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Doxa Dental - Lou Graham Woodland Hills Seminar

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Join us as Dr. Lou Graham presents “How to Incorporate the
Best & Latest Technologies into Your Crown & Bridge Practice”
Doxa Dental, Inc. along with Pacific Dental Lab Present:
With a myriad of dental ceramics on the market today we are often faced with
so many options on techniques for preparation and cementation. This course
is all about the simplification of crown and bridge techniques for the anterior
and posterior. Whether eMax, metal or the latest all zirconia crowns, this
course will guide you through practical concepts to enhancing your long-term
outcomes. Technology continues to bring us new products that have been
well researched and can be easily implemented into your practice.
Presenter: Dr. Lou Graham
“Incorporating the Best & Latest Technologies into Your Crown & Bridge Practice”
Saturday, Iune 23, 2012 8:30 AM - 12:30 ÞM
Dr. kaz| speak|ng 1:30 - 3:00 on "Mucosal Wound Peallng, A new Þaradlgm
ln Cral Wound 1reaLmenL"
Wood|and n|||s n||ton 6360 Canoga Ave, Wood|and n|||s, CA 91367
Auendance Þrlce: $99 - lncludes 8reakfasL and Lunch
ConLacL: Call Þaclñc uenLal aL: 80S-496-8887
CL: 6 hours
“Incorporating the Best & Latest Technologies into Your Crown & Bridge Practice”
Course Objectives:
1. Learn preparation designs with single-use diamonds, and why they make sense and are cost saving
2. Review cleansing doʼs and donʼts prior to cementation and why it does matter
3. Present the latest technology breakthrough in cementation products
4. Learn how to make your crown cementation procedures predictable and so much simpler
Speaker, Dr. Lou Graham
Dr. Lou Graham is an internationally recognized lecturer extensively involved in
continuing education for dental professionals, focusing on incorporating current
clinical advancements through “conservative dentistry.” He emphasizes in his
teachings the same concepts he practices: dental health diagnosis, treatment plans
for medically comprised patients, conservative treatment, cosmetic dentistry, and
customized approaches to periodontal care, implants and laser dentistry.
Presented by
June 15th
6 CE Credits
Join us as Dr. Sid Razi presents “Mucosal Wound Healing, A
New Paradigm in Oral Wound Treatment”
Doxa Dental, Inc. along with Pacific Dental Lab Present:
Course Cb[ecuves:
1-1he deñnluon of ºwound" ln oral cavlLy
2-1he classlñcauons, Lypes, and serlousness of Lhe oral wounds, lncludlng naLural processes llke glnglvlus and posL
surglcal processes llke graûlngs and lmplanL placemenLs
3-1he mechanlsm of oral wound heallng ln healLhy and compromlsed pauenLs.
4-Avallable LreaLmenLs and procedures Lo acceleraLe and faclllLaLe naLural wound heallng.
3- Þrlnclpals of Lhe ºMlnlmally lnvaslve uenusLry" and lLs relauons Lo posL surglcal procedures
6-new LreaLmenL opuons avallable for posL surglcal procedures, boLh ln-omce and aL-home
Speaker, Dr. Sid Razi
ur. 8azl ls a graduaLe of uCLA School of uenusLry, where he also auended hls posL graduaLe resldency program and recelved hls ceruñcaLe
ln Advanced Lducauon ln Ceneral uenusLry (ALCu). Pe has been a faculLy member aL uCLA School of uenusLry, ALCu program, for Lhe pasL
14 years. ur. 8azl also holds a Þhu degree ln blochemlsLry, where he has been lnvolved exLenslvely ln Lhe ñeld of blo-compaublllLy and
pharmacology. Pe has been able Lo comblne hls experuse ln blo-maLerlals and cllnlcal denusLry Lo fosLer a new approach Lo Lhe concepL of
Mlnlmally lnvaslve uenusLry (Mlu). 8esldes hls experlence ln surglcal placemenL and resLorauve aspecLs of lmplanL denusLry, ur.8azl ls also
a Ceruñed uenLal 1echnlclan(Cu1) wlLh exLenslve Lralnlng and experlence ln lmplanL resLorauons. Pls research and sLudles ln Lhe pasL four
years has resulLed ln a new paLenLed, luA cleared and reglsLered producL Lo LreaL non-heallng dlabeuc wounds.
ur. 8azl malnLalns a prlvaLe pracuce ln valencla, Callfornla.
Presenter: Dr. Sid Razi

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