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Point of Sales and Inventory Management System for Cervantes Trading Paniqui

I. Company Description Cervantes Trading was established since 1985, a general merchandise store mainly selling dry goods specifically school and office supplies. The target company is a local branch located at M.H del Pilar Street Paniqui, Tarlac in front of Philippine Veteren’s Bank. The company has three (3) cashiers, eight (8) sales clerk, two (2) stockroom personnel, two (2) security guards, one (1) driver, one supervisor and is personally managed by Ms. Louise Cervantes, daughter of the owner. Currently the company has three (3) cashier counters and one computer. Sales and inventory transactions are all operated manually. However, problems were encountered by the company thru manual operations are the following: • • • II. Scope of the Project These proposal system Point of Sales and Inventory Management System, will provide the following for the company • • • Create a reliable and accurate sales and inventory system. Enable monitoring of daily sales records and reports. Determine product and sales loss effortlessly. Difficulty in management of the company’s inventory. Necessary monthly inventory reports are not met in due time. Daily, monthly and yearly sales are not monitored and recorded properly. Product and sales loss are not determined instantly.

III. Proponents 1. CORPUZ, Arbhiee Z. 2. DELOS REYES, Rya 3. LASARA, Jenky

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