a neighborhood boys sandlot baseball team, a group albumen photo of workers at Mattapan, Mass., Milton Canning Kitchen, a store exterior and interior, etc. $300-500

152. White, Gilbert (1720-1793), Two Copies, The Natural History of Selborne, London: John Lane, 1902, three quarter gilt tooled red calf, (lifting), the other copy 1929, threequarter gilt-tooled red morocco, 8vo. $300-500

140. Three Paul Szep Ink Political Cartoons, two for the Boston Globe. $50-100

146. (Decorative Bindings, Four Titles), Smith, A Books for a Rainy Day, London: 1845, 2nd edition, three quarter calf.; Johnson, A Diary of a Journey into North Wales..., London, 1816, three quarter calf; Boswell, The Journal of a Tour of the Hebrides with Samuel Johnson, LL.D., London, 1785, three quarter calf; and Fables by the Late Mr. Gay, London, 1801, full tree calf, 8vo. $150-250

153. Pair of Cunard Line Advertising Signs and Two Norwegian American Line Advertising Signs, the Cunard depicting the Queen Mary and the Queen Elizabeth. $100-150

154. Victorian Chromolithograph Scrap and Trade Card Album, including die-cuts, presidential, calling cards, ephemera, greetings, etc. $250-350

141. Abraham Lincoln Signed April 16, 1863 Presidential Appointment, Thomas H. Clay of Kentucky to Minister Resident to the Republic of Honduras, with raised seal l.l., and with the signature of Secretary of State William H. Seward, unframed, (laid down on cardboard). $300-500

147. White, Gilbert (1720-1793), nineteen 20th century titles concerning Gilbert White. $300-500

155. Early 20th Century Firefighter’s Scrap/Logbook, mostly eastern Massachusetts, with handwritten records, annotations, newspaper clippings, snapshots, etc. $150-200

142. Eight Botanical Related Book Titles, Flower Portraits; Hummingbirds and Orchids of Mexico; Stern, A Study of the Genus Paeonia; Flowers, Rock Plants; W.R. Dykes, The Genus Iris; F.C. Stern, Snowdrops and Snowflakes; Gardens and Gardening; Beautiful Flowers and How to Grow Them vol. I and II. $100-200

148. Victorian Walnut Framed Albumen Photograph of New England Sailing Catboats near a Shoreline, image 13 3/4 x 17 in. $150-200

149. Pair of Armstrong’s Asphalt Tile Chromolithograph Paper Advertising Signs and a Painted Metal “Hot FrenchFried Popcorn, Advanced Mfg. Co.” Advertising Sign, mid-20th century, the pair 23 1/2 x 33 1/2 in. $135-200

156. Group of Eight 19th/20th Century Journals, five of Charles Darwin Elliot, one c. 1845-46 begun in Paris, one c. 1863-64 while a member of the U.S. Engineers, discussing work, travels, daily life and health, in areas of New Orleans and Boston, two compass notebooks with sketches and measurements also c. 1863-64, and one 1901 written in Somerville, Massachusetts; together with three diaries written by Maria and Addie Noyes, 1888-93. $250-350


157. Blunt, Joseph, The Merchant’s and Shipmaster’s Assistant, New York, 1832, tree calf, 8vo. $75-100 158. Collection of Mostly Early 20th Century Postcards, including U.S., New England, photographic, etc. $200-300 159. Thirty-seven Hand-colored Playing Cards, European, 19th century. $75-125 160. Attract-O-Scope with Approximately 110 Glass Slides, New York, built by Nutry & Cook Mfg. Co., Brooklyn, giltwood facade mounted on a metal cabinet, electric, slides include buildings, American Indians and west, cartoons, Washington D.C., advertising, portraits, animal, carriages, etc., ht. 32 1/2, lg. 25, wd. 21 in. $200-300 161. (Jewett, Sarah Orne (1849-1909), Works/Biography), six titles, including Deephaven, Boston: 1894, pictorial cloth; Playdays, Boston: 1892, gilt pictorial cloth; and four others. $150-200 162. Thirty-nine Assorted 19th Century Abraham Lincoln Related Postal Covers, political, Civil War. $100-125 163. Carte de Visite Depicting the Sparling Dwarves with DeWitt Clinton Durgin, President of Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, Michigan, 1874-1884, the reverse labeled “Carson and Graham Photographic Studio, Hillsdale, Mich.” $100-150 164. Societe Francaise Sept Kino Hand Movie Camera and a Bell & Howell Filmo Cine Projector, with cases, the Sept with metal film roll tins and booklets, the projector electric. $200-300 165. Album of Early 20th Century Postcards, including Christmas, Easter, greeting, romantic, Massachusetts, Boston, Cape Cod, Brockton area, Worcester area, and whimsical. $100-200

166. (Thoreau, Henry David, 1817-1862, Biography), three titles related to Thoreau, Sanborn, F.B., The Personality of Thoreau, Boston: 1901, limited edition; Jones, S.A., Thoreau: A Glimpse, Concord: 1903; and Little Journeys to the Homes of Great Philosophers: Thoreau, East Aurora: The Roycrofters, 1904. $100-200

172. (American Periodicals, Thoreau, Whittier, Emerson, etc.), two volumes, one containing extracts from The Atlantic Monthly, Vol. IX, June, 1862, No. LVI, and an 1863 edition, containing essays by Thoreau including “Walking,” boards, and “Graham’s Magazine,” Philadelphia, March, 1847, containing an article on Thomas Carlyle by Thoreau, cloth. $200-250

167. Aesthetic Papers, edited by Elizabeth P. Peabody, Boston: 1849, half blue morocco, 8vo. $50-100

168. Framed P.T. Barnum’s Greatest Show on Earth and Great London Circus, Signorita Adelaide Cordona, Empress of the Flaming Zone Chromolithograph Poster, sight size 19 3/4 x 29 3/4 in. $100-200

173. Group of 1951-62 Baseball and Sports Collectibles, a 1951 Boston Braves commemorative booklet, a 1952 New York Yankees sketch book, eleven Red Sox programs/score cards from 1953-57, and 1962, a set of twelve 1955 Kansas City Athletics player portrait prints with original mailing envelope, and a 1954 New England Sportsmen’s & Boat Show Guide. $400-600

169. Album of 1950s Boston Red Sox, Braves, Bruins, other Baseball Autographed Postcards, Photographs, and Personal Snapshots, including scenes of Fenway Park, players practicing, playing, autographs of Lou Boudreau, Steve O’Neill, Bob Elliot, two Mel Parnell, Ed Yost, George Kell, Matt Batts, two Bob Doerr, Jimmy Piersall, Tommy Holmes, Randy Gumpert, Phil Rizzuto, Ebba St Claire, Ted Williams, Bob Feller, Larry Doby, Jim Hegan, Al Lopez, Ray Boone, Ted Lepcio, Willard Marshall, Bob Turley, Frankie Thomas, Indians Sam Dente, Larry Doby, Mike Garcia, Bob Avila, Bruins Milt Schmitt, and two group photographs of Red Sox players at Topsey’s Chicken Coop, Revere Beach, Massachusetts. $1,500-2,500

174. Collection of 1940s and 50s Shriner’s Circus Related Photographs, some with entertainer’s autographs. $400-600

175. Hazells’ Ltd. Streamline Green Star Tennis Racket, c. 1936, with original leather wrapped grip and butt cap, transfer and branded labeling including “Frame Made in England, Hazells Ltd. London, Patent, 13 1/2, R7.” $400-600

170. Group of Assorted Paper Dolls and Twenty-five 1924-25 Issues of Needlepoint Magazine. $75-125

176. Five Titles Relating to Henry David Thoreau, Allen, Bibliography of Henry David Thoreau, 1908; Channing, Thoreau the Poet-Naturalist, 1902; Sanborn, Life of Thoreau, 1917; The Transmigration of the Seven Brahmans, edited by Christy, 1931; and a folio of seven etchings by Sidney L. Smith for Thoreau the Poet-Naturalist. $200-400

171. Seven WWI YMCA Lithograph Posters, At the Sign of the Red Triangle; Boys of New England; War Work Week; Fathers! Red Triangle War Work; Albert Hertel, His Home over There; Wilson, Taft, Roosevelt, Indorse YMCA Work; and Mothers! Leaving You, He Comes to Us, on linen, (mounted on wood sticks). $300-500

177. Nine Abraham Lincoln Portrait Cartes de Visite, including one A. Lincoln, President of the U.S., with handwritten annotation “Washington, April 15/65. President Lincoln died this morning, at twenty-two minutes past seven o’clock. T.B.H.” on reverse in ink. $100-150


178. Group of Circa 1944 South Pacific U.S. Army Air Force Baseball and Special Services Related Items, including photographs, snapshots, two autographed baseballs, autographed photos, and ephemera, including Enos Slaughter, Birdie Tebbetts, Johnny Sturm, Stan Rojek, Howie Pollet, Bill Hitchcock, Joe Gordon, Chubby Dean, Lew Riggs, tennis player Don Budge, etc. $400-600

184. Seventeen Woodworker’s Planes and Tools, including thirteen box and molding planes, a hand-drill, metal calipers, etc. $250-400

185. Three Wicker Fishing Creels and Two Vintage Leather-trimmed Canvas Fishing/Hunting Bags. $100-200

191. Eleven WWI Lithograph Liberty Loan and Bond Related Posters, Ring it Now; two Help our Town Win This Flag, Buy a Liberty Bond; Free Storage of Liberty Bonds; Help New York Win the Right...; Ellsworth Young, Remember Belgium, Help us Win the Right to Fly This Flag; The Time has Come to Conquer or Submit; Dewey, Our Daddy is Fighting at the Front for You; and Adolph Treidler, Have You Bought Your Bond, on linen, (mounted on end sticks). $300-500

179. Two Vintage Fountain Pens, a George S. Parker Lady Duofold Lucky Curve Mandarin Yellow and an Esterbrook black plastic. $100-150

180. Twenty-four 1930s and 60s Antiques Magazines, a Collection of Vintage and Mid-20th Century Cards, Greeting Cards, Valentines, and Ephemera, and an Assortment of Books. $60-80

186. Five WWI Lithograph Posters, Fill It Up; Home Hospitality; The Spirit of War Camp; Hold on to Uncle Sam’s Insurance; Save and Serve; and Carry on YD (club), on linen, (mounted on wood sticks). $150-200

192. Collection of Mid-20th Century Show Business Related Theater, Broadcasting, and Advertising Correspondence on Letterhead, including business, hotel, personal, etc. Provenance: Gordon Allison, in 1935 began his career as an actor with a New York Shakespearian repertory theater company and continued his involvement on stage, in print, or in production until his death in 1986. His career as a critic and reporter began in 1937 when wrote for the Newark Sunday Call. In 1945 he had a column “Night Club” in the New York Herald Tribune adding television a few years later, and in 1954 became the theater and television editor for Look magazine. He entered TV production in 1956, first at the Colgate Comedy Hour, then The Millionaire, The Jack Paar Show, Dotto, The Doctors, Dr. Simon Locke, and in 1972, Police Surgeon. In 1976, Mr. Allison founded the Power House Theater for the New Canaan Town Players in Connecticut. $100-150

181. Thoreau, Henry David (1817-1862), Fine Press, Walden, three copies, one Boston: Bibliophile Society, 1909, one of 483 copies, three-quarter vellum, two volumes; the second Mount Vernon: Peter Pauper Press, with three-quarter gilt tooled morocco by Inman; the third New York: Libra, Inc., 1960. $300-500

187. (Thoreau, Henry David, 1817-1862), two titles, Night and Moonlight, New York: Hubert Rutherford Brown, 1921, one of 400, designed by Bruce Rogers, boards, 12mo, (spine lacking, wear); and Of Friendship, Cambridge: The Riverside Press, 1901, one of 500, half cloth, small 8vo, (lightly bumped, rear cover soiled, pages uncut). $100-200

182. (Boswell, James (1740-1795), Papers), four titles from the Yale Editions of the private papers of James Boswell, London: William Heinemann Ltd., 1952, half vellum, 4to. $100-200

188. Thoreau, Henry David (1817-1862), eight titles in ten volumes, including Letters to Various Persons, Boston: Ticknor and Fields, 1865, first edition, cloth, and nine later printings of titles including Walden, Cape Cod, etc., cloth (four gilt pictorial), 8vo. $200-300

183. Walt Disney Studios (American, 20th Century) Animation Cel from the Segment The Flying Gauchito in The Three Caballeros, 1944. Signed and inscribed “To Lisa Blau/with best wishes/ Walt Disney” in pencil on the mat l.r., stamped “Original WDP” on the mat l.r., inscribed “From ‘Three Caballeros’” faintly on the mat l.l. Gouache on celluloid, sight size 10 1/2 x 8 in., framed, without glass. Condition: Losses, staining to mat l.r., craquelure, minor surface grime. Provenance: Gift from Walt Disney to Elisabeth “Lisa” Blau, New York City; by family descent to the present owner, Kent, Connecticut. $800-1,200

189. Pair of Anheuser-Busch Brewing Assn. Chromolithograph Advertising Prints and a Genesee Brewing Co. Chromolithograph Advertising Print, the pair after O.E. Berninghaus, Westward Ho! and The Relief Team, in original frames, and Genesee 12 Horse Team Ale, framed, respective sight sizes 11 x 19 1/2 and 11 1/2 x 21 in. $200-250

193. Ten Assorted Framed 20th Century Abraham Lincoln Portrait Prints, including Rosenthal/McClees, Timothy Cole, Dinsmore, two Thomas Johnson, Jacques Reich, and three Harris & Ewing. $200-300

194. (History of Concord, Massachusetts), Shattuck, Lemuel, History of the Town of Concord…from its Earliest Settlement to 1832, Boston and Concord: 1835, boards, (replaced spine), 8vo; sold together with a one page manuscript of a son recording an account in his father’s experience in a battle of April 19th, serving in the militia under the command of Capt. Thomas White, (folds). $200-300

190. Set of Twelve Wood-framed Handcolored Glass Four-Image Astronomy Magic Lantern Slides and Thirty Assorted Glass Projection Slides, the wood-framed 3 3/4 x 14 in. $60-80

195. Four Framed 1930s Chromolithograph Cigar Box Labels, Judge Wright, Judge Ross, Judge Best, and The Barrister. $250-350


196. Seven WWI Work Related Lithograph Posters, G. Lerendecker, Order Coal Now; Uncle Sam Needs That Extra Shovelful; United War Work Campaign; The Past is Behind us the Future Ahead; Ships are Needed to Win the War; You are Needed to Help Build Ships; and U.S. Engineers Foremost, on linen, (mounted on wood sticks). $200-400

197. Twenty MGM 20th Anniversary Press Release Photos with Attached Typed Snipes, including Tugboat Annie; The White Cliffs of Dover; Mrs. Miniver; The Good Earth; Broadway Melody of 1929; Boom Town; Random Harvest; Trader Horn; Ben Hur; Mutiny on the Bounty; Dinner at Eight; The Merry Widow; The Big Parade; Boystown; and The Wizard of Oz, images 10 x 13 in. Provenance: Gordon Allison. $400-600

201. Approximately 130 Early 20th Century Movie Studio and Theater Publicity Portrait Photographs, many with photographer, studio, and newspaper stamps, press snipes, some cropping lines, including Fritzi Scheff, Gloria Stuart, Gloria Swanson, Ruth St. Denis, Talmadge sisters, Estelle Taylor, Florence Ziegfeld, Weber & Fields, Claire Windsor, Frances White, David Warfield, Billie Burke, Joseph Jefferson, Pola Negri, Olga Petrova, Edna Purviance, Beatrice Lillie, Buster Keaton, Madge Kennedy, Doris Kenyon, Nazimova, Mary Pickford, Mack Sennett, Fred Stone, Miriam Hopkins, etc. Provenance: Gordon Allison. $300-500

202. Four WWI Lithograph Posters, The Camp Library is Yours; The Signal “Send Books”; Banish Lonely Hours in Camp. Books for Soldiers; and C. Huber, YWCA, Back our Girls Over There; linen backed, (mounted on wood sticks). $200-300

206. Approximately 175 Movie Studio and Theater Publicity Portrait and Still Photographs, 1920s-1940s, many with attached press snipes, studio, photographer, and newspaper stamps, some cropping lines, including Black productions Porgy and Bess, Carmen Jones, Bill Robinson, Alice Harris, The Hot Mikado, Ethel Waters, Paul Robeson, James Barton, Burns and Allen, Irving Berlin, Constance Bennett, Gary Cooper, Oona O’Neill, Ronald Colman, Madeleine Carroll, Claudette Colbert, Gypsy Rose Lee, Bobby Clark, Cecil B. Demille, Irene Dunne, Frank Fay, W.C. Fields, Elsie Ferguson, Walter Huston, Greta Niessen, Norma Shearer, Leslie Howard, Edward Everett Horton, Margaret Lindsay, Raymond Massey, Fredric March, Ethel Merman, Allan Jones, Paul Munni, Marian Miller, Vivien Leigh, Clark Gable in Gone with the Wind, Charles Laughton, Elissa Landi, Louise Latimer, Jane Russell, Bert Lahr, Deanna Durbin, Jerome Kern, Henry Fonda, Carl Reiner, Charlotte Rampling, June Knight, Conrad Nagel, ZaSu Pitts, Edward G. Robinson, three photos of X. Cugat caricatures, etc. Provenance: Gordon Allison. $500-700

198. Framed Abraham Lincoln Memoriam Group, including A.J. H. Duganne, April 14th, 1865, In Memoriam print, a John C. Yorston & Co. hand-colored lithograph portrait, Walt Whitman The Death of Abraham Lincoln-1865, printed verse, and two commemorative medals. $100-150

203. White, Gilbert (1720-1793), two copies of A Nature Calendar, London: The Selborne Society, 1911, limited edition of 255 copies, edited and signed by Wilfred Mark Webb, cloth, folio. $150-200

207. Five Framed 1920s-30s Chromolithograph Cigar Box Labels, Hook’em Cow, two Western Bee, The Round-up with campfire scene, and Dick Custer. $250-350

199. (20th Century Illustrators), Jessie Wilcox Smith, Child Garden of Verses, 1905, and Dulac, Edmund, Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, 1937. $150-200

204. Emerson, Ralph Waldo (1803-1882), The Conduct of Life, London: Smith, Elder, and Co., 1861, cloth, 8vo. $100-200

200. Five Framed 1930s-40s Chromolithograph Cigar Box Labels, Franklin D. Roosevelt and band, Los Inmortales depicting Washington, Lincoln, and Grant, First Cabinet depicting Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Hamilton, and Knox, American Protectorate depicting James Monroe, and Veto. $250-350

205. Miniature Copy Image Tintype Portrait Photograph of Abraham Lincoln, c. 1865, lg. 1 in. Provenance: Accompanied by 1983 letter from the National Portrait Gallery identifying and reviewing image. $50-75

208. Frost, Robert (1874-1963), four titles, A Masque of Reason, New York: Henry Holt and Company, [1945], first edition, with dust jacket; Steeple Bush, New York: 1974; A Witness Tree, New York, 1942; and In the Clearing, Readers Union printing, 1962; together with Untermeyer, L., Letters of Robert Frost, 1963, (5 titles total). $100-200

209. (American Authors and History, Six Volumes), Channing, W.E., Conversations in Rome, Boston: 1847; Holmes, O.W., Poems, Boston: 1836; Leaves from Margaret Smith’s Journal in the Province of Massachusetts Bay. 1678-9, Boston: 1849; and Whittier, J.G.: Chapel of the Hermits, Boston: 1853, Old Portrait and Modern Sketches, Boston: 1850, and National Lyrics, Boston: 1865, all cloth, 8vo, with the exception of the latter (wraps). $200-250


210. WWII Oregon Shipbuilding Corp. Metal Identification and Photograph Badge. $35-50

211. Large Late Victorian Layered Dimensional Cut-out Paper Valentine, in a frame, valentine approx. 15 x 15 in. $100-200

219. (Audubon, John James, 1785-1851), The Original Water-Color Paintings by John James Audubon for The Birds of America, New York: American Heritage Publishing Co., Inc., 1966, in two volumes, cloth, slipcased, folio. $100-200

227. Large Album of Early 20th Century Postcards, including Christmas, Easter, holiday, whimsical, Massachusetts, New England, coastal, New York state, U.S., and some European. $100-150

212. Four Framed 1920s-30s Chromolithograph Cigar Box Labels, Red Tips, National Sportsmen, Black Bass, and Rex Aguilla depicting an eagle. $250-350

220. Large Lot of Miscellaneous Ephemera and Collectibles, including postcards, greeting cards, paper hand fans, etc. $400-600

228. Three Small Sets of Decorative Leatherbound Books and Twenty-nine Assorted Cloth-bound Book Titles, the sets Webster’s Works, vol. 1-6; Alphonse Daudet, collected works; and Reign of Terror. $200-300

213. Eleven Assorted Framed Abraham Lincoln Portraits, including six photographic prints, a French machinemade silk panel, a W.H. Pratt Proclamation of Emancipation, an Ensign, Bridgeman & Fanning lithograph, an E.C. Middleton & Co. chromolithograph, and a painting-style print. $200-300

221. Twenty-nine 1895-1896 Boston Sunday Herald Chromolithograph Paper Doll Costume Plates. $150-250

222. Eight Alfred Bowen Watercolor on Paper “Mutt & Jeff” Character Sketches, dated 1914-1915, age 12, signed, approx. 6 3/4 x 5 in. $300-500

229. Two Titles on Asian Art, Hetherington, Early Ceramic Wares of China, London, 1922; and Chinese, Corean and Japanese Potteries, New York, 1914. $200-300

214. (Gardens), Jekyll, Gertrude (1843-1932), two titles in three volumes, Some English Gardens, New York: Longmans, Green and Co., 1904, cloth, folio, (two copies); Gardens for Small Country Houses, London, 1910, cloth, folio. $300-500

223. Crosby, Ted and Larry, Bing, signed copy, first edition, Los Angeles: Bolton Printing Co, 1937, original wraps. $200-300

230. Four French WWI Posters, Croix Rouge Americaine, a Henri Royer Warne Yser Somme Verdun, and Hansi (Jean Jacques Waltz) Ce Ceil est Notre Azul..., and Entre des Francais a Strasbourg, to 31 3/4 x 23 1/2 in. $250-350

215. Early 20th Century Queen Bee Chop Green Japan Tea/Formosa Oolong Tea Advertising Printed Paper and Bamboo Parasol, dia. 30 in. $75-125

224. Framed Group of Abraham Lincoln Second Presidential Campaign Related Items, a Stevensgraph-type machine-made silk campaign ribbon, a printed Ohio Union Presidential Ticket, “Abraham Lincoln/Andrew Johnson...,” portrait prints of Lincoln and Johnson, a campaign postal cover, a Lincoln medal, and a Johnson medal. $200-250

231. (Ivory Sculpture and Art), two titles, Maskell, Alfred Ivories, London, 1905; and Cox, Warren, Chinese Ivory Sculpture, New York, 1946. $200-300

232. Rochester Camera Co. Cycle Poco No. 3 Box Camera, with original leather case, two plate holders, and tripod top mount. $200-300

216. 1940 Coca-Cola Salesmen Training Case, The Jam Handy Organization, Detroit Michigan, embossed case containing four long playing records, and seven short films. $100-200

225. McLoughlin Bros. Chromolithograph Paper on Linen Yankee Doodle Book. $100-150

233. Six Holmes-Pattern Wood Stereo Viewers. $100-150

217. Salada Iced Tea Advertising Glazed Pottery Barrel-form Dispenser, (missing cover), ht. 10 1/2 in. $100-150

218. (Horticultural Periodical), four bound volumes of issues of The Country Gentleman, Albany, New York, c. 1860s, three quarter leather, folio. $300-400

226. Nine Assorted WWI Era Posters, Buy Liberty Bond Lincoln; Help Crush the Menace of the Seas, Liberty Bonds; Howard Chandler Christy, Americans All; Ring it Again, third Liberty Loan; James Montgomery Flagg, But-The Liberty Bond you Buy-it Backs Them All; Third Liberty Loan Subscriber; Henry Raleigh, Halt the Hun, third Liberty Loan; L.A. Shafer, Invest in the Victory Liberty Loan, rolled. $200-400

234. Framed Group of Nine Tintype Family Portraits, sixth-plate, with gilt mats, walnut frame and labels of French & Sawyer’s Daguerrian Saloon, East Side of Central Park, Keene, N.H., 12 x 14 in. $100-150


235. J. Geils Blues Band/Canned Heat Concert Poster, The Boston Tea Party, March 8 & 9, (1968), signed l.r. “Driscoll ‘68,” framed, approx. sight size 22 1/4 x 17 1/4 in. $100-200

244. George S. McKearin, Two Hundred Years of American Blown Glass, first edition, signed Helen McKearin and George S. McKearin, numbered 347/500, along with a McKearin’s Antiques Piece-of-the Month Club list, new series-May 10, 1944. $200-300

252. Forty-three Assorted Late19th/Early 20th Century Imprints, including partial sets. $2,000-3,000

236. Boutiques Parisiennes du Premier Empire, Albert Morance, with thirty-two hand-colored interiors plates. $40-60

245. Six 19th Century Book Titles Related to Glassmaking, including Deming Jares, Reminiscences of Glass-making, 1865. $150-200

253. Twenty-eight Assorted Architecture, Interior Design, and Decorating Related Reference Books, 20th century. $150-225

237. Benson J. Lossing, Home of Washington, two copies, 1866, gilt embossed leather and an 1871, cloth-bound. $75-125

254. Approximately 105 Artist Monographs and Art Related Reference Books. $500-700

246. W. Moore Binns, The First Century of English Porcelain, 1906, limited edition no. 58. $75-100

238. Large Lot of Assorted Antiques Reference Books and Catalogs, including textiles, quilts, folk art, etc. $450-600

239. Jacques Robiquet, Gouthiere, 1912. $300-400

247. Twelve Pieces of Mid-20th Century Signed Show Business Correspondence, including Irving Berlin, two Moss Hart, Ed Sullivan, Jack Webb, Red Skelton, Orson Bean, four Lou Walters, Jean Dixon, and printed Ed Sullivan, most on personal or business stationary. Provenance: Gordon Allison. $200-300

255. Group of Mostly 19th Century Correspondence and Business Ephemera, including some Civil War era paper from C.D. Elliott, engineer in the Army of the Gulf, extensive papers from J.C. Ropes of Ropes, Gray and Loring; some trade paper, and general letters, schoolwork, and deeds. $300-500

240. 20th Century Enhanced Chromolithograph after Audubon, John James (1785-1851), Blue Jay, plate CII from The Birds of America, engraved, printed and hand-colored by Robert Havell. $150-200

241. Thirteen German Art and Architecture Books, together with a German guidebook of Vienna and a two-volume set of Gulliver’s Travels in French. $75-100

248. Three Printed Wall Maps, second quarter 20th century, Bacon’s Excelsior Map of the United States, for J.L. Hammett Co. and Map of the World, and George Philip School Room Map of Europe, laid down on linen with wooden rolling rods, respectively approx. 47 x 62, 36 1/2 x 61 3/4 and 51 1/4 x 67 3/4 in. $175-225

256. (Cellini, Benvenuto, 1500-1571), The Life of Benvenuto Cellini, London: John C. Nimmo, 1889, third edition, translated into English by John Addington Symonds, 8vo, three-quarter green morocco. $100-150

257. Eight Photography Related Reference Books. $75-100

242. Approximately Twenty-three Sewing Related Accoutrements, including painted cloth fruit and vegetable emery, two paper needle cases, celluloid turtle, two Scottie, button, and flamingo tape measures, ivory tape measures, two tartanware pincushions and a cross, six wooden mosaic articles, a painted metal ship pincushion, etc. $75-85

249. Nine Assorted Gardening and Landscape Architecture Related Books. $75-125

257A. Holmes, Oliver Wendell (1809-1894), The Professor at the Breakfast-table; with the Story of Iris, Boston: Ticknor and Fields, 1860, first edition, tooled brown morocco, 8vo, (spine re-backed, bumped, edge wear). $150-200

250. Eleven Early American Architecture Related Reference Books and Pamphlets. $75-100

257B. Collodi, Carlo, Pseud. (1826-1890), Le Avventure di Pinocchio, Florence, early 20th century, with illustrations by Carlo Chiostri, pictorial cloth, 8vo. $100-150

243. Collection of Assorted Santa Figures and a Paint Decorated Wooden Sleigh, approximately twenty-four. $225-300

251. Two 17th Century French Hand-colored Maps, one depicting Languedoc, the other Guascogne, both folio with hand-coloring, framed. $100-200

257C. (Stanley, Sir Henry Morton), The Autobiography of Sir Henry Morton Stanley, Boston, 1911, Popular Edition, with plates and maps. $75-125


257D. Civil War Era Carte de Visite Political Caricature of the Fleeing Jefferson Davis, titled “The Last Ditch of the Chivalry, or a President in Petticoats,” bearing signature to reverse. $50-75

263. Edgar Allen Poe, Tales of Mystery and Imagination, and Three Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes Titles, two The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, The Later Adventures..., and The Final Adventures..., Heritage Press, the Poe title with illustrations by Harry Clarke. $60-80

272. Dante Alighieri & Flaxman, John, Illustrations of the Divine Poem of Dante Alighieri, London, 1867, original gilt blue cloth, folio. $100-150

257E. Kipling, Rudyard (1865-1936), Works, New York: The Nottingham Society, 1909, Edition de Luxe, numbered one of 1000, in ten volumes, green cloth, 8vo. $150-250

264. Group of Roycrofter Titles in Eighteen Volumes, early 20th century, including Little Journeys, fourteen volumes, The Trackless Trolley, and The Liberators. $200-300

273. Eight Boxes of Miscellaneous 18th, 19th, and 20th Century Books, approximately 200 titles, various subjects. $1,400-1,800

257F. Group of French Manuscript Documents and Volumes Related to Family of General Doreau. $150-250

274. Nineteen British Landscape Designer and Architect Related Book Titles. $300-500

265. Approximately Twenty Antique Furniture Related Reference Books. $100-125

275. Late 19th Century Photographer’s Blackout Hood. $40-60

257G. 19th Century Autograph Book, containing spurious leaf bearing signatures of Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Johnson, Edwin Stanton, Charles Sumner, Horace Greeley, Ulysses S. Grant, Carl Schurz, and others, 7 x 5 in. $50-75

266. Approximately Sixty Miscellaneous Library Book Titles. $150-200

276. Group of 18th and 19th Century Newspapers and Ephemera. $200-300

258. Fourteen Metalwork Related Reference Books, including silver, pewter, and tinwork. $75-100

259. Group of U.S. Military Related Articles, six pressed copper, brass, and metal shot/powder flasks, two cast brass buckles with leather belts, a pair of gilt-metallic threaded epaulets in original metal storage box, and a brass spyglass. $200-250

267. Six Floral Related Reprint Book Titles, two Nicholas Robert, Diverse Fleurs, one with hand-colored plates; Walahfrid Strabo, Hortulus, 1966, Hunt Botanical; Sertum Anglicum, 1963, Hunt Botanical; John Evelyn, Sylva, 1973, 238/500, Scolar Press; and Gravetye Manor, 1984, no. 1203, Sagapress. $100-150

277. Collection of Classical Music Record Albums, mid to late 20th century, including Bach cantatas and organ works, approximately 940 albums. $300-500

268. Henri Viver, La Bijouterie Francaise, au Xixe Siecle, 1800-1900, vol. 1-3, paperbound. $300-400

278. Large Blue and White Asian Ceramic Jar, decorated with cranes, ht. 16 in. $200-300

260. 17th Century Map of Paris, side elevation with extensive legend below, framed. $200-300

269. Six Modern Nantucket Related Books. $75-100

279. Three Blue and White Asian Vases, a Celadon Vase, and a Lamp, ht. to 14 1/2 in. $200-300

261. Twenty-four Art Related Reference Books. $100-125

270. Three Asian Art Reference Books, Die Kunst Indiens, Chinas und Japans, Berlin, 1928; L’Art Decoratif Chinois and A SanskritEnglish Dictionary, London, 1893. $200-300

280. Asian Silk Weaving in Contemporary Frame, depicting a temple scene with trees and lake. $400-600

262. Large Lot of Antique Glass, Pottery, and Porcelain Related Reference Books. $250-325

271. (Massachusetts Colonial Deed of Gift, 18th Century), large manuscript deed from John and Abigail Wright of Woburn, framed. $200-300

281. Ten Chinese Porcelain Horses, (damage). $100-150


282. Three Old Master Figural Prints: Cornelis Pietersz Bega (Dutch, c. 16201664), Two Peasant Subjects After Rembrandt van Rijn (Dutch, 1606-1669), Rembrandt in a Cap Laughing, Bust, all three later impressions. Each identified in the plate and/or on the reverse. Etchings on paper, plate sizes to 3 1/2 x 3 1/4 in., framed. Condition: Not examined out of frames. $100-150

289. After Charles Dana Gibson (American, 1867-1944) Their First Quarrel. Bears signature “C.D. Gibson” and signed and dated “Chas...Wilson/1904” l.l. Ink on paper, sheet size 20 x 23 1/4 in., unframed. Condition: Toning, minor tears/losses to the edges. $150-250

298. Six Chinese Lacquer Items and Three Bronze Vessels. $150-250

299. Asian Silk Weaving of Bridge in Contemporary Frame. $400-600

283. Two Framed Hand-colored Lithographs of Falco Candicans, one after J. Wolf and H.C. Richter and the other after J. Wolf and W. Hart, each identified in the plates along the lower margin. $100-125

290. Framed Etching of a City View, inscribed in the plate l.r., indistinctly inscribed in pencil l.r., numbered in pencil l.l. $75-125

300. Framed Southeast Asian Brass Rubbing of an Immortal with a Sword. $30-50

291. Four Blue and White Asian Ceramic Bird Feeders, ht. to 2 1/2 in. $100-150

301. Five Asian Glass Hand-painted Snuff Bottles, signed and cased, floral and birds, two nudes, a woman and vase, and a bird, ht. to 4 in. $200-300

284. Two Framed French School Hand-colored Engravings, one depicting a dance and the other depicting Vaudeville performers, each inscribed within the plate, (foxing, mat burn, rippling, not examined out of frames). $75-100

292. Two Carved Glass Snuff Bottles and an Enamel Snuff Bottle. $100-150

285. European School, 19th Century Innocence. Unsigned, titled on the mat. Lithograph on paper, image size 9 1/2 x 11 3/4 in., framed. Condition: Laid down, creases at edges, watercolor u.c. and l.c. $200-300

293. Arrowheads, Clay Figural Fragments, and Stone Animal Carvings, including a carved seal signed “DIMU” on base, a carved face, stone implements, etc. $100-150

302. Six Jade and Stone Carved Items, a green jade ink pot, a foo dog, a small Buddha, a mythical beast pendant, a green bird pendant, and a gray carved animal, lg. to 3 1/2 in. $200-300

294. Group of Cloisonné, including a purse, covered boxes, vases, etc. $100-150

303. Ten Jade and Stone Carved Snuff Bottles, a brown standing man with bat, a purple and green bottle with bats, a green and purple bottle with trees and birds, and seven other bottles. $150-250

286. Three Architectural Prints, Chappiteau et Entablement Toscans, inscribed “Babel Invenit” in the plate l.l. and “Charpentier Sculp” in the plate l.r.; Portique Corinthen Sans Pied Destal, inscribed “Cochin Inv.” in the plate l.l. and “Charpentier Sculp.” in the plate l.r.; and Jardins Anglo-Chinois, unsigned. Engravings on paper, approximate sight sizes 14 1/4 x 8 3/4 in., framed. Condition: Not examined out of frames. $150-250

295. Fourteen Carved Jade Pendants and Other Items, in various forms including a gray and red rooster stamp, a green and white foo dog pendant, a brown and white seated bull pendant, insects, vegetables, fruits, etc., ht. to 3 in. $200-300

304. Six Boxed Glass Snuff Bottles, two depicting tigers, and three with young woman, and a cat chasing insects, ht. to 4 1/2 in. $200-300

287. Framed 19th/20th Century Continental School Oil on Panel Military Scene, inscribed “APinot” l.r. $150-250

296. Nineteen Carved Jade Pendants and Other Items, in various forms, ht. to 2 1/4 in. $300-400

305. Eight Jade and Stone Carved Snuff Bottles, including large figure of a venerable man with a sack, a pink and yellow with insect and mythical beast, a small white, green, and brown bottle, and five other bottles, ht. 1 1/4 to 3 1/4 in. $200-300

288. Framed Offset Print Reproduction of the Chancel Ely Cathedral, After Albany E. Howard, inscribed “Albany E. Howard-” within the matrix l.r. $75-125

297. Pair of Framed Chinese Paintings, one a mountain scene with children and a mythical beast, the other a mountain scene with children and a deer. $200-300

306. Six Carved Jade and Stone Snuff Bottles, a white and green two-section bottle with three dragons, a brown bottle with monkey and bat decoration, a white and green handled bottle with dragon, and three other bottles, ht. 1 7/8 to 3 in. $150-250


307. Six Carved Jade and Stone Snuff Bottles, a brown and green bottle with crabs/lobsters, a green bottle with floral decoration, a white and green cylinder bottle with mythical beast, a brown and green with seated man, and two other bottles, ht. 1 1/2 to 3 in. $150-250

316. Japanese Wood and Stone Tray with Ten Stone Cups, cup ht. 2 1/4 in., (damage to edge of tray). $100-125

325. Eight Asian Stone Snuff Bottles, a bottle with two carved monkeys, a bottle-shaped with handles, one decorated with a bird, and five other snuff bottles, ht. to 2 3/4 in. $200-300

317. Set of Eight Spode Blue and Gold Scalloped Plates, dia. 9 3/4 in. $200-250

308. Seven Jade and Carved Stone Snuff Bottles, green with dragon handle, small green bottle with bat, green bat and floral bottle, and four other bottles, ht. 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 in. $200-250

318. Carved Asian Soapstone Lamp, with floral a bird carvings on a wooden base, ht. 26 1/2 in. to top of finial. $200-300

326. Seven Jade and Carved Stone Snuff Bottles, a double green bottle with dragon and insect, a two-section green bottle with floral decoration, a small green and brown bottle with mythical beast, and four other bottles. $150-250

309. Six Carved Asian Jade and Stone Snuff Bottles, a large green and brown with scroll design, a rectangular green and brown bottle with dragon decoration, a green and brown foo dog bottle, and three small white and green bottles, ht. 1 1/4 to 2 3/4 in. $150-250

319. Three Cloisonné Vases, a handled pair and a single bottle-form vase, ht. to 11 1/2 in. $150-250

327. Six Carved Asian Jade and Stone Snuff Bottles and Other Items, a small brown bottle with carved mythical beast, a green fish with mythical beast handle, a carved insect bottle, and three other bottles. $200-300

310. Nine Carved Jade and Stone Pendants and Other Items, three white rings, a dragon in a shell, two mythical beasts, and three other green pendants, lg. to 3 1/4 in. $200-300

320. Five Carved Jade and Stone Snuff Bottles, a carved green fish with a handle carved in the form of a mythical beast, a green dragon bottle, a green bottle with mythical beast and insect handles, a pig, and an insect, ht. to 1 3/4 in. $150-250

328. Six Asian Carved Stone Snuff Bottles, one with sectioned edge, monkey, and insect, a green and brown bottle with butterflies, two purple and green stone bottles with carved monkeys, and two other bottles. $200-300

311. Satsuma Porcelain Covered and Footed Jar, gilt decoration of women and children in a garden scene, dia. 8 3/4 in. $200-400

321. Eight Carved Asian Jade and Stone Snuff Bottles, including a fish, a purple mythical beast, a brown and green bottle with carved mice, a green and brown bottle with carved mythical beast, a green and purple carved bottle with mice and bat, and three other bottles. $200-300

329. Six Carved Jade and Stone Snuff Bottles, a white and brown carved pig, a dark green and brown with mythical beast and vegetable carvings, a small green and brown double bottle, and three other bottles, ht. 1 to 2 1/4 in. $200-250

312. South Italian Greek Oil Jar, with handle and flared neck, ht. 8 in. $200-300

313. Blanc de Chine Figure on Wooden Base and Covered Porcelain Jar, ht. to 11 1/4 in. $200-300

322. Eight Carved Jade and Stone Asian Snuff Bottles, including three handled, in green, white, brown, and tan, ht. to 2 3/4 in. $150-250

330. Eight Asian Carved Stone Snuff Bottles, including a green, brown, and tan bottle with a bat, a carved bottle with mythical beast, a brown standing male figure, a white and green fully carved bottle with mythical beast, etc. $200-300

314. Carved Wooden Brush Pot with Flywhisk and Brush, one brush with ivory trim. $200-300

323. Five Carved Jade and Stone Pendants and Other Items, a green carved foo dog, three green carved pendants, and a green and purple duck figure, ht. to 2 1/2 in. $200-300

331. Three Asian Blue and White Porcelain Vases, one a bulb arranger, ht. to 18 in. $300-500

315. Assorted Asian Items, including pair of metal foo dogs, bronze Buddha, scholar’s rocks, censer, carved ivory with bird and floral decoration, four brushes, horseheaded sword and a dragon-headed cane. $200-300

324. Five Glass Hand-painted Snuff Bottles, cased, signed, depicting fish, a cat and a bird, a tiger, two deer, and a nude, ht. to 3 1/2 in. $200-300

332. Tibetan Portable Shrine, with fitted cover, ht. 5 in. $100-150


333. Two Asian Green Stone Rings, (untested). $200-300

334. Three Jade/Stone Carved Pendants, gray with standing figure, floral and animal garden scene, and a green with scrolled top, ht. to 2 1/8 in. $100-150 335. Three Asian Teapots, Bizen ware with bamboo-style spout and handle, blue ceramic, and metal and ceramic painted pot, ht. to 4 in. $100-200

343. Seven Asian Carved Stone Snuff Bottles, including green jade, white and brown bottle with carved bats, a brown carved monkey, a carved fruit/vegetable, and white and brown with carved mice, etc. $200-300

352. Two Cloisonné Covered Jars, one cylinder jar, and one footed round jar, ht. to 5 1/2 in. $200-300

344. Four Asian Carved Stone Items, a green mythical beast, a green seated man holding a turtle, a purple cluster of grapes, and a round disk pendant with bat. $150-250

353. Five Carved Asian Stone Items, Two Scarabs, and Two Blue and White Porcelain Bowls, (9 items). $100-150

354. Jade Kuan Yin Figure on Wooden Base, ht. 11 1/2 in. $200-300

336. Korean/Chinese Stone Mat Weight, carved in the form of a cat, lg. 8 in. $300-500 337. Chinese Scholar Carved Boxwood Scepter, lg. 14 1/2 in. $75-125 338. Five Japanese Ceramic Tea Ceremony Bowls, dia. to 5 in. $100-150 339. Three Jade/Stone Carved Pendants, with garden scene, a carved dragon, and black with a scrolled top, ht. to 3 in. $150-200

345. Three Asian Carved Stone Items, including a translucent and green carved brush holder, a green and brown carved dish with animal figures, and a carved animal with hole for cord. $200-300

355. Six Ceramic, Cloisonné, and Ivory Items, an ivory bookmark with carved elephant finial, an ivory reclining nude woman, a miniature cloisonné duck, two Imari-style dishes, and a German Asian-style bowl. $50-75

346. Six Asian Carved Stone Items, a brown and green stone pendant, a gray stone dog, a tall green and white carved stamp, and three small white and green pendants. $150-250

356. Group of Marbles, some internally decorated, 1930s onward. $100-200

347. Five Asian Carved Stone Snuff Bottles, two dark green with carved cats, a purple, green, and white with tree and insects, and two other bottles. $150-250

357. Group of Mostly Wade Figural Characters, animals, figures, etc. $100-150

340. Seven Jade and Stone Carved Snuff Bottles, including a brown standing man, two green and purple bottles, and four other bottles, ht. 1 1/2 to 2 3/4 in. $150-200

348. Seven Asian Carved Stone Snuff Bottles, two footed with handles, one with carved bird, one carved with tree and insects, etc. $200-300

358. Approximately Twenty-five Bone, Metal, and Bamboo Seals. $100-150

341. Six Asian Carved Stone Items, a brown lion/leopard pendant, a reclining mythical beast pendant, a green double animal pendant, a green and white child pendant, a large carved fat man pendant in green, purple, and white, and a small foo dog stamp. $150-250

349. Seven Carved Jade and Stone Pendants and Other Items, five green pendants, a figural double pendant, and a brown and green carved pendant, lg. to 3 1/4 in. $200-300

359. Yellow Tung Chih Porcelain Cup, ht. 2 1/2 in. $200-300

350. Ten Carved Jade Snuff Bottles, including a green and brown carved floral and fish carved bottle, a carved fish bottle, a light green bird and fish decorated bottle, etc., ht. to 2 3/8 in. $150-200

360. Twenty Carved Jade Pendants and Other Items, including a white egg-shaped pendant with seated deity and figural carving on reverse, a green seated figure, other seated figures, four bangles, etc., ht. to 2 1/4 in. $150-200

342. Eight Jade and Stone Carved Snuff Bottles, a brown and green with insects, a green and brown standing man, brown and green with foo dog and monkey, a green bottle with bird handles, a small round bottle with bats, a brown and green with a cat and a mouse, and another bottle, ht. 1 to 3 in. $200-300

351. Five Japanese Ceramic Tea Ceremony Bowls, dia. to 5 in. $100-150

361. Three Asian Carved Stone Items, a green and brown figure of a reclining bull, a green square carved pendant, and a roundhandled carved pot. $150-250


362. Nine Asian Stone Carvings, including a white jade pendant, a pink carved stone pendant, and seven other carved stone items, lg. to 2 1/2 in. $100-150

363. Five Asian Carved Stone Items, a green and purple carved berry/grapes with a mouse pendant, a white four-section paint dish, and three other carved stone items. $150-250

370. Nine Asian Carved Stone Items, two purple and green carved fruit with bats, a green and brown carved stone pendant with insects and mythical beast, a white monkey seated on a gray stone carved leaf, a green and brown teapot with carved mythical beast handle, a green and brown fruit with insect, etc. $250-300

380. Six Asian Carved Stone Items, a green fat man figure with a brown and white hat, a white, green, and brown pendant, a green and white insect, a white and brown carved venerable man with staff, a brown, green, and white carved fruit pendant, and a multicolored carved double fruit pendant. $200-300

364. Seven Asian Carved Stone Snuff Bottles, a brown with carved mythical beast, a green and brown carved cricket, a white and green carved bottle, a green and brown carved squirrel, a green carved bottle with a bat and an animal, a small green and purple with double carved monkeys, and a brown carved figure of a venerable man with staff. $200-300

371. Four Asian and Studio Pottery Items, a crystalline glaze vase, bowl, covered jar, and another vessel. $75-125

381. Six Carved Jade and Stone Snuff Bottles, a green and brown with two monkeys, a small two-section bottle with small figure, a green and brown with monkey figure, two small figures, and a green oval footed bottle, ht. to 3 in. $150-250

372. Two Pieces of Japanese Studio Pottery, dia. 6 in. $80-120

365. Twenty-one Glass Snuff Bottles, depicting American presidents, cased, ht. 3 1/4 in. $150-200

373. Group of Asian Ceramic Tea and Incense Items. $50-75

382. Eight Carved Jade and Stone Snuff Bottles, a brown standing man, a brown and green with foo dog handles and bat, a brown carved bottle with mythical beast, a purple footed bottle with monkey, a green and brown with monkey and turtle carvings, and three other bottles, ht. 1 1/2 to 2 1/4 in. $100-200

366. Six Carved Jade and Stone Snuff Bottles, a brown standing man, two white and green handled bottles, a white bottle with mythical beast, a green and brown bottle with mythical beasts, and another bottle. $150-250

374. Approximately Eighteen Assorted Jade and Stone Carved Items, including standing figure, mythical beast, seated fat man, insect, etc. $300-500

383. Seven Asian Carved Stone Snuff Bottles, a brown bottle with standing male character, a purple and green bottle with monkey, and five other bottles. $200-300

367. Eleven Carved Jade and Stone Pendants and Other Items, three disks, a white open bowl, and seven carved pendants, ht. to 2 in. $200-300

375. Two Sets of Five Asian Plates, one set glazed with floral decoration, one unglazed with floral decoration. $100-150

376. Tai Parcel Gilt Bronze Yab-Yum Group on Pedestal, ht. 13 in. $600-800

384. Six Carved Jade and Stone Snuff Bottles, a green footed with brown dragon handle, a purple and green with bat, a light and dark green oval bottle, a green and purple bottle with two bats, a brown standing figure, a green with monkey and bat carving. $200-300

368. Five Carved Asian Jade and Stone Snuff Bottles, a green and brown with a monkey, a winged insect, a small brown and green with carved monkey and bat, a green bottle with carved dragon, and a dark green bottle. $150-250

377. Asian Decorative Silvered Metal Cocktail Shaker, ht. 8 1/2 in. $100-200

385. Six Carved Jade Pendants and Other Items, a green square, a white and green carved circular pendant, three other pendants, and a carved insect, lg. to 2 1/2 in. $200-300

369. Eight Carved Jade and Stone Pendants and Other Items, six green pendants, a green ring, and a white and brown seated figure, ht. to 3 in. $200-300

378. Asian Giltwood Seated Figure, ht. 15 1/2 in. $150-250

379. Cast Metal Temple Menorah and an Asian Cast Metal Offering Plaque, ht. to 15 in. $100-250

386. Seven Asian Carved Stone Items, light and dark green double carved animal pendants, a purple and green square pendant with ring, three green and white carved pendants, a white and green fish pendant. $150-250


387. Eight Jade and Stone Carved Pendants and Other Items, seven pendants, and a white and green figure holding a scroll, lg. to 4 in. $200-300

397. Two Electrified Glass Lamps, one white over pink overlay with a milk glass base, and a colorless glass over a winter scene with metal base, ht. to top of finial 22 1/2 in. $200-250

407. Hanging Leaded Stained Glass Fixture, signed G. Beatty, (damage to rim), dia. 24 in. $100-200

388. Group of Jade and Stone Jewelry and Loose Stones, some with gold clasps, approx. 34 items. $200-300

398. Japanese 19th Century Dragon Bronze, lg. approx. 14 in. $200-300

408. Four Southeast Asian Gilt Items, gilt-metal image of a standing female, a wooden painted dragon/mythical beast, a hanging mythical figure, and a wooden stand, ht. to 19 in. $150-250 409. Pair of Chinese Bronze Bookends, ht. 8 1/2 in. $400-500

389. Two Stone and One Metal Figural Heads, ht. to 7 in. $100-150

399. Approximately Twenty-nine Pieces of Silvered Metal, including a pipe, covered jars, a turtle pin, a rabbit, seven spoons, a pitcher, etc. $100-125

390. Relief Decorated Stone Tile of a Tiger and a Warrior, ht. 7 1/4 in. $125-175

400. Pair of Gray Stone Horses, saddled, ht. 14 in. $100-200

410. Pair of White Hardstone Ducks, ht. 8 1/2, lg. 11 1/2 in. $100-150

391. Chinese Metal, Wood, and Green Stone Handled Vessel, lg. 12 in. $75-125

392. Four Bronze and Metal Figural Items, figural bronze head with headdress, bronze shiva bell (repair), cast statue, and a multiarmed statue. $100-200

401. Three Metal Figurals, a bust holding a vessel in outstretched arms, elephant burner, and a small figure mounted to a wooden plaque $150-200

411. Capo di Monte Italian Ceramic Figural Lamp, depicting a boy and girl with trees, birds, and flowers, ht. to top of figure 19 in. $100-150

402. Blue and White Asian Pottery Jardinière, depicting a water and mountain scene, ht. 9 in. $125-175

412. Archaic-style Carved Stone Axe, lg. 7 1/2 in. $200-300

393. Seven Asian Snuff Bottles, in bone, carved glass, and ceramic, ht. to 3 1/2 in. $250-350

394. Two Framed Asian Rice Paper Drawings, framed and matted as a pair, (small losses to lower right). $100-150

403. Three Boxes, two bone trimmed with geometric pattern, and one lacquered with a floral pattern. $100-150

413. Archaic-style Bronze Ku-form Vase, ht. 12 in. $300-500

414. Archaic-style Bronze Ting, ht. 11, wd. 6 7/8 in. $300-500

395. Eight Asian Snuff Bottles, in bone, ceramic, and glass, ht. to 3 1/2 in. $250-300

404. Four Pieces of Asian Porcelain, two blue and white bowls, a polychrome bowl (damage), and a ginger jar (damage). $400-600

415. Bronze Censer on Stand, ht. 12, wd. 7 in. $250-350

396. Neoclassical Design Schiller Majolica Vase, stamped on base, horse hoof shaped feet, medallion and scroll figures on side of vase and on handles, ht. 17 in. $200-400

405. Pair of Asian White Hardstone Horses, ht. 15 in. $100-150

416. Asian Copper Seal, wd. 5 3/4, ht. 3 1/2 in. $200-300

406. Approximately Seventeen Pieces of Decorated Asian Porcelain, including a ceramic basket, three bowls, four cups and saucers, six plates, etc. $500-600

417. Cloisonné Cylinder Vase, tree, floral, and bird decorated, ht. 12 in. $200-250

418. Large Chinese Cast Iron Lock, with double lock mechanism, both keys included, ht. approx. 11 in. $150-250


419. Ten Assorted Carved Hardstone Pendants and Other Items, of various forms, including insects, bats, mythical creatures, etc. $75-125

431. Group of Mostly Asian Items in Ivory, Soapstone, and Other Materials, including two table frames, elephants, carved stone pendant, etc. $100-150

442. Two Japanese Hanging Scrolls, one depicting birds, the other a river scene. $100-150

420. Group of Modern Asian Storage Boxes. $50-75

432. Ceramic Asian Figure of a Boy Sitting on a Fish, ht. 12 in. $300-500

443. Group of Chinese Ink Sticks, with some inkstones and ceramic boxes. $100-150

421. Three Asian Scrolls, depicting a tree, fruit, and a stout man on barrels. $50-75

422. Indian Handle to a Pata Mounted to Board, ht. 13 1/2 in. $125-175

433. Group of Assorted Inkstones and Ceramics, including ceramic and painted tea set, covered jars, porcelain dish, ten inkstones, a snuff bottle and two covered dishes, a contemporary ceramic of a mouse, etc. $200-300

444. Chinese Carved Ivory Figure of an Immortal Riding a Donkey, ht. 8 in. $200-400

445. Six Pieces of Satsuma and Kutani Porcelain, a Satsuma bowl, covered dish, and bottle, and a pair of vases and bottleform vase (drilled). $200-250

423. Asian Blue and White Vase, depicting various garden and family scenes, signed on base, ht. 8 3/4 in. $75-100

434. Pair of 19th Century Chinese Hat Stands Converted to Lamps, (repairs), ht. 12 in. $200-300

446. Eight Japanese Scrolls and Seven Oil Paintings. $100-150

424. Three Asian Scrolls, depicting a venerable man with child, and two additional scrolls. $50-75

435. Ten Japanese Hanging Scrolls, including depictions of flowers and birds, landscapes, etc. $200-300

447. Approximately Ten Assorted Japanese Items, including two metal candleholders, wooden items, two netsuke, etc. $100-150

425. Cambodian Stone Head of a Divinity on Wooden Stand, ht. approx. 12 in. $300-500

436. Four Antique Chinese Robe Fragments, pair of embroidered sleeve bands, and two other embroidered items. $200-300

448. Three Carved Asian Wooden Stands, two with mother-of-pearl inlay, ht. to 16 in. $75-125

426. Cambodian Stone Head of Hari-Hara, 12th century style, sold with a plinth. $300-500

437. Four Japanese Ceramic Tea Ceremony Bowls, ht. to 3 in. $50-75

449. Japanese Carved Ivory Cribbage Board, side doors contain game pieces, cased, lg. 7 in. $150-250

427. Four Small Thai Bronze Amulets, mounted and framed. $150-250

438. Three Contemporary Asian Ceramic Lamps, ht. to 18 1/2 in. $150-200

450. Three Pieces of Cloisonné and a Carved Wooden Stand. $100-150

428. Large Asian Giltwood Figure on Stand, figure ht. 38 in. $400-600

439. Three Japanese Ceramic Tea Ceremony Bowls, dia. approx. 4 1/2 in. $100-200

451. Group of Asian Wooden Stands. $100-150

429. Asian Yellow Dragon Bowl, signed, decorated with figural dragons, dia. 5 in. $200-300

440. Nine Chinese/Japanese Ivory Carvings, 19th and 20th century, (damage), ht. to 6 3/4 in. $300-500

452. Three Decorated Japanese Tea Ceremony Bowls, dia. to 5 1/2 in. $100-200

430. Japanese Scroll Painting on Silk, depicting a river scene with a cottage and fishing nets. $100-150

441. Thirteen Indian Printing Blocks, patterned, with hand mounts. $250-350


453. Persian School, 19th/20th Century Miniature of Three Male Figures with Libations. Inscribed in Farsi u.c. and on the reverse (double sided). Gouache on paper (manuscript leaf), sheet size 8 1/4 x 5 1/4 in., glazed and unframed. Condition: Water staining and mildew. Provenance: From the collection of Louis Albert McMillen. $50-100

463. Celadon Jardinière and Basin, basin is floral and box decorated, dia. 14 3/4, jardinière ht. 11 1/2 in. $150-200

473. Porcelain Pedestal Dish, Japan, 19th century, floral border around a design of children playing in underglaze blue, hallmark on base. $200-300

464. Six Pieces of Asian Porcelain and Cloisonné, a pair of footed covered jars, a cloisonné box with foo dog finial, small Satsuma bowl, vase, and a small pot. $50-75

474. Porcelain Censer, China, 19th century, famille verte, molded in the form of a foo dog on a square pedestal, designs of clouds, cranes, and the “Hundred Antiques,” ht. 7 in. $200-300

454. Gilt-bronze Deity Riding a Elephant, ht. 8 in. $200-300

465. Japanese Blue and White Hibachi, decorated with mountain scene, ht. 12 1/2 in. $200-300

455. Two Cloisonné Covered Jars and Hat, floral and geometric design, ht. to 9 in. $100-150

475. Two Jade Pendants, 19th century, gray stone with tan areas, carved as lotus plants, one with a bat, each ht. approx. 2 in. $300-500

466. Lotus Decorated Jardinière, marked on base, ht. 12 in. $200-300

456. Asian Silk Multicolored Decorative Hanging, ht. approx. 47 in. $200-300

457. Three Asian Fans and a Framed Asian Image, birds, floral, and cows. $200-300

467. Seven Pieces of Imari Porcelain, China, a large bowl with chicken, butterfly, and dragon decoration, another bowl, and five dishes, (damage). $100-150

476. Three Soapstone Seals, China, 19th century, one with a Chih Lung finial, one with a carp, and one with a foo dog, seals intact, ht. to 4 1/2 in. $200-300

477. Twelve Cloisonné Table and Decorative Items, seven vases, open bowls, etc. $150-200

458. Pair of Imari Covered Jars, floral and bird decoration, ht. 14 in. $200-250

468. Jade Carving, China, gray stone with russet markings, carved as a seated monkey, ht. 4 1/4 in. $100-150

478. Two Japanese Vases, ht. to 9 in. $100-150

459. Approximately Twenty-two Hardstone Items, spheres, carved bowls, disks, etc. $50-75

469. Bronze Sculpture, China, 19th century, figure of a man and a tiger, 15 x 11 in. $400-600

479. Imari Charger, Japan, 19th century, design of floral rondels on an underglaze blue “ice” ground, reverse with stylized floral sprigs, dia. 24 1/4 in. $300-500

460. Four Japanese Ceremonial Teabowls, ht. to 3 1/2 in. $50-75

470. Jade Carving, 19th century, gray stone, frog with cash coins seated on a lotus leaf, lg. 2 1/4 in. $150-250

480. Asian Scroll. $30-50

461. Approximately Fifteen Pieces of Chinese/Japanese Export China, including a group of eight blue and white nested dishes, a pitcher, a pair of two blue and white dishes, a large Imari dish with scalloped edges, two diamond-shaped Imari dishes, etc. $300-500

471. Jade Carving, China, 20th century, graywhite stone, figure of a child with a peach, ht. 3 3/4 in. $250-350

481. Two Prints, photo-reproductions of Ukiyo-e art, (good impressions, color, and condition), in slip-case. Provenance: The estate of Sir Edwin A.G. Manton. $50-75

472. Shadow Agate Snuff Bottle, China, well hollowed, scene of a scholar with an attendant beneath a tree, lg. 2 3/4 in. $100-150

462. Large Group of Asian Wooden Stands, many carved. $100-150

482. “His Master’s Voice” Victor Print, showing the trademark, sight 6 1/2 x 9 in., (some creases and abrasions), framed; and a second modern print. $100-150


483. Seven Leather Items, including purse, change purse, eel skin wallet, two cigar cases, and two wallets. $50-75

493. Chinese Porcelain Baluster Lamp, electrified, ht. 27 in. $150-200

484. Three Pieces of Peking Glass, two cups and a carved bowl. $50-75

494. Approximately Fourteen Asian Teabowls. $50-75

485. Ethnographic Brass Bracelet. $50-75

495. Three Asian Serving and Decorative Items, a Japanese tea set, three-section Asian bell, and a cast metal vase. $75-100

486. Black Ethnographic Carved Block, groove on back of image, image with headdress, lg. 4 in. $100-125

496. Twelve Stone and Synthetic Spheres and Prisms, quartz, malachite, jasper, etc. $50-75

487. Framed Reverse-painted Continental Scene and Two Lacquer Boxes, both boxes with gilt floral and bird decoration. $50-75

497. Six Civil War Era Bullets. $40-50

488. Pair of Chinese Porcelain Vases, early 20th century, ht. 8 1/2 in. $75-125

498. Four Plaster Intaglios, set in three gilt frames, depicting classical scenes. $100-150

489. Contemporary Famille Rose Tureen and Underplate and a Similar Punch Bowl. $100-150

499. Four Cased Game Sets, two wooden chess sets, one with board, one backgammon set, and one glass chess set. $50-75

490. Asian Wooden Woven Basket, wd. approx. 25 1/2 in. $50-75

500. Two Contemporary Leaded Glass Shades, (damage), ht. approx. 8 1/2 in. $50-75

End of Session I
491. Five Early Kodak Photographs, 2 1/2 in. dia. images, with credits on verso “This Photograph was Made with a Kodak Camera. Eastman Dry Plate & Film Co., Rochester, N.Y.” Note: The images are examples of gelatinsilver prints produced by early Kodak cameras; the Kodak Original introduced in 1888, and the No. 1 Kodak in 1889. $20-30

492. Three Asian Items, a pewter and metal vase, silver plated Asian box, and bronze footed burner. $100-150


Session II - Lots 501-1200
501. Brass-mounted Opalescent Clambroth Quilted Pattern Molded Glass Table Lamp with Globular Shade, (electrified), overall ht. 24 3/4 in. $100-150

510. Eight-Piece Paris Porcelain Gilt and Hand-painted Floral Decorated Breakfast Set and a Set of Fourteen Crown Staffordshire Porcelain Demitasse Cups and Seventeen Saucers, breakfast includes a tray, teapot, creamer, sugar, and a pair of cups and saucers. $100-125

517. Federal Birch Tall Clock, New Hampshire, with arch scroll top, free-standing columns flanking the arched and glazed hood door, tombstone shaped door and bracket feet, painted iron dial with rocking ship arch and signed Aaron Willard, Boston, eight-day time and strike movement with two iron weights and pendulum, ht. 85 in. $1,000-1,500

502. Pair of Staffordshire Hand-painted Cow and Calf Figural Groups, 20th century, lg. 5 1/2 in. $150-250

503. Kuba Rug, Northeast Caucasus, 19th century, 6 ft. x 3 ft. 9 in. $200-300

511. Six Assorted Decorative Articles, a Mintons hand-painted porcelain covered pie dish, a Maddock blue and white transfer Hamilton pattern pitcher, a small porcelain bowl, creamer, glass pomade jar, and an opaque glass egg-in-basket inset gilt-wire cart-form trinket box. $100-150

518. Rococo Gilt-gesso and Wood-framed Enhanced Continental Interior Genre Scene Print in a Shadow Box Frame, gilt frame interior approx. 7 1/2 x 9 1/2 in. $100-150

504. Set of Three Framed Cassell’s Poultry Book Chromolithograph Rooster and Hen Plates, sight size 13 1/4 x 10 in. $50-75

505. Two Continental Upholstered Carved Wood Armchairs, with damask and leather upholstery. $300-500

512. Seth Thomas #2 Regulator Clock, Thomaston, Connecticut, with mahogany case, 12 in. dia. painted zinc dial with Roman numerals and signed Seth Thomas, glazed lower door with printed maker’s label inside, eight-day time-only movement with deadbeat escapement, maintaining power, pendulum and brass-cased weight, ht. 36 in. $800-1,200

519. Set of Four Asian Glazed Ceramic Elephant-form Garden Seats, ht. 21 in. $400-600

520. Pyrographic Grapevine and Drinking Monks Decorated Wooden Wall Shelf/Coat Rack, ht. 15 3/4, wd. 56 in. $300-500

506. Asian Red-painted Carved Wood Altar Table, ht. 46 1/2, lg. 61 in. $300-500

513. Louis XVI Style Damask Upholstered Carved and Painted Wood Sofa, lg. 60 in. $400-600

521. Victorian Glazed Walnut Sliding Two-Door Bookcase, the interior with five fixed shelves, overall ht. 84 3/4, wd. 55 1/4, dp. 14 in. $300-500

507. Louis XVI Provincial Walnut Secretaire à Abattant, late 18th century, rectangular top and case with rounded corners, fitted with a frieze drawer, fall-front and three long drawers, on circular turned legs, ht. 57, wd. 25 1/2, dp. 14 1/2 in. $500-700

514. Neoclassical-style Specimen Marbleinset Mahogany Coffee Table, ht. 16 3/4, lg. 50 in. $150-250

522. Wood Framed Firescreen with Needlepoint Sailing Ship Panel. $200-250

508. Small Painted Wooden Three-masted Sailing Ship Model “Red Jacket,” Piel Craftsmen, Newburyport, lg. 20 1/2 in. $100-150

515. French Provincial Carved Oak Extension Dining Table and a Pair of French Provincial Carved Beechwood Side Chairs, the table ht. 29 1/2, lg. 39, wd. 51, two leaves each 19 1/2 in. $325-450

523. Verlys Colorless Poppy Pattern Molded Glass Bowl, approx. dia. 13 1/2 in. $100-150

509. Continental School, 19th Century Portrait of a Young Beauty with Flowers, signed illegibly l.r., pastel on paper, oval format, framed, 19 1/2 x 15 in. $300-400

516. Watchmaker Parts and Tools, including a six-drawer metal cabinet filled with wrist watch movements in various states of repair and parts, crowns, stems, movement tins, another cabinet with springs, balance staffs, and balance wheels, a small bag of tools including pin vices, clamping pliers, screwdrivers and crowns and a 8 1/2 in. brass Tyler standard screen scale. $150-250

524. Pair of French Enamel Decorated Amethyst Glass Lamp Bases, early 20th century, cylindrical, with bulbous base, enameled with white prunus sprays to front, on low gilt metal feet, electrified, base ht. 15 7/8 in. $600-800

525. Northwest Persian Runner, 19th century, 13 ft. 10 in. x 3 ft. 3 in. $200-400

526. Persian Rug, 20th century, 6 ft. 9 in. x 4 ft. 6 in. $300-400


527. Two Art Nouveau Bronze Figural Decorative Items, a gilt water-lily-form garniture signed “H. Coutheillas,” and a nude female with wave dish signed “Schwathe,” and impressed “55715 55,” lily ht. 7 7/8, dish lg. 7 1/4 in. $200-250

536. Modern Rustic Wood Slab Coffee Table, underside incised “R77,” ht. 17 5/8, lg. 62 in. $300-500

546. Heriz Carpet, Northwest Persia, 19th century, 11 ft. 4 in. x 9 ft. 2 in. $200-300 547. Kurd Long Rug, Northwest Persia, 19th century, 8 ft. 8 in. x 3 ft. 8 in. $150-200 548. Approximately Thirty Pieces of Chinese and Japanese Export Porcelain Tableware, including two teapots, fifteen cups and small bowls, three vases, a vase/table lamp, a shaped low dish, two miniature Satsuma teapots, a jug, etc. $150-250 549. Cased Painted Carved Wood Imperial Roman Navy Light Trireme Ship Model, Frederick S. Pope, case ht. 18 1/2, case lg. 28 1/2 in. $200-300 550. Tamden-Wind Black Marble Mantel Clock, Boston Clock Company, enameled dial with Roman numerals, eight-day time and strike tamden wind movement with gong strike, ht. 9 in. $100-150 551. Wooden Timepiece Tall Clock, marked on 12 in. square dial with Roman numerals, Lucien F. Streeter, 1875, thirty-hour timeonly wooden movement with shaped walnut plates, cherry wheels and maple arbors, together with a tall clock hood with scroll top and three turned finials, (lacking base of case, pendulum and weight). $400-600 552. Seth Thomas Mantel Clock, Thomaston, Connecticut, with gilt cast foliate case, enameled dial with Roman numerals and marked Seth Thomas, eight-day time and strike movement with skeletonized plates, count wheel strike and pendulum, ht. 16 in. $200-400 553. Khamseh Rug, Southwest Persia, 20th century, 9 ft. 8 in. x 7 ft. 4 in. $200-400 554. Fourteen Pieces of Assorted Pewter Tableware, including three Revere-type footed bowls, a tray, six pieces of teaware, a pair of candleholders, a paperweight, and a small bowl with handle. $100-150

528. Late Victorian Carved Mahogany Slant-lid Lady’s Writing Desk, with shell carved lid and paw feet, wd. 28 in. $200-300

537. Painted Floral Embossed Leather ThreePanel Folding Floor Screen, ht. 70 1/2, panel wd. 21 1/2 in. $300-500

529. Two Victorian Renaissance Revival Upholstered Carved Walnut Platform Rockers. $150-250

538. Pair of Sudbury Brass Goods Co. Neoclassical-style Brass Vases, metal label, ht. 11 1/4 in. $100-150

530. Chinese Export Carved Hardwood Low Cabinet and a Japanese Brocade Obi Fragment, the cabinet ht. 18, lg. 60, dp. 16, obi lg. 107, wd. 12 1/2 in. $250-350

539. Fifty-four Piece Haviland Limoges Transfer Decorated Porcelain Partial Dinner Set and a Thirty-Piece Lenox Gilt Imperial Pattern Porcelain Partial Dinner Set. $200-300

531. Three Carved Wooden Eagle Plaques, one polychrome and one with gold paint, wd. to 28 1/2 in. $100-150

540. Three Royal Doulton Porcelain Figures and Three Small Porcelain Flower Groups, The Balloon Man HN 1954, The Old Balloon Seller HN 1315, and Autumn Breezes HN 1934. $150-200

532. Thirteen Assorted Canes and Walking Sticks, wood, bamboo, and root, with antler, bone, porcelain and metal handles. $200-250

541. Pair of Brass Plated Carriage Lanterns with Beveled Glass Panels, (electrified). $150-250

533. Four Modern Porcelain and Glass Beer Steins, porcelain: Lindaw map decorated, Alka municipal crests, and Alka street scene; and a glass stein with hand-painted porcelain inset lid. $100-150

542. Lane Modern Walnut Dining Table and a Set of Six Dining Chairs, with three leaves, table lg. 62, wd. 42, leaf wd. 12 in. $150-200

534. Four Wooden Boxes and Wall Shelves and Eight Asian and Continental Wooden Stands, a Chinese black-painted lidded tea crate, a walnut four-tier wall shelf, a country pine three-tier shelf, and a grain painted footed box with lid. $130-200

543. Edwardian Circular Marquetry Decorated Mahogany Center Table, (repaired leg), ht. 29 1/4, dia. 27 in. $75-125

544. Modern White Upholstered Two-Piece Lshaped Sectional Sofa, overall approx. lg. 163 in. $100-200

535. Four-Piece Henredon Shadow Line Walnut Bedroom Suite, c. 1958, a headboard, five-drawer chest, and sevendrawer dresser with mirror, branded mark, headboard ht. 35, wd. 78 3/4 in. $300-400

545. Machine-woven Wool Paisley Shawl. $150-250


555. Empire Carved Mahogany and Mahogany Veneer Sideboard, ht. 40 1/2, wd. 72 1/2, dp. 23 in. $400-600

564. Federal-style Inlaid Mahogany and Mahogany Veneer Serpentine Sideboard, ht. 39 3/4, lg. 67 1/2, wd. 27 in. $800-1,200

575. Soumak Carpet, Northeast Caucasus, 19th century, 9 ft. 4 in. x 6 ft. 9 in. $400-600

556. Two Late Classical Upholstered Carved Mahogany Armchairs. $300-500

565. Set of Twelve Federal-style Carved Mahogany Shield-back Armchairs. $3,000-5,000

557. Empire Mahogany and Mahogany Veneer Two-Door Wardrobe, overall ht. 75 3/4, wd. 48 1/2, dp. 21 in. $300-500

566. Rosewood-framed Marble Checkers Game Board, overall 18 x 18 in. $100-200

576. Two Framed Limoges Enamel Portrait Plaques and a Framed Capo di Monte Battle Scene Plaque, the Limoges a portrait of a man signed “Louis Lavalade” and a portrait of Catherine de Bethisy with parrot signed “Faure,” sight size 6 1/8 x 4 5/8, 5 5/8 x 4 1/8, and 5 1/8 x 9 1/4 in. $250-450

557A. Maple Drop-leaf Two-Drawer Work Table. $30-40

567. Fifteen Assorted Art Glass Paperweights, unsigned. $400-600

577. Six Pieces of Assorted Metal Lighting, a black-painted punched tin lantern, a pair of candle sconces, an iron double crusie, a pair of brass wall-mount candle lamps, $200-250

558. Two English Earthenware Toby-style Condiment Jars, mid 19th century, each formed as a man holding an ale jug, with blue underglaze transfer print rims, one a caster, the other a lidded pot, ht. 5 3/4 in. $150-250

568. Classical-style Gold-painted Splitbaluster Mirror with Reverse-painted Glass Tablet Depicting a Floral Still Life, lg. 31 3/4 in. $50-150

578. Small Queen Anne Mahogany Drop-leaf Table, ht. 27 3/4, lg. 36 in. $500-700

559. Small Cast Bronze “Grand Tour” Charger, with replica of a coin or medallion cast to center, rim with equestrian figures, dia. 7 1/2 in. $100-150

569. Two Cloisonné Covered Cups with Underplates. $50-75

579. Four Assorted Mahogany Armchairs, a Classical green leather upholstered, two Chippendale (one mahogany and cherry) with upholstered slip seats, and a Georgian. $400-600

560. Fifteen Pieces of Modern Wedgwood Ceramics and a Solid Jasper Footed Planter, including ten embossed Queen’s Ware plates, a pair of candleholders, solid jasper box, ashtray, and a lilac vase. $150-200

570. Georgian Carved Mahogany Tilt-top Supper Table, dia. 33 1/2 in. $400-600

580. Georgian Mahogany Folding-top Commode Stand. $150-200

571. English Chippendale Mahogany Slant-lid Desk, wd. 35 3/8 in. $400-600

581. Gold-painted German Wood Fret-work Mantel Clock Case, late 19th/early 20th century, ht. 21, wd. 15 3/4 in. $150-250

561. Thirteen Assorted Japanese Carved Ivory and Wood Figural Netsuke. $300-500

572. Georgian Mahogany and Mahogany Veneer Four-Drawer Chest, ht. 36 1/2, wd. 36 1/4 in. $400-600

582. Carved Wooden Basketweave Pattern and Rose Decorated Purse-form Jewelry Box, the lid interior with mirror. Provenance: Purportedly made by George Fischer for his niece, his sister’s daughter, in 1886. $100-150

562. Michel-Malherbe Cameo Cut Glass Cabinet Vase, A. Delatte, Nancy, with burgundy flowers against a bluish-white ground, signed on side, ht. 3 5/8 in. $250-350

573. Neoclassical-style Gilt-bronze ThreeLight Candelabra/Table Lamp with Shade, overall ht. 26 1/2 in. $300-500

563. Federal-style Inlaid Cherry Drop-leaf Pembroke Table with End Drawer. $400-600

574. Pair of Waterford Colorless Molded Glass Vases, etched mark, ht. 10 in. $100-150

583. Bradley & Hubbard Brass Kerosene Student Lamp with Green Cased Glass Shade, approx. ht. 19, shade dia. 11 1/2 in. $200-450


584. Two Framed 19th Century Painted Miniature Portraits of Gentlemen, a watercolor on paper, and a painting on ivory. $400-600

592. Two Asian Carved and Painted Wood Architectural Fragments, a Framed Mirror, and an Asian Export Carved Wooden Bench. $600-800

585. 18th Century Italian Turned Walnut Pedestal, ht. 39 1/4, top dia. 11 in. $300-500

593. Country Classical Cherry Drop-leaf Work Table and Birch Wall Shelf, shelf lg. 35 1/2 in. $100-150

601. Fifteen Assorted Victorian and Late Victorian Glass and Decorative Items, two metal candelabrum with prisms, five pieces of Bohemian ruby flash, a pair of mercury glass candlesticks, a figural milk glass butter dish and painted plaque, a gilt tumbler, and three figural groups under glass domes. $150-250 602. Seven Pieces of Colorless Brilliant-cut Glass, a compote, a vase, and five trays and dishes. $200-400 603. Uzbek Kelim, Central Asia, 20th century, 7 ft. 6 in. x 6 ft. 10 in. $150-250 604. Set of Eleven Doulton Burslem Gilt and Transfer Decorated Porcelain Dinner Plates, beige stamp mark and inscribed “RA 2914,” dia. 10 1/4 in. $200-400 605. Late Victorian Italian Renaissance-style Carved Oak Server, ht. 66, wd. 43 in. $400-600 606. Late Victorian Carved Cherry Dining Table, with three leaves, ht. 30, lg. 45, wd. 45, leaf wd. 12 1/2 in. $300-500 607. Early 20th Century Cherry and Mahogany Roll-top Desk with Bentwood Swivel Desk Chair, desk ht. 42, lg. 59 1/2, wd. 36 in. $1,000-1,500 608. Late 19th Century Japanese Carved Figural Decorated Bamboo Walking Stick, lg. 35 3/4 in. $150-200 609. French Cast Bell Metal Fleur-de-lis and Figural Decorated School Bell, overall ht. 7 1/4 in. $150-200 610. Thirty-seven Piece Rorstrand Gilt and Cobalt Decorated Tosca Pattern Porcelain Coffee Service and a FivePiece Limoges Gilt Porcelain Set, the latter including a tray, teapot, and three small boxes. $250-350

586. Steinway & Sons Mahogany Baby Grand Piano, c. 1913, model M, plastic keys, interior inscribed “160851,” case underside impressed “P 5514,” with bench, case approx. lg. 68, wd. 55 3/4 in. $6,000-8,000

594. Pair of Victorian Brass Twin Beds, with rails, ht. 62 1/2, wd. 36 1/2 in. $200-400

587. Dutch Baroque-style Brass Twelve-Light Chandelier, 19th century, with central turned stem and globe-form pendant, fitted with two tiers of candle arms each with scrolled branches and circular drip-pans and nozzles, (not electrified), ht. 34 in. $700-900

595. Thirty-six Late 19th/Early 20th Century Pottery and Porcelain Figural and Table Items, including Staffordshire-type seated Spaniels, cats, two cow creamers, two pairs of figural candlesticks, “Returning Home” figurals, an antler-handled dagger-form decanter, jugs, four plates, a pair of small foo dogs, etc. $100-150

588. Mahogany Patent Timepiece or “Banjo” Clock, marked L. Curtis, Concord, Mass., painted iron dial with Roman numerals and signed L. Curtis, Concord, Mass., ropemolded gilt frames enclosing reverse-painted glasses, the lower depicting two sailing vessels, gilded pedestal below and eight-day time-only movement with iron weight and brass faced pendulum, ht. 39 in. $1,000-1,500

596. Indo-Bidjar Small Carpet, 20th century, 9 ft. x 6 ft. $300-500

589. Late Victorian Majolica Glazed Asianstyle Decorated Ceramic Jardinière on Pedestal, overall approx. ht. 39, dia. 15 in. $250-350

597. Japonisme Lacquer Box, late 19th century, rectangular, wood, with black ground, paint decorated to lid with landscape scene with houses, sides with vases, animals, and geometrics, bracket base, red interior, wd. 16 1/4 x 12 1/2 x 7 3/8 in. $100-150

590. Seven Pieces of Brass Fireplace Equipment and Accessories, two pierced brass fenders, a pair of ring-turned andirons, a tongs and poker tool set, and a brass bedwarmer with turned wood handle. $150-250

598. Della Robbia Style Faience Plaque of The Annunciation, early 20th century, rectangular, molded in high relief with figures of an archangel and the Virgin Mary, 20 5/8 x 14 1/2 in. $400-600

591. Painted Tall Clock, probably Pennsylvania, c. 1830, with carved scroll top, painted wooden dial with floral decoration, weightpowered, thirty-hour, time and strike, posted frame, Black Forest movement with pendulum, (dial separated from movement, cresting off hood, lacking weights), ht. 94 in. $800-1,200

599. Continental Polychrome Painted Gesso and Carved Wooden Water Nymphs and Cornucopia Figural Group Table Lamp, figural ht. 18 1/4 in. $100-150

600. Pair of Asian Export White Glazed Pottery Elephant-form Garden Seats, ht. 21 3/4 in. $150-250


611. Three Framed Prints, depicting Harvard University Dental School, a Gerald K. Seerlings Smith College scene, and an F. Bartolozzi engraved portrait of a lady. $100-150

612. Fifteen Assorted Small Asian Figurals, foo and others, in carved hardstone, porcelain, and wood. $100-150

619. Thirty-five Assorted Mostly Colored Glass Bottles, including aqua Gregg Constitution Water, Davis Vegetable, Whithall canning, a pickle-type, Mellin’s Infant, Geer Horse Radish, L. Rose Bay Rum, Cummings Vegetine, Pinkham’s Vegetable Compound, Mrs. Haller, Clarke’s Vegetable Bitters, two Fellows Chemist, Atwood Jaundice, East Indian Condiment, cobalt Wyeth Bro., Connor Sourwood, five olive a Hoff, three gin, two amber, a fish-form, a flask, a bay rum, Plantation Bitters, a Warner’s Safe with paper label, and a boxed colorless Mason Vegetable Cancer Cure. $200-300

627. Pine Tall Clock, Connecticut, circa 1825, with scroll top, turned finials, unsigned painted wooden dial with Masonic decoration in the arch, thirty-hour wooden movement with two tin weights and iron pendulum bob, (case stripped, both finials broken) ht. 83 1/2 in. $700-900

628. Paint Decorated Ladder-back Side Chair. $75-125

613. Victorian Aesthetic Caned Carved Oak Armchair. $300-500

620. Lane Modern Glazed Walnut Two-Part Breakfront, the upper section with two fixed shelves, branded mark, ht. 79 3/4, wd. 66 1/4, dp. 18 in. $150-200

629. Empire Glazed Mahogany and Mahogany Veneer Writing Desk/Bookcase. $400-600

614. Chinese Export Camphorwood Storage Box, lg. 38 1/4 in. $100-200

630. Green-painted Woven Wicker Armchair. $50-75

621. Pair of Contemporary Cream Leather Upholstered Recliners, approx. ht. 38, wd. 38 in. $600-800

615. Asian Export Victorian-style Carved Hardwood Armchair. $75-125

622. Turned Maple Bed, with rails. $100-150

631. Mahogany Tall Clock, 11 1/2 in. silvered dial with Roman numerals, glazed waist door and bracket feet, eight-day time and strike weight-powered movement, (no weights, chains, pendulum; waist door hinge and side crown molding now gone). $100-200

616. Seven French Faience and Four Wedgwood Items, faience chamber candle lamp, bellows-form wallpocket, fleur-de-lisform wallpocket, wood framed armorial tray, a pin tray and pair of dresser jars set, Wedgwood silver plate clad teapot, two small solid jasper items, and a retailer’s plaque. $200-300

623. Small Japanese Lacquerware Trinket Cabinet. $100-150

624. Twelve Assorted Pewter Items, a threepiece ink set, an invalid’s spoon, a coffeepot, footed teapot, and six assorted plates, unmarked or obliterated marks. $100-150

632. Oak Victrola X by the Victor Talking Machine Company, Camden, N.J., with hinged domed lid with original company decal depicting “His Master’s Voice” on the underside, felt covered turntable, maker’s plaque stating Victor Talking Machine Co. VV-X 307291J, exhibition sound box and two sets of dual doors opening for record storage, (mechanical elements restored and in good working order) ht. 43 in. closed. $300-500

617. Pair of Meissen Hand-painted and Transfer Genre Scene Decorated Porcelain Vases and a Meissen Gilt, Hand-painted and Transfer Decorated Bowl, (bowl a second), vase ht. 7 3/4 in. $250-375

625. Karabagh Runner, South Caucasus, 19th century, 21 ft. x 3 ft. 3 in. $400-600

633. Two Asian Glazed Stoneware Storage Jars, southern China, 18th century, gray stoneware with pale lavender glaze, ht. 7 and 9 in. $300-500

618. Sandwich Colorless Pressed Glass Fluid Lamp and a Pair of Glass and Brass Oil Lamps, (electrified). $75-150

626. Chinese Carpet, late 19th century, 11 ft. 4 in. x 9 ft. $500-700

634. Fifteen Framed Cloth and Paper Doll Figures. $200-300

635. Tiger Maple Mirror, lg. 29 1/2 in. $100-200


636. Late Federal Mahogany Tilt-top Candlestand. $100-150

645. Late19th/Early 20th Century Miniature Painted Portrait of a Woman on Porcelain, signed “Fr. Til, Dresden,” framed, porcelain lg. 3 1/2 in. $100-150

637. Chippendale-style Carved Mahogany Chest with Four Graduated Drawers. $200-300

652. Large Asian Export Cloisonné Bowl, 20th century, decorated with various flowering tree branches, on white cloudwork ground, with carved wood stand, bowl dia. approx. 14 3/4, ht. 5 1/2 in. $200-300 653. Two Oriental Rugs, 19th century, one Kuba, 6 ft. 3 in. x 4 ft. 3 in., and one Northwest Persian, 7 ft. 7 in. x 3 ft. 2 in. $150-250 654. Two Vienna Hand-painted Porcelain Figurines, one in original case, ht. to 8 in. $100-125 655. Asian Colonial Empire Rosewood and Padoukwood Upholstered Couch/Bed, lg. 72 1/2 in. $150-200 656. Regency-style Mirrored Inlaid Mahogany and Mahogany Veneer Writing Desk/Bookcase, ht. 77 1/2, wd. 26 1/2 in. $100-150 657. Wing Chair Frame. $300-500 658. Eight Assorted Metal Decorative Items, a lead humidor, a pair of Jennings Bros. copper-clad American Indian with dog figural bookends, a pair of S.C. Tarrant painted cast metal Dante bookends, a pair of sterling silver candlesticks, and a metal figural chamberstick. $100-150 659. Eighteen Assorted Framed Prints and Paintings, including a set of three small Italian oil on panel landscapes, Marblehead map and chart prints, a Pailthorpe watercolor whaling triptych, two sailing ship prints, a photograph of a ship model, six assorted decorative prints, a Racket Shreve watercolor, an Andrew Wyeth poster “Dr. Syn,” and a lobster print “Ayuh.” $350-525 660. Ten Majolica Glazed Items and a Painted Ceramic Figural Tobacco Humidor, a bulldog humidor, majolica bamboo decorated soap dish, floral tray, a set of three strawberries in cloth dishes, a leaf dish, floral and leaf plate, cherub bowl, a figural decanter, and a toby jug. $200-300

638. Two Framed Early 20th Century Miniature Painted Portraits of Women, one initialed “S.E.M.,” and one signed “Edwin A. Davis.” $200-300

646. Two Northwest Persian Rugs, 20th century, 6 ft. 6 in. x 4 ft. 4 in. and 5 ft. 9 in. x 3 ft. 9 in. $150-200

647. Hamadan Runner, Northwest Persia, 20th century, 9 ft. 8 in. x 2 ft. 7 in. $200-300

639. Six Pieces of English Mostly Transfer Decorated Staffordshire Tableware, in blue and white, and brown and white, two covered sugars, a Riley serving bowl and plate, an Alcock Commerce pattern platter, and a hand-decorated jug, platter lg. 19 in. $150-200

648. Two Woven Sweetgrass-framed Seashell and Dried Flower Assemblage Hampton Beach Souvenir Trays. $200-300

640. Pair of Late Victorian Brass-mounted Transfer Floral Decorated Opaque Glass Kerosene Banquet Lamps with Globe Shades, (electrified). $300-500

641. Group of 19th and 20th Century Ceramics and Glass, including six transfer decorated Staffordshire plates, a pair of Bohemian art pottery vases, a majolica apple tree branch decorated pitcher, ten pieces of English copper lustreware, twenty-four pieces of assorted gilt porcelain teaware, an amber glass flask, and six colorless shot glasses. $200-250

649. Group of Miscellaneous Decorative and Collectible Ceramics and Glassware, a majolica parrot-form pitcher, a pair of Mary Gregory type cranberry glass tumblers, an amethyst cut to clear glass decanter and ashtray, a 1935 Queen Mary/King George Jubilee commemorative muffineer, a Mottahedeh porcelain Bay Colony bowl and pin tray, a Gray Pottery jug, a decorated pottery vase, a glazed terra-cotta eagle plaque, and a pair of etched glass shades. $100-150

642. Three Pieces of Assorted Furniture, an Empire upholstered armchair, a small Neoclassical veneered stand, and an inlaid stand. $100-150

650. Eleven Assorted Decorative Mostly Glass and Ceramic Items, a pair of enamel floral decorated pink Bristol glass vase/table lamps, a garniture/table lamp, a Paris porcelain vase, hand-painted porcelain candlestick, a pair of porcelain dresser bottles, two ceramic house figural cigar/match strike holders, a seashell figural group vase, and a gilt-metal wall sconce. $150-250

643. Federal Mahogany Three-Part Banquet Table, comprised of two D-shaped ends and a drop-leaf center table, (married), ht. 30, end dp. 23 1/4, center lg. 50, wd. 21, leaf wd. 24 in. $250-300

644. Painted and Stencil Decorated Boston Rocker and Thumb-back Side Chair. $150-200

651. Anglo-Indian Sandalwood and Inlay Sewing Box late 19th century, rectangular, the hinged lid with sloping sides, mounted with sandalwood panels densely carved with flowering vines and small animals, with geometric white metal and green-stained bone borders and bone line banding, side lifting handles, with removable inner tray fitted with carved, lidded wells and bone spindles, removing to red-velvet lined compartmented interior, on paw feet, ht. approx. 5, wd. 12 3/4, dp. 9 in. $150-250


661. Christofle Silver Plated Figural Two-Tier Pastry Stand Pedestal, (lacking glass or porcelain tiers), ht. 20 3/4 in. $200-300

669. Brass Chelsea Desk Clock, with ship’s wheel case, 2 1/2 in. dia. silvered dial with Arabic numerals and marked Chelsea, eightday lever-escapement time-only movement, ht. 5 in. $200-300

678. Biedermeier-style Marble-top Blond Mahogany Cylindrical Commode Cabinet, with cabinet door, ht. 29 1/2, dia. 15 1/4 in. $100-125

662. Large Chinese Export Porcelain Rose Medallion Ku-form Vase/Table Lamp and a Spittoon, vase body approx. ht. 15 1/2 in. $500-700

670. Chinese Mother-of-pearl Inlaid and Paint Decorated Black Lacquer Low Table, (losses), approx. ht. 12 1/2, dia. 31 in. $300-500

679. Set of Four Green-painted Bambooturned Wood Side Chairs with Upholstered Seats. $150-250

663. British Mahogany Crossbanded Oak Tall Case Clock, mid-19th century, painted dial signed illegibly, two-train movement with painted arch, seconds dial, case with swan’s neck cresting, inlaid with geometric motifs, ht. 92 in. $600-800

671. Pair of Neoclassical Upholstered Carved Giltwood Lyre-back Parlor Side Chairs. $200-400

680. Chinese Export Carved Hardwood TwoDoor Cabinet, the divided interior fitted with two short drawers at bottom, wd. 36 in. $400-600

664. Imperial Furniture Georgian-style Carved Mahogany Drop-leaf Pedestal-base Table and Drum Table, each with a single drawer. $250-350

672. Spanish-style Carved Walnut and Burl Veneer Writing Desk, wd. 35 in. $500-700

681. Eight Copeland Imari Palette Dinner Plates, c. 1830, with underglaze blue, and surface iron red, blue-green, and gilt enameling, dia. 10 1/2 in. $150-250

665. Queen Anne Style Walnut Dining Table with a Set of Six Dining Chairs, the table with two leaves, table approx. ht. 30 1/4, lg. 66, wd. 43, leaf wd. 15 in. $400-600

673. Large Victorian Gilt-gesso and Wood Framed Engraving A Village Wedding, Thomas Agnew & Sons, sight size 24 x 35 in. $150-200

666. Walnut Mantel Clock by Seth Thomas, Thomaston, Connecticut, with paper on zinc dial with Roman numerals and marked Seth Thomas, silver leaf transfer decorated tablet with two birds, pierced fret pattern along the base of the case and eight-day, time and strike movement with pendulum, ht. 24 1/4 in. $100-150

674. Group of Assorted 19th and 20th Century Decorative and Collectible Items, a parquetry decorated wooden box, a pair of cast brass candlesticks, a mahogany cased W. & L. Gurley, Troy, New York, compass, a painted leather fire bucket, a turned wood footed jar with cover, a small oval carved wood box with cover, a jade pin tray, and two small Japanese cloisonné vases. $100-150

682. Nineteen Assorted European and Asian Decorative Items, including a Victorian lacquered standish, six assorted lacquered boxes, a hand-painted porcelain dish, three Asian doll figures, a figural wall match holder, a pair of wallpockets, a carved wooden fragment, a painted ceramic boxer dog head ashtray, a pair of miniature enameled shoes, etc. $150-250

683. Two Framed Small 19th Century Watercolor on Paper Portraits of a Young Man and Young Woman, sight lg. 5 1/4 in. $200-300

667. 1 3/4 in. Brass Telescope and Stand, with 21 in. brass tube, rack focus and folding tripod base in a brass carrying case, lg. of case (lacking eyepiece) 24 1/2 in. $600-800

675. Two Northwest Persian Rugs, 20th century, each 4 ft. x 2 ft. 6 in. $200-250

684. Two Carved and Painted Wooden Seagull Figures. $100-150

668. Eleven Assorted Decorative Glass Table Items, a cut glass box, modern studio glass bowl, a gilt white cut to clear glass compote, four gilt frosted glass table items, a cigarette box, a rabbit, Daum frog, and a Steuben rabbit figure. $275-425

676. Four Steuben Colorless Glass Vessels, comprising a pair of mantel vases with bellshaped bowls and slightly flaring bases applied with two spirals, ht. 6 1/2, and two bowls, one with double-spiraled stem, dia. 6 7/8, the other with three U-shaped feet, dia. 8 1/8 in. $250-350

685. Irving & Casson/A.H. Davenport Attributed Carved Mahogany Lady’s Slant-lid Writing Desk, wd. 30 in. $200-300

677. Two Steuben Colorless Glass Articles, a fruit bowl, tapering at stem and flaring slightly at base, applied with two ovoid prunts, ht. 6 5/8, dia. 9, and a sauceboat with curlicue handle, ht. 4 1/2 in. $50-75

686. Victorian Walnut Fall-front Desk/Mirrored Bookcase, desk with fitted interior, bookcase with two adjustable shelves, ht. 87 3/4, wd. 37, dp. 16 1/4 in. $300-500


687. Victorian Eastlake-type White Marble-top Carved Walnut Mirrored Dresser. $250-350

697. Chinese Export Porcelain Blue and White Garden Seat and Jardinière. $800-1,200

706. Pair of Wedgwood Embossed Queen’s Ware Vase Table Lamps and a Modern Satsuma Table Lamp. $150-200

688. Openwork Brass Fireplace Fender, ht. 8 1/2, lg. 37 in. $100-150

689. Staffordshire-type Boxers Spring-Langan Figural Group, 20th century, ht. 8 1/8, lg. 7 1/4 in. $35-50

698. Tiffany & Co. Neoclassical Gilt and Patinated Sterling Silver Egg Cup Stand and a German Jeweled Enameled and Brass Plated Globe-form Cigarette Stand, the Tiffany stand with impressed marks including 1941, maker’s hallmark LAO. $100-150

707. Late Victorian Carved and Turned Oak One Drawer Table. $100-150

690. Brass Kerosene Lantern with Blown Glass Globe Shade. $200-300

699. Japanese Gilt and Mother-of-pearl Inlaid Lacquer Three-Part Inro with Carved Wood Bird Netsuke. $250-350

708. Analytical Balance Scale by Eimer & Amend, New York, the glazed pine case with sliding front, ebonized stage, brass column with maker’s plaque marked Eimer & Amend New York, dual pans and calibrated arm, ht. 17 1/2, wd. 18 in. $300-500

691. Six Assorted Decorative and Metal Items, a pair of brass pricket candlesticks, a blackpainted sheet iron train engine toy, a brass C. Forschner’s hanging scale, a metalmounted black leather horse’s strap, and a large Victorian cast brass tieback, candlestick base ht. 7 1/2 in. $100-150

700. Two Sets of Mintons Gilt and Yellow Banded Porcelain Dinnerware, a set of nine soups, retailed by R. Briggs, Boston, and a set of nine gilt enamel decorated dinner plates, retailed by Mortlock Ltd., London, respective dia. 9 7/8 and 10 1/4 in. $100-200

708A. Brass Student Microscope by E. Leitz, with U type base, rectangular stage, brass tube with column mounted focus, planar mirror, two eyepieces and walnut carrying case ht. 11 in. $150-250

692. Victorian Partial-gilt Walnut Arch-top Overmantel Mirror, approx. ht. 47, wd. 56 in. $100-125

701. Machine-made Aubusson-style Landscape Tapestry and a Machinemade Lace Bedspread. $300-600

709. Chelsea Ship’s Bell Clock, with nautical wheel case, hinged bezel, 3 1/2 in. silvered dial with Arabic numerals and marked Chelsea Ship’s Bell and eight-day lever escapement movement with ship’s bell strike, ht. 10 1/2 in. $400-600

693. Victorian Upholstered Carved Walnut and Mahogany Veneer Sofa, approx. lg. 84 1/2 in. $200-300

702. Eight Assorted Wooden and Decorative Items, a mortar and pestle, pine framed mirror, painted country spoon rack, inlaid mahogany candle box, carved figural fragment, an Asian woven basket, and carved wood fragment. $300-500

710. Eight Pieces of Assorted Art Glass, a gilt bud vase, a pair of enameled frosted glass bud vases, a gilt cut glass vase, dish, an enameled jug, a Steuben bowl, and a gilt and enamel decorated amber glass vase. $200-300

694. Late Victorian Square Carved Oak Occasional Table. $200-300

703. Heriz Carpet, Northwest Persia, 20th century, 11 ft. 7 in. x 9 ft. 4 in. $400-600

695. Empire Inlaid Mahogany and Mahogany Veneer Bureau. $400-450

704. Approximately Ninety-Piece Paris Gilt, Green Banded, and Hand-painted Bird and Floral Decorated Porcelain Partial Dinner Service, with “JCE” monogram. $400-600

711. Four Smoking Pipes and a Silvermounted Horn Mull, two calabashes, a carved wood dragon-form, and a carved meerschaum “1870” horse decorated. $250-350

696. Three Oriental Rug Items, 19th/20th century, a Bidjar sampler, 1 ft. 10 in. x 1 ft. 4 in.; a Chinese chair cover (made into a pillow), 2 ft. x 2 ft.; and a Persian carpet fragment (made into a pillow), 1 ft. 10 in. x 1 ft. 4 in. $200-400

705. Three Pieces of Assorted Furniture, a marble-top plant stand, a child’s Chippendale-style side chair, and a Victorian oval cottage stand. $100-150

712. Mahogany Mantel Clock by Chelsea Clock Company, the silvered dial with Arabic numerals and marked Tiffany & Co. New York, eight-day “house strike” movement with rack and snail and lever escapement, ht. 10 in. $100-200


713. Asian Export Square Carved Hardwood Low Table, ht. 14 1/4, wd. 35 1/4 in. $250-350

722. Pair of Classical Caned Bird’s-eye and Tiger Maple Side Chairs. $75-100

732. Two Pairs of Giltwood-framed Prints, two John Boyden engravings depicting classical period landscapes, and two French fashion prints. $75-100

714. Pair of Contemporary Upholstered Armchairs, ht. 35, wd. 25 in. $100-150

723. Fifteen Pieces of Colorless Brilliant-cut Glass, a set of four goblets, a tray, bowl, two tumblers, four salts, and three decanters. $300-500

715. Late Victorian Oak Revolving Bookcase, ht. 35 3/4, wd. 21 in. $250-350

716. Pair of Decorative Hungarian Earthenware Mantel Ewers, Fischer, Budapest, early 20th century, balustroid, with foliate handle, pierced throughout, and enamel decoration in blue on gold with dense flowerheads, ht. 10 7/8 in. $100-200

724. Late Victorian Metal-mounted Transfer and Enamel Floral Decorated Opaque Molded Glass Kerosene Table Lamp with Globular Shade, (electrified). $200-400

733. Fifteen Pieces of Assorted Flow Blue Decorated Ceramic Tableware, a shaped dish, jug, cup, vase, three butter pats, three serving bowls, a covered serving dish, platter, and three plates. $200-300

734. Six Assorted Chinese Pewter Items. $100-150

725. Karabagh Rug, South Caucasus, 19th century, 5 ft. 5 in. x 3 ft. 8 in. $200-300

717. J. Thompson (British, 18th/19th Century), After J. Derby (British, fl. circa 1820) John Flaxman. Inscribed “Derby pinxt” in the plate l.l. and “Thompson sculpt” in the plate l.r., identified in the plate along the lower margin. Stipple engraving on paper, plate size 8 3/4 x 5 1/2 in. (22.2 x 14.0 cm), framed. Condition: Foxing/staining, not examined out of frame. $150-250

726. Hamadan Rug, Northwest Persia, 19th/20th century, 6 ft. 11 in. x 4 ft. 2 in. $200-300

735. Chippendale-style Carved Mahogany Open Armchair, late 19th century, the backrest carved with ribband and foliage, scrolled arms, overupholstered seat, carved cabriole legs and claw-and-ball feet, seat ht. 19 in. $400-600

727. Four Imari Porcelain Plates and a Small English Imari Palette Footed Dish. $300-400

736. S. & H. Jewell Georgian-style Carved Mahogany Flat-top Writing Desk with Gilt-tooled Leather-inset Writing Surface, brass tag, ht. 30 3/4, lg. 54 1/2, wd. 31 in. $1,200-1,800

718. Nine Pieces of Assorted English Transfer Decorated Staffordshire Tableware. $200-300

728. Needlepoint Upholstered Empire Mahogany Veneer Footstool, wd. 21 in. $300-500

737. Chippendale Cherry Serpentine Tilt-top Tea Table. $400-600

719. Two Fitted Painter’s Boxes, England, 19th century, each with compartmented interiors and an assortment of painter’s supplies; a rosewood, lg. 11 in.; and a mahogany, lg. 10 1/4 in. $200-300

729. Set of Six Regency-style White Leather Upholstered Inlaid Carved Mahogany Shield-back Dining Chairs. $300-500

730. Empire Red-painted and Mahogany Veneer Bureau. $350-550

738. Six Assorted 18th-20th Century Framed Items, a giltwood-framed lithograph 1840 Pennsylvania German birth record, a Marcel etching To Adventure, an etching depicting ducks taking flight, a German/Austrian handcolored print Die Lufft Aer, a floral still life theorem on velvet, and an English oval silk embroidery depicting a maiden in landscape under an eglomise mat. $300-500

720. Mahogany Beverage Cart with Tray, an Upholstered Mahogany Easy Chair, and a Federal-style Inlaid Mahogany Tilt-top Candlestand. $160-225

721. Empire White Marble-top Carved Mahogany and Mahogany Veneer Bowfront Bureau, wd. 49 in. $300-500

731. Five Small Framed Portrait and Decorative Items, a small pencil and watercolor portrait of a woman, a miniature painting of a Dutch boy, a small painted basket of flowers theorem on velvet, an enhanced family group portrait print, and a watercolor portrait of a woman. $300-500

739. Pair of Art Deco Architectural Cast Brass and Frosted Opaque Tubular Glass Wall Sconces, electrified, (glass tubes damaged), lg. 30 in. $800-1,200

740. Scottish Silver-mounted Hoof Snuff Box and a Regimental Cast Metal Pin, the snuff with carved “J.A.C.” initials. $200-300


741. Pair of Colorless Cut Glass Vintage Decorated Vases, ht. 13 3/8 in. $100-200

742. Six Pieces of Assorted Furniture, a child’s oak roll-top desk with maple chair, a painted and stenciled Boston rocker, a white Lloyd Loom-type rocker, a doll’s rustic twig armchair, and a painted spool baby’s crib. $100-150

750. Chinese Export Porcelain Famille Jaune Jar/Table Lamp and a Japanese Gilt and Painted Floral Decorated Ceramic Potpourri with Cover/Table Lamp, along with a metal elephant-form vessel, (potpourri cover attached), respective lamp body ht. 13 1/2 and 12 1/2 in. $150-200

758. Wedgwood Queen’s Ware Circular Tray, England, c. 1800, black transfer printed with sprays of flowers surrounding a central Italianate landscape, impressed mark, dia. 12 1/2 in. $200-300

743. Two Embroidered Pieced Cotton Bedspreads. $100-150

751. Studio Jack-in-the-Pulpit Art Glass Vase, wide stretched gold iridescent rim with decoration of millefiore and vine, unpolished pontil, ht. 9 1/8 in. $800-1,200

759. Three Zsolnay Green Eosin Jugs, Hungary, 20th century, comprising a tall angular handled ewer molded with anthemia, ht. 11 1/2, a smaller straighthandled jug molded with two women harvesting wheat, ht. 6 1/2, and a slendernecked vase modeled at the waist with a seated woman, ht. 9 1/4 in. $200-300

744. Bartley/Henry Ford Greenfield Village Reproduction Windsor Sack-back Armchair and a William & Mary Style Cherry Table with Drawer, the former with branded marks. $300-500

752. Seventy-seven Pieces of English Transfer Flow Mulberry Decorated Ironstone Table and Chamberware. $800-1,200

760. Carved Bone Casket-form Snuff Box and a Carved Bone-handled Pipe Cleaning Tool. $125-175

753. Baluch Rug, Northeast Persia, 19th century, 6 ft. x 2 ft. 10 in. $100-150

745. Seven Pieces of Assorted Majolica Tableware, a pair of Sarreguemines chargers, a leaf shaped dish, a floral and basketweave pattern plate, a bird and fan jug, a footed vase, an Etruscan bamboo dish $200-300

761. Pair of Late Victorian Hand-painted Floral Decorated Porcelain Vase/Table Lamps. $75-125

754. Marcus & Co. Inlaid Mahogany Desk Clock, enamel dial with Roman numerals and marked Marcus & Co., New York, eightday time-only spring-powered movement with platform escapement, ht. 9 in. $200-300

746. Two Northwest Persian Rugs, 19th/20th century, each 6 ft. x 3 ft. 6 in. $75-100

762. Two Zsolnay Green Eosin Figures, Hungary, 20th century, comprising a figure of a woman cutting a piece of bread for a child standing at her feet, ht. 12 3/8, and a figure of a kneeling female bather, ht. 9 1/2 in. $250-350

747. Tekke Rug, West Turkestan, 19th century, 3 ft. 9 in. x 3 ft. 9 in. $200-250

754A. Swiss Cylinder Musical Box, with 5 1/2 in. cylinder, one piece comb (four broken teeth), repeat and change mechanism, fluted iron bed and grain-painted and ebonized cabinet, lg. 16 1/2 in. $50-100

763. Louis XVI Style Ormolu-mounted Carved and Veneered Armoire with Mirrored Door, approx. ht. 91 1/2, wd. 42 1/4, dp. 18 1/2 in. $400-600

748. Contemporary Studio Pottery Vase, cylindrical form with narrow flared mouth, decorated with abstract faces in blue, black, brown, and green on a cream clay body, signed Chin on base, ht. 6 1/8 in. $250-350

755. Near Eastern Bone and Wood Inlaid Folding-top Writing Desk. $250-350

764. Classical-style Carved Mahogany ThreeTier Dumbwaiter. $300-500

756. Pair of Louis XVI Style Brass-mounted Marquetry Decorated Stands. $200-250

749. Wedgwood Carrara Bust of George Stephenson, England, c. 1860, modeled by E.W. Wyon, set atop a waisted circular socle, impressed sculpt, (damaged). $50-100

765. Classical-style Brass-mounted Carved Mahogany Cheval Mirror, with beveled glass, ht. 78 1/2, wd. 30 3/4 in. $200-250

757. Italian Renaissance Walnut Cassapanca, with tall backrest with leaf-carved cornice above a series of elaborately carved panels of floral-filled urns, cherubs and griffins; lower section with hinged seat, plank-form arms, figural panels and a plinth base, ht. 87, wd. 54, dp. 28 in. $800-1,200

766. Grosz Etched Colorless Art Glass Bowl and a Set of Five Gilt and Etched Glass Berry Bowls. $125-150


767. Limoges Decorated Porcelain Platter and Fish Platter. $150-250

768. Small Wooden Cased Musical Disc Player, for 4 1/2 in. metal discs. $50-75

777. Twenty-seven Pieces of Steuben and Kosta Boda Colorless Glassware, Steuben comprised of eleven tumblers, decanter, and a round bowl; Kosta Boda includes nine cylindrical glasses with trapped bubble and six conforming cordials, (Steuben with nicks), ht. 3 3/4, 6 1/4, 4 3/4, 3 1/4, bowl dia. 7 1/8 in. $150-200

784. Folio of Twenty-four Chinese Gouache on Rice Paper Paintings, including depictions of fish, flora, marine scenes, and figures. $200-300

785. Two Contemporary Upholstered Armchairs and a Sofa, sofa lg. 56 in. $500-800

769. Victorian Renaissance Revival Carved Walnut Cornice, ht. 14 1/2, lg. 66 in. $250-350

778. Victorian Renaissance Revival Carved Walnut Fall-front Desk. $300-500

786. Pieced and Embroidered Crazy Quilt, dated 1903, (unfinished), approx. 71 x 71 in. $150-200

770. Renaissance Revival Carved Oak Display Cabinet, c. 1860, rectangular form with two glass doors, the borders, frieze, and doors elaborately carved with bacchantes, fruiting grapevines, vegetables, and fruit, ht. 81 1/2, wd. 61, dp. 23 in. $800-1,200

779. Victorian Giltwood Firescreen, mid-19th century, cartouche-shaped frame with a cut velvet and satin stitch panel of birds and foliage, on a tripod base, carved with foliage throughout, ht. 46 in. $200-300

787. Contemporary Upholstered Sleeper/Sofa and a Cherry Coffee and End Table Set, approx. sofa lg. 87 in. $100-200

771. Neoclassical-style Parquetry-top, Partebonized, and Gilt Carved Mahogany Center Table, ht. 30 3/4, lg. 43 1/2, wd. 29 1/2 in. $250-350

780. Oval Pietra Dura Floral and Bird Decorated Marble-inset Gilt and Ebonized Victorian Carved Wood Stand, ht. 31, marble lg. 23 in. $700-900

788. Late Victorian Enamel Floral Decorated Peachblow Art Glass Jar with Cover, ht. 5 3/4 in. $150-250

772. Victorian Upholstered Carved Walnut and Mahogany Veneer Sofa, lg. 79 in. $200-250

781. Two Pieces of Hampshire Pottery, a handpainted grapevine pattern bowl and a Capitol, Richmond, Virginia, souvenir dish. $200-300

789. Asian Gilt-brass Buddhist Ornament, lg. 10 in. Provenance: Ex-collection Paul Manship. $150-200

773. Three Framed 19th/Early 20th Century Miniature Painted Portraits of Women, a Continental school profile of a young woman, a portrait of an older woman signed “L. Kastenbine,” and a silver plate cased portrait of a woman on ivory, identified as “Miriam Cohen Myers, 1900,” and signed “L.C. Austen.” $200-300

782. Studio Art Glass Vase, blue iridescent glass pulled horizontal rim on pulled feather decorated stem joined to circular foot, approx. ht. 15 in. $800-1,200

790. Twelve Classical-style Ceramic Wall Plaques and Roundels, including jasper, bisque, a set of three Ipsen, and a pair of Royal Copenhagen. $100-150

774. Conical Leaded Slag Glass Lamp Shade, dia. 17 in. $300-500

783. Flow Blue Transfer Plate and Soup Bowl, a Set of Six Japanese Transfer Blue and White Porcelain Plates, and a Gaudy Welch Jug. $300-500

791. 105-Piece Syracuse Kenmoor Pattern Porcelain Dinner Service. $300-500

775. Two Oriental Rugs, 19th century, one Anatolian Prayer, 5 ft. 5 in. x 3 ft. 5 in. and one Chinese, 3 ft. 6 in. x 2 ft. $100-200

783A. Framed Print of a Harrison Fisher Profile Portrait of a Woman, sight size 13 x 10 1/4 in. $30-50

792. Blue-painted Wooden Slat Bench, lg. 48 in. $150-250

776. Group of Iron Fireplace and Hearth Articles, a cast iron pot with cover, two pairs of wrought iron andirons, two cranes, and a cross-bar. $100-150

783B. Six Assorted Colored Art Glass Table Items, a pitcher, two bowls, two compotes, and a handless jug, some with broken pontils. $75-100

793. Pine Cupboard with Four Paneled Doors, the interior with fixed shelves, ht. 76 1/2, wd. 42 1/2, dp. 17 in. $800-1,200

794. Two Federal Cherry Candlestands, one with mahogany tilt-top and one with pine top, (the former damaged). $400-600


795. Hour Repeating Carriage Clock by Henry Capt, Geneva, with brass and beveled glass case, enameled dial marked Henry Capt, Geneva, L Gallopin & Cie Succ(rs), and alarm dial, eight-day time, strike, and hour repeat on command movement with platform escapement and back plate engraved with same inscription as dial, ht. 6 1/4 in. with handle extended. $600-800

798. Cherry Tall Clock by Silas Hoadley, Plymouth, Connecticut, with fret top hood, arched and glazed door over the painted wooden dial with Roman numerals and signed S. Hoadley Plymouth, fielded panel waist door and base, replacement eight-day brass weight-powered movement, (case modern, lacking finials, hood columns, weights, replacement movement, fret needs gluing), ht. 86 1/2 in. $1,000-1,500

806. Leopold Stickley Georgian-style Glazed Cherry Step-back Bookcase, in two parts, two doors with three fixed shelves over two drawers, ht. 80, wd. 33 1/4 in. $300-500

807. Queen Anne Style Square Cherry Card Table, attributed to Leopold Stickley, ht. 28 3/4, wd. 36 in. $200-300

796. Three Rugs, 19th/20th century, one Karadja, 2 ft. 10 in. x 2 ft. 2 in.; one Anatolian Yastik, 3 ft. 4 in. x 2 ft.; and one machine-made, 2 ft. 4 in. x 2 ft. 2 in. $200-300

799. Chinese Export Porcelain Vase/Table Lamp and Chinese Export Cloisonné Urn with Cover. $200-400

797. Mahogany Shelf Clock by Waterbury Clock Company, Waterbury, Connecticut, with half columns flanking the painted zinc dial with Roman numerals and lower transfer paint decorated glass, printed maker’s label on backboard and thirty-hour time, strike and alarm movement, ht. 24 3/4 in. $50-100

800. Two Zsolnay Green Eosin Figures, Hungary, 20th century, a standing woman undressing, ht. 9 3/4, and a kneeling nude female bather, ht. 9 1/4 in. $200-300

808. Two Chinese Export Porcelain Oval Rose Medallion Platters and a Chinese Export Circular Enamel Figural Decorated Porcelain Serving Dish, platter lg. 13 1/4, dish dia. 13 in. $200-400

809. Royal Bayreuth Tapestry Rose Jug and a Poppy Pastry Plate. $200-300

797A. Two Mahogany Connecticut Shelf Clocks, a Doric by Ingraham with paper on zinc dial with Roman numerals, gilt floral tablet and eight-day time and strike movement, (veneer imperfections) ht. 15 3/4; and a Seth Thomas cottage clock with Roman numerals and thirty-hour time and alarm movement, (repainted dial) ht. 9 1/2 in. $200-250

801. Three Zsolnay Green Eosin Animal Figures, Hungary, 20th century, a figure of a standing dog, on rectangular base, ht. 7, a figure of a bull with head lowered, pawing the ground with front hoof, on rectangular base, ht. 6, and a figure of a rooster and two hens, ht. 7 3/4 in. $200-300

810. Victorian Carved Wood Document Box and a Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Figure of Man with a Scythe and Wheat. $100-150

802. Steuben Engraved Colorless Glass Goblet with Spiral Stem, engraved “To Your Health,” marked “Steuben,” ht. 18 in. $150-200

811. Chinese Oxblood Glazed Porcelain Baluster-form Vase/Table Lamp. $200-250

797B. Victorian Shelf Clock by Ingraham, Bristol, Connecticut, ebonized case with pitched pediment and maker’s name stamped on base board, paper on zinc dial with Roman numerals and eight-day time and strike movement, ht. 18 1/4 in. $50-75

803. Framed Abraham Krol Print, pencil numbered edition 171/220, signed l.r, and impressed “GG” stamp, sight size 24 x 19 in. $35-50

812. Framed 18th Century Miniature Painted Portrait of Gentleman on Tin and a Framed Miniature Pen and Watercolor Portrait of a Woman. $150-250

797C. Mahogany Mantel Clock by Chelsea, retailed by A. Stowell, Inc., Boston, silvered dial with Arabic numerals signed Chelsea and by the retailer, eight-day time and “house” strike movement with lever escapement, ht. 10 1/2 in. $100-150

804. Ten Pieces of Colorless Cut Glass and Eight Pieces of Colorless Pressed Glass, including three bowls, two Waterford bowls, two vases, a relish dish, underplate, and toothpick, molded graduated set of three pitchers, and assorted bowls, plates, etc. $300-500

813. Five-Piece Assembled Upholstered Parlor Seating Group, a sofa, armchair, a footstool, and two Rococo-style chairs. $500-700

814. Federal Cherry Drop-leaf Pembroke Table with End Drawer. $100-150

805. Leopold Stickley Queen Anne Style Cherry Flat-top Highboy, paper label, ht. 63 3/4, wd. 39 3/4 in. $700-900

815. Victorian Rococo Revival Needlepoint Upholstered Carved Walnut Parlor Side Chair and a Federal-style Mahogany Tilttop Candlestand. $200-300


816. Six Pieces of Assorted Decorative Lighting and Two Trays, a onyx and brass chandelier, a pair of Victorian glass vase/lamps, a brass and onyx columnar table lamp, a Victorian cast metal and marble kerosene table lamp, a Chinese champlevé bronze table lamp, a painted metal tray and a wood framed tray. $50-75

825. Two Pakistani Rugs, 20th century, one 6 ft. 2 in. x 3 ft. and one 3 ft. x 2 ft. $100-150

834. 101-Piece Royal Crown Derby Gilt and Blue and White Transfer Birds and Flowers Decorated Porcelain Dinner Service, for twelve. $200-250

826. Chinese Rug, 20th century, 6 ft. x 4 ft. $50-100

817. Studio Art Glass Vase, ruffled rim on ribbed trumpet-form body with gold iridescent interior, mottled pink ground, gold pulled feather decoration, polished pontil, approx. ht. 10 5/8 in. $400-500

827. Nine Sets of Chinese Carved Soapstone Seals, in sets of ten to fourteen, most with animal finials, three sets unfinished, all unmarked. $200-300

835. German Baroque-style Walnut Prie Dieu, fitted with a frieze drawer, two bombe doors and a hinged-top base, on splayed feet, ht. 37, wd. 25 1/2, dp. 17 in. $400-600

818. 19th Century Oil on Canvas Portrait of a Woman, unsigned, unframed. $200-300

828. George III Satinwood-inlaid Mahogany Serpentine Pembroke Table, c. 1790, ht. 28 3/4, wd. open 39, lg. 36 1/2 in. $700-900

836. George Zee & Co. Chinese Export Carved Hardwood Storage Box and Two-Door Side Cabinet, box lg. 48, cabinet ht. 35 1/2, wd. 40 in. $700-1,100

819. Four Pieces of Hand-painted Porcelain, a pair of Haviland oyster plates, a water lily decorated mug, and an Imperial gilt poppy decorated covered jar. $200-300

829. Pair of Georgian-style Upholstered Carved Mahogany Settees, lg. 54 in. $500-700

837. Italian Renaissance Revival Brass Plated Cast Iron Plaque, dia. 13 in. $100-150

820. Chippendale-style Upholstered Maple Wing Chair and Brandt Carved Mahogany Coffee Table with Leather-inset Top. $175-250

830. William & Mary Style Inlaid Burl Walnut Chest of Drawers, composed of antique elements, rectangular top and case, with two short and three long drawers on bracket feet, ht. 37, wd. 37 1/2, dp. 21 in. $800-1,200

838. Two 19th Century Inlaid Dressing Mirrors on Stands, a mahogany with fan inlay and circular mirror and a Victorian miniature cheval-form with turned rosewood stand. $200-300

821. Red Lion Shop Chippendale-style Carved Maple Highboy and Four-Drawer Chest with Mirror. $200-250

831. L.C. Tiffany Furnaces Gilt-bronze Candlestick Lamp, with original painted green and red enamel highlighting, impressed mark and “Louis C. Tiffany Inc., Favrile, 25,” overall ht. 12 3/8 in. $200-300

839. Framed Oil on Canvas Still Life Depicting a Vase of Flowers on a Table, unsigned. $100-150

822. Queen Anne Style Maple and Mahogany Side Table with Drawer. $300-500

840. Eight Colorless Blown, Molded, and Pressed Glass Oil and Fluid Lamps and Metal Kerosene Lamp, with assorted chimneys. $100-150

823. R. Lalique Colorless Molded Glass Jar with Cover, green stained cover with etched lines, on a circular base decorated with overlapping petaled flowers, base impressed “R. Lalique,” (interior rim chip), ht. 4 1/4, dia. 5 3/8 in. $125-150

832. French Crystal Regulator Clock, retailed by Tiffany & Co., brass and beveled glass case with reeded corners, cast leafage, enameled dial with Roman numerals and gilt hands and eight-day time and strike movement with two-jar mercury pendulum, ht. 11 1/4 in. $300-400

841. French Art Glass Bowl, transparent turquoise glass with silver aventurine with scrolled band in orange, marked Muller Fres, Luneville, on base, ht. 6 1/8, dia. 8 1/2 in. $250-350

824. Seven Pieces of Transfer Decorated Staffordshire Tableware, a pair of plates, a “Tom and Jerry” mug, a covered soap dish, a lustreware jug, an egg cup, and a leopardform spout jug. $200-300

833. LeCoultre Atmos Clock, Switzerland, with brass and glass case, Arabic numeral dial and self-winding brass 15-jewel movement, ht. 9 1/4 in. $300-500

842. Set of Six Donghia Upholstered Bleached Wood Dining Chairs, two arm and four side with oval upholstered back, seat, and armrests in sand upholstery with design in slightly darker shade in a bleached wood frame, Donghia mark, ht. 37 1/2 in. $500-700


843. Glass-top Travertine Marble Laminated Dining Table, possibly Karl Springer, rectangular top with beveled edge and cut corners supported on two angled cream colored supports held by travertine marble wedges at base, ht. 29 1/4, lg. 77 3/4, wd. 41 3/4 in. $500-700

852. Eleven Pieces of Assorted Decorated and Hand-painted Nippon Porcelain, a Moriage-type vase and box, a gilt magnolia decorated vase, a Nippon landscape decorated sugar, a creamer, low bowl, plate, a poppy decorated potpourri, a bowl, a plate and a divided dish. $200-300

861. Ten Assorted Yellowware, Stoneware, and Ceramic Items, a Rockingham glazed pitcher, brown glazed pitcher, a bottle, and food mold, yellowware pie plate, two food molds, a small crock, redware dish, and a decoupage decorated pottery vase. $150-200

844. Three Pieces of Miscellaneous Furniture, a rocking painted fancy chair, a Queen Anne style armchair, a Federal-style candlestand. $100-150

853. Machine-made Oriental-style Rug, Europe, 20th century, 7 ft. 9 in. x 5 ft. 7 in. $100-150

862. Ten Pieces of English Lustreware, six pieces of pink lustre teaware, and four copper lustre tableware items, (some damage). $75-125

845. Twenty-three Asian Carved Seashell Ornaments. $75-125

854. Four-Piece Italian Silver Plated Coffee Service, angular forms on rectangular tray, all with wood handles, marked KPM de Uberti, Italy on base, ht. 9 1/4, 4, 2 1/2, tray lg. 18 1/8, wd. 12 7/8 in. $250-350

863. Victorian Rosewood and Mirrored OneDoor Wardrobe, ht. 81, wd. 37, dp. 17 in. $200-250

846. Pakistani Rug, 20th century, 4 ft. 6 in. x 3 ft. 2 in. $100-200

847. Two Pakistani Rugs and a Machine-made Rug, 20th century, one 4 ft. x 2 ft. 7 in., one 3 ft. x 2 ft., and machine-made 4 ft. 6 in. x 2 ft. 4 in. $100-150

855. Late Victorian Carved Mahogany Firescreen with Beaded Needlepoint Panel Depicting Angels, ht. 42, wd. 23 1/2 in. $400-600

864. White-painted Wrought Iron Flower Stand. $75-125

848. Four Cut Glass Decanters and a Set of Five Colorless Cut Caster Bottles in a Silver Plated Stand, one decanter cobalt cut to clear. $100-200

856. Victorian Walnut Five-Drawer Lock-end Chest, (replaced hardware), ht. 46, wd. 41 1/4 in. $400-600

865. Seven-Piece Victorian Renaissance Revival Tufted Damask Upholstered Carved Walnut Parlor Suite, including a sofa, pair of armchairs, and four side chairs. $1,500-2,500

857. Late Victorian Carved Oak Fall-front Mirrored Writing Desk. $300-500

849. Three Pairs of Victorian Glass Dresser Bottles. $100-150

850. Four Small Zsolnay Green Eosin Figures, Hungary, 20th century, comprising two seated fox figures, ht. 3 7/8 and 4 1/2, a pair of songbirds, ht. 2 1/2, and a colt wearing a collar with a bell, ht. 4 in. $250-350

858. Two Small Framed Historical Prints, an Embossed Leather Folio, a 1953 of Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Program, Two Civil War Era Handwritten Circulars. $100-150

866. Rookwood Pottery Teapot and Vase, teapot decorated by Alfred Brennan, 1885, with incised decoration of flowers and stems in buff against an olive green ground, (very old handle repair, hairlines); and a standard glaze vase with wide shoulder decorated with flowers by Sara Sax, 1897, all with artist’s initials, pottery and date marks, respective ht. 7 1/4, 3 1/4 in. $300-400

851. Five Zsolnay Green Eosin Animal Figures, Hungary, 20th century, a pair of duck figures, each with two ducks, ht. 7, a figure of two recumbent deer, ht. 3 1/8, a recumbent buffalo, ht. 4 3/4, and a figure of two walking bears, ht. 4 7/8 in. $250-350

859. Set of Six Cauldon Porcelain Dessert Plates and a Set of Twelve Mintons Enameled Asian-style Decorated Porcelain Luncheon Plates, the former retailed by Tiffany & Co., respective dia. 8 1/8 and 9 in. $100-150

867. Nine Pieces of Imari and Imari Palette Porcelain and a Chinese Export Circular Porcelain Footed Platter, including a set of six saucers, shrimp dish, a plate and a charger, platter dia. 14 1/2 in. $200-300

868. Four Assorted Wooden Boxes, including a black-painted lidded, and one with dovetail construction. $100-150

860. Six Dorchester Pottery Decorated Tableware Items. $75-100

869. Machine-woven Wool Paisley Textile. $200-250


870. Modern Mahogany Framed Three-Panel Floor Screen, with painted oil on cloth floral landscape panels and the other side inset with brocade linear pattern cloth panels, ht. 68 3/4, panel wd. 20 1/2 in. $200-300

871. Contemporary Glass-top Brass Console Table, approx. ht. 30, lg. 72, wd. 16 in. $300-500

876. Thirteen English and Continental Decorated Porcelain Tableware Items, a hand-painted floral decorated pink banded cake pedestal, a Davenport hand-painted Grey Phalarope decorated plate, a Coalport embossed gilt cobalt glazed plate, a German Falstaff and Mrs. Ford cabinet plate, a Meissen mug, five pieces of a Sevres cherubs and “JL” monogram decorated set including a soup, a plate two cups and a saucer, a Sevres portrait of a lady decorated cup with saucer, and a European dish. $100-150 877. Three Painted and Stencil Floral Decorated Tole Trays, lg. 20 to 24 1/4 in. $100-150 877A. Group of Modern Black and Colorless Glass Barware, black glass ice bucket, serving tray, decanter, and a pair of candleholders, a set of four champagnes and a pair of wines, and a set of six cordials. $150-175 877B. Thirty-four Pieces of Colored and Colorless Glass Stemware and Tableware, a set of thirteen champagnes, seven goblets, a wine, a set of ten cobalt plates, a compote, and a pair of compotes. $200-250 877C. Set of Twelve Lenox Gilt and Blue Banded Porcelain Luncheon Plates, for Marshall Field & Co., dia. 8 1/2 in. $150-200 878. Gold-painted Classical Wood and Gesso Tri-part Overmantel Mirror, ht. 20 1/2, lg. 54 in. $150-250 879. Ohio Matte Green Glazed Art Pottery Umbrella Stand, attributed to Weller. $200-300 880. Cherry and Birch Drop-leaf Table and a Set of Four Windsor Thumb-back Arrowback Side Chairs. $250-300 881. Set of Eleven Crown Ducal Amethyst and White Transfer 1932 George Washington Bicentenary Luncheon Plates, and a Set of Twelve Mason’s Transfer Vista Pattern Cups and Saucers. $200-400

882. Approximately Forty-one Mostly Modern Glass Perfume Bottles. $200-300 883. Twenty-three Pieces of Colored Glass Stemware and Six Assorted Glass Table Items, a set of six sherbets, a compote, eight goblets, and a set of eight ruby goblets, a late Victorian small basket, a swan-form dish, a water pitcher, a small vase, ruby vase, and an etched blown glass. $350-600 884. Boch Frères Art Deco Pottery Vase, decorated with a band of birds in crackle glazes, Boch Fres stamp on base and 909K, (rim rough, glaze imperfections, crack at base), ht. 12 1/2 in. $300-350 885. Kittinger Williamsburg Restoration Federal-style Inlaid Mahogany Three-Part Banquet Table, comprised of a drop-leaf center section and a pair of demilune end sections, with an additional leaf, branded mark and paper label, ht. 29 1/4, center lg. 46 1/2, wd. 16 3/4, leaf wd. 18, extra leaf wd. 23 3/4, demilune wd. 23 in. $1,500-2,500 886. Federal-style Inlaid Mahogany and Mahogany Veneer Two-Door Corner Cabinet, the interior with three fixed shelves, ht. 65 1/4, wd. 38 1/4, dp. 21 1/4 in. $300-500 887. Painted Pine Dovetail-constructed Storage Box, lg. 30 1/2 in. $150-200 888. Four Pieces of Saturday Evening Girls Pottery, two vases in blue glaze on tapering cylindrical forms, all with pottery mark, taller vase marked 4-18; the other vase with artist’s initials ME, 4-23, (rim chip); pair of blue glaze candlesticks with artist’s initials for Eva Geneco, 8-20, ht. 10 3/8, 9 3/8, 8 1/8 in. $300-350 889. Amberina Thumbprint Art Glass Pitcher and a Pair of Cups. $150-200 890. Pair of Samson Chelsea-style Porcelain Figures of a Young Gentleman and Maiden, ht. 5 1/2 in. $100-150

872. Set of Eight Georgian-style Naugahyde Upholstered Inlaid Mahogany Dining Chairs, six side and two armchairs. $300-500

873. Three Ceramic Hummel Figures, ht. to 6 in. $150-200

874. Brass Surveying Level and Peg, the level with 10 1/2 in. tube and rack focus. $50-100

874A. Two Spyglasses, the first with 2 in. objective, three drawer tube and reflection shield and lens cover at objective end, 9 3/4 in. closed, the other, a 1 1/2 in. objective, three drawer, leather covered tube, 8 in. closed. $150-250

874B. Brass Balance Scale by P. Sessanta, with central pillar, balance arms, calibrated scale, three additional pans and a set of ten weights on a white marble stage with wooden cabinet and drawer, ht. 15 in. $100-125

874C. Walnut Victorian Mantel Clock, paper on zinc dial with Roman numerals and eightday, time, strike, and alarm movement, (lower molded pediment needs re-gluing), ht. 24 in. $125-175

875. Three Isparta Rugs, West Anatolia, 20th century, one 6 ft. 2 in. x 3 ft. 11 in., one 6 ft. 10 in. x 3 ft. 4 in., and one 3 ft. 5 in. x 2 ft. 2 in. $200-300


891. Four Colorless Glass Table Items, an Orrefors bowl, Hadeland crystal bowl, an Anglo cut glass sweetmeat jar, and a dish, etched marks. $40-60

892. Country Maple and Pine Day Bed with Upholstered Cushion Seat, approx. ht. 31, lg. 74, dp. 24 in. $200-400

900. Victorian Gothic Revival Oak and Brassmounted Three-Bottle Tantalus, late 19th century, mounted with brass Gothic strapwork, back plate of box mounted with mirror, fitted with three square-section moldcut colorless glass bottles with faceted ball stoppers, ht. 9 1/4, two front doors enclosing fitted interior, over base drawer, and side lifting handles, ht. to 12 3/4 in. $400-600

907. Jacobean-style Carved and Ebonized Oak Refectory Table, early 20th century, rectangular plank-form top with a chip and corbel-carved apron, resting on trestle ends carved with scalework, paneling and on paw feet, with two extending leaves and the trestle ends joined by a stretcher carved with foliage, ht. 31, lg. 89, wd. 43 in. $800-1,200

893. Federal Mahogany Drop-leaf Table, lg. 37 5/8 in. $200-300

894. Regency-style Mahogany Bowfront Chest of Drawers, composed of antique elements, with four graduated drawers on flared bracket feet, ht. 33, wd. 37, dp. 24 in. $600-800

901. Group of Decorative and Collectible Glass and Ceramic Items, a pair of small painted landscape decorated glass shades, a French majolica rooster-form jug, two Austrian moose-form creamers, eight pieces of modern Wedgwood Clarice Cliff designed tableware, Meakins cup, saucer, and a similar dish. $325-460

908. Thirteen-Piece Victoria Gilt and Transfer Genre Scene Decorated Porcelain Ice Cream Set, Carlsbad, a tray and twelve dishes. $300-500

909. Five Japanese Cast Bronze Hand Mirrors, one with case. $100-150

895. Paris Porcelain Gilt and Hand-painted Ink Stand and Three Vase Garnitures. $200-300

902. Five Assorted Decorated Ceramic Items and Three Figural Brass Bells, a P. Regout Royal Sphinx transfer Dutch landscape plaque, a Limoges porcelain platter, an English Flow Blue Beaufort pattern platter, and a pair of German stencil landscape decorated ceramic plaques, Regout plaque dia. 15 3/4 in. $225-300

910. Art Deco Bent Steel Floor Lamp, with arched X-form base, one socket, ht. 52 3/4 in. $75-100

896. Nine Assorted Colorless Cut Glass Table Items. $100-150

903. Northwest Persian Runner, 19th century, 15 ft. x 3 ft. $400-600

897. Three Zsolnay Decorative Articles, Hungary, 20th century, comprising a standing figure of a woman undressing, with pale blue Eosin glaze, ht. 9 1/2, a small red Eosin crackle-finish vase, ht. 5 3/4, and a printed and painted figure of a female dancer in traditional dress, ht. 9 in. $100-150

911. Four Williamsburg Reproduction Articles and Three Decorative Items, a brass footed candlestick, Stieff pewter footed creamer and salt, reprint Williamsburg in Virginia, Rutherfoord Goodwin, leatherbound book, a Wedgwood Ben Franklin monteith bowl, creamware and Portuguese faience quintal vases. $75-100

904. Four Pieces of Scandinavian Art Glass, two Kosta Boda decorative bowls with trees and dancing figures, and a pair of turned ice-textured candlesticks, probably Ittala, ht. 5 1/2, 3 3/4, 5 1/2 in. $100-125

898. Pair of W. Schiller and Sons Majolica Ewers, Germany, late 19th century, each decorated with polychrome enamels and molded with goat head handles and masks below the spout, a wide band of mythical figures and arabesque flowers below, impressed marks, ht. 18 3/4 in. $400-600

905. Jacobean-style Carved and Ebonized Oak Court Cupboard, early 20th century, with molded cornice and turned pendants above a case fitted with two pairs of doors, each paneled and carved with entwined strapwork, on plank feet, ht. 66, wd. 68, dp. 24 in. $800-1,200

912. Four Vintage Cameras, including two twinlens reflex cameras, one Model VII by Ricohflex, the other a Royce Reflex, a 35mm Vitomatic range finder camera and leather case and a Kodak bellows folding camera with “compur” shutter and F-4.5 135mm lens. $150-250

912A. Minolta-16 Spy Camera, Chiyoda Kogaku, Japan, with aluminum case, Rokkor 3.5/25 lens, serial #146106 and leather case. $50-100

899. Three Framed Hunting Prints, a pair of A.B. Frost chromolithograph fowling scenes, and a hunters to the motorcar scene, Frost sight size 12 1/4 x 19 1/2 in. $50-75

906. Jacobean-style Carved and Ebonized Oak Court Cupboard, early 20th century, with molded cornice and turned pendants above a case fitted with two pair of doors and a singled door, each paneled and carved with entwined strapwork and foliage, on plank feet, ht. 66, wd. 68, dp. 24 in. $800-1,200

913. Jacobean-style Oak Gate-leg Table, early 20th century, of typical form with D-shaped leaves, block and ring-turned legs joined by stretchers, ht. 29, lg. 36 3/4, wd. closed 15 3/8 in. $150-250


914. Chippendale-style Mahogany and Mahogany Veneer Slant-lid Blockfront Desk, wd. 30 in. $200-250

921. Italian Green Marble Pedestal, early 20th century, with elongated top on a turned stem with circular foot, ht. 38 1/2, lg. 25 3/4 in. $200-300

930. Indian Polychrome Paint Decorated and Brass-mounted Wooden Architectural Double Door, 20th century, ht. 73 3/4, wd. 33 1/4 in. $200-400

915. Classical-style Giltwood and Gesso Tripart Overmantel Mirror, ht. 26, wd. 63 in. $200-300

916. Two Hand-painted Glazed Ceramic Figures of Maiden, ht. to 14 in. $100-125

922. Two Neoclassical Mirrors, a parcel-gilt and white-painted carved wood and a carved giltwood mirror, the latter lg. 55, wd. 34 1/4 in. $300-400

931. Two Painted Wooden Old Town Canoe Models, both with paddles, lg. to 15 1/4 in. $150-250

917. British-style Polychrome Painted Carved Wood “Arthur Pelham-Tregunter Esq., All England Champion” Golfer Plaque, ht. 23, wd. 36 in. $100-150

923. Victorian Renaissance Revival Brassmounted Two-Bottle Inkstand, late 19th century rectangular, cast with strapwork borders, set with two square colorless glass bottles with acanthus lids, lg. to handles 12 in. $100-150

932. Fifteen Pieces of Mostly Steuben-style Art Glass Tableware, a pair of verre de soie type small bowls, two sets of five ruffled bowls, a calcite-style footed bowl, a pink and white footed bowl, and a Loetz-type green vase, all but the pair with polished pontils, unsigned. $100-200

917A. Mid-century Cat Decorated Glazed Art Pottery Vase, ht. 11 in. $75-100

924. Pair of Portuguese Maiolica Mantel Vases, bell-shaped, on trumpet feet, molded with grotesque beast handles, and applied with flowering tree sprigs, with blue ground and green glazing, ht. 7 in. $100-150

933. Nine Pieces of Pewter Hollowware, five casters, two small lidded measures, an egg cup, and a footed swan-form vessel. $100-150

917B. Four-Piece Art Deco Ceramic Vanity Set. $50-60

917C. Two Quimper Plates, (glaze rim chipping), dia. 8 1/2 in. $100-150

925. Baluch Rug, Northeast Persia, 19th century, 5 ft. 4 in. x 3 ft. 4 in. $100-150

934. Set of Ten Late 19th Century Colorless Molded Glass Apothecary Jars with Gilt Labels, Spir. Chloroform, Acid Sulph. Dil., Tinct. Asafoetid., Tinct. Scillae., Lac. Sulphur., Acid Citricum., Carbo. Animalis., Pulv. Convi., and Acid Hydrochl. Dil., ht. 8 7/8 and 9 5/8 in. $100-200

917D. Six Decorative and Collectible Iron and Lead Articles, a cast iron eagle ornament, a cast iron Kraeuter & Co. Foundry promotional medallion, three Chadwick Lead Works, Boston, lead ingots, and a Taunton Ironworks iron. $50-75

926. Kuba Rug, Northeast Caucasus, 19th century, 4 ft. 9 in. x 3 ft. 8 in. $50-75

918. Pair of Early 20th Century Neoclassicalstyle Brass Candlesticks and a Pair of Late Century Queen Anne Style Pewter Candlesticks, ht. 10 and 7 in. $100-150

927. Victorian Gothic Revival Oak and Metalmounted Lap Desk, late 19th century, bearing label for Moore, Oxford, the sloped lid opening to velvet-lined writing slide and storage, fitted with two ink bottles, wd. 15 1/2, dp. 10 1/2 in. $200-300

935. Three Pieces of 19th Century Seating, an Empire upholstered mahogany veneer settee, a black-painted Gothic Revival upholstered spool-turned slipper chair, and a Victorian black-painted and stencil decorated side chair. $50-75

928. Spanish-style Walnut Credenza, ht. 32 1/4, lg. 84, dp. 19 1/4 in. $300-350

936. Victorian Mahogany Book Stand, mid19th century, the center section with hinged top and book rest, on a trestle support with turned legs and pad feet, ht. 28, wd. 36, dp. 11 1/4 in. $400-600

919. Chinese Silk Embroidered Coat. $250-350

920. Three Asian Carved Wooden Architectural Fragments. $200-250

929. Chinese Campaign-type Upholstered Hardwood Couch over Three Short Drawers, with brass inset hardware, lg. 75, dp. 27 in. $100-150

937. Late Victorian Cherry Fall-front Wallmount Writing Desk, lg. 40 3/4, wd. 23 1/2 in. $200-250


938. Three Pieces of Roseville Pottery and an Ohio Glazed Art Pottery Low Bowl, a Foxglove footed console bowl, a Poppy vase, and a Snowberry planter. $150-200

949. Two Japanese Gouache on Paper and Silk Scrolls, one depicting dolls, the other chrysanthemums. $50-75

959. Nine Modern Colorless Glass Table Items, a set of six small Sevres oval crystal bowls, a pair of Lalique-style molded vases, and an Art Deco etched figural decorated bowl, vase ht. 11 in. $100-150

939. Set of Four Framed Triptych 19th Century Hand-colored Engravings Depicting New York State Views, various artists and engravers, frames 8 5/8 x 29 1/2 in. $75-100

950. Leslie Haynes Glazed Stoneware Vase, narrow mouth on swollen body with an incised grid in slate blue and rust glaze decorated with a flying bird, incised maker’s mark on base, ht. 9 1/2 in. $300-500

960. Fourteen Assorted Colored Glass Bottles and Flasks and Thirty-four Assorted Glass Table Items, mostly reproduction. $100-150

940. Japanese Oval Blue and White Decorated Porcelain Platter. $250-350

951. Late Victorian Brass-mounted Transfer Wild Rose Decorated Opaque Glass Kerosene Gone with the Wind Table Lamp, (electrified). $200-300

941. Renaissance Revival Patinated Cast Brass Mounted Amber Glass Ewer, late 19th century, ht. 19 1/2 in. $150-250

961. Four Assorted Decorated Porcelain Plates, a Chinese export porcelain dish, an Asian enamel decorated porcelain plate, an Austrian painted plate, and a Mason’s Imari palette plate. $75-125

942. Two Empire Upholstered Footstools, one square with mahogany veneer, one with turned walnut legs. $250-400

952. Thirty-six Pieces of Webb Corbett Colorless Cut Glass Stemware, a set of seventeen goblets, nine wines, and ten champagnes/sherbets, with circular etched mark. $100-200

943. Brass Bed, with rails, wd. 48 1/2 in. $200-250

953. Northwest Persian Rug, 19th/20th century, 6 ft. x 3 ft. 6 in. $50-100

962. Group of Royal Doulton, Spode, and Collectible Ceramics, Doulton Peggy HN 2038, Lavinia HN 1955, terrier HN 1158, Spaniel HN 1002, series ware Shylock plate D3746, Spode bisque busts of Churchill and Eisenhower, a Copeland vase, Rosenthal porcelain plates 1964, 1966, and 1967. $200-300

944. Ebonized and Partial-gilt Molded Wood Mirror, 31 x 46 in. $75-100

954. Arco 8mm Movie Camera and a Kodak Automatic 35mm Camera with Leather Case. $100-125

963. Pair of Asian Export Carved Wood Tabourets. $200-300

964. Chinese Lacquered Wooden Seat. $250-350

945. Rosenthal Studio Line Porcelain Footed Bowl and Two Vases, the bowl Bjorn Wiinblad, vase ht. to 13 in. $125-175

955. Victorian Renaissance Revival Carved Maple and Bird’s-eye Maple Veneer Library Table with Drawer. $300-500

965. Empire Mahogany Veneer Pedestal-base Card Table. $75-125

946. Machine-made Carpet, 20th century, 10 ft. 4 in. x 8 ft. 10 in. $100-150

956. White-painted Lloyd Loom Style Woven Fiber Chaise Longue. $200-300

947. Isparta Rug, West Anatolia, 20th century, 7 ft. 8 in. x 4 ft. 10 in. $100-150

957. Late Victorian French Verdure-style Landscape Tapestry, 76 x 55 1/2 in. $300-500

966. English Mahogany and Rosewood Veneered Lap Desk, early 20th century, rectangular, the hinged lid opening to embossed calf writing slide and storage, rosewood veneering to interior, 15 3/4 x 9 1/2 in. $150-250

948. Contemporary Leaded Glass Dragonfly Pattern Table Lamp, approx. ht. 24 1/2, dia. 16 in. $300-500

958. Framed Oil on Canvas Country Landscape with Cottage, signed l.r. “D.A. Fisher...,” canvas 9 x 12 in. $100-200

967. Asian Export Bronze Rose Bowl, late 19th/early 20th century, formed as a stylized lily pad with scalloped rim, accented with lily bud tendrils over the four short feet, mounted to center with a flower frog, ht. 5, dia. 9 1/4 in. $100-200


968. Approximately Thirty-four Contemporary Frames. $75-125

979. Asian Export Square Carved Hardwood Low Table and a Side Table, the former ht. 16, wd. 60 in. $300-500

969. Pair of Scandinavian Brass Candlesticks, late 19th century, the drip pans and domed feet cast with stylized foliates, with spiral fluted stems, ht. 10 1/8 in. $150-250

980. Two Ladder-back Side Chairs and a Ladder-back Armrocker. $150-250

989. Group of Miscellaneous and Lighting Items, a leather-clad wooden trunk, a copper pitcher, assorted lamp and lighting parts, a framed portrait photograph, a child’s toy sewing machine and table, and a folding mirror. $150-250 990. Pair of Asian Blue and White Decorated Porcelain Jars with Covers, ht. 17 in. $200-300 991. Twenty-one Pieces of Colorless Glass Stemware, including a set of six etched wines and five wines, a set of four cut goblets and four wines, along with two odd cordials. $150-250 992. Country Pine Kitchen Table and a Set of Six Wooden Rod-back Side Chairs. $650-950 993. Six Assorted 19th Century Side Chairs. $100-150 994. Pair of Federal-Style Inlaid Mahogany Demilune Banquet Table Ends. $200-250 995. Four Vintage Cameras, including a 35mm Zopkui C, and three folding bellows examples: Voitlander with leather case, Seikosha Semi First, and a Zeiss Ikon with leather case. $150-250 996. Royal Bonn Delft Hand-painted Mozart Portrait Plaque, (restored), dia. 20 in. $100-150 997. Fourteen Pieces of Assorted Colorless Cut and Pressed Glass Table Items, a small bowl, dish, pitcher, two vases, two compotes, a basket, three decanters, a footed box, and a pair of candlesticks. $75-125 998. Seven Pieces of Chinese Enamel Decorated Metalware and a Kutani Porcelain Bowl, metal including a pair of champlevé vases, a pair of enameled bowls, footed small trays, and a box, bowl dia. 13 1/4 in. $150-200

970. Classical-style Upholstered Carved Mahogany Sofa, lg. 72 in. $300-500

971. Queen Anne Style Maple Pole Screen with Needlepoint Floral Pattern Panel, ht. 68, wd. 23 3/4 in. $200-300

981. Ten Assorted Country and Decorated Ceramic Articles, a turned wood mortar and pestle, Rockingham glazed spittoon and square dish, a gilt “Health to Thee” porcelain cup and saucer, a large Blue Willow motto cup and saucer, and a pair of Staffordshire blue and white transfer landscape scene dinner plates. $100-150

972. Set of Six Regency-style Upholstered Carved Mahogany Dining Chairs, four side and two armchairs. $800-1,200

982. Four Decorated Children’s Mugs and Three Victorian Pressed Art Glass Toothpicks, including three porcelain mugs and a pressed glass mug. $250-450

973. Ten Lalique Colorless Molded Glass Collector’s Plates, 1967-76, etched “Lalique,” dia. 8 3/4 in. $100-200

983. Collection of Mostly Ivorine and Plastic Vanity Items, including hand mirrors, trays, boxes, brushes, combs, some sets, etc. $300-400

974. Painted Cast Iron Boston Terrier Doorstop. $75-125

984. Victorian Etched Mercury Glass Goblet, ht. 9 1/2 in. $100-150

975. Baluch Kelim, Northeast Persia, 20th century, 9 ft. x 5 ft. $75-125

985. Brown-painted Windsor Armchair with Woven Rush Seat. $150-200

976. Small Chinese Brass-mounted Hardwood Trinket Cabinet, ht. 9 3/8 in. $100-150

986. Iron-bound Walnut Dovetail-constructed Blanket Chest with Two Short Drawers. $200-300

977. Two Pairs of Colorless Cut Glass Decanters and a Pair of Anglo Colorless Cut Glass Sweetmeat Jars in Stand. $150-250

987. Russian Printed Icon of Christ with Brass Riza. $30-50

978. Four Assorted Decorative Chairs, a Federal-style upholstered mahogany side chair, an Edwardian tufted upholstered mahogany easy chair, and a pair of Queen Anne style maple side chairs. $300-500

988. Chinese Export Famille Rose Porcelain Plate, dia. 10 1/4 in. $100-200


999. Caucasian Mat, 38 x 25 in. $40-60

1000. Twelve Hummel and Goebel Ceramic Figures, ht. to 5 5/8 in. $200-250

1008. Seven Assorted Decorative Items, Art Nouveau painted cast metal figural ewer and silver plated profile portrait lidded box, a Wedgwood dark blue jasper Washington, Franklin, Lafayette jar, solid light blue small box, Royal Doulton porcelain Darling HN 1985 figure, a Noritake hand-paint landscape decorated porcelain bowl, and Sevres-type gilt and cobalt blue glazed vase. $300-450

1017. Twenty-Two Pieces of Assorted Flow Blue Decorated Ceramic Tableware, a sugar bowl, a creamer, a sauceboat and saucer, a serving bowl, three serving plates, one dessert plate, three salad plates, and ten dinner plates, (chips, damage). $100-150

1001. Pair of Brass and Glass Lantern Table Lamps, 19th century, rectangular, with canted corners set with glass panels, door pressed with a motif of a crowned heart, corners topped by finials, onion dome top with venting holes, top lifting handle, electrified, ht. to top of lantern 15 in. $150-250

1009. Chinese Export Porcelain Cabbage Leaf and Moth Pattern Charger, (stapled repair), dia. 15 in. $100-200

1018. Sixteen-Piece Lobster Service, including a serving bowl, nine plates, and six coordinating cups. $200-300

1010. Five Unframed Japanese Prints. 1002. Small Asian Terra-cotta Statuary Fragment, after the antique, depicting the head of a warrior, with traces of paint, with Lucite stand, head lg. 2 3/4 in. $50-70 $100-200

1019. Art Deco Etched Glass Floriform Vase, probably Ohio, ht. 9 1/4 in. $75-125

1003. Group of Myott Staffordshire and Whieldon Porcelain Dinnerware, including eight Myott Staffordshire Chelsea Bird dinner plates and six bouillon cups with underplates, together with seven Whieldon Old English dinner plates and a footed compote. $150-250

1011. Approximately Forty-eight Dresden Porcelain Floral-decorated Tableware Items, including twelve teacups and saucers, eleven soup bowls, and a fluted ramekin, with covers, and twelve underplates. $250-350

1020. Victorian Onyx-inset Cast Brass and Mirrored Étagère, (missing one onyx piece), ht. 74 1/2, wd. 37 1/2, dp. 9 1/2 in. $300-500

1021. Late Victorian Glazed Carved Cherry Two-part Corner Cupboard, approx. ht. 93, wd. 43 1/2, dp. 23 in. $2,000-2,500

1012. Albany E. Howarth (British, 1872-1936) St. Paul’s From the River. Titled in pencil l.l., inscribed l.r. Etching on paper, image size 11 1/4 x 8 1/2 in., framed. $100-150 1022. Victorian Renaissance Revival Glazed Carved Walnut Two-Door Built-in Bookcase, with four adjustable shelves, ht. 61 1/2, wd. 54 1/2, dp. 15 in. $400-600

1004. Two Pairs of Classical-style Bronze Mantel Decorations, 20th century, comprising a pair of cassolettes formed as urns raised on three slender ram monopodia on trefoil base, ht. 8 1/4, a pair of patinated bronze mantel urns, fluted vasiform with tapered lid, on trumpet foot and square base with paw feet, ht. 9 3/8 in. $150-250

1013. Two Classical-style Molded Resin Pedestals, ht. 37 3/4, top wd. 9 1/2, and ht. 31 1/4, top wd. 9 1/2 in. $250-350

1005. Louis XV Style Upholstered Carved and Painted Wood Bergere. $100-150

1014. Japanese Carved Bone and Hardstone Figural Mounted Black Lacquer FourPanel Floor Screen, ht. 71 1/4, panel wd. 18 in. $300-500

1023. Four Herend Hand-painted Porcelain Table Items, two reticulated baskets, a footed pedestal base, and a bird, insect, and floral decorated reticulated basket, the first two overall ht. 4 1/8, lg. 11 1/8 in. $200-300

1024. Five Hummel Ceramic Figures, ht. to 5 3/4 in., together with a 1978 Hummel ceramic bell. $200-300

1006. Pair of Chinese Export Marble-inset Carved Hardwood Stands. $400-600

1015. Rustic Wooden Cider Press. $75-125 1025. Group of Royal Doulton, Wedgwood, and Limoges Porcelain, including thirteen pieces of Royal Doulton “Sovereign” dinnerware, eleven Wedgwood dinner plates, and six J.P. France Limoges saucers and five matching teacups, together with six gold cups and saucers and an additional hand-painted cup and saucer. $200-250

1007. Rococo-style Mahogany Swell-front Vitrine, fitted for two fixed shelves, ht. 50 1/2, wd. 25, dp. 14 in. $200-250

1016. Fourteen English Blue and White Transfer Staffordshire Plates and Saucers, including a set of five Copeland Spode’s Tower pattern dinner, two Adams saucers, two other saucers, two Flow Blue Valencia pattern and three Adams Fairy Villas pattern dinner. $200-400


1026. Two Pieces of Bentwood-type Doll Furniture, a red-painted chair and a greenpainted settee, both with woven seats and backs. $75-100

1036. Early 20th Century Oak Mirrored Dresser. $100-150

1027. Pair of Framed Silhouettes of George and Martha Washington on Gilt Paper. $100-150

1037. Victorian Circular Walnut Framed Woolwork Floral Wreath, dia. 24 in. $200-300

1046. Group of Wedgwood, Tiffany & Co., and George Jones & Sons Porcelain, including seven Wedgwood Edme dinner plates and eight dessert plates, five Tiffany Minton teacups and saucers, and twenty-one pieces of George Jones & Sons Rhapsody Crescent dinnerware. $200-250

1028. Victorian Brass-mounted Partial-ebonized Marquetry Decorated Two-Tier Stand. $100-150

1038. Cobalt Bird Decorated Stoneware Crock, ht. 9 1/8 in. $200-250

1047. Bow Porcelain Bocage Group, England, 18th century, polychrome enamel decorated, modeled as a sheep and lamb grazing beneath a tree, ht. 6 1/4 in. $400-600

1029. Two Victorian Needlepoint Upholstered Stools, comprising a footstool and a vanity stool, one with foliate carved frame, the other circular with turned legs. $75-125

1039. Three Pieces of 20th-century Celadon Porcelain, including a small vase, a globular jar, and a large ewer, ht. 11 in. $100-150

1030. Indian Carved and Reticulated Hardwood Four-Panel Floor Screen, ht. 64, panel wd. 20 in. $250-350

1040. Eight Porcelain Figural Birds, including six celadon ducks and two white porcelain swans, ht. to 9 1/2 in. $300-500

1048. Walton Bocage Friendship Group, England, c. 1820, polychrome enamel decorated, modeled with two boys beneath a tree, a dog by their feet, titled base and impressed ribbon mark on the backside, ht. 7 1/4 in. $400-600

1031. Five Assorted Country Metal Items, including a pair of brass candlesticks, one hogscraper candlestick, a bed warmer, and a candle snuffer. $100-150

1041. Three Wedgwood Solid Light Blue Jasper Dip Serving Items, including a bowl, a footed compote, and a small jug. $100-150

1049. White Crackle Glaze Vase, ht. 8 1/4 in. $200-300

1042. Late Victorian Oak Step-back Book Cabinet, in two parts, ht. 84, wd. 46 1/4, dp. 18 1/2 in. $700-900

1050. Staffordshire Bocage Tenderness Group, England, c. 1820, polychrome enamel decorated with shepherd and shepherdess modeled standing beneath a tree and holding a foliate wreath over a sheep, titled rectangular base, ht. 8 in. $400-600

1032. Approximately Thirty-two Pieces of “Lion” Pressed Pattern Glass, including goblets, dishes, sherbet bowls, compotes, covered jars, and other items. $600-800

1043. Five Pieces of Children’s Furniture, a bentwood settee, bamboo chair and table, a painted side chair, and a Victorian upholstered carved wood slipper chair. $200-250

1051. Five Transfer Decorated Plates, featuring scenes from Tufts College, Washington, D.C., Mt. Vernon, and Billerica, Massachusetts. $100-150

1033. Rococo-style Polychrome Paint Decorated Two-Door Cabinet on Stand. $300-500

1044. Early 20th Century Oak and Mirrored Sideboard. $600-800

1034. Two Unframed Japanese Woodblock Prints, one titled Suma Beach by Moonlight l.l. and inscribed “Yoshimune” l.r. $100-150

1052. Group of Small Wedgwood Items, including two framed calendar tiles, a solid light blue jasper plaque of Flora, and thirtynine assorted seminar buttons. $150-250

1035. Heywood-Wakefield Maple Two-Tier End Table. $75-125

1045. Five Wedgwood Transfer Decorated “Old London Views” Plates, 20th century. Views include Buckingham Palace, St. James’s Palace, Middle Temple Hall, Guild Hall, and Westminster Abbey. $125-175

1053. Ceramic Figures of the Prince and Princess of Wales on Horseback, ht. to 13 in., (cracks, hand broken on lady). $125-175

1054. Four Pairs of Brass Candlesticks, ht. to 10 5/8 in. $150-250


1055. Late Federal Inlaid Mahogany and Mahogany Veneer D-shaped Card Table. $400-600

1065. Asian Carved Hardwood Low Cabinet, ht. 18 1/2, lg. 61 1/2, wd. 16 1/2 in. $250-350

1056. Federal-style Upholstered Carved Mahogany Easy Chair. $100-200

1066. Set of Six Haviland Limoges Porcelain Oyster Plates. $200-250

1075. Group of Assorted English Dinnerware, including a Hanley soup tureen and three small bowls, sold with twenty-six pieces of W.H. Grindley & Co. Daisy dinnerware, (chips). $150-250

1057. Federal Giltwood Tabernacle Mirror with Reverse-painted Glass Table Depicting a Country Landscape, lg. 30 in. $200-300

1067. Nickel Plated Student Lamp with Greenpainted Glass Shade, Manhattan Brass Co., New York, lamp base ht. 20 1/2 in. $75-100

1076. Approximately Twenty-five Pieces of Victorian China, including a Staffordshire Hudson River souvenir plate, two Copeland jeweled plates, a Royal Cauldon “Bittersweet” octagonal bowl, an English Delft serving platter, and additional items. $200-250

1058. Set of Five Hummel Ceramic Figures and Matching Commemorative Plates, together with one additional plate, figure ht. to 6 in., plates dia. 7 1/2 in. $250-350

1068. Herd of Seven Carved Wooden Elephants on Shaped Plinth, (some damage). $150-250

1077. Painted Tapestry Depicting a Woman with a Mandolin, 36 3/8 x 49 5/8 in. $100-150

1059. Unframed Pencil Drawing of the English Bark Paragon, inscribed in pencil “The Bark Paragon of N. Shuddy, Lost in October 1824,” image size 7 5/8 x 6 1/4 in. $100-150

1069. Art Glass Table Lamp and Three Pieces of Art Glass, a pink and white fluted bowl, a pink and white floral decorated pitcher, and a green fluted vase. $75-100

1078. Two Georgian-style Upholstered Carved Mahogany Easy Chairs, one with blonde finish, (one lacking upholstery). $350-500

1060. Six Pieces of Blue and White Pottery, including two reticulated containers, two covered bowls, a small bowl, and a large pitcher, ht. 11 in., (cracks, damage). $200-250

1070. George III Carved Mahogany and Needlepoint Upholstered Side Chair, c. 1785, backrest carved with urns, anthemion and husks, serpentine seat and circular stop fluted legs, seat ht. 19 in. $100-150

1079. Georgian-style Inlaid Mahogany and Mahogany Veneer Pedestal-base Drum Table with Tooled Leather-inset Top, attributed to Weiman Furniture. $250-350

1061. Six Cloisonné Items, including a pair of blue and gold urn-form vases, a lidded cup with undertray, a lidded box, and a teabowl. $150-250

1071. British Mahogany and Mahogany Veneer Games Table with Drawer. $150-250

1080. Late Victorian Upholstered Walnut Bamboo-turned Morris Chair. $200-250

1062. Mexican Copper Five-Piece Coffee and Chocolate Set, including a coffeepot, chocolate pot, sugar, creamer, and serving tray. $150-200

1072. Walnut Dovetail-constructed Blanket Chest with Two Short Drawers. $400-600

1081. Wedgwood Argenta Majolica Fish Platter, England, c. 1884, oval shape with molded fish form set atop foliage, and decorated in brown with highlights in raspberry and pale orange, impressed mark, lg. 25 1/4 in. $400-600

1063. Chippendale-style Upholstered Carved Mahogany Wing Chair and an Edwardian Upholstered Easy Chair. $50-75

1073. Japanese Export Porcelain Transfer Decorated and Hand-painted Blue and White Decorated Umbrella Stand. $100-150

1082. Italian Carved Alabaster Figure of Diana at the Bath, early 20th century, ht. 21 1/2 in. $200-300

1064. Empire Mahogany and Mahogany Veneer Bureau. $150-250

1074. Ogee Clock and a Grain-painted Cottage Clock, ogee with printed maker’s label of Henry C. Smith, Plymouth, Connecticut inside backboard, period painted tablet with two peaches and thirty-hour time and strike movement with two weights and pendulum, the cottage clock with painted case and replacement battery operated movement, (door off cottage clock). $200-250

1083. Zsolnay Green Eosin Figure of Two Recumbent Deer, Hungary, 20th century, ht. 3 1/4, base lg. 6 3/8 in. $100-125


1084. Five Pieces of Asian Export Porcelain and a Pair of Cobalt Glass Vases, a covered three-part vessel, a ginger jar, a potpourri jar, and two vases. $200-325

1095. Dresden Hand-painted Porcelain Chocolate Pot and a Cauldon Cream Jug. $100-150 1096. Group of Assorted Decorative Articles, including an oil lamp with shade, a celadon jar, an Imari late, a cloisonné tray, a metal overlay cologne, and two powder horns. $75-150 1097. Group of Assorted Brass Articles, including a bell, a bucket, a teapot, a steam whistle, and sleigh bells. $75-150 1098. Eight Pieces of Colorless Cut Glass, a punch bowl on stand, three cruets, two small serving dishes, a bowl, and a candy dish. $400-600 1099. Nineteen Carved and Painted Wooden Figures, including thirteen sea captains. $500-700 1100. Brass Candlestick, Small Teapot, and a Stoneware Crock. $100-150 1101. Asian Ceramic Tea Set, comprised of a teapot, sugar, creamer, three teacups, six saucers, and four dessert plates, together with a Chinese vase and a small Frozen Charlotte doll. $75-100 1102. Nine Assorted Decorative Articles, including four small pressed glass dishes, an etched glass candlestick, a Gorham pitcher, a large ceramic urn, a pink and white glass vase, and a molded bust of a child. $300-500 1103. Group of Noritake and Limoges Porcelain, including thirty pieces of Noritake Laureate dinnerware, and eleven pieces of Limoges dinnerware. $150-250 1104. Twenty-two Pieces of Asian and Asianinspired Dinnerware, including a threepiece hand-painted stoneware tea set, six demitasse cups and five matching saucers, a teacup and saucer, and six Lenox Ming pattern plates. $150-200

1105. Victorian Renaissance Revival Upholstered Carved Walnut Armchair. $150-200

1085. Set of Three Classical Mahogany Veneer Lyre-back Side Chairs and a Classical Rosewood Barrel-back Armchair. $100-150

1106. Victorian Carved Walnut Table with Drawer. $1,100-1,500

1086. Reproduction Carved and Paint Decorated Wood Riding/Rocking Horse. $300-500

1107. Three-Piece Victorian Eastlake-type White Marble-top and Carved Walnut Bedroom Set, a bed with rails, mirrored dresser, and commode, bed approx. ht. 79, wd. 57 in. $700-900

1087. Pair of Large Rococo-style Gilt-gesso and Wood Frames, approx. exterior 61 3/4 x 50, interior 48 1/4 x 35 3/4 in. $300-500

1108. Group of Assorted Porcelain Dinnerware, including five Royal Worcester cups and saucers, a Bristol oval serving bowl, and three Audubon Birds of America plates. $50-75

1088. Colorless Cut Glass Bowl, ht. 3 1/4 in., dia. 8 1/4 in. $50-75

1109. Miniature Bronze Cannon, lg. 10 1/4 in. $75-125

1089. Six Carved and Painted Wood Figures, including Abraham Lincoln, a Buckingham Palace guard, and a fisherman. $200-250

1110. Relief-decorated Bisque Vessel, featuring scenes from a hunt, ht. 7 1/4, dia. 8 1/2 in. $300-500

1090. Ten Carved and Painted Wood Animals, including bears, mules, an eagle, a seal, and a mounted deer head. $75-125

1111. Two Asian Ceramic Items, a turquoise vase (cracks), and a figure on horseback (damage, head broken off). $200-225

1091. Large Colorless Cut Glass Vase, ht 7 1/4 in., wd. at base 9 1/2 in. $100-150

1092. Chippendale-style Upholstered Carved Mahogany Easy Chair. $100-150

1112. French-style Mantel Clock by William C. Gilbert, with four onyx columns supporting the enameled dial with exposed Brocot escapement, eight-day time and strike movement with two-jar faux mercury pendulum, ht. 18 3/4 in. $200-250

1093. Ball-top Maple Turned Post Bed, with rails, wd. 55 3/4 in. $50-75

1113. Late Victorian Gilt-gesso Mirror, (damage), lg. 72 in. $200-300

1094. Roseville Pottery Thorn Apple Vase, ht. 15 3/4 in. $100-150

1114. Victorian Renaissance Revival Marble-top Rosewood Commode. $200-250


1115. Set of Four Victorian Rococo Revival Upholstered Parlor Armchairs and a Pair of Renaissance Revival Upholstered Carved Walnut Parlor Side Chairs. $400-600 1116. Twelve Assorted Fans, Asia and Europe, including an ivory, two bone, a sandalwood, seven painted and/or lithographed paper, and a wood and fabric example. $150-250 1117. Seventeen Assorted Lady’s Vanity Items, including mirrors, covered jars, and hairbrushes. $100-125 1118. Two Eggshell Porcelain Vases and a Boxed Cloisonné Bud Vase on Stand, (damage), ht. to 9 1/4 in. $125-175 1119. Four Table Lamps, two metal and pressed glass, ht. 22 14 in., and two floral-decorated ceramic, ht. 12 in. $75-125 1120. Modern Wooden Open Bookcase. $150-250 1121. Early 20th Century Oak Swivel Desk Armchair and a Painted Floral Decorated Naugahyde Fireplace Screen, screen ht. 36 1/2, wd, 36 1/4 in. $150-225 1122. Walnut-finished Twenty-two Drawer Sheet Music Cabinet and an Art Deco Walnut Open Book Cabinet, the latter with two adjustable shelves. $125-150 1123. Fourteen-Piece German Hutschenreuther Porcelain Coffee Set, including a coffeepot, covered sugar, and six demitasse cups and saucers. $100-125 1124. Seven Country and Decorative Items, including a double inkwell, a brass coal starter, a pair of hogscraper candlesticks, a pair of wrought metal candleholders, and a brass door handle. $125-150

1125. Two Asian Ceramic Items, a figure of a seated geisha playing a shamisen, and a large jardinière, dia. 12 1/2 in. $100-150 1126. Group of Lighting Devices and Other Assorted Items, including a pair of wall sconces, a pair of rose-form candle wall sconces, three angel-form candleholders, a lamp base, a brass paper holder, a mirror on stand, and two gilt ceramic putti. $100-150 1127. Two Giltwood and Plaster Columnar Lamps Decorated with Putti, ht. 21 in. $100-125 1128. Three Miscellaneous Furniture Items, mahogany five-drawer bureau, an Asian campaign-style brass-mounted hardwood coffee table, and a ladder-back side chair. $100-200 1129. German Blue and White Copenhagen Pattern Porcelain Tureen with Cover. $100-125 1130. Oak Three-Stack Barrister’s Bookcase. $300-500 1131. M. Kindal, Paris, Boxed Set of “Seven Days of the Week” Straight Razors, together with an Au Départ, Paris threebottle travel set in a leather case. $250-350 1132. Set of Twelve Emerald Flash Cut to Clear Tumblers, (one cracked), ht. 5 7/8 in. $75-100 1133. Nine Decorative Cut Glass Items, including a pair of bud vases, two decanters, one with a sterling silver stopper, and five cordials. $200-300 1134. Three Glass and Bronze Vase-form Lamps, ht. 22 1/2 in. $100-150 1135. Asian Carved Wooden Storage Box, lg. 33 1/4 in. $125-175

1136. Chippendale-style Carved Mahogany Slant-lid Serpentine Desk, possibly Paine Furniture, wd. 42 1/4 in. $200-250

1137. Federal-style Maple Tabernacle Mirror with Reverse-painted Glass Tablet Depicting a Coastal Scene, lg. 37 in. $75-125

1138. Thirty Gold Banded Colorless Glass Table Items, including a footed candy dish, a footed bowl, twelve finger bowls, fourteen small dishes, a basket, and a sectional serving dish. $300-500

1139. Twenty-one Small Carved Wooden Elephants, some missing tusks, ht. to 6 1/4 in. $125-175

1140. Eleven Carved and Painted Wooden Figures, including several hunters. $75-100

1141. Eight Gold Banded Crystal Goblets, ht. 6 1/2 in. $100-150

1142. Mahogany Veneer Secretary Top, a Piano Bench, and a Victorian Walnut Quilt Rack. $550-775

1143. Maple Ball-top Bed, with rails, wd. 42 in. $50-75

1144. Small Carved and Painted Wooden SixBoard Storage Box, ht. 14, lg. 33 1/4, wd. 16 1/4 in. $100-150

1145. Four Ceramic Table Lamps, ht. to 23 1/4 in. $50-75

1146. Two Framed Oval Miniatures, labeled “Isabella Montgomery by George Romney” and “Hubak Lady” on the reverse, sight size 3 1/8 x 2 3/8 in. $100-150


1147. Approximately Thirty-six Pieces of Gold Banded Colorless Glass Stemware, including tumblers, small goblets, cordials, and a vase. $200-300

1157. Gothic Revival Upholstered Side Chair and a Sheraton-style Chair. $50-75

1167. Four Majolica Ceramic Items, including two Wedgwood plates, a floral-decorated footed bowl, and a dolphin-based sauceboat. $200-300

1148. Ten Pieces of Orrefors Colorless Cut Glass, five tumblers and five champagnes. $50-75

1158. Sterling Silver-mounted Coalport Jug and a Royal Worcester Pitcher. $150-250

1168. Seven Unframed Japanese Prints and One Unframed Chinese Painting. $200-300

1149. Eleven Carved Wooden Asian Figures. $50-75

1159. Eight Wedgwood Jasper Items, including a light blue teapot and undertray, two light blue covered boxes, a miniature green urn, a green heart-shaped dish, a black plate, and a two-tone blue oval tray. $200-300

1150. Group of Lenox Imperial China, including fifteen demitasse cups and saucers, eight coffee cups, and seven saucers. $100-150

1169. Six Hand-painted Porcelain Items, including a Limoges pitcher and a Nippon serving dish, together with two bowls, a plate, and a small pitcher. $200-300

1160. Twenty-six Carved and Painted Wooden Figures, including pirates, musicians, and well-dressed gentlemen. $300-350

1170. Asian Red-painted Carved Wood Stand with Figural Base and a Lacquer Stand. $425-600

1151. Vintage French Brass Telephone, with rotary dial, top mounted bell, and Bakelite and brass handset. $75-125

1161. Asian Carved Wooden Figure of a Halfman/Half-bird, wings detachable, ht. 13 1/2 in. $125-175

1171. Louis XVI Style Upholstered Carved Beechwood Parlor Armchair. $100-150

1152. Small Group of Asian Teaware, including a Chinese Export teabowl and saucer, and three Japanese teacups and two saucers. $100-150

1162. Five Paris Porcelain Items, including two floral-decorated vases, a plate, a serving dish, and a small lidded box. $200-300

1172. Eight Assorted Art Glass Paperweights. $150-250

1153. Thirty-two Pieces of Assorted French Porcelain, including Haviland Limoges bouillon bowls and underplates, Haviland Limoges platters, Limoges teacups and saucers, and other assorted items. $150-250

1163. Regency-style Inlaid Mahogany and Mahogany Veneer Cut-Corner Top Table with Leather-inset Top. $250-300

1173. Six Staffordshire Ceramic Tableware Items, five in blue and white, including a sauceboat, a lidded teacup, a tray, a pitcher, and a lidded coffeepot (handle broken off), together with a black and white lid, (chips). $200-300

1154. Two Floral-decorated Quimper Bowls and Four French Character Plates, Opaque de Sarreguemines. $150-250

1164. Strongbow Regency-style Oblong Mahogany Double-pedestal Dining Table, with leaf. $150-250

1174. Seven Imari Porcelain Tableware Items, including two teacups and saucers, a fanshaped plate, and two dishes. $200-300

1155. Georgian Inlaid Mahogany Drop-leaf Table with End Drawer. $300-500

1165. Country-style Pine Corner Cupboard, ht. 84 1/4, wd. 44 1/2, dp. 24 in. $400-600

1175. Twenty-five Royal Copenhagen Commemorative Collector’s Plates. $250-300

1156. Black-painted Dietz Tin Pioneer Kerosene Street Lantern with Glass Shade, mounted on a post, (electrified). $200-250

1166. Six Moser Glass Items, including a gilded cobalt blue pitcher and lidded jar, a gilded bowl, a gilded globular jar, a small silvermounted pitcher, and a candleholder. $200-300

1176. Six Pieces of Flow Blue Ceramic Tableware, including a set of three Minton nesting oval bowls, an Asian-inspired bowl, and two small trays. $200-300


1177. Five Nippon Hand-Painted Porcelain Items, including a hexagonal vase, a large urn-form vase, a small candy dish, a twohandled bowl, and a footed dish. $200-300

1187. Victorian Wooden Dovetail-constructed Storage Box, lg. 37 in. $100-150

1197. Four Glass and Ceramic Decorative Items, an Italian reticulated ceramic basket, a reticulated ceramic vase, and two cologne bottles. $125-150

1178. French Brass-mounted Painted Iron Baker’s Rack, approx. ht. 99, wd. 45 3/4, dp. 19 1/2 in. $300-450

1188. Imari Bowl, diameter 8 1/2 in., (hairline cracks). $125-175

1179. Pair of French Provincial-style Blonde Walnut Stands with Draw Leaf, ht. 23 1/4, lg. 24 1/2, wd. 15 1/2 in. $200-300

1189. Three Asian Works, one framed botanical ink drawing, sight size 10 5/8 x 11 1/2 in., together with two unframed Japanese paintings. $100-150

1198. Group of Assorted Barware and Drinkware, including two small glass bitters bottles, a Farber Bros. pitcher, a Vollrath cocktail shaker, three Mexican sterling silver goblets, a shot glass caddy, and assorted bar tools. $50-75

1180. Georgian Mahogany and Mahogany Veneer Kneehole Desk with Leather-inset Writing Surface, ht. 31, lg. 41 1/2, wd. 20 1/2 in. $600-800

1190. Seven Commemorative Hummel Plates, dia. to 7 3/4 in. $200-300

1199. Pair of Dresden Statuettes, depicting a man and a woman carrying children, ht. approx. 22 in. $250-350

1181. Approximately Twenty-two Assorted Lady’s Hand Fans. $50-75

1191. Nine Pieces of Capo di Monte Porcelain, including two figurals with urns and small figures of children, (cracks, damages, one child figure broken). $300-400

1200. Pair of Late Victorian Enamel Floral Decorated Light Blue Bristol Glass Vases, ht. 12 in. $75-125

1192. Mettlach Etched Scenic Decorated Ceramic Plaque, impressed marks and 2196, dia. 17 1/2 in. $100-150

1182. Two Celadon Porcelain Items, a large platter, dia. 14 1/4 in., and a vase, ht. 7 3/4 in. $100-200

1183. Twelve Wedgwood American Clipper Ship Plates and Six Staffordshire John Whitter Plates, with an additional commemorative Staffordshire plate. $150-250

1193. Pair of Victorian Baroque-style Gilt-gesso Mirrors, 40 x 34 1/2 in. $150-200

1194. Near Pair of Jacobean-style Caned Carved Beechwood and Oak Hall Chairs. $100-150

1184. Two European Ceramic Cats and Two Child’s Dishes. $50-100

1185. Victorian Oval Gilt and Hand-painted Floral Decorated Papier-mâché Tray on Ebonized Stand, tray lg. 30 in. $300-500

1195. Four Ceramic Decorative Articles, an Austrian vase, a classical parian bust, and two figures of musicians, (damage). $100-150

1186. Late Victorian Rococo-style Upholstered Carved Maple Armchair, (lacking upholstery). $50-75

1196. Four Pieces of Bing and Grondahl Porcelain, a small bird, a figural of a boy and girl reading a book, and a demitasse cup and saucer, together with two additional trunk-form porcelain vases. $125-175


Skinner, Inc. - Conditions of Sale
1. Some of the lots in this sale are offered subject to a reserve. The reserve is a confidential minimum price agreed upon by the consignor and Skinner, Inc. below which the lot will not be sold. In most cases, the reserve will be set below the estimated range, but in no case will it exceed the estimates listed. A representative of Skinner, Inc. will execute such reserves by bidding for the consignor. In any event and whether or not a lot is subject to a reserve, the auctioneer may reject any bid or raise not commensurate with the value of such lot. 2. All property is sold “as is,” and neither the auctioneer nor any consignor makes any warranties or representation of any kind or nature with respect to the property, and in no event shall they be responsible for the correctness, nor deemed to have made any representation or warranty, of description, genuineness, authorship, attribution, provenance, period, culture, source, origin, or condition of the property and no statement made at the sale, or in the bill of sale, or invoice or elsewhere shall be deemed such a warranty of representation or an assumption of liability. 3. Except as provided in paragraph 1 above, the highest bidder as determined by the auctioneer shall be the purchaser. In the case of a disputed bid, the auctioneer shall have sole discretion in determining the purchaser and may also, at his or her election, withdraw the lot or reoffer the lot for sale. 4. All merchandise purchased must be paid for and removed from the premises the day of the auction. Skinner Inc. may impose, and the purchaser agrees to pay, a monthly interest charge of 1.5% of the purchase price of any lot or item lot not paid for within thirty-five (35) days of the date of sale. Skinner, Inc. shall have no liability for any damage or loss to property left on its premises for more than three (3) days from the date of sale. If any property has not been removed within three (3) days from the date of sale, at the option of Skinner, Inc. (a) Skinner Inc., may impose, and the purchaser agrees to pay, a monthly storage charge of 1.5% of the purchase price of any lot or portion of a lot not removed within the three days, and/or (b) Skinner Inc. may place the merchandise in a subsequent auction, without Reserve, to be sold to the highest bidder, and after deducting the standard commission and any additional charges that may apply, remit the proceeds to the purchaser. 5. Skinner accepts cash or check for payment. Personal checks will be acceptable only if credit has been established with Skinner, Inc. or if a bank authorization has been received guaranteeing a personal check. Skinner, Inc. reserves the right to hold merchandise purchased by personal check until the check has cleared the bank. The purchaser agrees to pay Skinner, Inc. a handling charge of $25.00 for any check dishonored by the drawee. Please contact Accounting for additional payment methods. Skinner does not accept payment by credit card for merchandise purchases. 6. If the purchaser breaches any of its obligations under these Conditions of Sale, including its obligation to pay in full the purchase price of all items for which it was the highest successful bidder, Skinner Inc. may exercise all of its rights and remedies under the law including, without limitation, (a) canceling the sale and applying any payments made by the purchaser to the damages caused by the purchaser’s breach, and/or (b) offering at public auction, without reserve, any lot or item for which the purchaser has breached any of its obligations, including its obligation to pay in full the purchase price, holding the purchaser liable for any deficiency plus all costs of sale. 7. In no event will the liability of Skinner, Inc. to any purchaser with respect to any item exceed the purchase price actually paid by such purchaser for such item. 8. Shipping is the responsibility of the purchaser. Upon request, our staff will provide the list of shippers who deliver to destinations within the United States and overseas. Some property that is sold at auction can be subject to laws governing export from the U.S., such as items that include material from some endangered species. Import restrictions from foreign countries are subject to these same governing laws. Granting of licensing for import or export of goods from local authorities is the sole responsibility of the buyer. Denial or delay of licensing will not constitute cancellation or delay in payment for the total purchase price of these lots. 9. All purchases are subject to the Massachusetts 6.25% sales tax unless the purchaser possesses a Massachusetts sales tax exemption number. Exemption numbers from other states are accepted in Massachusetts if presented with a business card or letterhead. Dealers, museums, and other qualifying parties can apply for a Massachusetts exemption number prior to the auction by contacting the Massachusetts Department of Corporations and Taxation at 100 Cambridge Street in Boston. 10. Except for property purchased via on-line Live Auctions, a premium equal to 18.5% of the final bid price up to and including $200,000, plus 10% of the final bid over $200,000, will be applied to each lot sold, to be paid by the Buyer as part of the purchase price. The buyers premium on property purchased via on-line Live Auctions will be in the amount equal to 22.5% of the final bid price up to and including $200,000, plus 15% of the final bid over $200,000. 11. Bidding on any item indicates your acceptance of these terms and all other terms announced at the time of sale whether bidding in person, through a representative, by phone, by Internet, or other absentee bid. 12. Skinner, Inc. and its consignors make no warranty or representation, express or implied, that the purchaser will acquire any copyright or reproduction rights to any lot sold. Skinner, Inc. expressly reserves the right to reproduce any image of the lots sold in this catalogue. The copyright in all images, illustrations and written material produced by or for Skinner, Inc. relating to a lot, including the contents of this catalogue, is, and shall remain at all times, the property of Skinner, Inc. and shall not be used by the purchaser, nor by anyone else, without our prior written consent. 13. These conditions of sale shall be governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (excluding the laws applicable to conflicts or choice of law). The buyer/bidder agrees that any suit for the enforcement of this agreement may be brought, and any action against Skinner in connection with the transactions contemplated by this agreement shall be brought, in the courts of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts or any federal court sitting therein. The bidder/buyer consents to the nonexclusive jurisdiction of such courts and waives objections that it may now or hereafter have to the venue of any such suit.
Revised September 29, 2009


Absentee Bid Form
Sale Title Sale Date

First Time Bidder?



Customer #

Name (Please Print) Address City Phone # Alternate #

Business Name check if change in address State e-mail Zip Code

I wish to place the following bids in the sale listed above. I understand that Skinner, Inc. will execute bids as a convenience, and will not be held responsible for any errors or failure to execute bids. I understand that my bids are executed and accepted as per Conditions of Sale as printed in the catalogue of this sale. Signature (Required) Date

Lot #


Bid Price

Marlborough Boston Phone Fax Mail Person Employee:

Auctioneers and Appraisers of Antiques and Fine Art

6 3 P a r k P l a z a , B o s t o n , M A 0 2 1 1 6 Te l : 6 1 7 . 3 5 0 . 5 4 0 0 F a x : 6 1 7 . 3 5 0 . 5 4 2 9 2 7 4 C e d a r H i l l S t r e e t , M a r l b o r o u g h , M A 0 1 7 5 2 Te l : 5 0 8 . 9 7 0 . 3 0 0 0 F a x : 5 0 8 . 9 7 0 . 3 1 0 0 w w w. s k i n n e r i n c . c o m

Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board - Nancy R. Skinner Richard Albright Barnet Fain Stephen L. Fletcher Karen M. Keane


President/Chief Executive Officer - Karen M. Keane Chief Financial Officer - Don Kelly Executive Vice President - Stephen L. Fletcher Vice Presidents- Gloria Lieberman, Carol McCaffrey, Kerry Shrives, Stuart G. Slavid, Stuart P. Whitehurst

Expert Departments

SKINNER, INC. Auctioneers and Appraisers of Antiques and Fine Art 63 Park Plaza Boston, MA 02116 617.350.5400 Fax 617.350.5429 274 Cedar Hill Street Marlborough, MA 01752 508.970.3000 Fax 508.970.3100 www.skinnerinc.com

American & European Paintings & Prints - Robin S.R. Starr, Director Pro Tem; Assistants: Laura Conover, Kathy Wong American Furniture & Decorative Arts - Stephen L. Fletcher, Martha Hamilton; Assistants: LaGina Austin, Karen Langberg, Chris Barber, Susan Zacharias American Indian & Ethnographic Art - Douglas Deihl Asian Works of Art - James F. Callahan Assistant: Tianyue Jiang Books & Manuscripts - Stuart P. Whitehurst Assistant: Sara C. Wishart Bottles, Flasks & Early Glass - Stephen L. Fletcher Ceramics - Stuart G. Slavid Classic Automobiles & Motorcycles - Jane D. Prentiss Couture - Jane D. Prentiss Discovery Sales - Kerry Shrives; Assistants: Garrett J. Sheahan, Harry B. McNabb, Melissa Riebe European Furniture & Decorative Arts - Stuart G. Slavid; Assistants: Stuart P. Whitehurst, Sara C. Wishart Fine Wines - Marie Keep Jewelry - Gloria Lieberman; Assistants: Sheila Barron Smithie, F.G.A., G.G.; John Colasacco Judaica - Kerry Shrives Modernism: 1896–Present: Art Glass, Pottery, Metalwork & Furniture Jane D. Prentiss Museum & Collections Services - Martha Hamilton Musical Instruments - David Bonsey Oriental Rugs & Carpets - Gary Richards Science, Technology & Clocks - Robert C. Cheney Assistant - Chris Barber Silver - Stuart G. Slavid; Assistant: Sara C. Wishart Toys & Dolls - Robert C. Cheney Auctioneers - LaGina Austin, David Bonsey, Robert C. Cheney, Stephen L. Fletcher, Karen M. Keane, Marie C. Keep, Gloria Lieberman, Kerry Shrives, Stuart G. Slavid, Robin S.R. Starr, Laura V. Sweeney, Stuart P. Whitehurst


Exhibitions and Property Distribution


Warehouse Manager - Jonathan Dowling, ext. 3280 Property Manager - Samuel Combs, ext. 3262


Elisabeth Benson-Allott, ext. 4312; Kerryn Murphy, ext. 4329 Property Distribution Manager - Jessica R. Lincoln, ext. 4308

Finance Department


Accounts Receivable - Denise Johnson, ext. 3269 Accounts Payable - Kathleen Hayes, ext. 3268 Credit Supervisor - Denise Ubaldino, ext. 3266



Karen Skinner, ext. 3240

Service Departments

Appraisal & Auction Services - Patricia Walker King, Beth Zwicker, Katharine Holtman, Leah Skowron Advertising Production - Pamela Van de Houten Boston Gallery Director - Laura V. Sweeney Assistant Gallery Director: Paige Lewellyn Gallery Assistant: Katharine E. Hampson Catalogue Production - Pamela Van de Houten, Kristina Harrison Assistant: Cheryl Freeman Customer Relations - Carol McCaffrey Human Resources - Carol McCaffrey Information Technology & Internet Auctions - Kerry Shrives Assistants: Timothy Shaughnessey, Melissa Riebe Consignment Services - Deanna Williams, Megan J. Blomgren, Carol Zeigler Managing Director - Marie C. Keep Marketing & Public Relations - Catherine Riedel, Anne M. Trodella, Karen Skinner Photographers - Stanley P. Bystrowski, Jeffrey R. Antkowiak Receptionists - Marlborough: Elizabeth H. Wilson, Judy McLeod Boston: Erica Boccard Transportation - Eric Jones Assistants: Mark McCaffrey, John Williams




From Boston and Points East: Take the Massachusetts Turnpike (Route 90) West to Route 495 North at exit 11A. Proceed on Route 495N to exit 23C, Simarano Drive. Keep left at the fork in the ramp. At the bottom of the exit ramp take a left at the lights onto Simarano Drive. Take a right at the next light on Cedar Hill Street. Skinner is at #274 on the left.

From Points North: Take Route 495 South to exit 23C, Simarano Drive. Stay left at the fork in the ramp, and turn left onto Simarano Drive. Take a right at the next light on Cedar Hill Street. Skinner is at #274 on the left.

From Points West: Take 290 East toward Marlborough. Merge onto Route 495 South via exit 26A, toward Cape Cod. Take the Simarano Drive exit, 23C. Stay left at the fork in the ramp, and turn left onto Simarano Drive. Take a right at the next light on Cedar Hill Street. Skinner is at #274 on the left.

From Points South: Take Route 495 North to exit 23C, Simarano Drive. At the bottom of the exit ramp take a left at the lights onto Simarano Drive. Take a right at the next light on Cedar Hill Street. Skinner is at #274 on the left.



Coral Seafood Restaurant 29 S. Bolton St. Marlborough, MA 508.460.3474

Boston Market 185 Boston Post Rd. West Marlborough, MA 508.229.2525

Guiseppe’s Grille 35 Solomon Pond Rd. Northborough, MA 508.393.4405

Panera Bread 197 Boston Post Rd. West Marlborough, MA 508.281.6161

Allora Ristorante 139 Lakeside Ave. Rte. 20 Marlborough, MA 508.485.4300

Ninety Nine Restaurant & Pub 32 Boston Post Rd. West Marlborough, MA 508.480.8899

Wildwood Steakhouse 189 Boston Post Rd. East Marlborough, MA 508.481.2021

Linguini’s Italian Eatery 350 Boston Post Rd. West Marlborough, MA 508.481.9747

Longhorn Steakhouse 191 Boston Post Rd. Marlborough, MA 508.481.4100

China Taste 197 Boston Post Rd. West Marlborough, MA 508.229.2882

Tandoori Grill 197 H Boston Post Rd. West Marlborough, MA 508.357.6551

Yoong Tong Thai Cuisine and Sushi 278 Main St./Rt. 20 Northborough, MA 508.393.7714


Courtyard by Marriott 75 Felton St. (exit 24B off 495) Marlborough, MA 508.480.0015 Embassy Suites 123 Boston Post Rd. West (exit 24B off 495) Marlborough, MA 508.485.9500 Hampton Inn 277 Boston Post Rd. West (exit 24B off 495) Marlborough, MA 508.787.9888 Best Western Royal Plaza Hotel 181 Boston Post Road West (exit 24B off 495) Marlborough, MA 508.460.0700 Holiday Inn and Suites 265 Lakeside Ave. (exit 24A off 495) Marlborough, MA 508.481.3000


Ultimate Livery To Logan Airport $46.00 each way for one $56.00 each way for two Private car and driver $147.50 one way Servicing all Marlborough hotels 80 Northborough Rd East Marlborough, MA 01752 508.481.7300

Enterprise Car Rental Hotel Pick-up and Delivery 364 Maple Street (Rt. 85) Marlborough, MA 508.480.0221 Hertz Car Rental 410 Maple Street (Rt. 85) Marlborough, MA 508.229.2756




PRICES EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1, 2008. Catalogue subscription price includes quarterly brochure. Subscription effective one year from date processed. No refunds for previous subscriptions. Renewal notice will be sent one month prior to expiration. Subscriptions do not include Discovery, Estates, and other special sales. Post-auction prices are available online at www.skinnerinc.com

P L E A S E C H E C K T H E A P P R O P R I AT E B O X E S :

U.S./Canada No charge

Foreign (payable in U.S. dollars only) No charge

Quarterly Brochure Included with catalogue subscription American Furniture & Decorative Arts European Furniture & Decorative Arts American & European Paintings & Prints Fine Jewelry 20th Century Furniture & Decorative Arts Asian Works of Art Fine Oriental Rugs & Carpets American Indian & Ethnographic Art Fine Books & Manuscripts Toys, Dolls & Collectibles Fine Ceramics Fine Musical Instruments Science & Technology Fine Wines All Above Departments

$120 $120 $120 $120 $60 $60 $18 $60 $30 $60 $60 $60 $60 $60 $800

$143 $143 $143 $143 $73 $73 $25 $73 $36 $73 $73 $73 $73 $73 $975



MasterCard/VISA # Signature

Exp. Date Check enclosed

Name __________________________________________ Business Name Mailing Address ____________________________________________________ City ______________________________ State ______ Zip ______________ email address ______________________________________________ Tel: ( ) _____________________________


Skinner, Inc., Subscription Department, 274 Cedar Hill Street, Marlborough, MA 01752


Auctioneers and Appraisers of Antiques and Fine Art

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